one million orgasms!

Monday, August 11, 2008 at 10:51 PM

Okay, maybe not quite that many but... in about a week, this blog will reach one million hits (it's closer to 1,800,000 if you include the previous incarnation of the blog, but let's not be technical here). So if a reader reaches orgasm each twenty hits... well hey, that's 50,000 orgasms - yum ;)

Anyway, I digress... a million hits means it's definitely time for a celebration around here. I'm considering holding another orgy, as the last one was so successful (if you haven't read it, you'll find most of it in the archives at the left), though I'm still making my mind up about that...

In the meantime, though... I've decided I'd love some presents ;)

If you've been reading my blog for ages (or even if you've just discovered it), and if I've made you come lots and lots and lots - then I'd love a little present from you to help me celebrate reaching one million. I hardly ever ask for these kinds of things, so today, I'm going to be greedy ;)

Here's the kind of thing I'd love from you, if you're feeling generous and want to give me a little of the pleasure back that I've hopefully given to you ;) :

1) a naked photograph of you (yum) - doesn't have to be explicit, just something lovely and sexy would be gorgeous, I'd very much love to see you...
2) a sound file - I'd love to hear you masturbate to delicious orgasm for me, saying my name as you come, as I'm a hopeless voyeur. If you're going to do that, you'll probably need to use yousendit to send the file to me...
3) a delightfully explicit sexual fantasy, where you tell me just how you'd like to fuck me...
4) or you could maybe even just masturbate as you type an email for me, telling me just what you're doing, and cumming for me delightfully...

Any of these would be simply gorgeous, or feel free to think up your own idea! This is very greedy, I know, but it's my millionth birthday, and I want to be pampered by my gorgeous readers ;)

And what do you get in return? Well, if I get a big enough response, I'll hold another delightful orgy, and anyone who sends me something will get a personal invitation, and will definitely get a little time in there with me ;)

This is such a greedy post! Ah well, greed can be fun sometimes ;)

roger xx


You are very wicked, Roger! No wonder you turn me on ;)

I wonder what suitable present I can come up with for you....

Hmmmm, when you lived in England, did you drink Woody's vodka beverages, by any chance??


I am wicked, I know ;) I'm hoping ideas for little presents will be fun and playful, I just like pressies in general really ;)
Vodka beverages? Would those be the fruity vodka bottles, sort of like soft drinks with a dash of vodka? I definitely love those, very refreshing when out dancing the night away! Though I don't want to encourage people to buy me things, that's just WAY too greedy ;) xx

sounds like my greed has rubbed off on you

i can think of a few other things i'd like to rub off on you

a million that's an accomplishment

i'm sure i can come up with something faboulous for you ;)

sweet - I can think of a few things myself too ;) And thankyou - I'll very much look forward to whatever delightful idea you come up with ;) xx

One million orgasms... I must admit, quite a few of those were mine. So, perhaps I'll be a bit of a narcissist and count it as a mutual achievement ;)

Just kidding, congratulations, Roger.

Many, many thanks,

Oh no, not again. Are you doing those orgies for your readers or for your ego? Your blog is so boring lately. I think I need to cheat on you.


Do I get to see you naked on my 30th birthday, then?

saucyminx - I'm very please to have been of assistance - and thankyou too xx ;)

cara - you're entitled to your opinion, of course. I hold the orgies because they're extremely popular (the last one, held nine months ago, had 647 comments, and I'm frequently asked when the next one is going to be). I also haven't yet decided (a)if I'm actually going to hold one yet or (b)when it will be - certainly not immediately, as I have the threesome and the current Sophie story to conclude first.

charmaine - I've often toyed with the idea of putting naked shots of me in here, but most readers seem to prefer to make up their own idea of what I look like. I actually look a lot like the Artist in the Sophie stories (since he is a version of me), though I can't remember off hand if I've ever described him... good looking and arty farty, basically (who just said more farty than arty!!) - and vain too ;) xx

How lovely that I'm not like most readers. Send them over to me. ;)

You're clearly just as shallow as I am ;)

But not as vain. ;) Is that a yes?

Congratulations lover xxx I know for sure many of those orgasms are mine as you've led them to me quite delightfully. I'll come up with a good present for you... oh wait, I just gave you one ;)



DLG - and you do give such delightful presents ;) xxx

catwoman - I'm curious to see where your decision-making takes you ;) xx

i could send you the wet panties one of your posts just caused

Greedy but deservedly so! You give so much,only fair to get something back!!

waitress - so naughty, but then I like naughty girls ;)

kitty - ahh, I do my best ;) Were you thinking of sending me something yourself? I certainly hope so, I very much love presents ;) xx

Hmmm .. I see congratulations are in order. And perhaps a big thank you for the dozens of orgasms you've helped me reach from reading your sexy little blog? I do hope it's not too late to send a little present of appreciation.


Dukky - of course it's not too late, and I do very much love presents - I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to treat me with ;) xx

i just wrote you a haiku as a little thank you...i'm sure this is an effect you have on lots of your readers ;)

clammy sweat clinging
from my chest ragged breaths heave
sated once again


(maybe i should have started with what comes before that lovely bliss..another time, when i'm less sleepy...)

Cassie, that's the very first haiku I've ever had on my blog - and such a delightfully filthy one too ;)
Thankyou for that - and please feel free to email me any time, it's been a pleasure following your comments through the blog ;) xx

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