London 5:2 - Sophie and the film collector

Friday, August 17, 2007 at 11:47 PM

The new audio contest continues - I'm beginning to receive some delightful entries now, but there's still plenty of time to join in, and I very much hope you will xx

To help inspire you, here we go with part two of the latest Sophie chapter...


"I always love coming to see you, Uncle James," Sophie smiled, sipping at her wine, "and this house seems to grow a new wing each time I visit! It must cost you a fortune!"

"I can afford it, Sophie," James replied, taking another brief glimpse at Sophie's generously displayed cleavage as she looked admiringly around the room. Each time she moved, each time she turned, her body shifted gorgeously through the silk of the dress. James had very deliberately bought her one that would need to be worn without underwear. The dress was completely backless, and the deep plunge at the front almost reached her belly. Not many women could carry it off, but Sophie looked stunning. As much as James wanted to look at her, he knew he couldn't be seen to be lascivious - but as Sophie casually crossed her legs, opening up the generous slit up the side of the dress, revealing a hint of bare flesh at the top of her stockings, it was all James could do not to moan with delight. He focussed back on the conversation, trying to keep cool. "I've been lucky with my choice of investments. Musicals and gangstar movies, that's where the real money is."

"You never did tell me how you became involved in movie production, Uncle James," Sophie said, getting up from her chair, strolling around the softly lit study, looking at the lines of bookshelves, absent-mindedly perusing his book collection. James watched her again, feeling himself throb a little as she reached up to push a book back into place on an upper shelf, the silk drifting across her perfectly shaped derriere, displaying the exquisite curves and contours. The line of the dress was smooth over her bottom - she clearly wasn't wearing any panties. "I remember my father telling me that you used to collect them, that you had a basement full of old movies."

"I still do," he replied, clearing his throat a little nervously. "I have my contacts. Getting into the movie business is all about doing the right favours for the right people - it's very insular, you see, you have to be prepared to lose a few of your morals to get ahead."

"I know what you mean," Sophie smiled, turning back to face him, moving back to her seat. "So what sort of favours would you have done to get involved in so many good deals?"

"Nothing particularly shocking," he replied, taking another nervous glance at Sophie's breasts as she sat down again, leaning over to put her wine glass on the table. Each time she leaned forward like that, the flimsy red silk barely covering her breasts opened delightfully, exposing them gorgeously. James bit his lip, trying to ignore his growing erection. "I... have a large film collection. Sometimes I loan them out, it can make a difference to a deal."

"You loan films to other movie producers?" Sophie said. "Don't they have resources of their own?" She leaned back in her chair, crossing her legs again. One of her stockinged thighs was now completely uncovered by the dress, and an inch or two of bare flesh above the line of her stockings was generously exposed. Sophie wasn't deliberately teasing him, she adored the dress and felt good in it, but James was now fiecely erect, his arms folded casually across his lap to disguise it.

"Well..." James replied, looking away again, trying to think of something else other than fucking her urgently in front of the fireplace, "some of my films are a little more... specialised... I cater for certain tastes, you understand." His legs were crossed, and James felt sure his erection was sufficiently disguised, but his arousal and the wine were now colouring his speech - he was revealing more to her than he intended.

"Certain tastes...?" Sophie smiled. "Whatever do you mean, Uncle James?" She leaned forward again to pick up her glass. James felt his erection pulse again. He returned her smile, becoming a little more careless in his arousal.

"Oh, I think you know precisely what I mean, Sophie."

"Do you mean stag films?" she asked, rather surprised by this sudden revelation.

"That kind of thing," James replied, taking another sip of his own wine, wondering how much he should tell her, suddenly caught in his indiscretion. "There's quite a market for them in film circles, you understand. You'd be surprised just how many of these famous movie directors film a few extra reels from time to time, for their own amusement. The right piece of film to the right producer can cement a deal with a studio very quickly. I act as an agent from time to time, so I've got a pretty sizeable collection."

"And these films are... sexual in nature...?" Sophie asked. She had heard talk of stag movies at her cafe, but was never convinced they actually existed, beyond one or two old Victorian curiousities.

