Sophie in Hollywood 1:6 - three men for Sophie

Sunday, March 09, 2008 at 7:15 PM

Many thanks (and a big hug) to Always Aroused Girl for Fleshbotting this post - and hello to anyone new to my blog! This is one of a series of Sophie stories - you'll find more in the archive list, and there's a book available if you especially enjoy this - go have fun ;) x


I gasped with pleasure as Sophie's lips engulfed my erect penis, her tongue swirling and lapping seductively around the swollen head, sucking lasciviously, her hand stroking my cock softly and rhythmically as her mouth slid up and down the length of my penis, sucking, licking, stroking, in relentless rhythm. I groaned again, watching as her mouth slid off me for a moment, looking up at me with a mischevious grin, and then tugging Henri's cock to her lips, engulfing his erection in the same manner, sucking and licking greedily, his body bucking a little, a delightful groan leaving his lips as she sucked him.

Her hand still stroking me, she pulled my cock closer to his, her lips leaving his erection again and once more engulfing mine, her tongue swirling, tasting, lapping greedily as she sucked me, her hand stroking me a little more firmly. Leaving my cock throbbing urgently once again, she slipped me from her mouth and took Henri's erect penis into her lips again, sucking him equally as greedily as she had sucked me, both our cocks pulsatingly erect as she moved from one to the other, sometimes stroking both of us right in front of her lips, her tongue sliding from one to the other, licking and sucking us both simultaneously.

I could feel myself pulsing hard - I could so very easily have cum, right there, spurting my hot cum over her lips, her face - but somehow I held it back, knowing that if I followed her instructions, more intense pleasure would follow.

I heard a groan from the edge of the bed - Kathryn was taking Sophie's lead, the young man's thighs wide open as she knelt between them, her hand teasingly stroking his erection, her lips opening and taking his throbbing penis into her mouth, sucking and licking on him greedily, her lips sliding up and down along his erection as her fingers and tongue caressed him, her other hand firmly tucked between her own thighs, stroking and rubbing at herself in the same rhythm as she sucked him. The boy's gaze was flipping from Kathryn, to us, to Kathryn again, his mind reeling with the intense image of all three of us being sucked, being licked, his penis pulsing in her mouth.

"fuckk..." he gasped, "uunhhhh fuckkk... I don't know if I can hold it back... I need to cum..." His hips were bucking urgently as she sucked him, trying to fuck her mouth, trying to reach his goal, already desperately needing his orgasm.

Kathryn's lips slipped from his pulsing erection, still stroking him, his penis wet from her lips, her tongue, his erection visibly throbbing as she stroked him. "Don't you dare cum..." she breathed, "if you cum, you won't get to fuck me... don't you cum..." The young man gasped, breathing harder, his face flushed as her lips slid back over the head of his penis, groaning again, holding himself back, trying not to cum.

Kathryn's intense game was arousing Sophie all the more. Henri and I were equally as close to orgasm as the boy, both of us keeping our control, needing to fuck Sophie, needing her to cum with us. Sophie, however, wasn't going to give us our release just yet. Slipping her lips from our erections, she looked up at us, her hands still slipping and sliding along our cocks, keeping us hard. "Make me cum..." she breathed, "make me cum with your lips, with your fingers... "

"I want to fuck you, Sophie..." I gasped, my erection pulsing again in her hand.

"Such an eager boy..." she smiled, "but first you have to please me. Go down on me... show me what an eager slut you are..."

Sophie laid back on the bed, opening her thighs invitingly, her hand now down at her clit, stroking herself, watching us as we masturbated over her. I slid down the bed, trying to ignore the insistent pulse of my erection, my hands drifting up the inside of Sophie's thighs, holding them apart as I leaned over her, my warm breath drifting over her sex. My hand nudged Sophie's to one side, moving in close, parting her thighs a little further, close enough now to see how deliciously wet she was, her sex glistening in the soft light of the room. I slipped my fingers into her wetness, watching her tremble as my fingers dipped between the wet lips of her cunt, spreading the wetness up towards her clit, rubbing her teasingly, stroking in delicious circles, and she gasped with appreciation.

As Sophie moved under me, she pulled Henri up alongside her, her hand sliding through his hair, smiling at him seductively. "Kiss me, Henri," she breathed. Henri leaned over her, kissing her softly and sensually, his lips brushing across hers, as his hand drifted over her body, exploring her.

Sophie was moving more urgently under my touch, my tongue sliding between her warm, wet slit, licking slowly all the way up, feeling her wetness slowly dribble onto my tongue, into my mouth, tasting her as I slid my tongue into her cunt, licking eagerly, lapping at her. Sophie groaned with pleasure, her hand in Henri's hair again, taking a firm hold, kissing him more sensually, his tongue in her mouth as his hand slipped over her breasts, teasing, stroking, her body writhing under us. I continued to lap at her cunt greedily, my face becoming wet from her, my fingers finding her clit, rubbing, stroking in delicious rhythm, pushing her further towards orgasm, her wetness dripping slowly down my chin, as my tongue slid back into her eager cunt.

