Sophie in Hollywood 2:3 : Sophie and the Voyeur

Monday, November 03, 2008 at 6:51 PM

mmm hello you xx

relax and enjoy, as we slip back once again into Sophie's world - you'll find part one of the current chapter here, and part two here, to remind you where we were up to, and obviously we're plunging back straight into the sex here... expect it to be very intense this time. Hope you have fun ;)

roger xx


The atmosphere in the room was now incredibly intense, the sounds of our urgent fucking drifting through the room, surely audible through the half open windows. None of us cared, we needed to fuck, we needed to come, and come, and come again...

Sophie had moved with Kathryn on the bed, so that we could all continue to watch Henri and the young man. Henri was fucking him more urgently now, lost in his intense lust, one hand gripping the boy's hip as he pounded into him from behind, his cock plunging deep into the boy's ass, Henri's other hand reaching underneath the young man, grasping his erection firmly in his hand, masturbating him as he fucked him. The boy was groaning with pleasure, right on the edge of orgasm, never wanting it to stop, holding back his orgasm as long as he could, grunting and gasping with each hard thrust of Henri's cock into his ass. His hugely erect penis was pulsing, pulsing, pulsing in Henri's hand, swollen and wet, slick with his precum. He was so close, so very very close, needing it so badly.

Henri was just as close, watching the boy, watching us on the bed, his senses alive with sex, needing another orgasm, knowing that it still wouldn't be enough for him, needing more, needing so much more.

On the bed, we were fucking each other just as intensely. Kathryn was on her back, watching her husband, incredibly aroused by the sight, even more aroused by the reactions of the young man as Henri fucked him, unable to tear her gaze from the boy's cock as Henri masturbated him, remembering how very good that cock had felt inside her.

Sophie was astride Kathryn, leaning over her, moving against her, biting on her neck gorgeously, her hands sliding over Kathryn's breasts, touching her, stroking her.

I was behind Sophie, my cock deep inside Sophie's cunt, fucking her greedily, the slick wetness of her sex squeezing and sliding along my erection, so hot, so wet, pushing back hard onto me with each thrust, needing to be fucked. It felt so good, our urgent rhythm pushing me on, my senses dizzy with the pleasure of it all, fucking her and fucking her, never wanting it to end.

At the same time, my hand was still down between Kathryn's open thighs, finger-fucking her dripping wet cunt, my fingers splashing in and out of her sex in the same rhythm as my cock thrusting inside Sophie, that insistent, pulsating rhythm, all three of us moving closer and closer and closer to orgasm.

Gasps and groans and exquisite little cries filled the room - it was clear that whoever of us came first, their orgasm would trigger the rest of us. I needed to come so very badly.

And I felt sure the boy was going to come first. He had already undergone so much - being dragged to our room... stripped naked and tied to the chair... teased and touched by Sophie and Kathryn, humiliating him... made to watch Sophie, Henri and I fuck on the bed as Kathryn straddled him, dominating him... taken greedily by Kathryn as she came hard all over his cock... and then made to watch us again as Henri took him, fucking his ass deliciously... I wondered how much more he'd be able to take before he came again... and from the sounds he was making, he was so very close to his orgasm.

Henri was now pounding into him hard from behind, finding intense pleasure from this newly revealed side to his sexuality, both of them grunting with each thrust, Henri sometimes spanking the young man in rhythm with his thrusts, growling at him, punctuating the slaps with his heated words: "Fucking little slut..." *spank!* (and the boy gasped)... "such a little whore..." *spank!* (and he groaned now, pushing back onto Henri's cock)... "you fucking love this, don't you..." *SPANK!* (and a hard groan now, pain and pleasure consuming his senses)... "dirty fucking slut..." *SPANK!* (and he cried out, his voice filling the room, so close to orgasm). I could hear the slick wet sounds of Henri's other hand around the young man's cock, masturbating him faster, harder, sliding up and down, up and down, rubbing him, stroking him, needing to make him come, needing to make it happen.

Kathryn was responding to the spanks as though she was feeling them herself - her body was flinching, jolting with the sound of each slap, breathing harder underneath us, groaning with pleasure, her back arching to push her breasts up into Sophie's hands, her thighs open wide to invite my fingers deeper, harder inside her. She was so wet, her juices spilling over my fingers, her cunt clutching around them as I slammed my cock harder and deeper into Sophie's cunt in the same urgent rhythm.

