Sophie in Hollywood 1:2 - three men for Sophie

Monday, February 18, 2008 at 7:14 PM

continued from part one...

The two day flight by airship from London to New York, followed by another gruelling 11 hour flight from New York to Los Angeles, had exhausted us all. We had done little but sleep for the past day or so as we adjusted to the change of time zone and the unexpected heat of the Hollywood daytime.

By the second day, we were all pretty much recovered, and had spent much of our time exploring the gorgeous house which would be our home for the next couple of weeks, enjoying the novelty of kitchen and cleaning staff to look after our needs, and particularly appreciating the luxury of the private swimming pool, something only movie stars usually got to enjoy.

And Sophie looked every inch a movie star as she lay back on her poolside seat, soaking up the LA sunshine. The pool was at the back of the house, surrounded by small trees and not overlooked, and as previously mentioned, Sophie had spent much of the time around the pool in her most revealing lingerie, determined to get the most of the warm sunshine after the cool grey London weather we'd experienced. I was finding it a little difficult to keep my eyes off the girls once they both slipped out of their tops. Each of them behaved as though it were the most natural thing in the world to be outside and virtually naked, but they were very aware that Henri and I were glancing across at them rather furtively, whenever we thought we could get away with it (and even when we knew we couldn't).

I was tempted to join in with the fun by slipping out of my trunks, as I could see that the girls were enjoying being so disgraceful, clearly feeling rather liberated by the notion of being bare breasted in the open air where anyone might see them. It was only my typical British reservation that held me back - that and the ever present threat of becoming rather erect each time one of the two girls drifted too close to my chair at the poolside.

I'd decided it was best to simply relax and enjoy the view, especially given that we were all intending to jump into bed together a little later that afternoon. I felt sure that Sophie and Kathryn considered their teasing to be along the lines of delightful foreplay, which made them all the more irresistible to me.

Before long, Sophie was laid on her back on her seat, relaxing next to Kathryn, each of them keeping in the shade to avoid the worst of the sun, each dressed only in the briefest of silk panties, chatting to each other playfully and flirtatiously. My interest was piqued when I glanced up from my newspaper to see their reclining seats now moved together, Sophie smiling at Kathryn seductively, her fingers drifting through Kathryn's hair, leaning in gently for a soft, sensual kiss. I glanced across to Henri and saw that he had noticed it too, but we were both happy to leave them to it for a little while, knowing that our time would come.

Kathryn was already melting at Sophie's touch - there had been no sexual contact between any of us since our last experience in London, and Sophie was clearly hungry. I could see that Kathryn was already breathing harder, their kiss becoming more passionate, Sophie's hand drifting over Kathryn's shoulder, delicately brushing across her bare breast, a soft gasp coming from Kathryn in response. Sophie's fingers were beginning to work their way down across Kathryn's belly, when I saw her look up, glancing towards the bushes at the corner of the pool area and pausing for a moment.

Looking back down at Kathryn and smiling, I would only find out later what Sophie had whispered in Kathryn's ear...

"Don't look now," she whispered, "but we're being watched..."

"I know," Kathryn smiled, "they seem to be enjoying it..."

"I don't mean our men, there's someone else, over in the bushes... don't look that way, I don't want him to know I've seen him... I only got a glimpse of him, but I think it's that rather gorgeous young man who looks after the garden..."

"I thought you'd dismissed all the staff for the afternoon," Kathryn whispered.

"I think we missed one," Sophie smiled, "he must have been out in the grounds... don't say anything, I think we could have a little fun with this... kiss me again..."

"But if we're being watched..."

"Kiss me, Kathryn," Sophie smiled, leaning over her and kissing her sensually, her hand drifting back up over Kathryn's breast, caressing it softly, and Kathryn melted at her touch once more.

Hidden deep in the bush, still unseen by Henri and myself, the young gardener felt himself pulse, unable to resist touching himself any longer, sliding his hand down between his thighs, eagerly unbuttoning his trousers...

more to follow...


just gorgeous... xxx

thankyou dlg - I'm glad you're enjoying it xxx

fabulous ...eagerly waiting the next xx

Lookin forward to what comes next x x x

missie - more to come after the weekend xx

eponine - glad you're enjoying it - expect it to get rather intense from this point onwards ;) xxx

i am going away for a week so i will i have to wait even longer for the next part !! but i'm sure you'll make my wait worth it xx intend to buy your book before i go too, so that may not be far behind my return :-) xx

missie - there'll definitely be some new delightfully naughty Sophie awaiting your return in here - and yep, it took my book about a week and a half to arrive, so your timing may be just about right for a double dose of Sophie ;) That extra wait will hopefully make the book all the more fun for you ;) xx

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