Sophie in Hollywood 1:4 - three men for Sophie

Thursday, February 28, 2008 at 6:34 PM

The bedroom was as lavish and decadent as the rest of this gorgeous Hollywood house. The room was white, gleaming and beautiful, a large, almost circular bed occupying the centre of the room; silken white drapes at the balcony overlooking the pool, blowing gently in the soft breeze; lush plants and objet d'art dotted around the room; a ceiling fan gently humming as it lazily swished around and around; and on the bed itself, the softest white and cream sheets, silk cushions, with a white fur rug surrounding the bed. Over by the wall opposite the bed was a large white leather couch, with a small desk and a wicker chair tucked in a corner. Next to the bedroom, the most gorgeous ensuite bathroom, with a round sunken bathtub big enough for four, oils and creams and candles scattered about the tub. The young gardener had never been this far inside the house, and it was quite the most beautiful room he had ever seen.

Not that he was looking at the decor. As the girls led him into the bedroom, each of them holding one of his hands, myself and Henri following behind, the boy clearly couldn't take his eyes off them. Sophie and Kathryn were still only dressed in the briefest of white silk panties, their figures exquisite as they drifted gorgeously in front of him. Sophie brought him to a halt in the middle of the room, as Henri and I moved to the couch, allowing Sophie to run the show, as was her custom. Sophie smiled at Kathryn a little wickedly, and then looked at the young man directly.

"You are not to touch us," she told him, "We will brook no discussion about this. You do not have permission to touch us, no matter what you may see us do. You may look at us, if you wish, but you may not touch us, unless we explicitly give you permission to do so. You may simply watch, and observe. Should you feel the need to touch yourself, that is your own affair. Do you understand?"

"Yes..." the young man replied, "yes, I understand..."

Sophie smiled at him, slipping her fingers gently through his hair, teasing his neck gently with her fingertips. "It's entirely possible, however," she continued, "that we may decide to touch you. Would you like that...?" she asked, smiling at him softly.

"I..." he began... "I think so yes..." he answered, blushing once more.

Sophie smiled at him again, her fingers finding the buttons of his shirt, teasingly unfastening them, one by one. "You think so...?" she smiled. "You don't sound so certain...". As her fingers unfastened the final button, his shirt drifted open, his chest firm and tanned beneath it.

"Yes..." he breathed, "yes I'm... ohhhhh...". Sophie's hand was drifting across the contours of his chest softly, still looking him in the eye, smiling sensually.

"You're absolutely sure...?" she asked, her hand drifting slowly down, across his belly, moving to his jeans, lingering at the button at the waist. "I mean, I could stop if you prefer...". Her fingers were already tugging open the button, working their way down, button by button, opening his jeans teasingly.

"No, I..." he began, breathing harder, his face flushed, "I want you to..."

"You want me to what...?" Sophie breathed, opening the last button, slipping her hand into his jeans, finding him already warm and erect, his cock bulging in his briefs. "You want me to touch you...? Is that what you want...?" I could see her hand moving slowly, gently stroking his erection through his briefs.

"uunnhhh... yes... yes that's what I want..." he gasped, trembling a little at her touch.

"Such a greedy boy..." she smiled, looking towards Kathryn, still stroking him softly. Kathryn could hardly take her gaze from Sophie's fingers. "I'm not sure he can be trusted to behave himself, what do you think, Kathryn?"

Kathryn smiled, watching him with lustful interest. "I think you're right, Sophie," she replied. "We did find him snooping in the bush, after all. What would you suggest?"

"I think we should tie him up, " Sophie smiled. "Perhaps on a chair by the bed. We wouldn't want him to miss anything, after all...".

The boy appeared ready to protest, but bit his tongue. Sophie was clearly in charge here, and his continued presence in the room was entirely at her whim. And so he remained silent as Kathryn fetched a silk stocking, pulling his hands behind his back and tying his wrists together tightly. As she did this, Sophie fetched the wicker chair and placed it by the bed, smiling again lustfully. "Perhaps we should remove his trousers and briefs," she suggested. "We wouldn't want him to be too uncomfortable."

Kathryn giggled, the boy blushing again as Kathryn tugged his jeans and briefs down to his ankles, pulling them off, his desire now clearly visible, his erection jutting up firmly from between his thighs, eager for attention. Kathryn pushed him back onto the chair, enjoying her taste of dominance, teasing her fingers through his hair as he sat there, breathing harder, his cock pulsing visibly.

Sophie looked towards Henri and I, smiling lustfully, glancing back to Kathryn. "He seems to require a little attention, Kathryn," she said, "would you care to deal with him for a short time, whilst I enjoy myself with our two men?"

"I'd be delighted to," Kathryn replied, "so long as he continues to behave himself." And with that, Sophie smiled at Henri and I again, and we got up from the couch to join Sophie on the bed.

more to follow...

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mm i've been away for far too long ( my laptop committed suicide, and i've just gotten its replacement) but i see you've been busy. sometimes i wish i could be sophie, but i don't think i could work up the nerve. i guess i'm best when i'm submissive. can't wait to see where this story leads


Sophie has her submissive moments too (part five of London and part four of Paris both feature her being delightfully submissive), but it's true she gets the most pleasure from being in charge of these situations ;) I think it's one of the things I like about her the most - she knows what she likes, and she keeps enough control in her various encounters to ensure that she gets that, but she's also very careful to make sure that her sexual partners have just as much fun too - I'm sure she'll untie the young man eventually, but he's in for a rather fun show first ;) xx

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