"Yes..." James replied, trying not to look at her, torn between the embarrassment of admitting his vice, whilst at the same time finding that discussing it with her was increasing his arousal. "They vary in content, of course - some are little more than you'd see in your Parisian theatres, a little bare flesh and shot fairly innocently. But yes, some are sexual in nature..."

*You have movies in your collection of people making love?" Sophie asked. "Actually engaging in sexual relations?" This was fascinating to her. She was obviously no stranger to the delights of sex, but it had never occurred to her to see James in this light. He clearly had his own secrets, just as she had hers, and she was delighted by the revelation, wanted to tease a little more out of him.

"I do indeed," James smiled. "You seem intrigued, Sophie."

"Well," she laughed, blushing slightly, "I've been known to enjoy a little voyeurism of my own, I'm certainly not judging you, Uncle James. I'm just a little surprised. I never really thought you had it in you."

"It's not something I tend to discuss," he smiled. "But you know I've always been honest with you, Sophie. You asked, and I answered."

Sophie thought for a moment, leaning over again to pick up her wine, taking another sip. James did his best not to look, but he felt sure that he had all but glimpsed her nipple that time. He kept his legs firmly crossed, feeling his erection pulse again deliciously.

"I was wondering..." she began.

"You were wondering if you could see one." he replied, smiling again. "it's okay, Sophie, it's a question I'm often asked."

"To be honest," she replied, smiling a little, coquettishly, "I was actually just wondering if you had a favourite."

James laughed, blushing a little. "Why yes, I do, Sophie. I have a small number that I like to watch from time to time. I lack female companionship, for the most part, and I find they... comfort me."

"I want you to play one of those for me," Sophie answered, finishing her glass. "Show me one of your favourites, Uncle James, I'd like that."

"I don't know, Sophie," he replied, finding himself blushing again, "you understand, this is not people acting..."

"I'd like to see one," Sophie said. "I've known you all these years, and I've never known of these interests of yours. It's a part of you, and I'd like to see. Please believe me, I won't be shocked." She smiled again, and James returned her smile, raising his eyebrow.

"If you insist, for you Sophie, anything," he replied. "Have I ever shown you my little private movie theatre in the east wing?"

to be continued...


Quite titillating. :-) You have my imagination going in delicious directions ... I'm a naughty girl and I want you see your favorite movie too, Uncle Roger. xxx

This is looking like it could become one of my favorites... xx

Lady R

sirenmoon - ha! I rather like being called Uncle Roger ;) xx

Lady R - hope it will be - part three will be appearing in a couple of days, I'm writing it as we speak... xx

Well it's taken me long enough but I'm finally upto date with the Sophie series. For some reason I kept overlooking it and just kept reading your other posts. But I have to say that I am now hooked. I have enjoyed several orgasms whilst reading ;-) Helped greatly by you putting the stories into full blocks. Thankyou Roger. I am now greatly anticipating the next installment x x x

I'm glad you've finally given it a go, Eponine - I think sometimes the Sophie stories can possibly be off-putting, as it takes time for them to get into the sex, and the plot meanders a little sometimes, and makes you wait. I'm very pleased to see that I've managed to convert you - there's some of my most intense and explicit erotica in these stories, and I wouldn't want you to miss out ;)
It's always a pleasure to know that I've made you come - hope the new story does the same - more due in a couple of days ;) xx

Ooooh, Roger ! I hope they're going to watch what I love to watch !!!

You are such a tease !

Hope you are having a good weekend --

Loving Annie

I'm having a lovely weekend, thankyou for asking xx
I know I'm a bit of a tease, but there's more coming in the middle of the week, so not long to wait ;) xx

What a splendid story thus far. . .I was just telling a friend how much more arousing and stimulating your eroticas are compared to actual porn. I love an exciting, realistic story line. . .

Mmmm. I love it, Roger! This could go in so many directions...

Can't wait to see what happens!

Lina - I always feel especially flattered when I'm recommended to a friend like this - thankyou, such a lovely thing to do - hope you enjoy the next chapter, coming very soon xxx

sexpot - I do like to keep you guessing ;) xx

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