The House Book Two (collected)

Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 12:02 PM

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This little series has been mentioned a few times recently in questionnaires that I've received (and if you'd like to have some fun yourself filling one in for me, you'll find it here). It was writing this series that prompted me to start writing the Sophie stories, so it still remains currently unfinished, but there's plenty of disgraceful erotica here to enjoy, and I thought it was about time it was dug up from the archives and collected - see what you think ;)

If you'd like to read the first collected 'The House' story, you'll find it here.

Hope you have fun with it ;)

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The House, Book Two - the new girl

You arrive home from work, feeling bright and breezy, knowing we have a few days off together to have a little fun - and she's already there, in the front room with me, as we talk casually (flirtatiously?) over a pot of tea and some toast. I notice you come in, and both me and the girl stand up briefly out of politeness, and I smile as I introduce her to you.

"Sorry, I meant to mention this to you yesterday - this is Rachel, she's the daughter of a friend of mine - she's looking for her own place to stay in the area, but I said that in the meantime, she could use the room in the loft - it's pretty comfy up there and we've not been using it ourselves - is that gonna be okay...?"

"It's your house," you smile, rather stiffly, not sure what to make of this, "if it's okay with you, it's fine with me". You look her over - she's very beautiful, but probably no competition for you - she looks about 19 years old, a brunette, slim but with curves in all the right places - very long legs - dressed rather attractively in tight hipster jeans and a small tight t-shirt, a generous amount of her delightfully flat belly showing - though she looks a little more innocent in comparison to the kind of girls you know usually interest me - and there didn't seem to be any excessively flirtatious body language going on between us when you arrived, other than my own usual general interest in pretty girls... and anyway, you remind yourself, why am I suddenly jealous, it's not like there's any big romance going on between us or anything, we're just having fun... so who cares why he's letting her stay here - he can fuck her as much as he likes...

You smile and hold out your hand - Rachel smiles back disarmingly, her touch soft against your fingers as you shake hands briefly. "Has he shown you your room?" you ask. "Not yet," she smiles. "Well come upstairs with me, I'll show you around, show you where to put you toothbrush and stuff. Is that okay with you, Roger?" "Fine with me," I reply, "I've got some stuff to do - you two get to know each other."

Leading her by the hand, you take her up the staircase.

You give Rachel a quick tour around the house, picking up her bags on the way, your mind drifting back a few short weeks to when I'd given you this same tour, smiling to yourself when you remember how that particular tour ended. No such illicit thrill for this girl - you take my deliberate absence this time as a definite signal that I have no intention of seducing her - or if I do, then I'm clearly in no hurry. So long as she understands that I get him first, you think to yourself. I might let her have him when I've finished with him... so long as I get to watch...

By the time you arrive in the large loft room on the top floor, you're already putting these thoughts behind you - Rachel is clearly a really sweet girl - quite innocent in an enthusiastic kind of way - she smiles and laughs a lot, you've noticed, and really does seem to consider this just a temporary bolt-hole, somewhere to crash for a few weeks while she sorts out her own place.

You sit on her bed as she unpacks, watching her, talking to her as she makes the room her own, enjoying the conversation. Though as you talk, you can't help your mind drifting a little, slightly disassociated from what the two of you are talking about, finding yourself, a little disconcertingly, rather attracted to her. It's probably something in her nature - a flirtatious, easy-going manner that makes it impossible not to like her, and she's confident too - when she talks to you, she looks you straight in the eye, and there's a sparkle to her gaze when she does that, something she seems to do automatically, without thinking about it - a way of drawing you in, making you want to talk to her, enjoy being with her, even feel a small glimmer of lust for her... it's an unconcious thing, you're sure, she's just good in social situations - it's not even as if you're normally attracted to girls - but something about Rachel has definitely got your interest.

You continue talking to her, listening as she chats about her life, her friends, but your mind is still elsewhere, holding your own conversation with yourself as she continues talking and unpacking...

She's definitely pretty... just look at her... stunningly pretty, in fact... I bet Roger's noticed that too, I know what he's like... I bet if she was an ugly girl he wouldn't have been so keen for her to move in... but still... I do like her... it's going to be fun having her around the place... it'll stop Roger and me ending up like some stupid couple or something... I definitely don't want that... don't want things to get boring... she's quite tall... is she taller than me...? I think she might be... such long legs... nice bum too... she definitely has the perfect figure of a 19 year old, the bitch... look at those eyes... god such lovely eyes... I wish she wouldn't look at me like that... it just makes me melt... and those lips... I wonder what she'd taste like if I kissed her... why am I thinking this stuff...?

"Are you sure you don't mind...?" she asks, pulling you out of your thoughts for a moment. "Sorry," you smile, blushing a little, "I was miles away for a moment there - what did you ask again...?" Rachel returns your smile, not letting you get embarrassed. "I just wondered if you'd mind if I got changed while we're talking? I've been in these clothes all day and now I've managed to unpack, I really need to get into some fresh clothes." "Oh, erm..." you start to get up, "I'll leave you to it if you like, if you need some privacy..." "It's okay," she smiles, "it'll only take me a minute or so - stay there, I don't mind".

