Sophie in Hollywood 1 - three men for Sophie

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 12:46 AM

For those of you who like to read it in one lovely big piece, here's the complete first chapter of the new Sophie book - hope you enjoy ;)


Here we go with the start of a brand new five chapter Sophie adventure, set in Hollywood in 1935. Just in case you've never tried a Sophie story before, here's a very quick catch-up for you of what you need to know:

The Artist: our unnamed narrator of the stories, the Artist is Sophie's travelling companion and lover. After gaining the artistic patronage of millionairess Vanessa Aldaine through certain sexual favours, the Artist has settled into a life of decadence and debauchery with Sophie in the cafe society of 1935 Paris. He is currently enjoying a leisurely vacation with her, which began with a week in London, and now continues on to Hollywood.

Sophie: our fabulous heroine, Sophie is the wealthy owner of the glamorous Cafe du Sour in Paris. Stunningly beautiful, both exhibitionist and voyeur, dominatrix and submissive, enthusiastically bisexual, Sophie is a study in contrasts and always unpredictable. A restless traveller, she has formed a steady attachment with the Artist, whilst still slipping away secretly for an experience or two of her own when the fancy takes her. Following an unexpectedly intense sexual liaison with old family friend James (whom she refers to affectionately as 'Uncle James'), Sophie and the artist continue on their vacation.

Henri and Kathryn: an attractive young couple whom Sophie and the Artist first met on a Zeppelin airship bound for London, Henri and Kathryn have so far enjoyed two delightful and energetic group liaisons with our travellers.

Anything else you need to know will come naturally in the story, so hold on tight - as usual, there'll be a slow build to the main action, so don't expect a lot of sex in this first part. It'll become more intense as we go along, as I'm sure you know by now ;)

Welcome back to Sophie's world... ;)

roger xx


Sophie in Hollywood 1:1 - an introduction

It was quite the most beautiful house I'd ever seen, in one of the most magical places in the world. Hollywood was in the midst of its Golden Age. Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Lionel Barrymore were the biggest stars of the moment, James Whale's Bride of Frankenstein was pulling in huge cinema audiences back in London, the Marx Brothers were spending a Night at the Opera - but the film we wanted to see, the film everyone wanted to see, was Mutiny on the Bounty, starring Charles Laughton and Clark Gable. Sophie had told me hair raising tales of Gable's private life, passed on to her by her mysterious Uncle James, and I couldn't help but be curious about the truth of what I'd been told - and here we were now right at the centre of those stories, right in the heart of Hollywood.

Our journey here had been unplanned and impulsive. Sophie's Uncle James apparently had certain contacts in the movie business (the details of which Sophie felt would be indiscreet to divulge to me), and these connections brought with them this stunning house in Laurel Canyon, high in the Hollywood hills, with the most glorious views of the city below. James had bought the home from late 20's movie star Louise Brooks following her departure from Hollywood to Europe, and it contained all that you might expect in an ex-movie star's home - gleaming art deco architecture, large secluded grounds, decadent furnishings, a huge private swimming pool, and a small and dedicated staff to look after our needs. When James offered Sophie and I the use of the house for a couple of weeks as part of our ongoing vacation, the offer seemed far to good to resist - especially when James had promised introductions to a number of his Hollywood connections at a party later in the week.

Sophie had already invited Henri and Kathryn, our new friends, to join us for the first couple of days, so it was clear that she intended to enjoy our first experience of Los Angeles rather vigorously. And so the four of us relaxed by the pool, the sun high in the sky, a warm breeze drifting through the surrounding palm trees, as we soaked up the luxury and glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle.

The pool was private, and the mood was playful, as it always was between us. We had quickly learned to relax in the company of Henri and Kathryn, coming to view them as new friends as much as they were our new occasional sexual partners. I knew that Sophie had a reputation for being a little aloof, but that had never been a side of her that I had noticed - on the contrary, she seemed happy to be around people with whom she could relax and be herself, people who knew her nature and happily indulged her whims. She had money and beauty on her side, and yet she shared herself in the most intimate fashion with those whose company she enjoyed, often allowing them to mold her as they pleased sexually, and she was unfailingly generous with both her time and her finances. It came as no surprise to me, the more time I spent with her, just why everyone loved her so much, and her mood was just as inspirational to me - already I had begun sketching again, both in London and now in Los Angeles, and the work was going well.

