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Saturday, October 06, 2007 at 1:12 AM

I've been a little unwell this week with a nasty bug (ugh) which is why it's been a little quiet in here the past few days - starting to feel better now though, and I hate not having new stuff for your entertainment!
New Sophie will be starting shortly, though for today (since I'm still a little under the weather and could do with cheering up) I'm feeling shallow and would love you to tell me what you're wearing ;)
Oh - and if it's really unsexy, I still want to know, telling fibs not allowed here - though naturally you score extra points if you're practically naked ;)
No cheating though! (Unless you strip for me first and then tell me - extra points for that too ;) )
Normal service to be resumed next week - in the meantime, don't forget to let me know if there's anything in the archives that really needs to be in the new book I'm putting together...

roger xx


awww, Uncle Roger....I hope you are feeling well. It seems as if everyone is sick lately ):

Perhaps a little dirty email will cheer you up?

lina - mmm absolutely... a dirty email from my favourite neice would definitely work wonders, yes ;) x

hi roger... :) i've missed you so. just wanted to warn you i'm in the mood to lurk through your archives and catch up on your latest posts. i've missed you, and i hope you've missed me. :)

i've done well for myself this summer and have dropped a few pounds. i get to wear sexier lingerie these days, running around in short nightgowns, as i'm in right now. i also acquired a new roommate, who tends to run around in a t-shirt and panties, and i'll be the first to admit... she's so adorable. that's what led me here tonight, to catch up on your sensual girl-girl stories.

thanks for always being there to accommodate my desires and fantasies.



suzanne - it's lovely to see you back - it's been a while. Hope you'll stick around for more - and of course I've missed you xxx
And I'm delighted to see you fantasising about your new roomate - hope my stories helped to fuel the fire a little - maybe you should inroduce her to my site ;)

well I certainly hope you are feeling better soon...as for what I'm wearing - a black satiny robe and that's all...;-)

feel better dear man.

oh and I'd have to go for this...
cumming in your mouth...
Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 5:07 PM
or perhaps....
cumming in your mouth...
Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 5:07 PM
oh never mind - you decide - I love them all.

Nadine - I'm feeling better already ;)
and you mentioned the same story twice - I'm assuming you're rather fond of it ;)

Roger ~

Sorry to hear you're under the weather. Same here unfortunately. Fever for the past two days... Ugh. Very unpleasant. So, alas, I am very unsexy right now in boy cut panties, a wrinkled oversized t-shirt and my favorite hoodie zip up.

Off to get more tea and sleep.


~ the *not so sexy right now* Sexpot

a pair of light blue cotton panties...and that's it. I come prepared to your site.


Aw... hope you feel better soon.

I've been reading your blog since forever, but since I'm a teenager and still live with my parents, I've never been able to sneak on it long enough to comment until I got my own laptop.
Right now It's about three in the morning, so I'm wearing a long shirt that belongs to my boyfriend... with nothing underneath. :)

sexpot - poor thing xx sounds like you need some extra hugs, so here's a big snuggly one for you
Hope you get better soon! xx

kota - mmm, I like a girl who turns up ready to enjoy herself - hope you did after you left the comment ;) xx

rebel w/out a cause - since you're only 18, let's agree you haven't been reading that long, bad girl - this blog is for adults only! Anyway, you're old enough now, and I hope you're enjoying the freedom having your own laptop is bringing you - and you clearly are, since you also seem to have arrived prepared to have fun ;) x

i'm sorry you're not feeling well roger. i have to admit i just woke up and i have this terrible habit of sleeping in just my underwear. and to make things worse, i had a dream that made me all wet betweeen my legs. i was giving someone the most spectacular blowjob, i can still hear his moans in my head. it turns me on so much i think i'm in need of some release, and i know just where i'm going to go

XXX kitten


Oops. I was naked a moment ago when I got out of bed. Now I'm in a silky kimono style robe. It's actually 2am and I can't sleep so I sneaked over to read your blog on my laptop. I can feel my cum leaking onto the fabric. Your hard and sensual sex posts always make me feel relaxed enough for a sexy drift off to bed.


kitten - I think I'd like to make it some kind of rule that when reading my blog, you shouldn't be wearing any more than your underwear - I'm glad to see you're already leading in that respect ;) xx

shyshy - mmmm, there's nothing quite like a little soft silk brushing against bare skin - hope I managed to help you sleep soundly ;) xx

I'll chime in for the unsexily dressed.

Green V-neck sweater (purple-ish bra)
(blue argyle cotton undies)

multi-colored fuzzy slippers

there's nothing unsexy about multi-coloured fuzzy slippers ;)

I'm wearing a blue t-shirt and boxers. Not very sexy I'm afraid. However, there's nothing under my shirt and boxers.

I s'pose a girl could have fun with multi-coloured fuzzy slippers and someone's hard throbbing manhood...


kelly - then maybe you should just slip right out of them ;) x

strumpet - you absolutely could ;) x

hi Rog,
I so hope your feeling better, guess this is why there was no reply to my email...to sick to even answer poor dirtyboy, so sick must have given me his cold too..Please feel better and answer my letter I would love to finish the story for you some time handsome.
Ever yours

Red t-shirt, flannel pj pants, red boy shorts (cotton), red underwire bra (also cotton). shoes and socks (I went for coffee in this).

Hope its not too late to add my two cents worth here!

I'm not long home from work (I work in a library) and have just grabbed myself a glass of wine to relax. Having not yet changed, I'm still in my uniform. Today I'm wearing my favourite short black skirt, a white and blue striped button up shirt with a white camisole underneath, as the top buttons don't do up over my breasts. Underneath I'm wearing white lacy bra and french cut panties. Oh, and of course, my black-framed glasses.

cookim - I'm very much better now, thankyou xx

mariah - If I'm not mistaken, I think I can see a girl who very much likes wearig red ;)

dukky - of course you're not too late - I can be shallow any time of the day ;) And I think I'd rather love to see you without the shirt and skirt on - your lingerie sounds delightful ;) xx

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