You watch her, still sat on her bed, almost rooted to the spot, as she casually unzips her jeans and tugs them down her bare thighs.

Rachel pulls her jeans off her ankles, and drops them casually to the floor. You try not to stare, but something about her is stirring your arousal - she's so sweet but so sexual at the same time - you wonder if she realises just how good she looks, how it's turning you on to look at her, despite yourself. You're not usually so attracted to other girls - well, not in this way anyway - but watching her like this is reminding you of all those fantasies you've had, alone in bed at night, masturbating deliciously at the thought of being with another girl - of touching another girl - and if you were to do it, if you were to realise the fantasy - you know for certain that Rachel would be at the top of your list.

"So tell me about you and Roger," she smiles, casually pulling up her small t-shirt, tugging it off over her head, leaving her in just a deliciously small bra and the tiniest of knickers, busying herself putting her clothes in the wardrobe, seemingly unaware of the effect she's having on you. You try not to look at her almost naked young body, so smooth and soft and tempting - god if you could just touch her, just for a moment...

"There's nothing to tell really," you say, "we're just friends, y'know...".

"Oh right," she smiles, "it's just, I thought you were maybe together or something - so you're not sleeping together...?"

Such a direct question - but she asks it so casually - and she'll find out quickly enough, you may as well tell her... "Well, there's no really good way to put this... we're just friends - we're not going out together or anything, but... well... we sort of have this thing... just a fun thing, y'know... where we sort of have a good time together when we both feel like it..."

"You mean like a sexual thing...?"

"Yes," you reply, a little embarrassed, "it's just sex, really - we both like it a lot... so every so often we get together and let our hair down a little... it's sort of our dirty little secret - nobody else knows, but I guess since you're living here, you may as well know - you'd find out sooner or later, and it'll save us having to be sneaky around you or something..."

"God, that's really cool - so like there's not even a relationship, you're just... just having sex when you feel like it...?" She unclips her bra, slipping the straps off her shoulders and letting it drop to the floor, entirely unselfconcious undressing in front of you - she clearly feels comfortable around you - would she feel the same way if she knew that you can hardly take your eyes off her delicious, pert young breasts, her mouth-watering nipples... you try not to think about it...

"It's good, isn't it?" you smile. "Works for us, anyway. Are you seeing anyone at the moment...?"

"God no," she smiles, searching in her drawer for something appropriate to wear, bending over a little - your gaze wanders over her delicious bum, barely covered by her small white panties, then up her bare back, wanting her to turn around, wanting to see her breasts again. She turns around, holding a small blouse in her hand, your gaze wandering over those gorgeous pert nipples again. "It's been three months now," she continues, "I think it'd heal up if it wasn't for my vibrator, y'know?" That's it - you're definitely wet now - just for a moment you picture her naked on the bed, her thighs spread, fucking herself hard with a vibrator, coming deliciously, urgently, gorgeously... her back arched, her body trembling as she comes...

Rachel slips a small blouse on, covering herself up casually - you're almost relieved - you turn the conversation towards helping her settle in, and leave her to finish unpacking - but as you walk down the staircase, you can feel your own wetness tricking down the inside of your thighs, warm and wet, your arousal pulsing deliciously from between your legs as you make your way downstairs... such a delicious girl...


Rachel has been with us at the house for a couple of days now - you haven't seen much of her, as she's been busy at University, taking lots of lectures, and when back home she's been studying quietly in her room. On the three or four occassions when you've had a brief chance to talk to her, you still haven't changed your opinion of her - a delightful, friendly, delicious young girl. You're still finding yourself sexually attracted to her, but you've been trying to put those ideas into the back of your head, feeling slightly guilty about them. Despite occassional fantasies about other girls when alone in bed, you'd never have described yourself as bisexual - you've certainly had no real experience with other girls, beyond the occassional drunken fumble (really just out of curiousity and for a giggle rather than any deep-seated need you have for lesbian relationships) - god knows, as crap as men are, you couldn't manage for long without the feel of a man, the way he looks, the way he tastes, the sensations a guy can give you when he's filling you, fucking you...

But still... if I was going to do it... I mean, really, DO it... go all the way with another girl... I'd love that girl to be Rachel... there's something about her... the way she looks at me... she MUST know what effect she has on me - could she tell how turned on I was the other day when we were in her room...? God... I've got to stop thinking about this...

These thoughts have been running through your head every time you've seen her - wondering how it would feel to touch her, to taste her... it hasn't helped that you and I haven't fucked since she's arrived - just different schedules, and our usual resistance to fall into the trap of actually living together, being a couple - it's the downside of being friends who like to fuck each other, you know - that you won't have me in your bed every night. Normally you'd be fine with that, but since Rachel arrived, all you can think about is sex - you need to be fucked, to try and get this all out of your system - but you know I'm going to be busy again tonight, and it's making you really edgy - Why do I always want him the most when he's not going to be around? Damn it.