Today, however, was a day off for all of us. The weather was hot and sunny, the water was cool and refreshing, and the girls had playfully decided to parade around the pool wearing next to nothing, which certainly improved my own mood markedly. Sophie had been frustrated to discover that two piece swimsuits were still practically unheard of in the United States, despite already becoming the rage in Europe (when it came to fashion, she always liked to look nothing less than fabulous), and had decided as her own playful protest to simply wear her silk panties and bra, and to hell with American morals. Kathryn had readily joined in with the fun, noticing how much Henri and I clearly appreciated the view. As the heat increased, the bras had also come off, Sophie simply announcing that if it was good enough for Josephine Baker, then it was good enough for them. It was not as though anyone else would see them, after all, as the staff had been dismissed for the afternoon - presumeably as Sophie was planning a little mutual playtime between the four of us in bed, once the heat became too much for us.

Whether Sophie had forgotten that the attractive young gardener was still out in the grounds of the house was a matter for much playful teasing later during our vacation. None of us knew for certain how long he had been watching us... but then perhaps I should begin my recollection with the first moment at which we noticed him, hidden there in the bushes close to the pool, watching us rather eagerly...

The two day flight by airship from London to New York, followed by another gruelling 11 hour flight from New York to Los Angeles, had exhausted us all. We had done little but sleep for the past day or so as we adjusted to the change of time zone and the unexpected heat of the Hollywood daytime.

By the second day, we were all pretty much recovered, and had spent much of our time exploring the gorgeous house which would be our home for the next couple of weeks, enjoying the novelty of kitchen and cleaning staff to look after our needs, and particularly appreciating the luxury of the private swimming pool, something only movie stars usually got to enjoy.

And Sophie looked every inch a movie star as she lay back on her poolside seat, soaking up the LA sunshine. The pool was at the back of the house, surrounded by small trees and not overlooked, and as previously mentioned, Sophie had spent much of the time around the pool in her most revealing lingerie, determined to get the most of the warm sunshine after the cool grey London weather we'd experienced. I was finding it a little difficult to keep my eyes off the girls once they both slipped out of their tops. Each of them behaved as though it were the most natural thing in the world to be outside and virtually naked, but they were very aware that Henri and I were glancing across at them rather furtively, whenever we thought we could get away with it (and even when we knew we couldn't).

I was tempted to join in with the fun by slipping out of my trunks, as I could see that the girls were enjoying being so disgraceful, clearly feeling rather liberated by the notion of being bare breasted in the open air where anyone might see them. It was only my typical British reservation that held me back - that and the ever present threat of becoming rather erect each time one of the two girls drifted too close to my chair at the poolside.

I'd decided it was best to simply relax and enjoy the view, especially given that we were all intending to jump into bed together a little later that afternoon. I felt sure that Sophie and Kathryn considered their teasing to be along the lines of delightful foreplay, which made them all the more irresistible to me.

Before long, Sophie was laid on her back on her seat, relaxing next to Kathryn, each of them keeping in the shade to avoid the worst of the sun, each dressed only in the briefest of silk panties, chatting to each other playfully and flirtatiously. My interest was piqued when I glanced up from my newspaper to see their reclining seats now moved together, Sophie smiling at Kathryn seductively, her fingers drifting through Kathryn's hair, leaning in gently for a soft, sensual kiss. I glanced across to Henri and saw that he had noticed it too, but we were both happy to leave them to it for a little while, knowing that our time would come.

Kathryn was already melting at Sophie's touch - there had been no sexual contact between any of us since our last experience in London, and Sophie was clearly hungry. I could see that Kathryn was already breathing harder, their kiss becoming more passionate, Sophie's hand drifting over Kathryn's shoulder, delicately brushing across her bare breast, a soft gasp coming from Kathryn in response. Sophie's fingers were beginning to work their way down across Kathryn's belly, when I saw her look up, glancing towards the bushes at the corner of the pool area and pausing for a moment.

Looking back down at Kathryn and smiling, I would only find out later what Sophie had whispered in Kathryn's ear...

"Don't look now," she whispered, "but we're being watched..."

"I know," Kathryn smiled, "they seem to be enjoying it..."

"I don't mean our men, there's someone else, over in the bushes... don't look that way, I don't want him to know I've seen him... I only got a glimpse of him, but I think it's that rather gorgeous young man who looks after the garden..."

"I thought you'd dismissed all the staff for the afternoon," Kathryn whispered.

"I think we missed one," Sophie smiled, "he must have been out in the grounds... don't say anything, I think we could have a little fun with this... kiss me again..."

"But if we're being watched..."

"Kiss me, Kathryn," Sophie smiled, leaning over her and kissing her sensually, her hand drifting back up over Kathryn's breast, caressing it softly, and Kathryn melted at her touch once more.

Hidden deep in the bush, still unseen by Henri and myself, the young gardener felt himself pulse, unable to resist touching himself any longer, sliding his hand down between his thighs, eagerly unbuttoning his trousers...

