Sophie in Hollywood 1:7 - three men for Sophie

Sunday, March 23, 2008 at 10:57 PM

The playful teasing and foreplay were behind us now. We all needed to fuck, urgently, greedily. Under more usual circumstances, I would have little trouble controlling myself, controlling my arousal, but the sexual intensity in the room was driving us all on, crashing through whatever barriers we might have had, and it was clear that this first delicious round wouldn't last long.

On the bed, Sophie was breathing hard, her body still pulsing from her orgasm, now positioned firmly astride Henri, straddling him, sliding her cunt further down onto his eager erection, taking him deeper inside her. I was knelt behind Sophie, my hands on her hips, holding her steady as I also began to penetrate her, the head of my cock slipping steadily further into her ass. Sophie groaned in response, pushing back against me, inviting me to slide deeper, needing to be filled, needing to be fucked.

I glanced across to the side of the bed again - Kathryn was straddling the young man, his wrists still tied behind him on the chair, breathing hard, desperately wanting her. Kathryn slowly lowered her dripping wet cunt down over his pulsing erection, her sex engulfing his penis, sliding all the way onto him, groaning with the pleasure of that first delicious penetration, beginning to move astride him.

If Henri had any reservations about his wife fucking another man, he was in no position to protest - Sophie was already grinding down onto Henri's erection, her sex squeezing around him, enveloping him, and he groaned with the sensation, his hands sliding up to Sophie's firm breasts, caressing them, his fingertips brushing across her sensitive nipples, encouraging her further.

Sophie was trembling now, Henri's cock deep inside her cunt, my cock pushing deeper into her ass. Sophie groaned intensely as I pushed deeper, moving back against me, her hands gripping the bedsheets as she felt us both moving, throbbing, pulsing inside her. It was clear she was fighting to hold back her orgasm, intensely aroused from this double penetration, not wanting to come yet, needing it to last. My cock was now deep in her ass, and I began to fuck her, slowly and steadily, Henri matching my rhythm, mirroring it, so that each time Sophie pushed down, Henri's cock slid deep inside her cunt, every time she lifted up from it, my own erection slipped deep into her ass. Sophie was groaning intensely at each thrust, riding us both, breathing harder, my hands still on her hips as I began to thrust harder and deeper, Henri's hands sliding over her breasts, her body arching and writhing as the three of us moved closer and closer to orgasm. I knew that the moment one of us came, I'd be unable to hold back - we were moving as one now, pushing and moving and writhing and fucking, each of us feeding off the other, Sophie exquisitely aroused, barely able to take it.

There was a prolonged groan from Kathryn, and a gasp from the young man - I looked over to them again - Kathryn was fucking him urgently now, riding his cock hard and deep, sometimes looking over at us, sometimes looking down at the boy, her face flushed as she watched his eager erection sliding in and out of her cunt, one hand in his hair, tugging his head back, the other gripping his shoulder as she pounded harder and faster onto his erection, her head filled with the idea of taking him, using him, keeping him tied and submissive, doing whatever she pleased with him - I saw her look across at us, urgent arousal on her face as she saw Sophie bucking back and forth on her husband's cock, watching me thrust harder into Sophie from behind - Kathryn could barely hold it back any longer, the sights and sounds in the room pushing her right to the edge of orgasm - a sudden wet splash spilled from her cunt, and she groaned intensely, losing control of herself, her body starting to shake - the young man gasped, thrusting up harder - "I'm going to cum..." he gasped, "ohh god please... please can I cum..." His desperate request tipped her over the edge - Kathryn grabbed onto the boy, grinding down onto him, fucking him hard and fast, using his cock, gasping between each thrust: "you're... such... a... dirty... fucking... slut..." - the words did it for him - he growled with pleasure: "fuck... FUCKK... UUUNNHHHHHH!" - his body flexed under her, thrusting his cock deep into her cunt as he began to cum, so fucking hard, a hot jet of his spunk spurting deep inside her, followed by another, and another - Kathryn could take no more - she screamed, her body bucking intensely: "FUUCCKKK... FUCKKK... I'M CUMMINNNNGG.... AAAAANNNHHHHH!"

Kathryn's orgasm was so intense, so frantic - her groans ringing around the bedroom - none of us could hold ourselves back any longer - I heard a wet splash from Sophie's cunt, and she groaned urgently, sliding down hard onto Henri's cock, at the same time arching her body back against me, my hands slipping around her waist, up to her breasts, my lips sliding over her neck as my cock plunged deeper into her ass - "I'm cumminggg..." Henri groaned, "fuckk I'm cumminngggg" - Sophie felt his cock pulsing inside her - he arched up from the bed, grabbing onto her thighs, and Sophie cried out as she felt the first hot jet of his cum spurting into her cunt - it was all she could take - she bucked frantically on his pulsing cock, crying out with pleasure: "ohhh god NOW... NOW... UUUNNHHHHHHH! UNNHH FUCKKK YES!" - I gripped hard onto her, Sophie arching more intensely back against me as I rammed my cock hard and deep into her ass, and I cried out urgently as I felt my penis pulsing hard, my own orgasm pulsing through me, spurt after spurt of my cum filling her ass - Sophie screamed again, bucking frantically on Henri's cock - as she arched back, his erection skidded out of her cunt, a long jet of cum spurting from his penis, splashing up over her belly as she arched back against me, Sophie's hand grabbing his cock, pumping it sensually as more of his warm cum leapt from his erection, spurting onto her again and again, branding her with his desire...

Henri's spunk dribbled slowly down over Sophie's cunt as she caught her breath, my erection still buried deep in her ass, Henri's cock pulsing in her hand, the last of his cum dripping warm and wet over her fingers...

And as we regained our senses, I knew I still needed more... we all needed more...

to be continued...

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OH Roger - delightful...
and now I must excuse myself to cum as well...
thank you thank you

Gorgeous lover. This keeps getting more intense post after post. I had no choice but to come for you. Sophie is such a dirty girl, I love it. ;) xxx

nadine - no need to thank me, it's a pleasure to arouse you so delightfully xx

DLG - rather intense to write too ;) I'm glad you're enjoying it, as I do so very much love to make you come ;) xx

I'm not excusing myself to cum... I'm joining Sophie and her crew of sexual partners... riiiiighhhtttt NOWWWWW

mmm Roger.. it's been a long, long time since I've been here.

Lovely Roger...

~J~ xoxoxoxo

sensual kitten - mmm... I'm sure you know just how very much I love it when you come for me - hope you've been enjoying catching up on what you've missed ;) xx

january - well thankyou, very much my pleasure xx

Will there be a book signing? ;)

I'd love to do a book signing, but I might not get out of there alive ;)

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