So for two nights now, since her arrival, Rachel has featured almost exclusively in your sexual fantasies, masturbating alone in bed, thinking about her, reaching intense orgasm as you imagine her going down on you, her tongue caressing your clit, rubbing, stroking... you need to be fucked, and it needs to be soon...

This afternoon, we're all home - it's the weekend, I'm relaxing and reading in the library at the front of the house, prior to heading out for the evening, and Rachel is entertaining her parents in the living room, after showing them briefly round her new place. You know I'm not going to be around tonight, but you're still incredibly horny... would I be up for a quickie...? It's worth a try... you stroll slinkily into the library, wearing your shortest skirt, your blouse generously unbuttoned, knowing I'm going to find that hard to resist...

I look up from my book, watching you step into the room, smiling at you. "Mmm god... you look just delicious - are you heading out..?"

"No" you answer, smiling a little sluttishly, "I was kind of hoping we could maybe, you know, stay in... together, if you get my meaning..."

"Sounds gorgeous," I smile, "but I'm not sure we should - I only have half an hour, and Rachel has her parents here, they might hear us..."

It's not an answer you're prepared to accept. You're turned on, you're wet, and you want me. "I don't care about that" you reply, undoing a couple of buttons on your blouse, "I want you to fuck me, and I'm not prepared to wait". You move close to me, taking the book from me, dropping it onto the desk, and taking hold of my hand, sliding it inside your half-open blouse, until my fingers are cupping your breast through the thin material of your bra. "I want you to fuck me now, right here."

"We can't..." I whisper, trying to ignore my growing arousal, "they're right next door, in the living room - they'll hear us..."

You take hold of my wrist, slipping my hand out of your blouse, and guiding it down between your legs, underneath your short skirt. Unable to resist, I slide my fingers up to your cunt, and my cock suddenly grows delciously erect. "god..." I whisper, "you're not wearing any panties..."

"...and I'm wet..." you smile, "can you feel it...? Can you feel how wet I am...?

"god yes..." I reply, my fingers sliding over and around your cunt, teasing, stroking, feeling your wetness dripping slowly over my fingertips, watching you as you tremble slightly, wanting you so much. "But we can't... not with her parents in the next room..."

"Slide your fingers inside me..." you breathe, "please..."

I can't resist you when you're like this - slipping my fingers along your wet slit, I slide them slowly inside you, and you gasp gently as you feel my fingers penetrating you, pushing yourself onto them, feeling them slide deep inside you, a flood of your wetness pouring slowly from your cunt, dripping down my hand. "Fuck me..." you gasp, "I want you to fuck me, Roger..."

It's no longer a request - I know you're not going to take no for an answer, and there's no way I want to turn you down - my erection is now throbbing deliciously in my jeans, needing you, wanting you. I get up from the chair, taking hold of you, kissing you sensually, pushing you back against the bookcase, tugging open your blouse as I feel your fingers unbuttoning my jeans, pulling them urgently down my thighs, tugging down my boxers too, your hand sliding around my erect, throbbing cock, masturbating me as I slide your blouse down your shoulders, unclipping your bra and tugging it down, my lips sliding to your neck, biting you as my hands pull your skirt up around your waist.

"The door's open..." I whisper, my hands sliding around your bare buttocks, pulling you against my throbbing erection, your thighs sliding around my legs, your arms around my neck, "we should close the door, they'll hear..."

"Keep it open," you gasp, "I don't care... fuck me Roger... please fuck me..."

I groan softly, sliding my cock between your open thighs, pushing you back against the bookcase, the head of my cock nudging between the swollen lips of your warm, wet cunt - I know this is crazy - even if they don't hear us, they're right in the next room - if they come out, they'll have to pass the library, and we're practically framed in the doorway, your thighs wrapped around me now as I thrust my cock deep into your cunt, your back pinned against the bookshelf as I start to fuck you, gasping with pleasure as you feel my cock sliding deep inside you, filling you with my cock - so hot, so hard - you know this is gonna make you come very quickly...

There's no time to take it slowly - we both know that - Rachel and her parents might step out into the hallway at any moment, and there's no way we'll be able to make ourselves decent in time - they'll see us fucking, we know - but just the idea of it is a delicious aphrodisiac - you don't want to be discovered, you know how bad that would look, how embarrassed you'd be - but something about the danger of it is intensifying your arousal - I've barely begun to fuck you, and already your juices are streaming down my cock, your body trembling, gasping as quietly as you can as I fuck you hard against the bookcase, harder and deeper, my cock so hot and erect inside you, thrusting, thrusting, fucking you and fucking you, my hands around your bum, lifting you now, your thighs wrapped tightly around my hips as I thrust harder and deeper, your naked breasts brushing against my shirt as I fuck you, kissing me passionately, our lips slipping and sliding, my tongue fucking your mouth as my cock fucks your dripping wet cunt.

I can't hold back much longer - my cock is throbbing hard in your cunt, my breath hot on your face as I thrust deeper, harder - I whisper, urgently "ohhh god... I don't think I can hold it back... I'm gonna cum..."