Kathryn wasn't sure what to think, and her natural impulse would have been to quickly cover herself, to be shocked at the notion that they were being watched - despite her recent experiences with Sophie and myself, she was still unaccustomed to Sophie's free sexuality, to her impulsiveness. She had only barely become used to the notion of voyeurism, and now already Sophie was encouraging her to be the exhibitionist, knowing she was being watched by a stranger. She wanted Sophie to stop, to allow her or Henri to go challenge the young man in the bushes, to see him off on his way, and yet...

And yet, Sophie's lips felt so soft, so warm, as they caressed her own, and the sensual kiss was impossible to resist. Already she could feel Sophie's hand softly making it's way down her body, brushing over her belly as she arched a little underneath her, slipping down between her thighs. Already she could feel herself surrender, opening her thighs for her, allowing Sophie's fingers better access as they brushed over her silk panties, gently stroking her in a soft, insistent rhythm.

Kathryn felt herself gasp, and moments later, heard another gasp from the bushes. It could no longer be ignored - the young man had given himself away.

"Are you enjoying the view?" Sophie had already looked up towards where he hid, smiling in his direction, her fingers still gently stroking Kathryn between her thighs. Kathryn felt herself blush, but did nothing to stop her movements. "I'm fully aware that you're watching," she continued, "you may as well come out where we can see you."

At this, Henri and I were alerted. Henri immediately jumped up from his chair. "What's going on?" he asked, moving quickly towards them, "Is there a damned peeping tom here?" I quickly followed him, if only to ensure that a brawl didn't ensue.

"It's perfectly alright," Sophie smiled, "please relax, Henri, allow our observer to come out..." There was a rustle in the bushes, and finally the young gardener sheepishly emerged, his head down, his face red, trembling a little, not knowing what to say.

"And who the devil are you?" asked Henri, still annoyed, despite Sophie's words. Sophie replied for the boy.

"I do believe he's our gardener - it's my own fault, I thought I'd dismissed all the staff, and didn't realise he was still in the grounds. Don't be so stern on him, Henri, the boy can't be blamed if he saw us being playful." Throughout all this conversation, her fingers were still gently caressing Kathryn between her thighs. Kathryn felt she should get up, cover herself - at the very least cover her breasts - but something about this was exciting her - she wanted to know what Sophie was planning, and her touch felt so very, very good.

"Then he must be dismissed right now," said Henri, looking at the young man, still somewhat annoyed, "be off with you, lad."

The boy turned to leave, but Sophie stopped him. By now I was stood next to Henri, smiling to myself - Sophie was up to something, and I had a good idea what it was. "I don't think he should be allowed to go just yet," she smiled, "he's barely seen a thing, it seems terribly unfair." She turned to Henri, smiling a little wickedly. The boy was looking increasingly nervous. He wanted to run, to get away from the situation, but Sophie was clearly not going to allow that.

"What are you suggesting, Sophie?" asked Henri, turning to me for a moment. I simply smiled at him conspiratorially.

"Well," Sophie replied, still gently caressing Kathryn, "if the boy wants to watch, perhaps we should give him something to watch..."

Henri smiled. "Really Sophie, I don't think..."

"I think that's a marvellous idea," I said, smiling disgracefully at Sophie, "If he wants to watch, I don't see any harm in it. What do you say, boy?" The young man looked uncomfortable, blushing, but he looked suddenly far less inclined to bolt for freedom.

"He seems a little shy. What do you think, young mister gardener?" asked Sophie, "Would you like to watch? Is that what you want?"

"I..." he began, looking nervous again, "well... yes... yes I'd like to watch... but I should go... I didn't mean to..."

"Yes, yes," smiled Sophie. "I think we should take this to the bedroom, what do you think, Kathryn?"

Kathryn's response was a quiet, trembling gasp.

The bedroom was as lavish and decadent as the rest of this gorgeous Hollywood house. The room was white, gleaming and beautiful, a large, almost circular bed occupying the centre of the room; silken white drapes at the balcony overlooking the pool, blowing gently in the soft breeze; lush plants and objet d'art dotted around the room; a ceiling fan gently humming as it lazily swished around and around; and on the bed itself, the softest white and cream sheets, silk cushions, with a white fur rug surrounding the bed. Over by the wall opposite the bed was a large white leather couch, with a small desk and a wicker chair tucked in a corner. Next to the bedroom, the most gorgeous ensuite bathroom, with a round sunken bathtub big enough for four, oils and creams and candles scattered about the tub. The young gardener had never been this far inside the house, and it was quite the most beautiful room he had ever seen.

Not that he was looking at the decor. As the girls led him into the bedroom, each of them holding one of his hands, myself and Henri following behind, the boy clearly couldn't take his eyes off them. Sophie and Kathryn were still only dressed in the briefest of white silk panties, their figures exquisite as they drifted gorgeously in front of him. Sophie brought him to a halt in the middle of the room, as Henri and I moved to the couch, allowing Sophie to run the show, as was her custom. Sophie smiled at Kathryn a little wickedly, and then looked at the young man directly.

