Sophie in Hollywood - an introduction

Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 10:44 PM

Okay, I think you've waited long enough - here we go with the start of a brand new five chapter Sophie adventure, set in Hollywood in 1935. Just in case you've never tried a Sophie story before, here's a very quick catch-up for you of what you need to know:

The Artist: our unnamed narrator of the stories, the Artist is Sophie's travelling companion and lover. After gaining the artistic patronage of millionairess Vanessa Aldaine through certain sexual favours, the Artist has settled into a life of decadence and debauchery with Sophie in the cafe society of 1935 Paris. He is currently enjoying a leisurely vacation with her, which began with a week in London, and now continues on to Hollywood.

Sophie: our fabulous heroine, Sophie is the wealthy owner of the glamorous Cafe du Sour in Paris. Stunningly beautiful, both exhibitionist and voyeur, dominatrix and submissive, enthusiastically bisexual, Sophie is a study in contrasts and always unpredictable. A restless traveller, she has formed a steady attachment with the Artist, whilst still slipping away secretly for an experience or two of her own when the fancy takes her. Following an unexpectedly intense sexual liaison with old family friend James (whom she refers to affectionately as 'Uncle James'), Sophie and the artist continue on their vacation.

Henri and Kathryn: an attractive young couple whom Sophie and the Artist first met on a Zeppelin airship bound for London, Henri and Kathryn have so far enjoyed two delightful and energetic group liaisons with our travellers.

Anything else you need to know will come naturally in the story, so hold on tight - as usual, there'll be a slow build to the main action, so don't expect a lot of sex in this first part. It'll become more intense as we go along, as I'm sure you know by now ;)

Welcome back to Sophie's world... ;)

roger xx


Sophie in Hollywood 1:1 - an introduction

It was quite the most beautiful house I'd ever seen, in one of the most magical places in the world. Hollywood was in the midst of its Golden Age. Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Lionel Barrymore were the biggest stars of the moment, James Whale's Bride of Frankenstein was pulling in huge cinema audiences back in London, the Marx Brothers were spending a Night at the Opera - but the film we wanted to see, the film everyone wanted to see, was Mutiny on the Bounty, starring Charles Laughton and Clark Gable. Sophie had told me hair raising tales of Gable's private life, passed on to her by her mysterious Uncle James, and I couldn't help but be curious about the truth of what I'd been told - and here we were now right at the centre of those stories, right in the heart of Hollywood.

Our journey here had been unplanned and impulsive. Sophie's Uncle James apparently had certain contacts in the movie business (the details of which Sophie felt would be indiscreet to divulge to me), and these connections brought with them this stunning house in Laurel Canyon, high in the Hollywood hills, with the most glorious views of the city below. James had bought the home from late 20's movie star Louise Brooks following her departure from Hollywood to Europe, and it contained all that you might expect in an ex-movie star's home - gleaming art deco architecture, large secluded grounds, decadent furnishings, a huge private swimming pool, and a small and dedicated staff to look after our needs. When James offered Sophie and I the use of the house for a couple of weeks as part of our ongoing vacation, the offer seemed far to good to resist - especially when James had promised introductions to a number of his Hollywood connections at a party later in the week.

Sophie had already invited Henri and Kathryn, our new friends, to join us for the first couple of days, so it was clear that she intended to enjoy our first experience of Los Angeles rather vigorously. And so the four of us relaxed by the pool, the sun high in the sky, a warm breeze drifting through the surrounding palm trees, as we soaked up the luxury and glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle.

The pool was private, and the mood was playful, as it always was between us. We had quickly learned to relax in the company of Henri and Kathryn, coming to view them as new friends as much as they were our new occasional sexual partners. I knew that Sophie had a reputation for being a little aloof, but that had never been a side of her that I had noticed - on the contrary, she seemed happy to be around people with whom she could relax and be herself, people who knew her nature and happily indulged her whims. She had money and beauty on her side, and yet she shared herself in the most intimate fashion with those whose company she enjoyed, often allowing them to mold her as they pleased sexually, and she was unfailingly generous with both her time and her finances. It came as no surprise to me, the more time I spent with her, just why everyone loved her so much, and her mood was just as inspirational to me - already I had begun sketching again, both in London and now in Los Angeles, and the work was going well.

Today, however, was a day off for all of us. The weather was hot and sunny, the water was cool and refreshing, and the girls had playfully decided to parade around the pool wearing next to nothing, which certainly improved my own mood markedly. Sophie had been frustrated to discover that two piece swimsuits were still practically unheard of in the United States, despite already becoming the rage in Europe (when it came to fashion, she always liked to look nothing less than fabulous), and had decided as her own playful protest to simply wear her silk panties and bra, and to hell with American morals. Kathryn had readily joined in with the fun, noticing how much Henri and I clearly appreciated the view. As the heat increased, the bras had also come off, Sophie simply announcing that if it was good enough for Josephine Baker, then it was good enough for them. It was not as though anyone else would see them, after all, as the staff had been dismissed for the afternoon - presumeably as Sophie was planning a little mutual playtime between the four of us in bed, once the heat became too much for us.

Whether Sophie had forgotten that the attractive young gardener was still out in the grounds of the house was a matter for much playful teasing later during our vacation. None of us knew for certain how long he had been watching us... but then perhaps I should begin my recollection with the first moment at which we noticed him, hidden there in the bushes close to the pool, watching us rather eagerly...

more to follow...


Oh lovely Roger!

How I have missed you!


As you'd expect, there's lots more to come ;) x

What a delightful beginning. Anxiously waiting for the next part and seeing what Sophie has in store for that poor unsuspecting gardener... ;)

thank you thank you thank you! i love this story! :)

DLG - all will be revealed in good time ;) xxx

mariah - it's my pleasure, I'm very much looking forward to spending some time with Sophie myself over the next few weeks... x

Oh I did miss Sophie so much!

No need to miss her any longer, there's lots and lots of new Sophie coming up over the next few weeks! Should be fun ;) x

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