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Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 4:43 PM

hello you x

More Sophie coming later in the week (the first part of the new Chapter Two is below this post, and it's very filthy) - I'm working on it as we speak, so while you're waiting... I've noticed less comments lately, though my readership figures are as high as ever, and I'm still getting lots of lovely emails and questionnaire responses. I really love the interaction with you out here in the blog too, and very much like it when we're all brought together to have fun. So I think it's time we had a Lurker's Amnesty, to bring a few of my more shy readers out (and to give you all a sexy hug).

So if you're a regular reader and never leave comments (or you're not brave enough), or if you've just discovered me, or even if you comment all the time and just want to let me know you're still here, now's the time to do it! I want to hear from as many of you as possible, everyone welcome! And of course I'll say hi and give you a lovely hug right back ;)

Since this is aimed mainly at those who rarely or never comment (though I want as many of you as possible to say hi, it's half the fun), here's a little help if the comments box seems a bit confusing:

1. Click where it says 'comments' or 'post a comment' below
2. 'Comments moderation has been enabled' means that I see the comments first, and then post them on the blog. Check back later and you'll see it'll go up, usually the same day.
3. 'Choose an identity' means you can post a comment anonymously if you like (if you're a blogger, your blogger name will come up). If you want to post anonymously, the best thing to click is 'Name/URL'.
4. After clicking 'Name/URL', a box comes up where you can make up any name for yourself that you like. Nobody (including me) will ever know who you are, you're untraceable and completely anonymous. Use that name every time you comment, and I'll start to recognise your name when you comment, which is always lovely x

Okay - who's out there and fancies a crafty hug...? ;)

roger xx


Woo! Pretty please?

-stands expectantly with arms flung open, offering a coy wink-

Come and get me, doll...

wow! That was quick, I literally just posted it - you're clearly keen ;)
*pulling you gently to me, giving you a lovely big hug - and a cheeky pat on the bum ;)

(oh, and I've just added you to my blogroll, mariella - been meaning to for a while, that's a delightfully hot blog you have over there ;) )

Hej Roger... I'm an infrequent visitor to your blog, and even took part in one of your long "orgies"... ;)

Hope you are well, and hope the books are going well too!!

Helga - I remember you well, of course ;) Lovely to know you're still popping in, and here's a lovely big hug *mmmm* xx

See that girl over there, the one lurking in the shadows squeezing her thighs together in exquisite suffering? That's me.


I did indeed see you there Stephanie, though I thought I'd be discreet and pretend not to notice you until you introduced yourself ;)
You look like you need a soft, sensual hug to ease that exquisite suffering just a little... **gentle hug**
Lovely to see you here xx

Oh please, nothing soft. Let's save that for later.


mmmm... in that case...
*pulling you close, your body melting into mine, smiling and kissing you sensually, one hand in your hair, the other on your ass, pressing you against me...*
better, I hope ;) xx

well, you know I lurk. ;) xxx Lady R

Indeed I do, Lady R, lovely to see you ;) - and it'd be a shame to let you go without a hug *soft hugs* xx

Hello there...

I've been a lurker for some time now--a year, perhaps? I just haven't quite gotten the guts up to leave a comment before. I love your blog, Roger. I must have read every entry twice, and the domination ones at least three times each... ;) You do it for me.


roger, what are we going to do with you? pulling lurkers out the shadows like that...and putting your hands all over them!

just popping in.


hannah, it's so lovely to meet you at last, especially since you've been with me so long - and of course the best thing about leaving comments is that you get to have lovely hugs like this one...
*smilng at you, drawing you close, slipping my hands down your back, over your ass, letting you press yourself against me, feeling you melt a little, your breathing increasing, sliding my hands back up and hugging you softly...*
see how much fun it can be..? xx

lyla - it's so very lovely to see you - I hope you'll pop in the comments to say hello a little more often now, as it can be rather delightful in here - especially the hugs and hands all over you thing...
*pulling you gently towards me, smiling softly at you, one hand teasing your hair, the other sliding down to your bottom, hearing you giggle as you press yourself to me, moving subtly against me as I hug you gorgeously...*
see how nice it can be when you don't lurk...? ;) xx

Roger...a delight as always.

