London 5:7 - Sophie and the film collector

Sunday, September 16, 2007 at 4:40 PM

James's cock was drenched, Sophie still cumming hard, her cunt pulsating around his throbbing erection as he thrust deep inside her, breathing hard, trying to hold back his own orgasm, his penis pulsing gorgeously as she gasped and groaned, impaled on his erection.

"I need you to cum..." Sophie gasped, "god I need you to cum..."

He felt himself throbbing harder, so close now, her voice urging him on. But he was deep in his fantasy now - dirty little Sophie, surrendering to his lust as he took her, and his fantasy always ended the same way. He needed it to end this way, he knew he may never get this chance again.

"Your ass, Sophie... I want to fuck your ass..." He could barely get the words out. Even just the thought of it was enough to take him to the edge. His cock was pulsing so hard, Sophie's warm, wet cunt still clutching him, slick and wet around him, but somehow he held it back, so hard now, so gorgeously erect.

Sophie could barely think. Her orgasm had been so intense, and she could still feel the convulsions, could feel her own wetness dribbling down the inside of her thigh as she bent over the seats in front of her, gripping onto them, needing more. She was trying not to look at the screen, but the sounds were ringing around the little cinema - one of the girls in the movie was cumming intensely, screaming with pleasure. Sophie glanced up, needing to see it - the girl's body was shuddering gorgeously as she convulsed into her orgasm, gripping onto the bed sheets, unable to stop. Sophie almost came again, but somehow held it back, knowing what James wanted, what he needed.

"Fuck my ass, Uncle James... god... fuck my ass... unnhh god... I need it... cum in my ass..."

She felt him throbbing hard inside her again - it was clear he was right on the edge. With a groan, James pulled his dripping wet cock from Sophie's cunt, sliding the swollen head of his cock to her ass, rubbing against it, smearing it with her own wetness. Sophie groaned, pushing back against him, greedy for it now, needing it.

"Push it in me..." she gasped, "don't wait... push your cock in my ass..."

He groaned again, the head of his penis pressing against her asshole - he was so wet, so hard, and as Sophie moved back against him, his penis slid so easily into her, Sophie grabbing onto the seat in front of her, gasping with the initial shock of his penetration, groaning as she felt his penis began to slide into her ass, filling her so deeply - he felt so big, so hard - he was barely halfway inside her, and she could hardly take any more.

"unnnhhh fuck..." she groaned, "Uncle James... uunnhh... you're too big... I can't... uunnnnhhhh" - he had already pushed all the way inside her, ignoring her plea, his erection filling her, throbbing, pulsing.

"I'm going to cum..." he gasped, "Sophie... god I'm going to cum..."

Sophie was breathing hard, right on the edge of her own orgasm, pushing back onto him, somehow taking him deeper. ""Your fingers..." she gasped, "push your fingers in my cunt..."

"fuckk..." he groaned, "god Sophie... say it again... say that again for me...". He had already moved his hand down to her dripping wet cunt, sliding his fingers over her wetness, feeling her part around his fingertips.

Sophie was right on the brink now, barely able to hold back, so full of his cock, her body trembling hard. "Push your fingers in my cunt, Uncle James..." she breathed, "make me cum... I need to cum...". His fingers suddenly slipped deep inside her, all the way, and he thrust them hard, in and out, in and out... it was all she could take... Sophie gripped the seat hard, and screamed with pleasure, pushing back hard onto his cock, her cunt suddenly gushing over his fingers, her body convulsing urgently as she came intensely, crying out his name.

James couldn't hold back any longer - he growled with pleasure, his penis pulsing so hard - and he began to come, grabbing onto Sophie's hips as his cum spurted deep into her ass, once, twice, tugging his cock out from inside her, another long spurt spraying up over her back, and another, and another, his hot spunk splashing over her ass as she came all over his fingers...

As they caught their breath, the film in front of them had finished, the small theatre still echoing with their orgasms, Sophie still trembling deliciously, looking back at James, sweat dripping down his face, smiling at him, shuddering a little as his fingers slowly slipped from inside her.

"Uncle James..." she smiled, feeling his cum slowly dribbling down her back, running over her ass, "I really had no idea..."

Sophie's adventures continue in 'Sophie in Hollywood', coming shortly...


Mmmmm. How deliicious. I wish was sophie right then. I need that so much. Am very very wet x x x

and I so very much love making you that wet, Eponine - I'm glad you liked it xx

Oh my! I am pulsing so hard now.

mmmm wow..... i'll be taking this to bed with me tonight..... if i can wait that long..... ;) x

Once again I ended with soaked panties and my favorite smell on my fingers.
You truly deserve your name!

mina - I think you know how very much I love making you feel that way xx

chocolatemonkey - mmm... I'd love to join you - hope you have fun ;) x

netkid - mmm, such a delightfully dirty girl - such a pleasure to excite you so much xx

Oh, my, Roger. That was fabulous. I loved it. I will definitley have to think of you, er, I mean this story later ;-)


I do rather like the idea of you fucking my ass... ;) xxx

sexpot - I'm glad you liked it - hope you had fun re-imagining it ;) xx

DLG - I rather like the idea myself too ;) xxx

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