It's all you can take - it's happened so quickly, but you're intensely turned on - you can feel my cock swelling and pulsing inside you - you thrust down hard onto my erection, wanting to feel my cum flooding into your cunt - you start to convulse - you groan with pleasure - I slide a hand over your mouth, trying to keep you quiet as you begin to come, stifling your groan with my fingers - you can't take any more - you shudder into intense convulsions, your cunt engulfing my pulsating erection, trying not to squeal, my hand still over your lips as you come, trying to keep you quiet, your orgasm hard and frantic, drenching my cock with your juices, your wetness streaming down your thighs, splashing over my cock - it's all I can take, I can't hold back any longer - stifling an urgent groan, I thrust my cock deep inside your cunt, and you feel my cum suddenly spurting hot and hard from my cock, again and again and again, filling you with my cum, pouring inside you, over and over, our bodies locked together as we come intensely, so good, so hard...

Somehow we get ourselves decent again before the living room door opens, scurrying guiltily to the sofa together, pretending we're reading as Rachel and her parents walk past the open doorway, seemingly oblivious to what we've just done - but did they hear us? Would they notice how much the room now smells of sex? You still don't care, snuggling up to me on the sofa, still warm and deliciously aroused, feeling my cum slowly dripping from your cunt, leaving a long, wet trail down the inside of your thighs...


"I... I heard you having sex last night.."
She just comes out and says it, right out of the blue, just like that. Something about hearing her say it makes you immediately wet.

You'd gone up to see Rachel in her room whilst I was out, using the rather flimsy excuse that you'd found one of her socks in the washing machine - it'd have been easy just to leave it out for her to pick up, but hey, it was a reason to go upstairs and have a chat with her - maybe try and find out just what it was about her that was making you so damn frisky all the time. And okay, so what if you were wearing that tiny, tight little t-shirt that showed off your belly, and the clingiest, sexiest, slinkiest hipster jeans that you had in your wardobe, the ones that made your legs look incredibly long and fabulous - that was just a coincidence, obviously. There's no way you'd get dressed up in something that made you look so good, just to take her a stray sock, right?

Well, okay, so you did get changed precisely because you were going up to see her, but no need for anyone else to know that. And it's not as if it took you long to change - you'd picked out this outfit for just such an eventuality a couple of days ago - jeans, t-shirt, and... well, you'd decided that was enough, actually. You'd had a good long look at yourself in the mirror, and the t-shirt was much better without a bra showing underneath - and the jeans felt comfortable enough without any panties - you'd toyed with the idea of wearing a g-string, but a combination of indecision and wickedness had led you to keep it simple - just the two items, and a pair of old trainers - perfect. If she didn't go for you like this, you'd just have to bring out the lingerie, and that was just too unsubtle, definitely.

So you'd been talking for a while, and you're both now sat on her big bed, pretty casually, Rachel sat against the head of the bed, wearing a tight black vest and the shortest of skirts, you sitting cross-legged opposite her, just talking about clothes, and shoes, and guys and stuff, and suddenly she just says it:

"I... I heard you having sex last night.."

You're not sure what to say, and you can definitely feel yourself blushing. "Oh god... I'm sorry... I suppose we thought you wouldn't be able to hear us at the top of the house here..."

"It's okay..." she blushes too, "it wasn't a complaint or anything - I mean, I know you two do that and stuff... and I don't mind... it's just that I thought I'd better tell you... you know, that I can hear you..."

You're still blushing, but you can see she doesn't mean to embarrass you. "I think I might have been a little loud last night..." you admit, "I sort of forgot you were here once we got into the thick of it..."

"No, really, I don't mind, honest... I mean... I quite like being loud too, so it's really not a problem - I just thought I ought to tell you, just in case you'd rather I couldn't hear..."

For a moment you almost apologise again and move the conversation on - but it suddenly occurs to you that she didn't have to mention it - if it didn't bother her, why tell you? Is she really concerned about your privacy, or is there something else behind the comment...? There's only one way to find out, and that's to take the bait - with your heart beating a little faster, you come up with the best response you can think of...

"I don't mind if you can hear us... if you're sure it doesn't annoy you...?"

"No..." she blushes again, "I mean... can I be honest with you...?"

"Of course you can."

"Well... it's the first time I've ever heard anyone... you know... doing it... I mean, I've seen a couple of films and stuff, but just Hollywood, just pretend, you know? So that was the first time...."

"The first time you've heard anyone actually having sex..."

She shifts a little on the bed - is she feeling uncomfortable with the conversation, or aroused...? You're almost certain it's the latter. "Yes..." she says, "and you were going for quite a while... and I didn't really mean to listen... I was gonna put on the tv or something... but I didn't... I listened to all of it... everything... and I wasn't sure whether to tell you, but I kind of feel guilty 'cause you and Roger have been so good putting me up, y'know... and now I kind of feel like I've been spying on you or something..."

She's so damn sweet you could keep her in a box... or is she? She's so practiced about this, so skilled at getting people on her side, is she really as innocent as she pretends? Or has she mentally rehearsed this conversation? Is she testing you just as you're testing her?