"You are not to touch us," she told him, "We will brook no discussion about this. You do not have permission to touch us, no matter what you may see us do. You may look at us, if you wish, but you may not touch us, unless we explicitly give you permission to do so. You may simply watch, and observe. Should you feel the need to touch yourself, that is your own affair. Do you understand?"

"Yes..." the young man replied, "yes, I understand..."

Sophie smiled at him, slipping her fingers gently through his hair, teasing his neck gently with her fingertips. "It's entirely possible, however," she continued, "that we may decide to touch you. Would you like that...?" she asked, smiling at him softly.

"I..." he began... "I think so yes..." he answered, blushing once more.

Sophie smiled at him again, her fingers finding the buttons of his shirt, teasingly unfastening them, one by one. "You think so...?" she smiled. "You don't sound so certain...". As her fingers unfastened the final button, his shirt drifted open, his chest firm and tanned beneath it.

"Yes..." he breathed, "yes I'm... ohhhhh...". Sophie's hand was drifting across the contours of his chest softly, still looking him in the eye, smiling sensually.

"You're absolutely sure...?" she asked, her hand drifting slowly down, across his belly, moving to his jeans, lingering at the button at the waist. "I mean, I could stop if you prefer...". Her fingers were already tugging open the button, working their way down, button by button, opening his jeans teasingly.

"No, I..." he began, breathing harder, his face flushed, "I want you to..."

"You want me to what...?" Sophie breathed, opening the last button, slipping her hand into his jeans, finding him already warm and erect, his cock bulging in his briefs. "You want me to touch you...? Is that what you want...?" I could see her hand moving slowly, gently stroking his erection through his briefs.

"uunnhhh... yes... yes that's what I want..." he gasped, trembling a little at her touch.

"Such a greedy boy..." she smiled, looking towards Kathryn, still stroking him softly. Kathryn could hardly take her gaze from Sophie's fingers. "I'm not sure he can be trusted to behave himself, what do you think, Kathryn?"

Kathryn smiled, watching him with lustful interest. "I think you're right, Sophie," she replied. "We did find him snooping in the bush, after all. What would you suggest?"

"I think we should tie him up, " Sophie smiled. "Perhaps on a chair by the bed. We wouldn't want him to miss anything, after all...".

The boy appeared ready to protest, but bit his tongue. Sophie was clearly in charge here, and his continued presence in the room was entirely at her whim. And so he remained silent as Kathryn fetched a silk stocking, pulling his hands behind his back and tying his wrists together tightly. As she did this, Sophie fetched the wicker chair and placed it by the bed, smiling again lustfully. "Perhaps we should remove his trousers and briefs," she suggested. "We wouldn't want him to be too uncomfortable."

Kathryn giggled, the boy blushing again as Kathryn tugged his jeans and briefs down to his ankles, pulling them off, his desire now clearly visible, his erection jutting up firmly from between his thighs, eager for attention. Kathryn pushed him back onto the chair, enjoying her taste of dominance, teasing her fingers through his hair as he sat there, breathing harder, his cock pulsing visibly.

Sophie looked towards Henri and I, smiling lustfully, glancing back to Kathryn. "He seems to require a little attention, Kathryn," she said, "would you care to deal with him for a short time, whilst I enjoy myself with our two men?"

"I'd be delighted to," Kathryn replied, "so long as he continues to behave himself." And with that, Sophie smiled at Henri and I again, and we got up from the couch to join Sophie on the bed.

Sophie smiled lustfully at Henri and I, watching us as we quickly tugged off our briefs and joined her on the bed. She was already delightfully aroused, breathing a little harder from touching the young man, from stroking his delicious erection, her face a little flushed, wanting more from us, needing to be fucked. As she lay back against the soft silk pillows, I slipped alongside her, teasing my fingers through her hair, drawing her towards me, my lips meeting hers as I kissed her softly and sensually. She responded immediately, returning the kiss hungrily, our tongues meeting as our bodies moved deliciously together on the bed. Already I could feel my cock hardening, my desire for her beginning to pulse through my body.

As Sophie's thigh brushed against my own, Henri slipped onto the bed behind her, watching us for a few moments, his hand drifting down her back, across her hip, his fingertips tugging gently at her silk panties, wasting little time in pulling them playfully down her hips, past her thighs, all the way down, sliding them gently off her ankles. I glanced up towards him for a moment as Sophie's lips moved across my cheek, down my neck, biting me playfully - Henri was still watching us lustfully, one hand brushing softly over her naked ass, his other hand between his own thighs, rhythmically stroking his growing erection, wanting her desperately.

