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Sunday, March 08, 2009 at 1:14 PM

Well, who would have thought it would become such a huge event? We haven't had any posts in the orgy since Wednesday, so I think it's safe to say we're all just about done ;) Please feel free to jump back in again and play, I'll very happily join you if you want to fool around with me for a while in there (and I'll keep my eye on the comments in case you do), but I'm going to let the orgy fall off the top of the page now, as I have loads more Sophie I want to bring to you - a conclusion to the current chapter, and two more to follow (Sophie meeting her new Pet, and Sophie making a film for Uncle James), after which we'll be taking Sophie and the Artist to India, and the delights of the kama sutra... I think you'll enjoy it all - and of course there'll be the usual disgracefulness between chapters, as you've come to expect ;)

A big, huge, snuggly thankyou to everyone who joined in the orgy - we had around 50 participants, nearly 750 comments, and in total a delightful 125 orgasms described in exquisite detail, thirteen of which were mine (yum) - if you haven't read much of the orgy, go have a dip into any of the five parts, there's some very intense erotica in there, some extraordinarily delicious group sex in which I was always a very active participant, and I think I can guarantee you a wonderful orgasm or three browsing through the comments, letting the intensity of it all wash over you - I had a lovely, lovely time ;)

We'll be doing it all again at the end of the year - and please do feel free to drop back in if you fancy a little more fun, I'm happy to keep it going as long as you please (just drop in right here and enjoy yourself) - just because it's no longer at the top of the page doesn't mean you can't still slip in there and have fun with me ;)

Look out for new Sophie, later this week, I think you'll like it...

roger xx


...and thank you for the ride.

and thankyou Stephanie, it was rather lovely ;) xx

I had fun playing. Thanks roger.


You were an absolute delight, Heleen, and racked up the most orgasms too - naughty girl ;)
The room's still open should you feel the need to drop in for more ;)

Best time I have had online in a long time, and definitely what I needed!


My time in the orgy was delicious thank you very much for being such a generous host.

It was absolutely my pleasure ;) xxx

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