"You weren't spying," you smile, "I mean, it's not like you were hidden in the wardobe taking photos or anything". She laughs gently, seeming a little relieved, so you decide to push it a little further. "You're sure it wasn't off-putting? It didn't make you feel uncomfortable or queasy or anything? Because if it did, we'll be much quieter next time, I don't want you feeling uncomfortable..."

"No, really..." she smiles, blushing again just a little, "I mean... to be honest...... are you sure you don't mind me talking about this?"

"No, really," you smile, "carry on..."

"Well, it turned me on, y'know? It feels funny telling you this... but... well, that's why I kept listening... I couldn't stop listening... so... y'know... it was really exciting for me..."

"Sexually exciting...?" You know that's what she means, but you want to push her a little more.

"Yes... I was... I was sexually excited listening to you..."

You can feel yourself getting very wet. She's looking a little flushed too, and you know it isn't embarrassment this time. "Did you come...? Do you mind me asking...? I know it's a weird question, I was just wondering..."

"No..." she smiles, looking you almost in the eye, "no, I don't mind you asking... and yes... yes I did come..."

You both go quiet for a couple of moments - there's a tension in the room now, and as much as you've thought about this, faced with the situation for real, you're suddenly not sure what to do. Is this a come-on from her? You're not convinced it is. "Well..." you begin, wondering how to phrase it without sounding too slutty, "you can listen whenever you want to... I don't mind... if it excites you..."

"What about Roger? Do you think I should tell him...?"

"No,' you reply, "I'll mention it to him if you want me to - but I know he'll be fine about it... you know what he's like, he'd probably want you to come and watch..."

Rachel giggles. "That's terrible," she laughs, "is he really that bad?"

"He really is that bad," you grin. "I can guarantee he'll want to suggest it."

"He'd want me to watch you having sex...?" She's still grinning, but she's not letting it go. Does she want to be seduced?

"Definitely," you smile. "I mean... if you wanted to... I could ask him..."

She blushes again, shifting on the bed a little. The temperature in the room has suddenly gone sky high. "God..." she breathes, "I don't know... I mean..." she giggles again, "is it getting hot in here or is it just me?"

"It's definitely getting hot in here" you grin. "Do you want me to change the subject?"

"I think you'd better," she grins, "I'm getting turned on here"

"Me too," you smile, teasingly, "but it's a nice kind of turned on"

"Same here," she smiles, "sort of warm and wriggly and nice and stuff. Sort of embarrassing too, admitting it..."

"You don't need to be embarrassed," you smile, "I don't mind you getting turned on if we talk about sex, it's normal".

"Yeah, I know," she giggles, "but much more of this and I'm gonna have to chuck you out of the room so I can see to myself"

"You'd throw me out of your room?" you smile. "So cruel! I'm a good girl!"

She laughs again. "Well alright, maybe not throw you out, but you'd have to turn away and cover your ears for a bit".

"You wouldn't let me listen?" you smile, "after you've listened to me? What kind of deal is that?"

"You're terrible," she grins, "okay, maybe you could listen - and then I'd throw you out!"

"That's not so bad," you smile, "I definitely like the sound of the listening bit"

"Are you serious?' she grins, "you'd want to listen to me, while I... y'know... while I masturbate...?"

"Definitely," you smile, "I mean, it's only fair..."

She goes quiet for a few seconds. What started as a tease is suddenly becoming a little more serious.

"And would you watch...? Would you want to watch me...?"

Another pause. It's quite the most erotic question she's ever asked you.

"Yes," you reply, "I'd want to watch you. Very much. I love to watch..."

The room goes quiet again. Rachel looks you right in the eye, and you both hold the gaze. She looks like she's making a decision. You're about to change the subject, to let her off the hook for a while... but before you can speak, she sits back against the head of the bed, still looking at you, flushed and nervous all at the same time, and as you watch, your heart now beating very very fast, she slowly tugs up her short skirt, all the way up to her small white knickers, parting her legs just a little.

She looks towards you, nervously...

Rachel looks at you, clearly nervous - you can't look away - you don't know what to say - and as you watch, your heart beating fast, she slides a hand down between her open thighs, touching herself gently through her panties - just a slow, gentle rubbing, still watching you... her fingers barely moving... and then as quickly as she began, she slips her hand away again, her face a little flushed as she tugs her skirt back down.

"I'm sorry..." she blushes, "I don't know why I did that... I feel silly now..."

"No, it's okay," you reply, "you looked beautiful... I didn't want you to stop..."


"Yes, really... please... carry on... I don't mind... I want to watch you..."

"I don't know... I've never..."

"Please..." you insist, "you looked so beautiful... show me... please..."

She smiles at you again, looking a little shy, settling back down and leaning against the head of the bed, slowly tugging up her skirt again. She watches you all the time, still slightly embarrassed, but clearly getting very aroused. She slides her hand back down between her thighs, sliding over the crotch of her panties, and as you watch, she begins to rub... slowly... firmly... her fingers moving in a gentle rhythm, round and round, rubbing herself through her small white panties. You can't take your eyes off her - your lips are dry, your heart pounding, watching her fingers trace round and round... watching her face... her delightful body laid back as she strokes, slowly, rhythmically.

