two men and you - part three

Saturday, July 14, 2007 at 8:21 PM

I groan softly, knelt behind you, pushing my cock a little deeper into your dripping wet cunt - you can feel every inch of my hot, hard erection as I slip easily inside you, gasping with pleasure, pushing back onto me as my cock slides deeper, your sex squeezing around me as you feel my belly pressing against your ass, my cock throbbing gorgeously, so deep inside your cunt. As I slowly begin to fuck you, my hands gripping your hips, sliding my erection deliciously back and forth inside you, you take our lover's cock deeper into your mouth, sucking him greedily, your tongue swirling and lapping over and around his swollen penis.

He clearly can't believe his good fortune - laid on his back, his thighs spread wide open for you, his hips pumping back and forth as you suck on him lasciviously - his cock is so hot, so hard, pulsing on your tongue as he fucks your mouth, wanting you, needing you to suck him, needing you to make him cum. He glances up at me knelt behind you, his gaze wandering over my body, exploring every inch of me, wanting me as much as he wants you, groaning as he watches me thust harder and deeper into your cunt, feeling every thrust transferred to your mouth, breathing harder, his hands sliding through your hair, holding you there, his hips arching off the bed now with each thrust of his cock between your lips, fucking your mouth deliciously, already so close to his orgasm.

My fingers are still dripping wet from you. As I slide my cock deeper, you feel my wet fingers sliding over your asshole, getting it wet as my cock continues to fuck you. You groan gently, already knowing what I'm going to do, your senses whirling with the idea of it, already so full of cock, in your mouth, in your cunt, not knowing if you'll be able to take any more, not knowing if you'll be able to bear it, but wanting it all the same. Wanting your mouth, your cunt, your ass all filled. You lift your mouth from his erection for a moment, looking back at me.

"Use the vibe..." you breathe. "next to the bed... in the drawer..."

Your mouth engulfs his hard, pulsing cock again as I briefly slip out from inside you, a splash of warm wetness dripping slowly from your cunt. Getting off the bed, I open the drawer and find your vibe, kneeling back behind you, watching you for a moment as you greedily suck on his cock. Taking the vibrator in my hand, I slip it between your open thighs, sliding the head between your dripping wet pussy lips - I push it slowly, all the way inside your cunt, and you groan, pushing back onto it, squeezing around it, making it wet. I'm tempted to fuck you with it, just like that, to make you cum hot and wet all over the vibe, but I need to be inside you, I need to fuck you.

I pull the vibe from your cunt with a wet splash - you gasp for a moment at it's loss, but I'm immediately behind you, the swollen head of my throbbing erection slipping between the lips of your cunt - and I thrust, hard and deep, all the way inside you. You groan with pleasure, grabbing onto our lover's cock, stroking it now as you suck him, masturbating him deliciously. He's so close to cumming, trying to hold his orgasm back, watching my every move, knowing what I'm about to do, knowing that watching it is going to make him cum. As my cock sinks deeper inside your cunt, I slide the dripping wet head of the vibe to your asshole, and without waiting for you to be ready, I begin to slide the vibrator into your asshole, watching as it parts so easily around the head of the vibe, sliding it slowly inside you, hearing you groan over his cock as it pushes deeper, masturbating his hard, pulsing penis urgently with your hand now, lapping and sucking on his throbbing cock with each stroke.

He can't take much more - he can see me behind you, my hard cock deep in your cunt, my hand pushing the vibe deeper into your ass - he's fucking your mouth urgently now, so close to his orgasm.

"Fuckk..." he groans, "fuckkk... I don't think I can hold it back..."

You can feel his penis pulsing in your hand - you engulf his erection with your mouth again, feeling so filled now - his cock in your mouth, hard, hot, pulsing - my cock in your dripping wet cunt, fucking you now, thrusting deeper into you, throbbing hard, so close to my own orgasm - the vibe now sliding deep in your ass, my hand moving it in and out, fucking you with it - you know you're gonna cum, you know you can't hold it back.

I push the vibe deeper in your ass, fucking you hard with it now - you lift from his cock, crying out with pleasure, pushing back hard onto me as my cock pounds harder and deeper into your cunt - he groans urgently, watching your hand pumping up and down his wet cock, arching from the bed...

"ohhh fuckkk yes..." he groans, "ohhh fuck I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna fucking cum..."

"Cum for me..." you gasp, "don't hold it back... cum in my mouth... cum on my face..."

He cries out, almost growling with pleasure as your mouth slides back over his cock, sucking greedily - and he starts to cum... so fucking hard... his cum spurting into your mouth, hot and wet - it's all you can take - you push back onto me - onto my cock, onto the vibe, so fucking hard - suddenly pulling up from his spurting cock, screaming with pleasure as you start to cum intensely, your cunt pulsing and contracting around my throbbing penis, your body convulsing as you start to cum, his cock still in your hand, another hot spurt of his cum splashing up onto your face, and another, and another - and I'm so close too, holding onto my orgasm, holding my throbbing cock deep inside you, needing more, wanting more...

more to follow...


Well this certainly is getting flithy. Just the way I like it.

Now that I am soaking wet, I think that I have to go take care of something.

oh my... I'll need to read that one again...

Lady R

Oh my. Please, more...That is one of my hottest fantasies.

I need to go take care of something.