"I don't think I can hold it back..." Kathryn gasped, "ohhh fuckk... god I'm going to come again... I need to come..."

"Don't hold it back Kathryn..." Sophie breathed, biting her neck again, pushing her cunt back harder onto my erection, grinding back onto me, "I want you to come... I need you to come...".

Sophie's words were pushing me close to the edge too - as she spoke, I could feel her cunt engulfing my erection greedily, squeezing around it, grinding back against me, so hot, so fucking wet, feeling myself pulse harder, not wanting to be the first to come. But I could barely take it now, groaning as I slid deeper inside her, my penis throbbing exquisitely in her cunt, finger-fucking Kathryn a little faster, wet sounds spilling from her sex as she hovered right on the brink of orgasm.

There was a sudden groan from the young man, looking at the three of us, seeing how close we each were, the sights pushing him right to the edge, Henri's hand stroking back and forth faster, harder along the boy's aching, pulsing penis. Henri slapped the young man's ass one more time, hard and rough, ramming his cock hard into his ass, and it was all the young man could take. "ohhhhh FUUCKK..." he groaned, "fuckkk that's it... I'm cumminngg... I'M CUMMINNGGGGG..." Henri's hand tugged on the young man's erection, stroking him hard, and a long, wet sliver of spunk suddenly spurted from the head of the boy's penis, Henri's hand still pumping him exquisitely as another long spurt leapt from his cock, and another.

It was all Kathryn could take - she'd seen his orgasm, had been waiting for it, wanted it so badly - her body suddenly arched under Sophie, her thighs shaking intensely as a sudden wet splash spilled over my fingers, and that was it - she cried out: "unnhhhhhhh FUCKKK.... ohhh GOD that's it.... now..... UUNNHHHHHH... unnnnhhhhh FUUCCKKKKK...".

She began to convulse, so very hard, her urgent groans filling the air, her body bucking and writhing beneath us, and I couldn't hold back any longer - I had to come - my body began to tremble, and I thrust my cock hard and deep into Sophie's cunt, holding it right there, intense pleasure pulsating through me, groaning urgently: "fuckkkk.... FUCCKKKK... I'M CUMMINGGGG..." - I felt the first hot jet of my cum spurting from my penis, spilling wetly into her cunt, followed by another spurt, and another - and as I started to cum inside her, Sophie almost screamed with pleasure, pushing back all the way onto me, her cunt engulfing my spurting penis, crying out deliciously: "ohhhh fuckkkk yes... FUCKKK that's what I needed... ohhh FUCKK... fuckkk I'm cumminngg... UUNNNNNNHH!"

As our bodies locked together in intense orgasm, I heard a long, sustained groan from Henri, looking over to see him tug his cock from the boy's ass, stroking it once, twice, three times... and on the third stroke of his fingers, a hot spurt of cum jetted from his penis, spurting up over the young man's back, followed by a second spurt, and a third, groaning with pleasure, masturbating frantically as the last of his cum spattered over the young man's ass, breathing hard, collapsing back onto his knees as we all caught our breath.

As she came down from her delicious orgasm, her slick wet cunt still milking my cock, drawing out the last small spurts, her body still trembling, Sophie was already looking across at the young man lustfully.

"Don't imagine we're done with you..." she breathed, another little convulsion rippling through her body, watching as the young man caught his breath, "I still haven't fucked you yet...". Her cunt still slid teasingly along my penis, knowing he was watching, knowing that he could see how wet she had made me. "Would you like that, boy? Would you like me to fuck you...?"

"yes..." he breathed, "god yes... yes I want that..."

more to follow...


mmmm, definately worth the wait. I may need to touch myself.

Rowan has left me breathless.

Gorgeous and talented as always.


I have to echo the sentiment; I want that, too..

Rowan - I hope you did, obviously I like to encourage that ;) x

charlotte - mmm thankyou... I do rather enjoy leaving you that way xx

Datura - I haven't seen you in here before, hope you're enjoying the blog ;)
And you're both going to get your wish, I promise ;) xx

Mmmmm... So sweaty and sticky. I can't wait until the next episode.

I'm glad you liked it bev - more to come imminently...

Interesting thouughts

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