Sophie in Hollywood 2:4 : Sophie and the Voyeur

Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 1:33 PM

hello you xx

here we go with the next part of the current Sophie story - you'll find part one of the current chapter here, part two here, and part three here, to remind you where we were up to. We're plunging back straight into the sex again here... hope you have fun with it ;)

roger xx


Sophie looked back at me, smiling lustfully, squeezing my cock affectionately again with her cunt, and slowly letting my penis slip out from inside her, gasping a little as the head slipped out, a trail of my cum dribbling delightfully from her sex, dripping down onto the bed. Kissing Kathryn softly, Sophie eased gently up from the bed, smiling again at me and padding naked over towards Henri and the boy, with only one thing on her mind - having the young man come hard and deep inside her.

I watched her make her way towards the two men at the chair, sliding my hand to my cock, still half erect, a trail of my cum dribbling slowly from the head of my penis, still dripping wet from her. Still on her back underneath me, Kathryn smiled up at me, lust still in her eyes, needing more. She slid her hand up through my hair and pulled my face down towards hers, kissing me greedily, her hand brushing my own away from my penis, stroking me teasingly, and I gasped in response, my lips sliding across hers.

Sophie looked back at me, smiling as she saw what was happening, but her attention was firmly on the two men. "Go and bathe your cock..." she said softly to Henri, "and then come back to me... I want you in my ass... I want you to fuck me the same way you just fucked the boy". Henri felt himself pulse at the notion - he had yet to enjoy the pleasure of fucking Sophie's ass, though he had fantasised about it often - this wasn't something he was going to turn down.

As he slipped briefly into the adjoining bathroom to clean himself, Sophie lifted the young man up from all fours, sliding her fingers through his hair, taking a firm hold and tugging his lips towards hers, kissing him greedily. The boy gasped, understanding that she was claiming him, returning the kiss, their tongues exploring as Sophie's other hand slid down the boy's chest.

She wasn't in the mood to waste time - Sophie needed to be fucked again, and she had waited long enough for this particular pleasure. Brushing down the young man's firm body, Sophie's hand drifted over his half erect penis, and the boy groaned softly into her mouth as she began to stroke him, her hand sliding teasingly back and forth along his cock as their lips clashed greedily. Already he was starting to get hard again, breathing harder as Sophie stroked him, anticipating how it would feel deep inside her, needing to fuck her.

Sophie was in heat, her body still tingling from her last orgasm, blissfully wet, a thin sheen of sweat coating her body. I don't think I'd ever seen her so intensely aroused, so sexually driven, having already fucked both myself and Henri, needing more, needing the boy's cock inside her. Henri had already reappeared from the bathroom, his cock already erect again, anticipating the pleasure to come as he made his way over to Sophie and the young man, kneeling down next to them.

Sophie didn't want to wait, she needed this too badly. The boy was sat up, his hard cock in her hand as she stroked him, the young man fully erect again, greedy to be fucked, greedy for her attention. "Get behind me, Henri," Sophie whispered, "I need you behind me...". Henri felt himself pulse, breathing harder, his hand gripping his erection firmly, stroking it as he took his position behind Sophie, watching as she straddled the young man, kissing him again sensually. As they embraced, Henri slipped his hands around her waist, up to her breasts, pinching her nipples softly, leaning over to kiss the back of her neck, slowly, tenderly. Sophie gasped, kissing the boy more greedily, her sex now rubbing rhythmically against his erect penis, slipping and sliding against him, making him wet from her.

The young man groaned at the sensations, his hands finding Sophie's hips, unable to wait any longer, lifting her up a little until the swollen head of his erection was lodged between the lips of her cunt, and Sophie took the initiative, sliding all the way down onto him, gasping as she felt his cock begin to fill her, taking him deep inside her cunt.

Breaking from their kiss, she turned her face back to look at Henri, breathing hard, her face flushed, already moving on the boy's cock, looking down at Henri's erection as he masturbated behind her. "Put it in my ass..." she breathed, "put your cock in my ass, Henri... don't wait... push it all the way in..."

Kathryn and I were watching on the bed, just as intensely aroused, my body now between Kathryn's thighs, the two of us pushing and moving against each other as we watched, my cock slick and wet as it skidded against Kathryn's cunt, needing to fuck her, Kathryn's hands over my ass, pulling me against her, desperate for my cock.

I looked over to Sophie, watching her breathing hard astride the boy, and she smiled at me, looking at me lustfully. "Do it..." she breathed, "fuck her... I know you want it... I want to watch you...".

It was all the encouragement I needed - I took hold of Kathryn's wrists, pushing them up over her head, her body arching under mine, gasping and looking up to me. "Please..." she whispered, "ohh god please..." Unable to wait any longer, I slid the swollen head of my erection down to her sex, and with one long, deep thrust, I slid my erect penis all the way inside her...

more to follow...


Ahhh...what a way to start a weekend morning...just lovely rog...


I'm glad you like it b - so much more still to come, of course ;) xx

hmm it's been a while since i've been back here. this was a nice welcome back present.
how are you, roger? ;)

Mmmmmmm... I want more.

Oh my Roger... that left me very breathless.

Stunningly written as always.


lana - it's lovely to see you back - and I'm very well thankyou! Enjoying myself as always xx

bev - more is coming, of course - probably just one more of this chapter, I think, though that'll become clearer as I write it...

Charlotte - thankyou xx I'm glad you're enjoying it - hopefully the next part will work for you delightfully ;) xx

Your proficiency to make one suffer exquisitely is unmatched. I would even go as far to say you are a master in the art of teasing. Dirty Boy.


ahh, but the anticipation is half the fun, Rowan ;) xx

I realized I had forgotten to leave you a comment for this. It's really exquisite and you certainly know what I love xxx

mmmm hello you xxx
I'm glad you're enjoying it, and I think you know how very much I love reading it to you, making you come so intensely - I really need to write more, must get to it ;) xxx

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