Sophie in Hollywood 1:3 - three men for Sophie

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 at 10:30 PM

Kathryn wasn't sure what to think, and her natural impulse would have been to quickly cover herself, to be shocked at the notion that they were being watched - despite her recent experiences with Sophie and myself, she was still unaccustomed to Sophie's free sexuality, to her impulsiveness. She had only barely become used to the notion of voyeurism, and now already Sophie was encouraging her to be the exhibitionist, knowing she was being watched by a stranger. She wanted Sophie to stop, to allow her or Henri to go challenge the young man in the bushes, to see him off on his way, and yet...

And yet, Sophie's lips felt so soft, so warm, as they caressed her own, and the sensual kiss was impossible to resist. Already she could feel Sophie's hand softly making it's way down her body, brushing over her belly as she arched a little underneath her, slipping down between her thighs. Already she could feel herself surrender, opening her thighs for her, allowing Sophie's fingers better access as they brushed over her silk panties, gently stroking her in a soft, insistent rhythm.

Kathryn felt herself gasp, and moments later, heard another gasp from the bushes. It could no longer be ignored - the young man had given himself away.

"Are you enjoying the view?" Sophie had already looked up towards where he hid, smiling in his direction, her fingers still gently stroking Kathryn between her thighs. Kathryn felt herself blush, but did nothing to stop her movements. "I'm fully aware that you're watching," she continued, "you may as well come out where we can see you."

At this, Henri and I were alerted. Henri immediately jumped up from his chair. "What's going on?" he asked, moving quickly towards them, "Is there a damned peeping tom here?" I quickly followed him, if only to ensure that a brawl didn't ensue.

"It's perfectly alright," Sophie smiled, "please relax, Henri, allow our observer to come out..." There was a rustle in the bushes, and finally the young gardener sheepishly emerged, his head down, his face red, trembling a little, not knowing what to say.

"And who the devil are you?" asked Henri, still annoyed, despite Sophie's words. Sophie replied for the boy.

"I do believe he's our gardener - it's my own fault, I thought I'd dismissed all the staff, and didn't realise he was still in the grounds. Don't be so stern on him, Henri, the boy can't be blamed if he saw us being playful." Throughout all this conversation, her fingers were still gently caressing Kathryn between her thighs. Kathryn felt she should get up, cover herself - at the very least cover her breasts - but something about this was exciting her - she wanted to know what Sophie was planning, and her touch felt so very, very good.

"Then he must be dismissed right now," said Henri, looking at the young man, still somewhat annoyed, "be off with you, lad."

The boy turned to leave, but Sophie stopped him. By now I was stood next to Henri, smiling to myself - Sophie was up to something, and I had a good idea what it was. "I don't think he should be allowed to go just yet," she smiled, "he's barely seen a thing, it seems terribly unfair." She turned to Henri, smiling a little wickedly. The boy was looking increasingly nervous. He wanted to run, to get away from the situation, but Sophie was clearly not going to allow that.

"What are you suggesting, Sophie?" asked Henri, turning to me for a moment. I simply smiled at him conspiratorially.

"Well," Sophie replied, still gently caressing Kathryn, "if the boy wants to watch, perhaps we should give him something to watch..."

Henri smiled. "Really Sophie, I don't think..."

"I think that's a marvellous idea," I said, smiling disgracefully at Sophie, "If he wants to watch, I don't see any harm in it. What do you say, boy?" The young man looked uncomfortable, blushing, but he looked suddenly far less inclined to bolt for freedom.

"He seems a little shy. What do you think, young mister gardener?" asked Sophie, "Would you like to watch? Is that what you want?"

"I..." he began, looking nervous again, "well... yes... yes I'd like to watch... but I should go... I didn't mean to..."

"Yes, yes," smiled Sophie. "I think we should take this to the bedroom, what do you think, Kathryn?"

Kathryn's response was a quiet, trembling gasp.

more to follow...

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gah! you're such a tease!

Oooo we are getting to the good part. You really do know how to get a girl going Roger.

mariah - you've only just noticed...? ;)

miss belle - we are indeed getting to the good part - and I'll be writing some of it this weekend. Expect it to be intense, and very long ;) xx

nooooo, i've been quite verbal about it from the get-go. heh. ;)

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