You're getting so, so wet.

You can't resist - still watching her, you slide a hand up to your breasts, cupping one of them through your t-shirt, squeezing gently. She's starting to look very turned on - a nervous, excited expression of intense arousal - she wants this - she wants to come for you - you squeeze your thighs together rhythmically - you know you're going to have to touch yourself soon, watching her is getting you so hot...

Rachel sees your hand at your breast - she makes another decision, and sits up for a moment, tugging up her small black vest, pulling it off over her head, leaving her naked from the waist up. She smiles at you, blushing again a little as she leans back, her hand back at her crotch, her panties visibly dampening. She looks so beautiful, so sensual, her hair draped on the pillow, one hand down between her thighs, stroking slowly, the other at her naked breasts, stroking, squeezing, her nipples hard as she caresses herself deliciously.

You need to reciprocate - you want her to see you naked - tugging up your small t-shirt, you pull it off over your head - Rachel gasps deliciously, looking at your naked breasts, her fingers rubbing a little harder - she makes another decision, unzipping her skirt, pulling it quickly down her long thighs, kicking it onto the floor, now only wearing her small white panties, which are now visibly wet as she rubs harder at her cunt through the thin cotton of her knickers.

You can't take much more - this is turning you on so much - you unzip your jeans, knowing she's watching you as you slip your hand down inside, down to your cunt, surprised just how wet you are, dipping your finger into the warm wetness, spreading it up to your clit, rubbing round and round, watching her, so turned on now. Rachel gasps, trembling a little, quickly tugging down her small panties, dropping them onto the floor by the bed, leaning back again, her eyes never leaving you, spreading her legs a little more. You can see everything now - her gorgeous breasts, her smooth, firm belly, a dusting of pubic hair between her open thighs, her fingers sliding round and round her clit, her cunt swollen, visibly wet, a drop of her wetness dribbling down the inside of her thighs.

It's all you can take - you pull down your jeans, tugging them off, leaving you naked too. spreading your thighs for her, sliding your wet fingers over your cunt, stroking, teasing, so wet, Rachel gasping as you slide two fingers slowly into your sex, getting them wet, stroking, rubbing, Rachel getting closer to her own orgasm, her fingers skidding gorgeously around her deliciously wet clit...

You can feel yourself trembling - you're not sure you can hold it back much longer - Rachel is rubbing hard now, a hand cupping one of her breasts, stroking, rubbing, squeezing - she's so close... so wet... she groans deliciously... "ohhh god... ohhh god I'm gonna come..."

It's all you can take - you can't hold it back any longer - you start to convulse, trying to keep watching her, delicious pulses of pleasure surging through your body - so hard - so intense - you feel a sudden gush of wetness from your cunt - and that's it - you come, hard, urgent, groaning with intense pleasure - Rachel gasps deliciously - it's all she can take - she thrusts her fingers into her cunt, rubbing so hard, her back arching, her thighs trembling as her body shudders into gorgeous convulsions, crying out intensely as she comes, another convulsion, and another, her wetness streaming from her cunt as she comes, so good, so hard, both of you trembling on the bed, hot, wet, your fingers still deep inside your cunt, squeezing around them, teasing yourself, greedy to touch her, needing to taste her, not wanting the sensations to end, your gaze wandering over her naked body, taking it all in, wanting her so much...

Rachel goes shy immediately, suddenly realising what she's done - before you know it, you're politely, efficiently scurried out of her room, picking up your clothes on the way - but you know she's watching you as you make your way downstairs, still naked - and you know you want more...


Another week has passed, and there have been two further playful get-togethers with Rachel, just as delightful as the first. Rachel’s initial embarrassment (following the first unexpected rendezvous on her bed) has been replaced by mutual playful lust between the two of you – it’s become clear that she’s just a little inexperienced – aware of her sexuality, of how good she looks, just not entirely sure what to do with it. And in the past few days, you’ve certainly been doing your best to give her a few ideas…

I, of course, still know nothing about your dirty little secret liaisons together. I have, however, been the subject of lustful conversations between the two of you – with Rachel getting more and more curious about our arrangement, and increasingly open about the idea of me getting involved in your delightful little games together. You, naturally, have been encouraging this, and after a little gentle persuasion on the bed with her a couple of nights previously, you’re pretty certain she’s finally come round to the idea – and the two of you have a plan…

You and I are in the library together later that evening. For once we have the place to ourselves – Rachel isn’t around, and we’ve taken the opportunity to play together for a while on the floor, large cushions scattered around us, along with our clothes, various items of your sexiest lingerie, and a couple of vibrators, just in case we should need them...