I gasped with pleasure as Sophie's teeth dug into my neck, her lips sucking, almost devouring me. As my hand slid up her body and over her breast, her hand slipped down to my growing erection, wrapping her fingers around it, stroking me teasingly, and I gasped again, feeling my penis pulse deliciously in response to her touch, hardening in her grasp, my body surrendering to her. Henri moved closer behind her, his body brushing against hers from behind, rubbing himself against her. Still stroking my cock she turned her face towards his, smiling at him. He leaned over her, kissing her sensually, moving against her, Sophie melting gorgeously between us, wanting us both, her body alive with sensation.

As they kissed, I looked over to the side of the bed, where the young man was tied on his chair. His eyes were watching every push and move of our bodies, his face flushed and aroused, wanting to be amongst us, feeling every touch, every stroke. I glanced over to Kathryn, and she smiled at me lustfully, slipping her panties down to her ankles, tugging them off, aware that I was watching, making a show of it. Kneeling down at the boy's feet, her hands drifted over his thighs, parting them, moving between them. He looked down at her, his penis now clearly visible and intensely erect, and he groaned softly as her hand found his erection, stroking it slowly and teasingly, her other hand drifting down her body, down between her own thighs, stroking her clit softly in the same rhythm, watching us as she stroked him. I wondered how much of this he would be able to bear, before he came urgently, all over her fingers.

"Get up on your knees," Sophie whispered to me. I recognised the tone - her voice was seductive, but this wasn't a simple request. Dealing with the boy had roused her dominant side, just as it was beginning to with Kathryn, and she wasn't going to be denied. As she sat up against the pillows, I eased up to kneel next to her, my cock erect between my thighs, needing her. "Masturbate for me," she breathed, watching me, and I took my hard cock in my hand, stroking it slowly, my fingers gliding back and forth in a slow, delicious rhythm, Sophie breathing a little harder as she watched. She turned to look at Henri on the other side of her. "You too," she said, looking at him lustfully, "I want you on your knees, masturbating for me." Henri eagerly obeyed, getting onto his knees on the other side of her, his hand sliding to his already pulsing erection, stroking it rhythmically, looking at her, wanting her. Sophie sat between us, watching the movement of our hands, not touching us, playing the voyeur for a few moments, one hand clutching one of her breasts, the other slipping down, brushing her fingers over and around her clit, stroking it softly, matching our rhythm.

"Have you seen these two?" she said, smiling towards Kathryn, who had now stopped touching the boy, watching us with lustful interest. "Such filthy boys..." Sophie continued, "masturbating over me like two little sluts... so very greedy, don't you think...?"

"I think this one would like to be doing the same," Kathryn replied, smiling back, her own hand still between her thighs, touching herself langorously. "Do you think I should help him?"

"I'm not sure he deserves it," Sophie replied, looking at the boy lustfully, his erection straining untouched between his thighs. "Perhaps you should make him beg."

"You're right," Kathryn replied, smiling up at the young man. "Is that what you want?" she asked him. "Do you want me to touch you? Is that what you need?"

"Yes..." he breathed, "yes I need it... god..."

"Then you need to beg me," Kathryn smiled. "You need to beg me to stroke you..."

"Please..." he gasped, "god please I need it... please touch me..."

"Touch you where?" Kathryn asked, breathing a little harder, suddenly excited by the power she held. "Tell me where you want me to touch you..."

"god..." he gasped, his erect penis visibly pulsing, "my cock... please... please stroke my cock... god I need it..."

Kathryn smiled at him, slipping her hand up his thighs, taking gentle hold of his impressive erection again, stroking it softly. He groaned immediately, his body moving at her touch, his penis throbbing in her hand. "You're not to come..." she whispered. "If you try to come, I'll stop... you need to be patient...". He groaned softly again, trying to ignore the delicious pulsing as her rhythm continued.

Sophie smiled, her attention back on Henri and myself as we masturbated either side of her. "I expect you both to show the same restraint," she smiled. "I know what eager little boys you both are. You're going to have to control yourselves. You're not to come without my permission, do you understand? If you attempt to do so, you'll be tied up next to the boy. Is that clear to you both?"

"Yes," we both replied, breathing a little harder. And with that, Sophie reached up with both her hands, brushing our own out of the way, taking hold of us both, stroking us in delicious rhythm. I felt myself groan, my penis pulsing in her hand, barely registering Henri doing the same. "Don't you dare cum," Sophie repeated, leaning forward a little, opening her lips, and taking my pulsing erection into her mouth, sucking me gorgeously...

I gasped with pleasure as Sophie's lips engulfed my erect penis, her tongue swirling and lapping seductively around the swollen head, sucking lasciviously, her hand stroking my cock softly and rhythmically as her mouth slid up and down the length of my penis, sucking, licking, stroking, in relentless rhythm. I groaned again, watching as her mouth slid off me for a moment, looking up at me with a mischevious grin, and then tugging Henri's cock to her lips, engulfing his erection in the same manner, sucking and licking greedily, his body bucking a little, a delightful groan leaving his lips as she sucked him.