I'm Definitely interested in one of those hugs;) xx

mmm, it's always lovely to see you, Charlotte, such a pleasure when you pop into my comments, and a hug would be rather lovely...
*smiling at you as you move closer, slipping my hands over your hips, sliding them disgracefully down over your ass, pressing you gently against me, feeling your body soft and warm against mine, hugging you delightfully...*
mmm... I'm definitely enjoying this... ;) xx

Ooh, my very first comment, just because you requested it so Roger.

I do adore you blog, and so I felt it only appropriate to tell you so (or maybe because I actually wanted a hug...or more? :P)

yourfavouritewhore - it's very lovely to meet you, and thankyou! xx I'm loving all these new faces starting to pop up! More sounds just lovely, though this week it's just a big, sexy hug-fest - but I can give you a really fun one ;)
*watching you move towards me, smiling, not waiting for me to pull you closer, slipping your hands around my waist, my own hands disgracefully slipping straight over your ass, smiling at you as you press yourself against me teasingly, and giving you a delightfully snuggly hug ;) xx

I've been lurking for a few years, I guess...You are Smokin' Hot, Roger !
Pin me down and show me you're Serious...You've reduced me to a puddle Many times, you naughty thing, you.
Keep up the excellent work !....

a Size Queen in TX

Just a hug?? ~pout~

Helga - you only got the briefest of hugs, which was my plan with everyone, until it became clear that a rather slinkier hug was what you girls wanted, and it would be very poor of me not to give you the same - so come over here...
*smiling at you, watching as you move towards me, your hands drifting over my chest as my fingers slip around your waist, pulling you close, hugging you softly, feeling you move teasingly against me as my hands slip seductively over your bottom...*
A little better, I hope ;) xx

Size Queen - ahh, another new face, so lovely to meet you at last! It's just hugs this week, so that we don't scare away the more nervous lurkers, but I can maybe give you something close to what you wanted... ;)
*sliding my fingers through your hair, my other hand moving you back against the wall, feeling you open your thighs around me as I press myself against you, your hands slipping over my ass, my own hands drifting up over your breasts, smiling at you as you pull me close...*
anything much more advanced than that (and it's oh so tempting) might have to wait until the next orgy ;) xx

i'm one of your dirtiest occasional lurkers, DB (i usually return when i know there will be lots more content to enjoy..), but my two hands are far too busy to ever leave comments ;)

naiad, it's lovely to meet you (all these new faces!) xx I rather like knowing that your hands are generally too busy - though I do like to know when I've made you come ;)
Fancy a lovely hug...?
*smiling as I pull you close to me, hearing your breath quicken as my hands drift around your waist, pressing yourself rather disgracefully against me, our bodies warm together as I hug you delightfully...*
Yum ;) xx

slinking in under the "anonymous" banner...

looks around....
Pouncing on Roger....sittin' on his lap...wriggling a bit. Arms wrapped tight around him. Cheek and neck kisses.
scootin' out quick tossing a "I know I owe you a response to your lovely response to your questionnaire" over her shoulder

ooops! that last on was from Strumpet...I fergot my name...LOL was distracted from sitting on your lap!


strumpet - such a disgracefully cheeky way to grab your own hug - I loved it ;)
*tries to readjust erection caused by naughty girl wriggling on his lap* ;) xx

Now that is much better, Roger... feel free to give my arse a slap! ;) Of course, I'm underwear-less today - all the better to be able to accept your hug, of course! :D

Helga, you really are such a very dirty girl - but then I never could resist this kind of temptation... bend over...
just a little further...
mmmm, that's better...
ahhh... such a delightful little gasp...
maybe just one more, a little harder...
mmmm... so delightful... ;) xx

I have been in hiding for a while now, i am always far too shy to comment! Every post leaves me breathless, and begging for more... Han x

Han, there's no need to be shy, no-one knows who you are, and this is your playground to enjoy x
It's lovely to meet you at last - fancy a lovely hug...?
*smiling at you, seeing you blush a little, taking your hands in mine, drawing you closer to me, my hands slipping around your waist as your own hands slide gently over my back... and as I feel your breath quicken, your body brushing against mine, I slide my arms around you, and hug you oh so delightfully...*
Hope I'll see you in here again ;) xx

Hey...that sounds good to me !
Hmm....more later ?...I can't wait !