We’ve been playing for a little while now, neither of us in any hurry to come, instead just taking it easy, having fun, teasing and exploring, lots of delightful, lazy foreplay. If anything, you seem to be taking it a little too easily, as if you don’t want to tire me out too quickly – by the time you’re naked astride me, rubbing yourself teasingly against my erection, still not taking me inside you yet, it’s clear that you have something on your mind…

I look up at you, naked on my back, my body draped across a couple of large soft cushions, you knelt astride me, smiling down at me, your wet cunt sliding teasingly along my hard penis, just rubbing rhythmically along the length of my shaft, getting it nice and wet. “Do you want to fuck me…?” you ask, smiling at me again, still moving temptingly against my cock, the fork of your thighs skidding wetly along my erection. “You know I do” I smile, sliding my hands up along your thighs, stroking them, gently caressing, watching your delicious naked body move sensually as you slide against me. “...mmm god..” you smile, “you’re so hard… do you want to put it in me…? Tell me how much you want that… tell me you want to fuck me… tell me you want to put your cock inside me….”. “I want that… so much” I gasp, feeling your cunt dribbling along my cock now, “you know I do… I want to fuck you… I want to put my cock inside you… god… please... unnhhh... please fuck me...”

You smile down at me again, moving your hand down to my cock, holding it erect, gasping as you take the head of my erection into your cunt, my cock sliding between your wet lips as you ease all the way down, your wet cunt engulfing my cock. I groan with pleasure, feeling your cunt sliding all the way down, taking me deep inside you, and gasp again as you begin to fuck me, sliding teasingly up and down my length, your cunt squeezing deliciously around my cock as you push and move against me.

You smile down at me again. “I’ve got… unnhhh… I’ve got sort of... a confession to make…” you grin, still fucking me gorgeously. I smile back at you. “If you’ve been… unnhhh… stealing the housekeeping… I don’t… unnhhh… I don’t care…” I reply, sliding my hands up to your breasts, cupping them, sliding my fingers up over your erect nipples, squeezing, caressing. “It’s… ohhhhh… it’s worse than that…” you smile, rocking back and forth now, your cunt so wet, sucking along the length of my erection. I gasp again, thrusting up towards you, sliding my cock deeper, my hands at your hips, keeping you in place, pulling you down onto my cock as I thrust up rhythmically into your warm, wet cunt. “I don’t care…” I gasp, “whatever it is... I don’t care… unnhh god… just keep fucking me like that…” You smile down at me again, arching your back a little, knowing I'm looking up lustfully at your belly, your breasts, your deliciously erect nipples, and you slide further down onto my cock, grinding against me deliciously, round and round, so wet, so hot around my cock. “I’ve been… unnnn.. I’ve been really bad... I've been playing... with Rachel… unnhhh fuck... are you mad at me…?”

I stop moving, looking up at you for a moment – you smile, looking at the expression of stunned, lustful amazement on my face - you can feel my cock suddenly throbbing inside you – definitely a good sign, you’re sure. “Playing…?” I ask, looking up at you inquisitively. “Playing sexually, you mean…?” You grin down at me, fucking me a little harder, your cunt now sliding firmly up and down along my throbbing erection, teasing me, fucking me, your wetness dripping along the length of my cock as you move against me, feeling my cock getting hotter and harder inside you, knowing this is exciting me, loving it. “Yes…” you grin, “unnnhhh fuck… yes... sexually… very sexually...” “Ohh my god…” I smile, “you dirty little minx…. unnhh… and you’ve done this how many times…” “Three…” you gasp, “three times… just… unhh… just masturbating with her the first couple of… ohhh… couple of times… god roger…” “...fuck…” I gasp, so turned on by the revelation I can barely think, sliding my cock harder and deeper into your dripping wet cunt, “and the… ohhh god… and the.. third time…?” “I went down on her…” you gasp, “licked her... unnnhhhh sucked her... when… unnhhhh… when she came… ohh god… she squirted... so wet... all over my face… fuck….

I groan deliciously – it’s all getting too much – I can feel my cock throbbing hard inside you now... and you're so wet... so fucking wet and hot around my cock... and I know I’m not going to be able to hold it back. I push you over onto your back, lifting your ankles up over my shoulders, grabbing your wrists, pinning you down underneath me, ramming my cock hard and deep into your dripping cunt. “Dirty little bitch…” I groan, “ohhh fuck… ohhh god I want to watch you… want to watch you with her... ohhh fuck... ohh god I’m gonna cum….”

I ram my cock harder into your cunt – you look up at me, and I'm so filled with lust, suddenly so greedy – and you can feel my cock swelling - throbbing so hard now as I fuck you and fuck you and fuck you… you can’t hold back any longer - a flood of wetness gushes from your cunt, splashing around my cock - and you can't take any more - and you come, ohhh god so hard, screaming frantically, your cunt contracting around my throbbing erection, your orgasm pulsing and pulsing and pulsing through your body, convulsions rippling from your cunt, again and again, your juices streaming down the length of my cock - I can't take any more - I groan intensely, my cock throbbing hard - and I cry out: “OHHH FUCK yes… ohhh god I’m gonna come… “god…” you gasp, “unnnnhh fuckkk yes... cum on me… cum on my tits… I want to see it… please...”

