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Friday, September 21, 2007 at 9:59 PM

hello you x
So would you like to be able to take me to bed with you, and enjoy me under the covers, just the two of us alone, reaching gorgeous orgasm with me, over and over again? Or perhaps you'd like to have Sophie in your bed too?

Well, those of you without a laptop, who have regularly asked me for a book collection of my blog, are in for a treat - I've finally decided to put together not just one, but two book collections.

The first will be 'Sophie and the artist', a complete collection of the two storylines (Paris and London) so far. I've had lots of requests for a book version, and I've generally resisted it because I didn't think there was enough material to fill a book, and I didn't want to compete with the audio versions of the stories (the Paris one of which is available at the link to the left - London is about to go to audio too). It turns out that the two stories together total over 53,000 words (enough for a small novel), so I do have enough material after all! I still don't want to compete with the audio, so I'll be publishing the book version myself on, with a link here on the site to buy it - a book, then, specifically intended just for the fans of the blog (for you, in fact). I should have it ready and available to buy within the next couple of weeks, so watch this space. There'll be some kind of bonus material in it, but I haven't decided what yet. If you have any good suggestions, now's the time to let me know!

I also know that some of you don't read the Sophie stories (though you should - they're very hot! You'd like them!). So I've decided to do a second book collection, also through lulu. This one is going to be a Dirtyboy collection, featuring the best of the other posts, none of which I've selected yet. I'd like to put in the book your own favourite posts, so if you have any suggestions for posts that really have to be in the book, that you really need to take to bed with you, then let me know here in the comments, and I'll include as many of them as I can. I'm also thinking about including some of your comments from the posts, as I've always felt that the comments are a big part of the site, and I'd definitely like to include such things as the group orgies that we've had in here. If I ever do a 'proper' collection in the future, rather than publishing it myself, comments wouldn't be a part of it, so this will be a version only available through the site.

I'd love to know what suggestions you might have, and will try to use as many as possible. Any favourite posts you'd like to see? Any ideas for bonus material on either of the books?

Let me know what you think!

roger xx


What a delightful idea. I can snuggle up with you any time I like then ;) xxx

I rather like the sound of that ;) xxx

Oh Geez, Roger !!!!! ALL of them !!!
My favorites of course, are everything that has to do with sex and spanking, and anal sex, and talking dirty, and...
I'll love anything you publish ! When can we order them -- and will it be through Amazon or through you here ???

Of course I’d love to take you to bed with me and enjoy you under the covers to the point of orgasm again and again, and of course Sophie is welcome to join us ;) Actually, I’ve taken her to bed a few times already: I’ve printed out a few favorite chapters to enjoy privately in bed, so I'm very happy to hear you are publishing these stories! I love my PC and laptop, but I personally enjoy some words best on paper.

As for choosing posts to publish: god, there are so many I love, it's hard to pick favorites! I’ll think about this and try to narrow it down, but for a start, I’d vote for including the “House” series and the “At the Party” series. :)

annie - I think it's safe to say I'll be including all your favourites ;)
As for how to order it, my understanding is that the book will go on the lulu listings, and I'll be putting a direct link to it at the top of the archives, so that you order it from It's going to take me a couple of weeks to put the collections together (I only came up with the decision on Friday), so look out for it somewhere around the first or second week in October.

malna - I'm glad to hear you've already been taking Sophie and me to bed with you ;)
'At the Party' is definitely going in. I've never really been satisfied with the 'House' series, but I know a lot of readers like it, so yes, that'll be in as well xx


de-lurking to say...yum yum yum
I can't wait. I'm so excited I can't even type!

my requests....dirty talkin' ones

luv ya

there'll be plenty of dirty talking in the Dirtyboy collection, I can promise ;)

I think it's safe to say the first 'two men and you' story that you wrote should be included, as that was the first time you attempted a mmf story for this site and it worked incredibly well :)
So just to show a little something of your various tastes ;)


Dearest Roger,
How is your weekend going ? just came by on Saturday the 29th to see what was new with you --

Would you be willing to add me to your links ?
(You are on mine, and I drool with anticipation when I am about to come cyber-visit...)

Thank you !

Loving Anne

'Mhmmm Yes I Love That'

Mystique - 'two men and you' is definitely going in, you'll be pleased to hear ;) xx

annie - I'd be very happy to add your link - and have indeed just done so xx

Hello Roger,
Just came out of lurking to let you know that I've posted a blog about reading (mostly) your blogs.

Also I definitely think that you should publish the 'photographing katie' pieces. Personally, I've dated a photographer and your words really gave another layer of depth to my experiences with him!
(not to mention my fantasies with you ;) )

Your devoted reader,
La Estrella

lady estrella - just about to head your way to read that post ;)
I wasn't going to include 'photographing katie', as it's such an old post and I haven't looked at it for a long time, though maybe I should reconsider - I might have to take a look at it and see if I can live with any clunky writing in there - yikes! Given that you've come out of lurking just to request it, though, it might be mean of me not to include it...

oh my.... a book. You know what I like, but I guess it can't be a whole book filled with 'you dirty girl' stories, now can it.

can it???

a sample or a treat of your voice?

You'll find my voice a little further down the archives - check out the audio interviews section... ;)

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