Sophie in Hollywood 1:5 - three men for Sophie

Monday, March 03, 2008 at 8:44 PM

Sophie smiled lustfully at Henri and I, watching us as we quickly tugged off our briefs and joined her on the bed. She was already delightfully aroused, breathing a little harder from touching the young man, from stroking his delicious erection, her face a little flushed, wanting more from us, needing to be fucked. As she lay back against the soft silk pillows, I slipped alongside her, teasing my fingers through her hair, drawing her towards me, my lips meeting hers as I kissed her softly and sensually. She responded immediately, returning the kiss hungrily, our tongues meeting as our bodies moved deliciously together on the bed. Already I could feel my cock hardening, my desire for her beginning to pulse through my body.

As Sophie's thigh brushed against my own, Henri slipped onto the bed behind her, watching us for a few moments, his hand drifting down her back, across her hip, his fingertips tugging gently at her silk panties, wasting little time in pulling them playfully down her hips, past her thighs, all the way down, sliding them gently off her ankles. I glanced up towards him for a moment as Sophie's lips moved across my cheek, down my neck, biting me playfully - Henri was still watching us lustfully, one hand brushing softly over her naked ass, his other hand between his own thighs, rhythmically stroking his growing erection, wanting her desperately.

I gasped with pleasure as Sophie's teeth dug into my neck, her lips sucking, almost devouring me. As my hand slid up her body and over her breast, her hand slipped down to my growing erection, wrapping her fingers around it, stroking me teasingly, and I gasped again, feeling my penis pulse deliciously in response to her touch, hardening in her grasp, my body surrendering to her. Henri moved closer behind her, his body brushing against hers from behind, rubbing himself against her. Still stroking my cock she turned her face towards his, smiling at him. He leaned over her, kissing her sensually, moving against her, Sophie melting gorgeously between us, wanting us both, her body alive with sensation.

As they kissed, I looked over to the side of the bed, where the young man was tied on his chair. His eyes were watching every push and move of our bodies, his face flushed and aroused, wanting to be amongst us, feeling every touch, every stroke. I glanced over to Kathryn, and she smiled at me lustfully, slipping her panties down to her ankles, tugging them off, aware that I was watching, making a show of it. Kneeling down at the boy's feet, her hands drifted over his thighs, parting them, moving between them. He looked down at her, his penis now clearly visible and intensely erect, and he groaned softly as her hand found his erection, stroking it slowly and teasingly, her other hand drifting down her body, down between her own thighs, stroking her clit softly in the same rhythm, watching us as she stroked him. I wondered how much of this he would be able to bear, before he came urgently, all over her fingers.

"Get up on your knees," Sophie whispered to me. I recognised the tone - her voice was seductive, but this wasn't a simple request. Dealing with the boy had roused her dominant side, just as it was beginning to with Kathryn, and she wasn't going to be denied. As she sat up against the pillows, I eased up to kneel next to her, my cock erect between my thighs, needing her. "Masturbate for me," she breathed, watching me, and I took my hard cock in my hand, stroking it slowly, my fingers gliding back and forth in a slow, delicious rhythm, Sophie breathing a little harder as she watched. She turned to look at Henri on the other side of her. "You too," she said, looking at him lustfully, "I want you on your knees, masturbating for me." Henri eagerly obeyed, getting onto his knees on the other side of her, his hand sliding to his already pulsing erection, stroking it rhythmically, looking at her, wanting her. Sophie sat between us, watching the movement of our hands, not touching us, playing the voyeur for a few moments, one hand clutching one of her breasts, the other slipping down, brushing her fingers over and around her clit, stroking it softly, matching our rhythm.

"Have you seen these two?" she said, smiling towards Kathryn, who had now stopped touching the boy, watching us with lustful interest. "Such filthy boys..." Sophie continued, "masturbating over me like two little sluts... so very greedy, don't you think...?"

"I think this one would like to be doing the same," Kathryn replied, smiling back, her own hand still between her thighs, touching herself langorously. "Do you think I should help him?"

"I'm not sure he deserves it," Sophie replied, looking at the boy lustfully, his erection straining untouched between his thighs. "Perhaps you should make him beg."

"You're right," Kathryn replied, smiling up at the young man. "Is that what you want?" she asked him. "Do you want me to touch you? Is that what you need?"

"Yes..." he breathed, "yes I need it... god..."

"Then you need to beg me," Kathryn smiled. "You need to beg me to stroke you..."

"Please..." he gasped, "god please I need it... please touch me..."

"Touch you where?" Kathryn asked, breathing a little harder, suddenly excited by the power she held. "Tell me where you want me to touch you..."

"god..." he gasped, his erect penis visibly pulsing, "my cock... please... please stroke my cock... god I need it..."

Kathryn smiled at him, slipping her hand up his thighs, taking gentle hold of his impressive erection again, stroking it softly. He groaned immediately, his body moving at her touch, his penis throbbing in her hand. "You're not to come..." she whispered. "If you try to come, I'll stop... you need to be patient...". He groaned softly again, trying to ignore the delicious pulsing as her rhythm continued.

Sophie smiled, her attention back on Henri and myself as we masturbated either side of her. "I expect you both to show the same restraint," she smiled. "I know what eager little boys you both are. You're going to have to control yourselves. You're not to come without my permission, do you understand? If you attempt to do so, you'll be tied up next to the boy. Is that clear to you both?"

"Yes," we both replied, breathing a little harder. And with that, Sophie reached up with both her hands, brushing our own out of the way, taking hold of us both, stroking us in delicious rhythm. I felt myself groan, my penis pulsing in her hand, barely registering Henri doing the same. "Don't you dare cum," Sophie repeated, leaning forward a little, opening her lips, and taking my pulsing erection into her mouth, sucking me gorgeously...

more to follow...

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just awesome, completely lost my breath.... i can feel the tension in the room...cant wait for him to be released and join in...worth going away for, just to catch up and read in one go..... xx

wonderful post roger....can't wait for the next.

mmmmmm... how lovely. I wish i was involved ;-) x x x

missie - there's definitely a LOT of tension in that room - I think it's going to release itself rather exquisitely and urgently, though ;) xx

his - more to come at the weekend, so don't go away too far x

eponine - ah, but you very much are involved - just picture yourself as either Sophie or Kathryn, whichever excites you the more, and you'll be right there amongst us, having a good time ;) xxx

I love having Kathryn involved, I identify with her. God, for some reason this post made be hungry for cock...

dirty little sophie
bringing the dom side in catherine after having brought up the voyeurism side :P

julianne - I quite like the contrast between Sophie and Kathryn - almost a teacher and student relationship - I'm glad you're enjoying her ;)

anonymous - Sophie is indeed disgraceful encouraging Kathryn like that - clearly a very naughty girl ;)

that was unbelievable roger, it really was xx

just one question though - much as i absolutely adore following sophie on her delicious adventures, what in the world happened to vanessa?

thankyou, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far x
It's just background stuff in my head really, but I had the feeling that with Sophie and the artist having what amounts to a relationship, she wouldn't be happy with the artist still having a sexual relationship with Vanessa - my own assumption has been that Vanessa is providing his money (a deal that was effectively sealed in chapter two of Paris), and that he's providing her with art in return, instead of sex.

God that was - as you say - delicious. More women need to be like Soph and Kat - cause guys are cumming left and right now a days. I want to be just like Sophie - completely in control.

I do say 'deicious' too much, everyone tells me - really must break that habit!
Sophie's nature is to be dominant, though she can be a bit of a switch - very much like me in that respect. Glad you liked it ;)

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