Her hand still stroking me, she pulled my cock closer to his, her lips leaving his erection again and once more engulfing mine, her tongue swirling, tasting, lapping greedily as she sucked me, her hand stroking me a little more firmly. Leaving my cock throbbing urgently once again, she slipped me from her mouth and took Henri's erect penis into her lips again, sucking him equally as greedily as she had sucked me, both our cocks pulsatingly erect as she moved from one to the other, sometimes stroking both of us right in front of her lips, her tongue sliding from one to the other, licking and sucking us both simultaneously.

I could feel myself pulsing hard - I could so very easily have cum, right there, spurting my hot cum over her lips, her face - but somehow I held it back, knowing that if I followed her instructions, more intense pleasure would follow.

I heard a groan from the edge of the bed - Kathryn was taking Sophie's lead, the young man's thighs wide open as she knelt between them, her hand teasingly stroking his erection, her lips opening and taking his throbbing penis into her mouth, sucking and licking on him greedily, her lips sliding up and down along his erection as her fingers and tongue caressed him, her other hand firmly tucked between her own thighs, stroking and rubbing at herself in the same rhythm as she sucked him. The boy's gaze was flipping from Kathryn, to us, to Kathryn again, his mind reeling with the intense image of all three of us being sucked, being licked, his penis pulsing in her mouth.

"fuckk..." he gasped, "uunhhhh fuckkk... I don't know if I can hold it back... I need to cum..." His hips were bucking urgently as she sucked him, trying to fuck her mouth, trying to reach his goal, already desperately needing his orgasm.

Kathryn's lips slipped from his pulsing erection, still stroking him, his penis wet from her lips, her tongue, his erection visibly throbbing as she stroked him. "Don't you dare cum..." she breathed, "if you cum, you won't get to fuck me... don't you cum..." The young man gasped, breathing harder, his face flushed as her lips slid back over the head of his penis, groaning again, holding himself back, trying not to cum.

Kathryn's intense game was arousing Sophie all the more. Henri and I were equally as close to orgasm as the boy, both of us keeping our control, needing to fuck Sophie, needing her to cum with us. Sophie, however, wasn't going to give us our release just yet. Slipping her lips from our erections, she looked up at us, her hands still slipping and sliding along our cocks, keeping us hard. "Make me cum..." she breathed, "make me cum with your lips, with your fingers... "

"I want to fuck you, Sophie..." I gasped, my erection pulsing again in her hand.

"Such an eager boy..." she smiled, "but first you have to please me. Go down on me... show me what an eager slut you are..."

Sophie laid back on the bed, opening her thighs invitingly, her hand now down at her clit, stroking herself, watching us as we masturbated over her. I slid down the bed, trying to ignore the insistent pulse of my erection, my hands drifting up the inside of Sophie's thighs, holding them apart as I leaned over her, my warm breath drifting over her sex. My hand nudged Sophie's to one side, moving in close, parting her thighs a little further, close enough now to see how deliciously wet she was, her sex glistening in the soft light of the room. I slipped my fingers into her wetness, watching her tremble as my fingers dipped between the wet lips of her cunt, spreading the wetness up towards her clit, rubbing her teasingly, stroking in delicious circles, and she gasped with appreciation.

As Sophie moved under me, she pulled Henri up alongside her, her hand sliding through his hair, smiling at him seductively. "Kiss me, Henri," she breathed. Henri leaned over her, kissing her softly and sensually, his lips brushing across hers, as his hand drifted over her body, exploring her.

Sophie was moving more urgently under my touch, my tongue sliding between her warm, wet slit, licking slowly all the way up, feeling her wetness slowly dribble onto my tongue, into my mouth, tasting her as I slid my tongue into her cunt, licking eagerly, lapping at her. Sophie groaned with pleasure, her hand in Henri's hair again, taking a firm hold, kissing him more sensually, his tongue in her mouth as his hand slipped over her breasts, teasing, stroking, her body writhing under us. I continued to lap at her cunt greedily, my face becoming wet from her, my fingers finding her clit, rubbing, stroking in delicious rhythm, pushing her further towards orgasm, her wetness dripping slowly down my chin, as my tongue slid back into her eager cunt.

