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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 9:28 PM

Hello you! I'd be delighted if you were to nominate me for Between My Sheet's list of The Top Sex Bloggers of 2008. There are no prizes involved for me, except a little badge for the blog if I win, but this is all about the honour ;) Thankyou in advance, if you decide to indulge me!

roger xx


Hmmm...Ill be voting for your Sir!

Your words, your writing, your talent. You count me for a vote!

Good luck xxxxxxxx

Charlotte as always;)

Charlotte - thankyou, you always say such lovely things about me xxx
*great big snuggly hug*
(and to those others of you who have been nominating me too - thankyou! xx)

i voted for you the other day. i really hope you win, you deserve it for pleasing so many frustrated women


thankyou kitten *hugs* x
It's just a bit of fun really, but I do enjoy these little contests - even though I always lose ;)

Best of luck.....

Thankyou Trainer! Not often we see another chap in here - hope you and your wife enjoy the blog together ;)

You deserve to be included, Rog!


mmm thankyou january *kiss* xx

Well, Roger, dear, your words DO leave me craving more. I think that counts for a vote. ;)

Just nominated you, dearest. You certainly deserve it !

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