this is how I want to fuck you...

Saturday, May 03, 2008 at 11:18 AM

Your thighs wrapped around me, your fingernails clawing my back, your body arching, gasping my name as I thrust deep and hard...

From behind, my hands gripping your hips, the hot slap of my belly against your ass as I plunge deep, your fingers at your clit, masturbating as I fuck you...

On my back, looking up at you, my hands on your breasts, watching as you ride me, your face flushed, your cunt squeezing around my cock as you move against me...

Up against the wall, passionate and urgent, somewhere anyone might see us, hands in each other's clothing, stroking, tugging, clinging to me as my erection slides deep inside you, kissing greedily, helpless with lust...

Watching you straddling another man, sliding all the way down onto his pulsing erection, me behind you, my cock pushing slowly into your ass, both of us filling you, fucking you, desperate for you to cum, holding back our own orgasms, pounding into you...

On your back, my cock deep inside you, pulsing deliciously, another girl straddling your face, your tongue lapping greedily at her cunt, wanting her to come all over your face, my hands on her breasts, her body, as your fingers thrust deep into her cunt, both of us wanting to make her come, so deliciously...

Over the back of the couch, your skirt tugged up around your waist, your knickers around your ankles, fucking you as I please, taking you for my own pleasure, spanking you hard, making you beg to be fucked...

Watching you going down on me, knowing you're masturbating as you suck me, your fingers skidding around your clit, my hands in your hair, my cock fucking your mouth, cumming urgently over your face, hot and wet, my cum smeared on your lips, your chin...

With another couple on the bed, watching them fuck as we move together, all our bodies in rhythm, watching their bodies push and move and writhe and fuck, knowing that their orgasms will trigger our own...

My cock in your cunt, his cock in your mouth, both of us so close to orgasm, his fingers skidding around your clit as you suck him, watching as you come urgently, our own orgasms following moments after yours, cumming over your face, your belly, both of us groaning intensely...

Going down on you, caressing you with my lips, my fingers, my tongue, licking you, tasting you, wanting you to come, hard and wet, all over my face...

Fucking you from behind as you go down on her, her thighs spread wide, watching her arch up to you as you lap at her dripping wet cunt, my cock pulsing deep inside you, your wetness pouring down my cock as you come hard, her hands in your hair as she comes intensely, crying out your name...

Our bodies wet, dripping with warm oil, slipping and sliding together, wet sounds splashing with each move, wanting you to come, again and again and again, all over my cock...

god... this and so much more...

I'm so fucking turned on...

masturbating as I write...



oh! i want all of that! On the kitchen counter, on the edge as you drive your cock into me.

On the bed, blindfolded, waiting in anticipation, anxious.

On the couch, sitting on the back rest and you lick me to twitches.

Oh1 i want all of that!

I could have kept going, but all that imagery was really getting to me - so many favourite things I love to do...
I love the blindfold thing - with me barely making a sound, perhaps with you tied up to make you that little bit more helpless, making you wait, not knowing what I have planned for you, not knowing where or how I'm going to touch you...

oh rog, I've missed you so....

all of that, and more...


I have just found your blog. I'm very much enjoying going through the archives. You know just how to turn me on! I'm an avid reader in general and have found that words do it for me more than pictures. With words I can use my imagination and place myself with whoever I wish.

btw.....I love being tied up and blindfolded. Very HOT!!!


b - I'm always here, it's just been a little quiet in the comments, so there's been nothing to reply to - always around keeping an eye on things, though x

P - I agree absolutely - words always win out over pictures for me when it comes to erotica - I like to be right there, amongst what's going on... and I'm already wishing I'd slipped in a couple more where you're delightfully helpless and eager to be touched... such a gorgeous image...

You can always add to it! ;-)


mmmmm, fuck Roger... always back for more of your delicious fuck.

Ohhhh God, Roger, you are such an incredible writer. You make the sex so vivid I can feel it, with each image my pussy contracts, hungry for what you describe...