I could hear a gasp from Kathryn, and another groan from the boy, both of them watching us on the bed, intensely aroused. Sophie was pushing herself up towards me, gasping deliciously as my tongue flicked over her clit, engulfing it in my mouth, sucking greedily, my fingers sliding down to her dripping wet cunt, pushing them so easilyinside her, and she groaned with that first penetration, arching her body up to me, kissing Henri more passionately, his hand at her breast, pinching her nipple exquisitely as she moved closer and closer to her orgasm. Her body was moving in urgent rhythm, her cunt slick and wet now around my thrusting fingers, squeezing around them as my tongue skidded over her throbbing clit, flicking over and around it, my fingers splashing deeper into her cunt.

It was all she could take - there was another groan from the boy, and rhythmic wet sounds coming from Kathryn and the boy - Sophie was pushing up towards me urgently now, lost in pleasure, kissing Henri again passionately, greedily, her body bucking under me, my fingers fucking her deeper, harder. I looked up towards her, my face wet from her. "Cum for me Sophie..." I gasped, "I want you to cum... don't hold it back... cum for me...". Sophie groaned long and hard, her body trembling, bucking, my fingers thrusting deeper - suddenly she was there - she grabbed onto Henri, clutching at him as her body began to convulse - my tongue flicked over and around her pulsing clit, my fingers thrusting deeper into her cunt, her body shaking gorgeously - a sudden gush of wetness spilled from her cunt, and she screamed with pleasure, her back arching, her body shaking into exquisite convulsions, another splash of her wetness spilling from her cunt as she started to come, urgently, intensely, all over my fingers, all over my tongue, bucking and writhing under me, gasping and groaning as her orgasm pulsated through her body.

I was so erect, desperately needing to fuck her - I heard a groan from Kathryn, glancing over to see her masturbating urgently now, still greedily lapping at the boy's erection, his expression intense and focussed, somehow holding his orgasm back, needing, wanting.

Still pulsing from her orgasm, breathing hard, Sophie pushed Henri roughly onto his back, straddling him, rubbing herself against him, her wet cunt skidding back and forth against his erection. She was insatiable now, needing more, needing to fuck. Reaching down to Henri's pulsing erection, she took hold of him, and steered the head of his cock to her dripping cunt, feeding it in, sinking all the way down onto his hard penis, both of them groaning with pleasure as he slid deep inside her. I moved behind her, still watching Kathryn, my cock so erect, wet from Sophie's mouth. "Fuck my ass..." she gasped, "put your cock in my ass..." I was too turned on to tease her - I slid the head of my cock against her asshole, slipping it against the wetness that had dribbled down from her cunt, and holding onto her hips I pushed hard, the head of my erection easily slipping into her ass, and Sophie groaned in response, pushing back onto me, needing to be filled, needing to be fucked.

I heard a groan from Kathryn, looking across to her again - she was straddling the young man now on his chair, one hand around his cock, rubbing him urgently, the other at her cunt, stroking herself, masturbating urgently astride him, wet sounds splashing from her sex, so close to her own orgasm. The boy groaned - he was clearly right on the edge - Kathryn couldn't wait any longer - with a long, sustained groan, she slipped her cunt all the way down onto his erection, taking his cock deep inside her.

We were all so close now - it was clear that whoever of us came first, it would trigger the rest. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold my orgasm back much longer - the playful teasing and foreplay were behind us, and we all needed to fuck, urgently, greedily. Under more usual circumstances, I would have little trouble controlling myself, controlling my arousal, but the sexual intensity in the room was driving us all on, crashing through whatever barriers we might have had, and it was clear that this first delicious round wouldn't last long.

On the bed, Sophie was breathing hard, her body still pulsing from her orgasm, now positioned firmly astride Henri, straddling him, sliding her cunt further down onto his eager erection, taking him deeper inside her. I was knelt behind Sophie, my hands on her hips, holding her steady as I also began to penetrate her, the head of my cock slipping steadily further into her ass. Sophie groaned in response, pushing back against me, inviting me to slide deeper, needing to be filled, needing to be fucked.

I glanced across to the side of the bed again - Kathryn was straddling the young man, his wrists still tied behind him on the chair, breathing hard, desperately wanting her. Kathryn slowly lowered her dripping wet cunt down over his pulsing erection, her sex engulfing his penis, sliding all the way onto him, groaning with the pleasure of that first delicious penetration, beginning to move astride him.

If Henri had any reservations about his wife fucking another man, he was in no position to protest - Sophie was already grinding down onto Henri's erection, her sex squeezing around him, enveloping him, and he groaned with the sensation, his hands sliding up to Sophie's firm breasts, caressing them, his fingertips brushing across her sensitive nipples, encouraging her further.