I groan, suddenly tugging my cock from your cunt, getting astride your breasts, my hand stroking hard up and down my dripping wet erection, wanking my cock inches from your face – I groan again, the head of my cock so swollen… so wet… “ohhh fuck yes… ohhh fuck I’m cominnggg….” “Do it…” you gasp, “don’t stop… ohh god… spurt your cum all over my face… ohh god please…”

I groan intensely - a long, hard growl - my body trembling hard as I start to cum - and you cry out with pleasure as a long string of hot cum spurts hard from my cock, followed by another, and another, splashing on your face… spurting onto your breasts... so much spunk… all over you…

And as my orgasm starts to fade, still gasping, sweat dripping down my face, my cock pulsing in my hand, my spunk still dripping, a long trail dribbling down onto your breasts - I hear a sound at the door - and I look up for a moment…

…and see Rachel stood there... dressed in delicious silk lingerie... watching me come... one of her hands down inside the front of her expensive little panties, masturbating urgently as she watches…


Umm Roger this is just delightfully sexy.

What a talent you have.

I know Im ready for more...


Oh, Roger! Oh my!

More, pretty please??


mmm thankyou Charlotte - it's always very much a pleasure to arouse you, glad you liked it ;) xx

January - looks like I did the right thing collecting this one, it's been buried in the archives in small installments way too long - maybe I really should think about getting back to it. Glad you enjoyed it so much ;) xx

nasty. lurid. disgraceful.

i love it.

will be back for more.

nasty. lurid. disgraceful.

i love it.

will be back for more.

OMG I'm so glad you collected this one, I LOVED this story, but it left me awfully frustrated when I had to click through the archives for it.... But now that it's all together, I couldn't help but read it again... and believe me, darling, I had a LOVELY time reading it again :D

THANK YOU! Now come here and gimme a hug. ;)


memyselfi - I'm glad you liked it - and it's pretty much always nasty, lurid and disgraceful around here ;) xx

rose - I'm glad you had fun with it ;) Hugs are for the hugging page - in here all you'll find is lustful snogs and disgracefully inapprpriate touching ;) xx

ouch.. turned down. guess ill just have to settle for the inapproprate touching ;) lol

you were turned down for a hug, but only because lustful snogs and inappropriate touching are more fun ;)
*pulling you close to me, kissing you sensually, feeling you gasp as our lips slide together, my tongue slipping into your mouth. I feel you melt a little, pressing yourself against me, and my hand slides down between your thighs, noticing how easily you part them as I touch you, stroke you, deliciously...*
See what I mean? ;) xx

Every time I visit you I wind up staying for much longer than I plan...

You sir, are quite the inspiration. I would be quite tickled frankly if you would come and visit me sometime as well!

I think I'm growing more and more fond of these inappropriate touches, Roger. ;)

*kissing you back, exploring your mouth with my tongue as your hand slips between my thighs and i press against you, rubbing my hip against your crotch as you touch me, feeling you pulsing against my skin and running my hands through your hair*

hehe. Snogs are fun ;)

mmm roger, i forgot how excellent this story was, particularly that scene in the library, i think you know why i loved it so much ;) thank you for reposting it xx

Rose - you really are such a greedy, dirty little girl, so delightfully eager ;) though I love that, of course ;) xx

kitten - very much my pleasure, I'm gald you liked it all over again ;) xx

Glad I could please you, dear. ;)

Very much looking forward to the next post, as I am always eager for your words. I do wish you would stop by and visit me more often. ;)


Fucking hell! I wanted to be the woman in the story so badly, seducing the innocent one and getting totally fucked! So erotic, I'll be thinking of that in bed later... You write beautifully.

thankyou Femme - such a pleasure to arouse you - I hope you come for me gorgeously ;) xx

O M G roger! i;m so excited that you finally did this one!


mariah - lovely to see you back here - hope you enjoyed this rather thoroughly ;) xx

Mm. My first comment.
This is definitely one of my favorites. Thank you.

sarah - lovely to see you in the comments at last *and a hug for delurking* - I'm glad you still like it ;) If you've been reading for a while, have you thought of having fun with the questionnaire? You might enjoy it ;) xx

I have been reading for a while, and I've already done the questionnaire.

Sarah - my apologies, there are a few sarahs in here, and with you saying it was your first comment, I made the assumption you were new around here *giving you a great big hug* xx

god, roger, i really think you should add to this one...

i'd lovve to know what you do to her....fuck, i'd love to be her....


b - I may add to it at some point - though I think I can say with some certainty that I'd fuck both of them delightfully ;) xx

oh yes, of course, but it's the "how" i'd love to hear...

and how Rachel reacts to it all...she reminds me of Kathryn...

Rachel was definitely an early version of Kathryn: the innocent seduced into more wicked behaviour - I'll get back to it eventually ;)

Wow, Please Pretty Please write some more Roger!?

this story s're a wonderful writer...among other things ;)

I've reaaaally enjoyed it a few times now!

x lex

Wow, that is truly an incredible story Roger. I love it..! When can we expect part 3 and a delightful 3-some with Rachel....?!

I'm delighted you enjoyed it ;)
I keep saying I'll come back to this one - and I must! xx

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