London 5:4 - Sophie and the film collector

Monday, August 27, 2007 at 5:59 PM

there's still plenty of time to enter the summer audio contest - the new deadline for entries is: 14th September 2007 - I'd very much love you to take part x Here's a little something to help inspire you, as we continue the fifth chapter of Sophie in London...

Sophie had anticipated some kind of plot to the movie, something to perhaps establish a context for what they were about to watch, but it was clear from the start that this wasn't something that interested Uncle James. As the film began, the tone of the piece was established immediately. A darkened bedroom, two girls on the bed together, already kissing each other sensually, just a hint of light illuminating them from one source, casting shadows across them, emphasising the curves of their bodies, their beauty and sensuality. Already it reminded Sophie of her own experiences, of her darkened bedroom with its single window, the place where she had watched so many girls together, performing for her pleasure. Such voyeurism was a constant ache inside her - the need to watch, to enjoy without necessarily being a full participant, to masturbate delightfully, perhaps only later joining them on the bed, when she could take no more.

Even before the girls began to undress each other on the screen, Sophie could feel herself becoming wet.

Uncle James was silent next to her, but she could already sense his arousal. She had asked to see one of his favourites, so it was inevitable that it would excite him. Sophie was more aware of his presence now than she had ever been before.

On the screen, it took little time for the girls to become naked. They were young - for Sophie's tastes a little too young, perhaps 18 or 19 - but she couldn't take her eyes away from their exquisite bodies, firm and toned, smooth and sleek, their curves capturing the light so gorgeously. And the way they moved together - this clearly wasn't the first time they had been so intimate. Hands were everywhere, touching, exploring, their lips greedy, kissing passionately, a little urgently, as they moved and writhed together onscreen. Sophie had never seen a movie like this before - she kept expecting the images to fade, or the camera to pan up to the curtains discreetly, but it remained on them, staying with them, watching as their fingers teased and stroked, their touch becoming more intimate as each minute passed, the camera lingering on firm young breasts, lips licking and sucking over and around deliciously erect nipples.

The scene kept running, showing no signs of ceasing, and the images were becoming more explicit, and intensely sexual. Ten minutes in, and one of the girls was now on her back, the other girl half draped across her, rubbing herself against her, her hand firmly between the other girl's open thighs. Sophie could hear how wet she was, her pulse racing as she watched fingers sliding eagerly over dripping wet pussy lips, parting them, slipping easily inside, a tremor of the girl's thighs indicating her pleasure. Delightful gasps and groans from both the girls filled the little cinema theatre, threatening to overwhelm Sophie's senses. Beside her, she was sure she could hear Uncle James breathing a little more heavily, but she didn't dare look. Sophie was intensely aroused now, a warm wetness pooling between her thighs, her clit pulsing all by itself, demanding attention.

The images on screen were becoming more urgent, the girl on her back being finger fucked deliciously, intimate little splashes accompanying each thrust between her wide open thighs, pushing the girl closer and closer to orgasm. Sophie couldn't take much more. She needed to leave, or she was going to end up doing something she might regret. But she couldn't leave - she had brought this upon herself, and getting up to leave now would end up causing a scene, and would embarrass Uncle James. More than anything, she couldn't bear to hurt his feelings in that way.

And more to the point, she didn't really want to leave. She could see why James liked this so much. There was nothing fake about this, and no discomfort from the girls, they were clearly thoroughly enjoying themselves, intensely aroused, almost unaware they were being filmed. The girl on her back was so wet - Sophie could see a small trickle of wetness dribbling down from her cunt, her gasps and groans becoming more urgent, ringing around the small theatre now.

Sophie needed to touch herself, needed it so much. The cinema was dark, but she couldn't be sure that James wouldn't see. But she was so damn wet. She was moving in her seat now - very very carefully, almost imperceptibly, doing her best not to give anything away, but she was swaying in time with them, desperately needing to be on the bed with them. She heard herself gasp with pleasure, biting her lip, wishing and hoping that Uncle James hadn't heard her. And god she needed to come so much.

