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Saturday, September 06, 2008 at 9:47 AM

I've made number 10 in Rori's Top 100 SexBloggers of 2008, over on Between My Sheets!

I'm absolutely delighted, and I'm in such good company over there! Thankyou to those of you who nominated me, and please go visit Rori's blog and take a look at all those other wonderful bloggers in her Top 100 - there are some rather fabulous blogs in there! Think I need to work my way through them myself... ;)

It's always lovely to be recognised, and to have made it so high up the list is especially lovely - I think I may need to write a really hot post this weekend to celebrate - yum ;)

roger xx


Congratulations Roger. You certainly deserve it.

*hugs and licks*

awww, thankyou belle x
*hugging and licking you back ;) *

The biggest congratualtions Roger!

You deserve it more than anyone!

Your writing is trully inspirational and of course deliciously orgasmic as always Sir!

Looking forward to the new post!



and congratulations to you too, Charlotte, I noticed you in the list too - very well deserved!

Thank you so much;) xx

Kisses xx

Congratulations, lover. You certainly deserve it and more xxx

DLG - and congratulations to you lover - you made the list too! Very well deserved - in fact, you should have been higher than me ;) xxx

Congratulations, dearest! I'm so happy for you, you deserve it!!!

*Hugs you tight, and kisses you, softly*

Ooo well done DB!

mmm thankyou Rose *returning your kiss, and giving you a crafty feel of your ass ;) *

shay - aww thankyou! I so rarely see you in here, though I'll happily admit to lurking around your place from time to time - have just added your new home to my blogroll xx

Congratulations R, its always nice to be recognised. I'm a relative new 'comer' to this site so have been enjoying myself with the archives, I would have written sooner but my fingers have been busy!

congratulations !!!!! well deserved !!!


Sam - it's lovely to meet you x Don't use up those archives too quickly, I usually only post about once a week, and I wouldn't want you to be left with nothing to enjoy ;) Hope you're having fun in the archives, I'll look forward to hearing more from you x

nymph - aww thankyou, very much appreciated x

madelyn - thankyou! Hope you've been enjoying yourself in here too x

*Slips in to give you a big hug and steal a kiss* More congrats are in order I see. Very well done, Roger :)

mmm thankyou dukky *kissing you back softly* xx

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