Sophie was trembling now, Henri's cock deep inside her cunt, my cock pushing deeper into her ass. Sophie groaned intensely as I pushed deeper, moving back against me, her hands gripping the bedsheets as she felt us both moving, throbbing, pulsing inside her. It was clear she was fighting to hold back her orgasm, intensely aroused from this double penetration, not wanting to come yet, needing it to last. My cock was now deep in her ass, and I began to fuck her, slowly and steadily, Henri matching my rhythm, mirroring it, so that each time Sophie pushed down, Henri's cock slid deep inside her cunt, every time she lifted up from it, my own erection slipped deep into her ass. Sophie was groaning intensely at each thrust, riding us both, breathing harder, my hands still on her hips as I began to thrust harder and deeper, Henri's hands sliding over her breasts, her body arching and writhing as the three of us moved closer and closer to orgasm. I knew that the moment one of us came, I'd be unable to hold back - we were moving as one now, pushing and moving and writhing and fucking, each of us feeding off the other, Sophie exquisitely aroused, barely able to take it.

There was a prolonged groan from Kathryn, and a gasp from the young man - I looked over to them again - Kathryn was fucking him urgently now, riding his cock hard and deep, sometimes looking over at us, sometimes looking down at the boy, her face flushed as she watched his eager erection sliding in and out of her cunt, one hand in his hair, tugging his head back, the other gripping his shoulder as she pounded harder and faster onto his erection, her head filled with the idea of taking him, using him, keeping him tied and submissive, doing whatever she pleased with him - I saw her look across at us, urgent arousal on her face as she saw Sophie bucking back and forth on her husband's cock, watching me thrust harder into Sophie from behind - Kathryn could barely hold it back any longer, the sights and sounds in the room pushing her right to the edge of orgasm - a sudden wet splash spilled from her cunt, and she groaned intensely, losing control of herself, her body starting to shake - the young man gasped, thrusting up harder - "I'm going to cum..." he gasped, "ohh god please... please can I cum..." His desperate request tipped her over the edge - Kathryn grabbed onto the boy, grinding down onto him, fucking him hard and fast, using his cock, gasping between each thrust: "you're... such... a... dirty... fucking... slut..." - the words did it for him - he growled with pleasure: "fuck... FUCKK... UUUNNHHHHHH!" - his body flexed under her, thrusting his cock deep into her cunt as he began to cum, so fucking hard, a hot jet of his spunk spurting deep inside her, followed by another, and another - Kathryn could take no more - she screamed, her body bucking intensely: "FUUCCKKK... FUCKKK... I'M CUMMINNNNGG.... AAAAANNNHHHHH!"

Kathryn's orgasm was so intense, so frantic - her groans ringing around the bedroom - none of us could hold ourselves back any longer - I heard a wet splash from Sophie's cunt, and she groaned urgently, sliding down hard onto Henri's cock, at the same time arching her body back against me, my hands slipping around her waist, up to her breasts, my lips sliding over her neck as my cock plunged deeper into her ass - "I'm cumminggg..." Henri groaned, "fuckk I'm cumminngggg" - Sophie felt his cock pulsing inside her - he arched up from the bed, grabbing onto her thighs, and Sophie cried out as she felt the first hot jet of his cum spurting into her cunt - it was all she could take - she bucked frantically on his pulsing cock, crying out with pleasure: "ohhh god NOW... NOW... UUUNNHHHHHHH! UNNHH FUCKKK YES!" - I gripped hard onto her, Sophie arching more intensely back against me as I rammed my cock hard and deep into her ass, and I cried out urgently as I felt my penis pulsing hard, my own orgasm pulsing through me, spurt after spurt of my cum filling her ass - Sophie screamed again, bucking frantically on Henri's cock - as she arched back, his erection skidded out of her cunt, a long jet of cum spurting from his penis, splashing up over her belly as she arched back against me, Sophie's hand grabbing his cock, pumping it sensually as more of his warm cum leapt from his erection, spurting onto her again and again, branding her with his desire...

Henri's spunk dribbled slowly down over Sophie's cunt as she caught her breath, my erection still buried deep in her ass, Henri's cock pulsing in her hand, the last of his cum dripping warm and wet over her fingers...

And as we regained our senses, I knew I still needed more... we all needed more...

to be continued in Chapter Two...

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Roger, you have made me a wet and very aroused woman. My first read was so good and hot. I loved it and could picture myself there with all of them. Wow, I need and desire what they experienced. I would love to be restrained and teased by you. Can't wait to read more. My pussy will ache until the next chapter. Oh don't worry, I was easily wet and played with my swollen clit as I read. I want to come hard for you and with you. Keep me wanting and waiting. Oh, it feels so good. Roger, you must continue to give me more and more. I need it dirty and rough and want you to give it all to me. Thanks so much......for the pleasure.

such a disgracefully dirty girl - though more is definitely on the way ;) x

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Oh, you luscious and lascivious cocksman! That was an EXCELLENT orgasm. Thank you. Someday I hope to return the favor.

mmm... and I'm very delighted that you came, Kiki. The more you come, the better, quite frankly ;) xx

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