Hoping James's attention was completely on the screen, she slowly crossed her thighs, continuing to watch, crossing her ankles too, her thighs locked together, squeezing them, trying not to move too much, clenching them together rhythmically, squeezing her buttocks, keeping up the rhythm. She had rarely tried this, but she was so wet, so aroused, her clit swollen, pulsing, throbbing... she felt herself gasp again, trying to stifle it... rocking a little in her seat now... it was making little creaking noises under her, but she couldn't stop herself, clenching her thighs tighter, rhythmically squeezing... god she was so close... her hands gripping the arms of the seat, desperately trying not to touch herself... and then the girl on the screen began to come... suddenly convulsing, arching from the bed as the other girl's hand thrust deep into her cunt... the girl screamed with pleasure, and it was all Sophie could take... one of her hands grabbing the arm of the seat, her other hand suddenly clasped her breast through her silk dress, and she began to come, feeling herself convulse, unable to stop it, suddenly groaning with intense pleasure, the sound of her orgasm echoing around the theatre, betraying her, shuddering as she came, smaller convulsions rippling through her, again and again.

As she regained her senses, still pulsing, still riding the orgasm, Sophie was suddenly aware of her Uncle James, now looking directly at her, intensely aroused...

to be continued...


hi rodger, i've missed you! i'm back but in a completely different headspace. pop over for a bit and let me know what you think whilst i catch up on sophie...

Wow, Roger... This is progressing so nicely. Now I have to go handle my own wetness ;-)

Thanks for the spanking!

so excited to see this update! very intense, just how i like it xx

lady r

jo - hope you enjoyed catching up ;) I'll wander across and see what you've been up to! xx

sexpot - the spanking was very much my pleasure ;) And yes, it's starting to warm up now - it'll get more intense as we go along from here, as ever ;) x

lady r - more updates to follow, later in the week - this one's fun to write ;) x

Mmmm dam those orgasms. They always betray our silence! Lovely piece of the story. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Mina - I'm glad you're enjoying it, and thankyou xx Lots more still to come ;)

Sophie must learn how to cum quietly - like you do - say at work, reading about Sophie - when you don't want anyone to know what you are doing in your office with paper thin walls...
oh my did I say that out loud ;-)

Nadine - mmmm... such a bad girl ;) but then, you know how much I love naughty girls ;) xx

This whole story is so hot and taboo (I know he's not here "real" uncle, but still...). Can't wait for more.

I've tagged you, btw. ;)


eve - yes, absolutely - that's why I wanted to spend so long setting this one up, to really emphasise the taboo nature of the story, and I'm glad that's coming through.
I'm often asked to write stories about taking a girl's virginity, or doing an 'older man teaches younger girl' kind of story, but neither of those have ever really interested me - I've always thought that if I wrote something along those lines, it needed to have a context that worked for me, that aroused me, as neither of those do.
What I especially like about this scenario is that Sophie (as we know) is very sexually experienced, and yet to her, this is still her 'Uncle' James - a man who's as close to being family as you could get, without actually stepping into the murky area of incest (which again, doesn't interest me). She's known him since she was a child, and I was interested to see what her reaction would be if thrown into a situation like this, where what she was experiencing was so overpoweringly sexual that she would have no choice but to succumb to her need.
The story is also, to a lesser extent, about unrequited lust, which we've all experienced. Sophie is frequently presented in these stories as a woman desired by most men, and I thought it would be interesting to make one of those men someone who had known her a very long time, someone who had fantasised about her since first setting eyes on her, but who had been forced to conceal that lust.
Those two things (taboo and lust) mkake for a really interesting sexual tension, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it plays out. I have an idea what's going to happen there in the little cinema theatre, but I don't know yet how Sophie will deal with it afterwards. Having said that, she's as cool as fuck lol (am I allowed to like my own characters that much? ah well! lol), so she'll find a way that works, I'm sure ;)

"am I allowed to like my own characters that much? ah well!"

Of course you are Roger - that's what makes your stories so magnificent - you do so obviously enjoy your characters! As do I.

I love how you are building the tension here between them, Roger !

You make me wet with everything you write.....

nadine - I do really love them yes - nothing but nice things are ever going to happen to Sophie and the artist ;)

annie - I think that tension is just about to explode - next part will be going up this weekend ;) xx

He Roger. Sorry for my absence. Thankyou for providing such a nice post to come back to ;-) x x x

Eponine - very much my pleasure - and there'll be more tomorrow ;) xx

Mmm, this was the perfect mix of voyeurism, lust and impeccable timing. How I've missed that. ;) xxx.

it's always such a delight to excite you, DLG ;) xxx

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