Very very nice Roger, and worth the wait..although I'm sensing a problem with myself.. the more I get the more I want...


miss belle - and it's going to get filthier ;) Hope you came for me delightfully x

lady R - so glad you liked it, and hope you enjoyed the re-read ;) x

sexpot - more to come, definitely, and such a pleasure to arouse you so gorgeously x

extraordinary woman - you really are a very greedy girl - I think you might be heading for a spanking ;) xx

oh Roger - very well done.
Now I'll be off to the shower to take care of this problem you always cause!

tasty and fuckable ;)

Can't wait for the MORE to follow!

Nadine - hope you had fun in the shower - next time, can I join you? ;) x

ena - why thankyou x you're rather tasty and fuckable yourself ;) x

lil-lolita - there's always more to follow, keep coming back ;)

Lovely. Perfect. Perfectly fucking hot.

Make it hurt. Just a little.


Mmmmm. I go away for a couple of weeks and what do I come back to? Something abosolutely delicious!! You wouldn't believe how wet I am ;-) x x x

eve - I'm so glad you liked it - though for you I'd have made it a little rougher, tugging you back hard by your hair as he came over your face, reminding you what a dirty little slut you are... though that, of course, is a completely different post... ;)

eponine - hope you had a fabulous holiday - you should have invited me! ;) And I think you know that I adore making you so wet... I very much want you to cum for me... xx can it get any better?*blink* can't believe how wet you make me...

please, keep going...don't stop... I need more...

Engla - I love making you so deliciously wet - you know, of course, that I want you to come for me... xx

Roger - my dear - you are always welcome in my shower...say the word!

Oh how I have missed you. xxx

Mmm, glad I found you.

Georgous photograph on your main page, btw. Is it random talent or a profession?! ;) we really have to wait ALL the way to saturday again???... can we have some midweek moistening, wednesday wickedness, some thursday thrilling? Please? please? please?


nadine - I'm putting the hot water on as we speak ;)

principles - and it's so lovely to have you back xx

k - I can't take any credit for the photograph, that's actually a photograph of the designer of my blog, Ubershique (my very good friend Margaret) - if you click on the link above my archives, it'll take you right to her website. And I'm glad you found me too ;) x

extraordinary woman - you appreciate you're practically begging for a spanking here... ;) x

oh, and k - I love your photographs - there's some gorgeous work there! x

i was bent over reading this.....and the fact that there's more confines to me to more wanking in bed


mmmm... bent over and ready for me - I like that, paige ;) x

woo hoo... BOB is so getting a workout tonight =D at this rate I think I may just wear his batteries right out, hee hee hee.
Oh and Roger you so know not only will I rectify this but I am so gorgeously for you. Thank you very much.


Ohhhhhhhh GOD I love your blog, Dirtyboy !!!!!!!!

I used to be Anne Elizabeth from Make My Cop Come last year...

Now I'm back as Loving Annie on
'Mhmmm Yes I Love That'

Please come visit me !

I'll be back here to visit when you update with another incrediblty sexy story !

Happy Saturday the 21st to you !

Babe - you're just going to have to remember to buy extra batteries when you're coming to visit me ;) I'm sure you know how much I love it when you come for me x

Anne Elizabeth - lovely to see you back! x I'll be dropping by to see what disgraceful things you're coming up with - even though you've clearly just commented to steal my readers, bad girl ;) x

Oh Roger - I don't want to be a brat but isn't it Saturday yet?
hint hint

I've been horrendously bust this weekernd so haven't had time to write yet, and am still hoping not to have to use an audience participation post, but bear with me - there'll be something up tomorrow, just don't know what it's going to be yet... x

bust? I meant busy lol

As long as you're not drowned in the masses of rain over there.

Roger, you darling man : if I've been a bad girl, perhaps you might need to give me a delicious spanking while you've got me on my hands an knees with your hard, hot and very talented cock deep inside of me, hmmmm ?

Happy Sunday to you !

Loving Annie

jane - it has indeed rained and rained and rained, I'm tiring of it - but thankfully no floods where I am. Where's summer?!

anne elizabeth - such a dirty little girl - you do deserve a good, hard spanking... though I don't think you'd consider it punishment, I think it'd just make you all the more wet as I fuck you... ;) x

Quite a powerful and very eroic set of posts. I think we'll now have to go looking for a handsome young thing we can take advantage of ;) xxx

I think you might be right ;) xxx

I cannot believe what I have missed!! and yes... DLG.. you are so right!!

Roger... well done... I'm oh so wet... but I must tell you... the hot wet bath ala vibe was pretty much this fantasy.... you read my dirty little mind!!


and it's such a pleasure to make you so wet - hope you're starting to catch up in the archives ;) x

mmm...mmmm...good. i have used this one at least 4 times and cum beautifully. i cant wait for the next part...aching...throbbing...hurry up please!

lady in waiting - four times? such a delightfully dirty girl ;)
I'm not sure I'll end up continuing this one, though there will be more mmf posts on the way - hopefully they'll arouse you just as intensely... x

game on

WHERE is part 4?????

Definitely my hottest fantasy and I am dying here for the double-cock scene... please? Pretty please? Sugar and kisses and whatever the hell else you want... ;)

JRM - I won't be returning to this one, but there's a new guy - guy - girl story coming up imminently ;) x

mmm.. you're forcing me to type one handed...

which is precisely the effect I like to have on you ;) x

mmmm yes this...this is what I need tonight....

typing one close...






thanks for

hopefully, that will tide me over for a bit ;)

ahhh... such a good girl, that's what I needed... god... I do so love it when you come for me, b... xx

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