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Tuesday, August 07, 2007 at 5:52 PM

hello you x

Sophie at the weekend, I promise - I'm still a bit behind due to other deadlines, but I'm getting there! In the meantime, are you up for a little audience participation? ;)

It's been almost a year since I held the last audio contest, so I thought it'd be fun to have a new one, as they always seem popular, and I always receive lots of gorgeous entries...

The Prize? Your very own, personal reading of a post from the site - you can make your own choice, though something long and intense would be fun, to make it worth your while - perhaps one of the longer chapters of London? An older Sophie post? Something else? It's your choice - but it'll be for you alone, a lovely long audio file of me reading for you, slowly, softly, breathlessly and seductively - saying your name, (or whatever name you choose to go by - no need to betray any intimacies here, this is just for fun). Hopefully it'll be something you can listen to again and again, something to make you come gorgeously.

How do you win this? All you have to do is to cum for me deliciously... if you read my site regularly, hopefully this is something you do most times you drop by - though this time, I want you to record yourself as you masturbate for me, all the way to delightful orgasm. This is obviously a very intimate request, and it's really only for the exhibitionists amongst you, those of you excited by the idea of me being the voyeur, listening to you, being aroused my you, reaching orgasm with you...

Any sound files you send to me will, as always, be kept in the strictest confidence, strictly for my ears alone - and there's no need for me to know who you are, feel free to enter under whatever name you use in the comments, it's entirely up to you. The prize is really just a token one - I'm hoping that you'll take part simply for the pleasure of being a bad girl for me - and it goes without saying that listening to you will make me cum intensely...

Does this sound like fun? I hope so! If you think you might be interested in taking part, read on...

how to enter: find yourself a few minutes of privacy, slip into bed (or at your desk - or outdoors - anywhere is fine), turn on your mic, and masturbate to delicious orgasm for me - you could maybe even read a few posts to get yourself in the right mood ;). It's very important that you say my name somewhere in the recording, so that I know you did it specially for me - just something like 'hello Roger' at the beginning will do - though you'll definitely score extra points if you gasp my name at the moment of orgasm ;)

how will I choose the winner?: I really have no idea! Every recording sent to me for previous contests made me cum gorgeously, so it's never an easy contest to judge. It might in the end come down to something I can't even explain, something that makes it perfect for me, I'm never sure.

The previous contest was won by P of Lust, one of my regular commenters, and it was her shyness, her demeanour that made her the winner for me - it was clearly a big deal for her to do it, something she'd never tried before, and it somehow made her entry that much more erotic. Though all entries are so different - one of my regular correspondents (hi Leanne!) sent me four different audios, each more intense than the last, and there were a lot of other very intense, very sexual audios sent to me. So I can never be sure which will win, it's just whatever feels right at the time. The previous contest was won by Lucy, who sent two very long, extraordinarily erotic sessions, very different from the other winner - so I never know what I'm looking for! This time, something short and delightful may win, or it might be a long one that does it for me - I just don't know.

My advice is to just do whatever feels good - if you're having fun, so will I! There can only be one winner, and I'm not going to play favourites - you have an equal chance of winning whether you're a brand new reader or a long time correspondent. If you're planning to enter, just do it for the fun of it, for the pleasure of making me cum - and then if you do win, hopefully it'll be a lovely bonus for you!

Some technical stuff:

I'd recommend using Audacity to record - it's free and you can download it here:

It works fine on my Windows XP laptop, and there's a Mac version too.

All you need to do:

1) plug in your mic
2) download, install and open Audacity
3) slip into bed (or wherever you like to play)
4) press the big 'record' button, lay back, and masturbate to a delightful orgasm for me, in whatever way you enjoy the most - no need for theatrics, no need to talk unless you want to, definitely no need for porn star moaning and groaning, just be yourself, do whatever you'd normally do - something honest, fun and intimate would be gorgeous x (and don't forget to say my name somewhere in the recording, so that I know it's you)
5) when you're all done, press the 'stop' button
6) select 'File>export as wav' and save it - it'll probably be a very big file
7) if it's smaller than 9MB, you can just email it to me directly
8) if it's larger than 9MB (and it probably will be) you can upload it here for me:

Please feel free to make the audio as long or as short as you please - there's no need to do anything special for me, no need to write anything or talk dirty to me (though if that arouses you, please go right ahead - whatever works for you), but please record for as long as you wish, and if you need to come more than once, that's fine too, multiple orgasm entries are definitely encouraged! What's most important is that you thoroughly enjoy it, and simply play however you would normally - that's always so very intimate for me, and a wonderful thing for me to receive x

Oh! The deadline for entries: 14th September 2007 - that gives you hopefully plenty of time...

and most importantly - have fun! I'll very much look forward to listening to you ;)

roger xx

P.S. If you have any technical difficulties, or need help with making a recording, or you're not sure how to do it, please feel free to email me and I'll help as best I can. And please, by all means, feel free to email me about this privately if you're interested in joining in, but you're maybe a little nervous or not sure what to do, and you don't want to have to ask out here in the comments - I'm very happy to talk about any details of this, and I always reply to personal emails. Anything you ask me will, as always, be kept strictly confidential (as is all my email) xx

*update* And the first entry arrived this morning... I'm not going to comment on it here (have already emailed my response privately), but you don't need to worry about being the first to send me something now - the contest has officially begun... ;)


This is so very tempting!! And I'm surprised I'm so tempted by this, since I'm very much not a "bad girl"! Look what you lead me to do.... ;)

OK, I'm off to gather up some extra boldness and guts that perhaps I didn't even know I had ;)

Such a naughty boy soliciting audios from your delightful readers. Perhaps I should enter as well? xxx

malna - I like to think that the prize is so rubbish (for which I apologise lol), that only those who think they'll have fun with this will take part. I definitely think there's fun to be had in a little disgraceful exhibitionism, and I absolutely love receiving the files - if you are tempted, I'm sure you'll have a good time ;) I'll look forward to hearing you ;) xx

DLG - it's true, I'm hopelessly naughty ;) And yes, absolutely, you should definitely enter ;) xxx

Oooh, how tempting. I might just have to figure how to do an audio.


sexpot - I'd be delighted if you would ;) xx
If you have a mic, then hopefully you'll be able to follow the guide on how to record yourself in my post - if you decide to give it a try, and you're struggling with technical stuff, drop me an email and I'll help out xx

oh my...

my mind is reeling.

gracie - I very much hope that means you're considering the idea - I'd be absolutely delighted if you were to enter the contest xx

I may have to head to Circuit City to buy a mike...

Don't spend too much, Nadine, just something cheap and cheerful, I don't want this costing you money x
But yes, I'd very much love to listen to you cum for me - hope you do decide to join in ;) xx

I got a lovely set of headphones with a I just have to wait until my house is empty. Roger you are a sweetie - but the cost is well worth hearing your voice speak to me...most definitely!

Nadine - mmm... then I very much look forward to hearing (and enjoying) the results - have fun, and don't feel you need to rush - the longer the file, the better ;) xx

at 24 I'm only now beginning to truly appreciate sex as more than a quick fuck and flight.
You words help awaken my fascination and get me all hot and bothered.
Thank you!
one day maybe i will bold enough to tell you my story.
till then bisous!

I'd certainly love to hear your story - and no need to be too bold, hopefully I'm not too scary ;)
Lovely to have you here, and there's no need to thank me, it's a pleasure to arouse you xx

Oh I sure do love you - you changed the deadline - I just got home from vacation (where I had no WIFI). Marvelous!

well, I couldn't have you spending money on a mic, only to miss the contest, that would have been very mean, I think xx

It's been far too long since my last visit. So much has been going on in my life. I am sad I missed this opportunity to send you a little something...a display of my affections...

I am back now...thank you for writing such delicious stories. I have missed you...and DLG too.


It has been far too long - I've missed you being around too. Hope you'll start dropping in more often, it's more fun when you're here ;)
And there doesn't need to be a contest going on for you to send me something disgraceful - I think you know I'd so very much love to hear you come for me... If you do decide to do something along those lines for me (and I very much hope you will), don't forget to say my name when you're about to come... I just adore that...
Lovely to see you back! xx

Well, Dear Roger, let me get moved and out of this prison and I will send you something...just because...


I'll very much look forward to it xx

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