I could hear a gasp from Kathryn, and another groan from the boy, both of them watching us on the bed, intensely aroused. Sophie was pushing herself up towards me, gasping deliciously as my tongue flicked over her clit, engulfing it in my mouth, sucking greedily, my fingers sliding down to her dripping wet cunt, pushing them so easilyinside her, and she groaned with that first penetration, arching her body up to me, kissing Henri more passionately, his hand at her breast, pinching her nipple exquisitely as she moved closer and closer to her orgasm. Her body was moving in urgent rhythm, her cunt slick and wet now around my thrusting fingers, squeezing around them as my tongue skidded over her throbbing clit, flicking over and around it, my fingers splashing deeper into her cunt.

It was all she could take - there was another groan from the boy, and rhythmic wet sounds coming from Kathryn and the boy - Sophie was pushing up towards me urgently now, lost in pleasure, kissing Henri again passionately, greedily, her body bucking under me, my fingers fucking her deeper, harder. I looked up towards her, my face wet from her. "Cum for me Sophie..." I gasped, "I want you to cum... don't hold it back... cum for me...". Sophie groaned long and hard, her body trembling, bucking, my fingers thrusting deeper - suddenly she was there - she grabbed onto Henri, clutching at him as her body began to convulse - my tongue flicked over and around her pulsing clit, my fingers thrusting deeper into her cunt, her body shaking gorgeously - a sudden gush of wetness spilled from her cunt, and she screamed with pleasure, her back arching, her body shaking into exquisite convulsions, another splash of her wetness spilling from her cunt as she started to come, urgently, intensely, all over my fingers, all over my tongue, bucking and writhing under me, gasping and groaning as her orgasm pulsated through her body.

I was so erect, desperately needing to fuck her - I heard a groan from Kathryn, glancing over to see her masturbating urgently now, still greedily lapping at the boy's erection, his expression intense and focussed, somehow holding his orgasm back, needing, wanting.

Still pulsing from her orgasm, breathing hard, Sophie pushed Henri roughly onto his back, straddling him, rubbing herself against him, her wet cunt skidding back and forth against his erection. She was insatiable now, needing more, needing to fuck. Reaching down to Henri's pulsing erection, she took hold of him, and steered the head of his cock to her dripping cunt, feeding it in, sinking all the way down onto his hard penis, both of them groaning with pleasure as he slid deep inside her. I moved behind her, still watching Kathryn, my cock so erect, wet from Sophie's mouth. "Fuck my ass..." she gasped, "put your cock in my ass..." I was too turned on to tease her - I slid the head of my cock against her asshole, slipping it against the wetness that had dribbled down from her cunt, and holding onto her hips I pushed hard, the head of my erection easily slipping into her ass, and Sophie groaned in response, pushing back onto me, needing to be filled, needing to be fucked.

I heard a groan from Kathryn, looking across to her again - she was straddling the young man now on his chair, one hand around his cock, rubbing him urgently, the other at her cunt, stroking herself, masturbating urgently astride him, wet sounds splashing from her sex, so close to her own orgasm. The boy groaned - he was clearly right on the edge - Kathryn couldn't wait any longer - with a long, sustained groan, she slipped her cunt all the way down onto his erection, taking his cock deep inside her.

We were all so close now - it was clear that whoever of us came first, it would trigger the rest... I knew I wouldn't be able to hold my orgasm back much longer...

more to follow...

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15 Comments: delicious...this one made me very wet ;-) love it x x x

mmmm... it's always a pleasure to make you so delightfully wet, Eponine xx

it was all i could do to not touch myself while reading this, what with roommates popping in and out. i'll have to find some private time to really appreciate your writing. truly wonderful as always roger


exquisite....a cascade of orgasms on the verge of tumbling.....oh to be in that room xx

kitten - hope you found that private time you were looking for ;) x

missie - I'll try and take you as close to actually being in that room as I can in the next episode - I'm looking forward to it ;) x

Wonderful - as usual...and I agree with missie - that room is the place to be right now!
thanks so much Roger!
xoxo's not nice to leave us hanging like this...with the "you choose" story too....

anxiously awaiting more...

(hope you are well - and really, just teasing)


I didn't read your blog for a while... now I'm sitting here so very aroused and wet... so glad that I'm back... and so certain that I want more!

nadine - I'm glad you're enjoying it ;) x

b - I haven't forgotten those you choose stories, just getting some Sophie under my belt first - they're coming, I promise ;) x

germangirl - lovely to see you back - hope you'll stick around for more ;) x

The last few evenings I've enjoyed Sophie in Paris and London - tonight I got as far as Sophie in Hollywood 1:6 and could hold back no longer.....
J - wish you were here, its not quite so fun without you.
Thanks Roger! Kx

awww - I rather like it when girls leave messages for their lovers in my blog - you should ask him to read Sophie aloud to you, nice and slowly - though maybe you already do...
and very much my pleasure, by the way - I'm glad you enjoyed yourself ;) xx

K - I love that you're reading this when I'm not there. You know what the thought of you being turned on does to me!! Save some of the book for when we are together next; I'll do as Roger suggests and read aloud to you. Can't wait babe... Awesome site Roger - Thanks.... J

awww, you two - get a room! lol ;) x

ohhh........ i don't think i can make it through part seven without touching

mmm... which of course is what I want... ;) xx

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