Your TX SQ

Oooohh Roger!! ~breathless giggle~

More, more... I love a little slap and tickle! ;)

SQ - I'd say it's a certainty there'll be another big orgy in here later in the year, yes, as I do enjoy them so very much (as you probably noticed, repeatedly, in the last one lol) - I'll look forward to you showing up ;) xx

Helga - you really are a disgracefully greedy, dirty girl ;) Here I am making myself available for lovely snuggly hugs, and there you are, bent over temptingly, your skirt tugged up around your waist, begging for another spank ;)
You're such a dirty girl - such a disgraceful little slut ;)
If you want to indulge in this kind of filthy behaviour, I suggest you slip into one of the spanking posts, and leave me a comment there, and I'll deal with you appropriately ;) xx

Ohhh Roger, I've been a very naughty girl lurking in the shadows for awhile enjoy your blog, especially the ones over the arm/back of the couch! Soooo hot!! I recently sent you an email just to let you know how much I do so enjoy you & included a wonderful pic. of my breasts. Thank you for emailing me back! You really do write incredibly sexy.

Renee - it's lovely to see you in my comments box today - clearly enticed by the prospect of a snuggle ;)
And I love receiving emails - and very much loved your delightful photograph, always eager for more ;)
Hugging time, I think ;)
*watching as you step towards me, smiling a little dirtily, slipping your hands around my waist - I return the smile, slipping my hands over your hips, and down to your ass, pressing you teasingly against me as you hug me gorgeously...*
yum ;) xx

Hmm, I havent commented in awhile and it is 1am here so I should be sleeping, but how can a girl resist when she gets the offer of a naughty (but oh so nice!) hug? *snuggles into bed to wait patiently for my hug*


Heather - it's lovely to see you back xx And a hug in bed? You really are so disgracefully naughty, but your bed does look rather comfy...
*just lifting up the duvet...*
mmmm, you sleep naked, I see... then I'd best slip out of my clothes too... there we go...
*sliding under the covers with you...*
okay, hug time I think ;)
*smiling at you, drawing you close to me... mmm, so warm against me... feeling your hands slide up over my chest... my own hands drifting around your hips... one hand sliding down over your bottom... the other drifting up your back...pressing you gently against me... mmmmm... and hugging you softly...*
mmmm... so delicious ;) xx

*Sigh* I have been away for a while, and unable to comment, but now that I have the time, I do believe it is time for my hug as well ;)


MMM... yeah I drop in from time to time. Your words are torture to my insane libido.


Oh & btw, I'm in the corner opposite Stephanie...enjoying my time here.

Hey, I've been lurking for a long time. I can't tell you how many times I came reading the last orgy. I was way too shy to participate in the last one, but I'm waiting with baited breath (and a dripping wet pussy) for the next one.

And I'll try to be more active in the meantime too. ;-) Nice to meet you all.


Rose - I'd be delighted to give you a hug - I think, perhaps, a filthy one for you...
*smiling at you, pulling you close, feeling your hands drift over my ass, already pressing yourself against me, rubbing enticingly - you really are such a very dirty girl - my own hands drifting up your back, holding you close, hugging you gorgeously ;) xx

anonymous - no need to be shy, and no need to sit over there in that corner - it's lovely to see you here, and I'm still available for big, huge, slinky hugs to delightful girls such as yourself...
*smiling encouragingly, teasing you out of the shadows, drawing you close to me, smiling again softly as I slip my hands over your waist, around your back, holding you close to me, hugging you long and slow...
Hope I can continue keeping that libido satisfied ;) xx

Megan - yes, I'd definitely love to see you more in the comments, especially given that you've been here a while - hope you've managed to overcome that shyness now - ever thought about completeing the questionnaire? You must have plenty of favourites by now ;)
As for the orgy, I'm glad you enjoyed it so intensely (I came a whole bunch of times too, and still do when I re-read it) and yes, there'll definitely be another one soon, as it seemed very popular last time - I'd be delighted if you were to join us, and I'll look forward to seeing you there x
Come and get your hug ;)
*pulling you closer to me, smiling a little lustfully, my hands sliding down over your bottom, pulling you gently against me, your own hands around my waist, up my back, hugging me delightfully...
mmm yum... ;) xx

Hiya Roger, I read but never comment. I gotta tell you though as a straight woman I get super turned off by all the naked pussy and no cock in the pictures on your site. Love your writing, I'll even put up with having to stare at some random chick's asshole while I read the first couple of paragraphs.

Hi you x Bit of a back handed compliment, but thankyou anyway ;) I like looking at girls, what can I say? Loads of cock photos in my blog would really put me off in the same way, so y'know, it's always likely to be girls in the pictures I use from time to time. Apologies for that, but I do try not to overdo it, and some of the girls out there quite like looking at other girls ;)

Hello Rog...