P - it's tempting, but a rather urgent, unfinished list like this always encourages more ideas, and I love that ;) x

badbadgirl - and always such a naughty girl - you, I think, I'd have to tie up... ;)

Loving Annie - I want you to feel it, I very much want the images to arouse you as much as they arouse me... that need always feels oh so good...

Oh how I want every word of that and more, Roger! I want to be your naughty little girl too, so that you can discipline me thoroughly, over the couch maybe?

Roger- as usual, you've managed to make me a very, very wet girl ;) Loved all of what you listed, but the one with the couch was definitely my favourite. Have no doubt that you would be able to make me beg ;)

Raine - you are indeed a very dirty little girl, and I do think over the couch is the only thing that'll bring you properly in line - though I think I'd need to tie your hands behind your back, just to remind you to behave... x

saucyminx - it's an absolute pleasure to make you so deliciously wet, Jolene - I think I'd need to take my time with you, as a little urgent begging is always intensely arousing to me... x

Mmm, thank you! Also, thank you for providing a safe environment to come and play - it really is much appreciated. A x

A - very much my pleasure x
I've always been of the opinion that this is as much your place to play as it is mine, so providing a safe and fun environment for you to play has always been very important to me. I know the comments system can look a little confusing and off-putting to new readers, but it keeps out the idiots, and allows you to be whoever you want to be in complete anonymity (even from me) - I'm glad you're having such a good time in here xx

I'm looking forward to it ;)

Me too ;) xx


you're in new york now?!?

oh, dirtyboy, you ARE close enough to fuck.

remember me?

doxy in a new incarnation

of course I remember you, silly! x
And surely distance should be no object given how fabulous I am ;)


I should SO know better than to read you while I'm at work.

Thank GOD for a black chair and dark pants - I'm so juiced I think I may just have to take a trip to the bathroom....

That was delicious - thank you!!!

very much my pleasure, sass, I'm glad you liked it ;) x

Oh deary me!
This was so delicious!
I am going to be late for work...
but it was worth it because fucking you Roger never gets boring...
I might take some pictures and send them to you,after all I did promise to do so.
Do you remember me?
Oh shit please excuse me, I must my pussy wants attention...mhmmm

Wow. I've missed this soooo much. I'm glad i'm back and reading ;-) enjoyed this very very much.
You made me very wet as always.
:-) x x x

Oh very hot - good to see you're still going strong Roger...

anonymous - I'm so very glad you liked it - and of course, pictures are always welcome ;)

eponine - it's lovely to have you back, hope you're enjoying catching up ;) xx

red - oh, I'm here for the duration, I love it too much to stop! xx

I've lingered for far too long without remarking or commenting.

Your words weave thoughts and images that quite often drive me mad. Such delicious wickedness...I've had far too much fun slowly making my way through your archives.

Perhaps I should stop lurking? After all, if I lurk, you can't command me in such decadent ways, can you?

Mmmm delicious Roger..
You know exactly how to turn me on..

psyche - you should definitely stop lurking - how can I talk to you directly like this if you lurk? And as you said, how can I deal with you in the way you need, decadently and deiciously...? Hope I'll hear more from you ;) x

anonymous - and turning you on is just what I love to do... x

That all sounds soo good
My wetness is slowly dripping down the inside of my thigh
Mmm fuck mee
PussyCatt ;)

mmm... such a delightfully dirty girl... ;)

oh i'm so far behind on your blogs but i'm enjoying catching up.. soooo delicious and enticing.. it's hard not to just walk around with my fingers in my panties all the time.. some of the images you put in my head refuse to go away


Take your time with the catching up and enjoy it, none of those posts are going anywhere, I promise, and I wouldn't want you to rush when you're having such a delightfully good time ;) xx

this was written on my birthday... and what a wet juicy belated birthday present Roger... oh I have so missed visiting... so missed you and your words.... hot hot hot!!! schatzie65


Im back. Missed reading this blog over the weekend. I haven't been able to stop thinking about the words though. I need an orgasm so bad.....I knew where to come....annaxx

and I hope you'll keep coming back when you need that orgasm, Anna, it's a real pleasure for me to make you come... xx

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