London 5:5 - Sophie and the film collector

Monday, September 03, 2007 at 6:59 PM

It's still not too late to enter the summer audio contest - the new deadline for entries is: 14th September 2007 - I'd very much love you to take part x Just to get you in the right mood, here's the latest part of the fifth chapter of Sophie in London - and it's getting rather filthy now...


Delicious, thrilling convulsions were still rippling through Sophie as Uncle James looked at her. Her thighs were trembling uncontrollably, her clit still pulsing, throbbing, needing more. She'd done her best to stifle her orgasm, to remain quiet, but it had come out of nowhere, triggered by the girl on screen, taking Sophie by surprise, and it had been all she could do not to scream with pleasure. She suddenly realised how she looked to Uncle James, her face flushed, hair falling across it, breathing heavily, trembling delightfully, her hand clutching her breast through the red silk dress, her thighs clamped together, squeezing tightly, completely exposed by the long slit in her dress.

On the screen in front of them, the action was continuing, the two girls gasping and groaning gorgeously in their pleasure, but Sophie couldn't take her gaze off Uncle James - he was looking directly at her, breathing hard, surrendering to his lust, one of his hands between his thighs, rubbing himself through his trousers, his erection clearly visible, causing a large bulge in his crotch.

"Sophie..." he gasped. It was almost a plea.

She knew what he needed, what he desired. She could see in his face that he knew it was wrong, that he was fighting the impulse, afraid to take that final step. She had no idea, of course, that he had fantasised about seeing this so many times, had masturbated repeatedly whilst imagining watching her reach orgasm so exquisitely, and she had no real idea of the level of his desire for her. But she could see what he needed right at this moment. The evidence of his need was practically bursting out of his trousers. It still felt wrong to her - part of her was telling her to leave the room now, before they both lost all control - but her clit was still throbbing, aching to be touched. She was dripping wet between her thighs. The activity on screen was still heated and passionate, intensely sexual, driving her lust. She needed more, and Uncle James was intensely erect, needing her touch so badly, rubbing himself right there next to her.

And in that moment, she needed it. Needed his cock. Needed to be fucked. Needed to make him come. The wrongness of it, the breaking of this taboo, somehow excited her all the more. He was her Uncle James, and she needed to fuck him.

"Show me your cock..." she breathed, unable to stop herself saying it, wanting it now so much. James gasped, rubbing himself harder.

"god..." he replied, visibly trembling now, "say it again Sophie... please... say my name... god please I beg you..."

"Show me your cock, Uncle James..." she whispered, only now realising the true nature of his lust, no longer caring, suddenly realising the game they were playing, embracing the fantasy. James groaned in response, his fingers moving to the buttons at his crotch, unfastening them almost urgently, tugging his trousers a little way down, exposing his erection. He was huge, the largest cock she had seen in a long time, the head swollen and glistening, visibly throbbing as she looked at him. On the screen, one of the girls was making her way to another orgasm, and James was clearly very close too.

"May I suck you, Uncle James?" Sophie whispered, recognising her role, playing it to the full. "May I take you into my mouth...?" James groaned again, his cock pulsing, so erect, so delicious. Sophie leaned over his lap, knowing that he was looking down at her, aware that her breasts were now almost falling out of the dress, knowing that he had seen, wanting him to see. She took his hard cock in her hand, stroking him up and down once, twice... already he was pulsing hard... was he going to cum, so soon...? Sophie felt a rush of warm wetness between her thighs, desperate now to make it happen, opening her lips, engulfing the swollen head of his penis with her mouth, sliding her lips down over his erection, her tongue swirling over and around him, sucking, lapping at him deliciously. He groaned, long and loud, his hands suddenly in her hair, holding her there, his hips bucking as he thrust his cock deeper into her mouth... Sophie slid her hand down to his balls, caressing them, stroking them, and that was all it took... Uncle James cried out with pleasure, his erection throbbing hard, a hot jet of spunk suddenly splashing into Sophie's mouth, followed by another - she needed to see it, tugging him from her mouth, in time to see another long string of cum spurting from his cock, splashing wetly onto her face, and another, and another, James's cries echoing around the little cinema as he came so hard over her lips, her cheek... cumming all over her face, just as he had imagined in his fevered imagination, so many times...

and Sophie was so wet now, and she needed more, much more...

to be continued...


Mmmmm so delicious. Am very excited about the next post ;-) x x x

I've been checking all weekend for the next installment and you certainly did not disappoint.

eponine - glad you liked it ;) x And I'm rather excited about the next part myself - I really do think it's about time these two got down to some delightfully urgent fucking... ;) xx

miss belle - very much my pleasure - I'd actually intended to post yesterday, but didn't get it done in time. More coming at the weekend ;)

Your writing is fabulous. I have been a lurker for quite some time- I am catching up in your archive section. Wonderful reading...

Lis - thankyou, and it's lovely to see you in the comments, I always like it when lurkers pop up to say hi x
Hope you're having fun in the archives ;) x

mmm, Mr. Roger. . .you turn me into such a naughty girl. . .I cannot wait for the next one!

mmmm I love role playing!

Oh Roger...that was delightful...
I can't wait for the next the meantime it's back to bed for me to tame the beast which - complements of you - grows more hungry and needs more attention than it used to.

Aah god, this is such a perfect beginning to them finally acting on their lust! I can't wait for the next part.... ;)

lina - I like you being a naughty girl ;) More to follow this weekend... xx

mina - me too, and it does seem to add a fun edge to this one ;) xx

nadine - hope you had fun in bed - my aim, of course, is to make you need to do that every time you visit ;) xx

malna - expect things to get rather more intense from here onwards - they're clearly not going to stop now ;) xx

Mmm. I love it, Roger. How naughty... Mmhmm.

"my aim, of course, is to make you need to do that every time you visit ;) "

My my you are tenacious and you are ever so successful in your goals...

mmmm, YES

Sophie definately needs MORE ;)

ahhhh I need the next part, I want to see them fuck...but this was great foreplay...


Sophie and Uncle James are quite delicious together, Roger ! Lovely way for them to start... I have a feeling it is going to get even more intense :)

ohhhh, you're writing gets me sooo hot and wet, I slide my fingers between my thighs, my cunt awash and dripping with juices, they slide, a delicious friction on my clit, tugging it, twisting a little, the sleight pain only heighening my pleasure, sinking two fingers into my cunt, my thumb pressing on my clit, it's coming, soon, I want it, so bad, I read more, clicking through and down, I'm getting more slick, soaking the chair I'm sitting on, slick, sweet smelling honey coats my fingers, I press agin on my clit, feeling it swell and my body tighten, finanlly, finally, I come, gushing all over my fingers, my body shudders in ectasy...

fingers and toys are great, but how I wish my hubby were home!

You get me so hot, all I want to do is grind myself don on his cock and come endlessly.

Boy, is he gonna be a happy man tonight!

Thanks, Roger, TRULY, thank you for sharing!


sexpot - I'm glad you're enjoying it ;) xx

nadine - I am rather tenacious yes - I can't help it, I just love making you come ;)

lolly - Sophie is about to get a whole lot more ;) x

kota - I'm working on that as we speak - I can promise that you're about to get your wish ;) x

annie - very intesne indeed, yes... xx

L - mmm god... so very delicious... such a delightfully dirty girl for me... hope you had fun with your husband, naughty girl ;) xx

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