Sophie in Hollywood 2:2 : Sophie and the Voyeur

Saturday, September 20, 2008 at 12:49 PM

mmm hello you xx

make yourself comfortable, as we slip back into Sophie's world - you'll find part one of the current chapter here, to remind you where we were up to, and obviously we're going to be going straight into the sex here... hope you have fun ;)

roger xx


Kathryn was dripping wet around my fingers as I moved them back and forth inside her, her delightfully warm, wet cunt squeezing and pulsing, responding to my rhythm, so close to her orgasm, still holding it back, needing to see more. Sophie's fingers stroked Kathryn's clit in the same rhythm, her lips tracing down her neck, licking, biting, wanting to see her come again, wanting to make her come. I needed this too, my gaze fixed on Kathryn, her thighs wide open as she bucked and writhed between us, needing to be fucked, but still holding back, watching her husband across the room, not wanting to miss a thing.

Henri had untied the young man, both of their cocks intensely erect as the boy followed Henri's instruction, bending forward over the chair, Henri moving behind him, masturbating, his hand gliding up and down the length of his glistening penis as he readied himself. Henri had never done anything like this before, but the young man had sucked his cock so readily, so greedily, and Henri no longer needed to be encouraged - he was intensely aroused, and needed to experience this, needed to take the boy, needed to fuck him.

"Beg me..." Henri breathed, still stroking his cock behind the young man, his erection wet from the boy's mouth, slick wet sounds accompanying each stroke of his fingers, "beg me to fuck you...".

"Please..." the young man whispered, parting his thighs further, trembling a little, "please fuck me... please put your cock inside me... god please..."

Kathryn groaned, her body bucking again between us on the bed, a warm wet splash spilling over my fingers as I pushed them deeper into her cunt, hooking them inside her, finding her sensitive spot, the rhythm of Sophie's fingers increasing around Kathryn's clit, driving her closer and closer to orgasm. I looked up at Kathryn's face, her eyes half closed, trying to keep watching, the sensations taking over, never having dreamed she'd watch something like this - her husband masturbating behind the young man, steering the head of his swollen penis down towards the boy's ass, clearly intending to do as Kathryn had requested.

"please..." the boy gasped again, "please... I need it... please fuck me...". It was all the provocation Henri needed. Holding his cock firmly in his hand, he pressed the slick, wet head of his erection against the young man's ass, rubbing it against his asshole, getting it wet... and as the boy tensed, awaiting the first intrusion, Henri couldn't wait any longer - with a groan of pleasure, he began to slide his cock inside the young man's ass, a long, slow thrust, pushing and pushing, the boy grabbing onto the chair, grunting deliciously as Henri's cock slid deeper and deeper inside him, filling him.

Kathryn couldn't take any more... the sights, the sounds, the touch of our hands all over her... "I'm going to come..." she breathed, "ohh god I'm going to come..."

"Don't hold it back..." Sophie whispered, "come for us... I want you to come...". Sophie slid down to Kathryn's breast, opening her lips, taking her nipple into her mouth, lapping at it, her fingers skidding harder and faster around her clit - Kathryn groaned, her thighs opening wider, her gaze still fixed on her husband as his penis slid deeper into the boy's ass, her body bucking on the bed now, arching up to Sophie's fingers, her cunt squeezing and pulsing around my fingers as I thrust them hard, ramming them in deep now, fucking her with my fingers - it was all she could take - she gasped again: "ohhh god... that's it... I'm coming... - her hands grabbed onto the bedsheets, groaning long and hard, her back arching, a sudden warm wet splash spilling over my fingers as she started to come, crying out urgently, pulsing again and again and again, her voice ringing around the bedroom as she convulsed on the bed deliciously.

The sight spurred on the young man - he groaned, pushing back harder onto Henri's cock, needing more, Henri reaching under the boy to grab his cock, stroking it back and forth as he began to pound into his ass.

Sophie was getting close again too, the intensity getting to her, leaning over to kiss Kathryn passionately, moving over to straddle her belly... I needed to fuck, my own cock pulsatingly erect, and I slid behind Sophie, straddling Kathryn's hips, taking my cock in my hand and guiding it straight into Sophie's slick wet cunt, hearing her groan as my cock pushed inside her, my hand sliding back down to Kathryn's cunt, pushing my fingers back inside her as i began to fuck Sophie, the three of us moving urgently on the bed, gasps and groans coming from Henri and the boy as they fucked behind us, all five of us chasing our orgasms again, needing it, wanting it...

more to follow...


Oh yummy....

Glad you're enjoying it, Bellaforte - lots more to come from this chapter yet, should be fun to write ;) x


The middle bit did it for me, as the boy begs. Mmm. To put myself there, the anticipation of the pain and pleasure,pushed me over the edge and I had such an intense orgasm.

Thank you again.

you've done it again've gone and got me all hot and wet. Just what do you suppose we should do about that?

oh fuck how delicious was that....

I think I have some serious reading to do here if this is the quality to be found

j - there's definitely something very exquisite about begging, I think, and given that this is very much a rite of passage for both the boy and Henri, it felt right - I'm glad it made you come, as it was very intense for me to write too ;) xx

Flirty0522 - well ideally, Flirty, I'd like you to come for me deliciously ;) xx

secretlynaughty - I hope you do get that serious reading in - there's all kinds of fun to be had in the archives, go and explore, treat yourself, and I hope you have a lovely time in there ;) xx


Stunning xx

Charmaine - it is pretty intense, isn't it? ;)

Charlotte - mmm thankyou, I'm glad you enjoyed it ;) xx

Good god Roger, love it. Please say there is more to come?!? I need more....

mmmmmmmmm... i woke incredibly horny this morning, needing to come. so i came back to this post (i read it and fucked myself for you last night, too)...

i'm sitting at my kitchen table right now, thighs wide apart, back arched taunt and hard, head far back, mouth open and gasping, my left hand kneading my right breast as my right fingers are buried inside me, my hips moving uncontrollably and unable to stop fucking my own fingers as i masturbate, totally unable to stop grinding myself hard against the chair when i take my fingers away to type.. my entire body is tingling, my toes are curling, my lips are dry, and it's building stronger and faster and hotter and i need this so fucking badly, i;m so intensely horny and violentlyout of control..

god i want your cock, not you but just to use your cock selfishly for my own orgasm on top of you, and your hands to pull me as hard as you can down onto you as i make you come uncontrollably over and over again as i use you for your hard cock and your strong handsa nd your hot tongue gasping crying screaming out my name

ooh i wa nt my vibrsator but ui can't stop, can't bresthe i'm turning myself on more feeling how wet i am and knoeing hiw little effort it wouldtake to sliiiiide down your cock

ooohohohohohh im cxominggggggggggggggggggggg



sam - oh, there's lots more of this chapter to go yet, I can promise you, and all rather intense too ;) xx

blue - this is absolutely stunning... I so love comments being written like this, whilst touching yourself, so deliciously turned on... it always arouses me intensely... such a pleasure for me to watch you like this, masturbating for me, needing to come, so aroused that you're barely able to type... and then coming for me so very gorgeously... god... very, very delicious, blue, you've left me breathless and erect... hope I'll hear more from you xx

i thought you'd enjoy that


oh, I think I can safely say I enjoyed it rather thoroughly ;) xx

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