Still here, but not commenting as often....but I'm always game for a hug...*bends over the arm of the couch, looks over my shoulder and wiggles ass suggestively*

mmmm, hello b, lovely to see you back x Though how on earth am I supposed to hug you when you're bent over like that? ;)
Let's give it a go (such a naughty girl...)
*smiling, stepping up close to you from behind... slipping my hands under your skirt, playfully flipping it up around your waist, and pressing myself teasingly against your ass... feeling you wriggle against me and smiling again, my hands slipping to your hips, around your waist, and drifting up to your breasts, giving them a playful squeeze...*
And that's all you're getting in this comments thread, naughty girl ;) If you want something more intense, I'll see you in one of the spanking posts later ;) xx

I just found your blog yesterday. You're already bookmarked and I plan to visit frequently. I love such stimulating conversation...

Ella, it's very lovely to meet you x Hope you're already enjoying exploring around the archives - hopefully they'll keep you going for a while ;)
And although you didn't ask for one, I'm hugging everyone in this thread, so time for yours ;)
*smiling at you, holding your hands and pulling you gently to me, slipping my hands around you, drifting over your back as you wrap your arms around me... and hugging you softly...*
mmmm ;) xx

Hi Roger...

I have been a lurker for a couple of months. I'll be honest and say I peek in, get scared witless, and then run out. It's a little bit too *spicy* in here for me at this time in my life, but I will admit I am intrigued. My husband has been the grateful recipient of some *wilder than usual* love-making due to my peeking. He doesn't complain, but surely must wonder what has gotten into me (no pun intended). Don't know how often I'll drop by, but will try to be brave enough to at least say hi. I will say I admire your creative energy and could be quite a fan. However, I think I am a bit too possessive to be able to share my fantasy of you with so many women. Could you start a separate blog just for me?

;) Okay, scaring myself now...

hi preacherswife xx
I'm always especially pleased when I'm told that my blog has been directly responsible for spicing up someone's sex life - I'm glad you've been having fun ;)
Hope it's not too scary for you in here - we're all very nice, I'm pretty much the only guy in here (I'd say about 98% of my readers are female), and this is intended to be a relaxing, lovely, sensual place for you to come when you're feeling frisky - you're always very welcome here x
And don't worry about the other girls, they're not watching us - it's just you and me alone in here - quick, come and get your hug while no-one's looking! ;)
*pulling you gently close to me, smiling at you, hugging you softly and sensually, my hands cheekily slipping down to your ass as we snuggle...
mmmm ;) xx

slinky hugs eh? i think i'll be fine with a regular one unless you have something else in mind ;). i think i'll be filling out that questionnaire, now that i finally have internet again. i can't wait until your next post *blowing you a kiss*


kitten - it's lovely to see you back, and I'm very much looking forward to enjoying your questionnaire - hope you had a good time completing it ;) Time for a lovely hug, I think...
*pulling you gently towards me, smiling at you and slipping my arms around you, holding you close, hugging you softly and delightfully*
And now I think I'll go take a look at your questionnaire ;) xx

lurk lurk.

*Pokes head around corner*

First time commenting though I'm here quite a lot. Heh, I want a good hug. *Wink*

mariah - lovely to see you, though I'm not sure you count as a lurker, given that I know you're in here all the time, naughty girl ;) Come and get your hug ;)
*Tugging you towards me with a cheeky grin, snuggling you up close, feeling your hands slide over my ass (naughty girl), giving you a lovely, long hug... mmmmm*

Serenity - lovely to meet you at last xx - I thought I'd noticed you over there in that dark corner, touching yourself delightfully ;) Looks as though you're after that kind of hug - and how could I possibly turn you down ;)
*smiling as you walk towards me, your hands already slipping around my waist, moving up the inside of my shirt... mmm... pulling you close, one hand drifting over your bottom, pressing you teasingly against me, my other hand drifting up playfully over your breast as you snuggle closer, your other hand rather disgracefully sliding between my thighs... mmm... such a very naughty girl.. ;)* xx

What a lovely place you have, here. I've been up for hours, just aching to find you. I haven't had time to read the archives, yet, but I'm sure a warm hug and whisper of your sensual voice in my ear will be the incentive I need to come out of my shell. Hmmmmmm. Now should I continue to lurk, or openly express my appreciation for such a luscious oasis?
(I feel wonderfully naughty about being caught ;-) )


bunny - I'd be much happier if you openly expressed your appreciation, and as you delve into the archives, you'll see that the other readers do that too, often rather explicitly ;)
I'm glad you like it here, come and get your hug ;)
*pulling you close to me with a smile, letting you nuzzle up to me sofly, feeling your lips trace along my neck as my hands slide over your ass, pressing you against me softly, holding you there, hugging you delightfully*
hope you'll have fun in the archives - and when you've explored a while, go check out my dirty questionnaire, I think you might like it ;) xx

Hello sir,

Just discovered your site.
Well done sir.

