Sophie and the Artist - the book!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 at 11:02 PM

***UPDATE***I have a new book out (hurrah!!), and it's already started to ship to those who ordered it early last week - more details below! If it sells well (and it looks like it will), I'll be collecting more from the blog, so it's up to you! I'm working on the next part of 'Sophie in Hollywood' as we speak, but for the moment...

Would you like to take Dirtyboy to bed with you? Then now's your chance - available now: a brand new paperback book collection of my intensely erotic Paris and London stories, featuring the delightful Sophie:

Sophie and the Artist
Paris and London between the wars, 1935. Sophie and the artist explore their passions in a series of delightfully sensual and sexually explicit adventures. From the Orient Express to the banks of the River Seine, from Russell Square to the Hindenburg airship, follow the decadent and disgraceful adventures of Sophie and her friends, as they travel across Europe in search of intimate pleasure. Stories include girl-on-girl, extraordinarily intense group sex, domination and submission, voyeurism, mutual masturbation, and much, much more, set against the backdrop of Paris and London at their most sensual and hedonistic. Perfect as a travelling companion, as a gift for a lover, or best of all, kept under your pillow to read all by yourself at bedtime. ;)

168 pages, large format (6" x 9"), £7.81 (approx $15.00), plus p&p

Order your copy direct from

The book has been gorgeously designed by Margaret, my very wonderful blog designer - the cover looks a bit frosty in the preview in, but be assured it's gorgeous and lovely in real life (Margaret would kill me if it wasn't!). It took about a week and a half for my copy to arrive after ordering it from lulu (though they do say it can take up to three weeks), and it ships in firm, discreet, well sealed and tough packaging (looking very similar to Amazon packages). Lulu print the books to order, on demand, so your copy should always look fabulous and be hot off the press.

Oh, and before you ask (or start googling me!) - 'Steiner' is an entirely invented pen name - I just thought it sounded a little better than 'Roger Dirtyboy' ;)

Hope you enjoy it - I've been asked to produce book versions of the blog repeatedly for the past couple of years, so if this sells well, it'll be the first in a series of collections from the blog (and the first in a definite series of Sophie books).

Oh, and don't forget you can still download audio versions of these stories, either direct from the Leatherback Productions website (link on the left), or through iTunes (search in audiobooks for 'erotic short stories paris series', and you'll find it there).

Right, enough of the hard sell - I'm getting back to writing Sophie In Hollywood, the third part of which should be up this weekend...

(I've got a new book out!! I'm all excited and stuff!!)

roger xx


Oooooo, I'm so very excited for you, Roger! xoxo


Just ordered know how I love Sophie... :)

Congratulations! And btw, the dedication was the sweetest thing ever....


raine - thankyou, I'm excited too! xx

B - thankyou! xx I'm amazed (and delighted) that I've already started to pick up a few orders - hope you all love the book version as much as I do! x

"(I've got a new book out!! I'm all excited and stuff!!)"

I'm so happy for you! And I ordered mine so I've got a new book coming in the mail and I'm very excited!

aww thankyou! Hope you love it - it's already starting to sell, which is really brilliant, as I've wanted to do this and talked about it for SO long! Have fun with the book ;) xx

I will be buying my cop just as soon as I get paid :-) x x x

Eponine - thankyou! xxx It's already selling pretty well, but they won't run out of copies, as they print to order, so there'll be a copy available there for you at the end of the month - hopefully it'll be well worth the extra wait ;) xxx

My copy has been shipped already! I'm can't wait!

I'm pleased to hear it! Hope you love it just as much as I do! xx

It's gorgeous rog - they (and you) did a fantastic job...

Looking forward to curling up with you in bed! ;)


Roger - it is beautiful...I'm very happy for you. I can't wait to cuddle up with my new Roger! WOW I hope you are so proud of yourself!

B & Nadine - those books arrived so quickly! Have fun with them under the covers, you two ;) xx

It did get here much faster than I thought it would.

And I had quite a wonderful (if not lazy) morning with my book in my bed...and more than a few well deserved (if I do say so myself) orgasms.

You are magnificent.

well thankyou - I do my best ;)
Glad you're having fun with it ;) xx

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