Oh, a hug is not necessary, thank you.
What would the ladies think?


William - I'm glad you're enjoying it ;)


Found you through the Top 100 list. Glad I did. Working my way through the archives with my vibe between my thighs... trying to pace myself, unsuccessfully. Good thing I like rereading my favourites.

I love the peek inside your head that you give us all - it makes me all wet and quivery.

I'll take a hug *this time*.

J - I'm glad you found me too, and I'm especially pleased that you're enjoying the archives the way they're meant to be enjoyed ;) Just bear in mind that I usually only post about once a week - re-reading may be your only option if you devour them too quickly ;)
and here's the lovely hug for you:
*smiling at you, slipping my hands to your hips and pulling you gently close to me, feeling your body warm against my own as I hug you softly, tracing my hands over your back, feeling you melt gently into me...*
mmm delightful... ;) xx

hi Roger :)
I don't know if I qualify as a lurker... but I've definitely been lurking for a bit.
Emme (aka wet&shy... somehow, after my display in the last orgy, it seems a bit disingenuous to keep referring to myself as "shy"... *blush*)

Emme, there's no way you qualify as a lurker, you're one of my long term (and frequently rather active ;) ) readers - though it's lovely to see you back, so you can have a lovely hug any time *pulling you close, hugging you softly and slowly, snuggling delightfully*

Hi Roger,

I've only been lurking around here for the past 3 days and I'm already addicted to your blog. Just reading your words leave me wet and desperately wanting privacy so I can just trail my hand down to between my thighs and make myself cum.

I especially love reading the masturbation part and also the domination part. It seems I have a thing for being your dirty little slut. Haha.

Anyway, I spot the questionnare earlier and maybe I'll fill it up after this. A full response from you, right? More the reason to answer it then ;>


Can I have an extra special coughnaughtycough hug?

Hello Honeyz, and welcome to my blog xx I'm glad you've been having fun, hope you'll stick around to explore more - and yep, a lovely full response to the questionnaire (and indeed emails in general) - hope you decide to fill it in, so love receiving them!
An extra special naughty hug? Sounds like fun to me ;) *smiling at you, stepping up close to you and slipping my hands under your skirt, playfully lifting it up around your waist, sliding my hands over your ass and pulling you gently against me... feeling your body melt against mine and smiling again, my hands slipping to your hips, around your waist, pulling you closer, feeling your body moving against mine, biting on your neck softly as my hand drifts down between your thighs...* ;) xx

looks as though im about 2 years late for this post... but, what the hell, i need a hug, so why not? i understand im not exactly a lurker, but i WAS during the first few months. my only question is, Why are all the girls wearing skirts? ive noticed thia and itbothers me because honestly, i almost never wear a skirt. Shorts or pants.
Anyway, i want one of those superhugs where im all sideways, like one of my arms is around your waist and the other is around your neck, those are my favorites. (and no, americans are not lazy because we dont overuse the letter u, like colour or aluminium or favourite, or whatever... lol im just ranting because my rish aunt always bashes on americans...) oh and did i mention im high? o_O

oh, and to that william guy, you and roger hugging would be beyond sexy. (;

Hi LTTL - what can I say, I like girls in skirts ;) Oh, and I won;t be hugging William, I'm way too heterosexual, people would only talk ;) *giving you a lovely big sideways superhug, with my hand drifting down over your shorts* ;)

wait, you usually call me lauren.. seems as though you memory is slipping a bit rog.
what do you meenn you wont hug william? you have an entire section divoted to gay sex! and you wont just give a quick hug to williamm for my sake? shame on you rog.

Just found your blog and it seems I'm a bit late to the party. Better late than never! You've had me coming deliciously all week. Sending you a preemptive hug. I'll definitely be here awhile keeping myself busy

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