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Sunday, July 29, 2007 at 11:23 PM

I'm slightly tied up with another writing deadline this weekend, so the new Sophie story won't start until later this week, but in the meantime, can I be a dirty capitalist and give a fresh plug for the audio version of the Sophie Paris stories?

If you click on the link to the left, you'll find the Leatherback Stories website, where you can download the audios directly, or if it's easier (and it might be), just go to the iTunes store and search for 'Paris erotica leatherback' - you should see the pink CD cover to the left come up in the search, and you can download in the normal way via iTunes. Though I make a little more if you download directly from the leatherback site, so if you do decide you're going to give the audios a try, go there if you can! It costs £5.95 here in the UK (very cheap! Not sure of the US price, though presumeably about the same), and I get a percentage for every sale, so if you've ever wanted to give me a little something back for all those orgasms, then here's your chance ;)

The current 'London' story will also be going to audio as soon as it's finished - I believe the first chapter or two have already been in the studios, so it shouldn't be long now...

This has been a short commercial break from your sponsor! ;)

roger xx


Happy Monday and anything for you, dearest Roger.

It is a small favor to ask in return for the arousing writing you so generously provide all year long to torment, tease and titillate our imaginations !

Will go there now and do so !

Loving Annie

I've always wanted to fuck a filthy capitalist pig...but since you are too far away I'll go and support your (and my) filthy habit...
anything for you dear,

Happy Monday! I love your writing!


Annie - thankyou! They're actually selling pretty well, but I like to plug them every so often, since it's always lovely to make a little extra money from my work. xx

nadine - actually, my favourite filthy habit is completely free, but thankyou anyway ;) xx

lolly - thankyou! I rather like your knickers ;) x

sexpot - honest, just this once it wasn't a tease lol, I really did have a horrendous deadline. Just made it under the wire too. Thankfully, that means there should be new Sophie this weekend...

Completely understandable, mon cher! Work (and subsequent paycheck) get in the way of my writing all the time...

:-) I hope it all went well.

Happy Wednesday Roger.
I just finished taking your little Quiz, and I got a 25. I'm not as Dirty as I thought, but at least I'm not boring. Haha.

Trying to get the Leatherback now, so, wish me luck. I need it badly. I'm always supportive of the filty pigs, and my habits.
I'll be back soon, (3rd shift is kicking my ass!)

There's something so deliciously forbidden about a smug capitalist.

sexpot - yep, I made the deadline just fine - which clears the way for some Sophie this weekend ;)

ramblings - oh, I don't know, 25 seems prety high to me ;)

lucie - hopefully I'm not too smug - probably more cheerful than smug ;) x

and what about the next part of the threesome?? ya know, Roger, you really are looking for some payback.. and I have an idea I'll be able to find a lady or two..or three.. to help me...gang up on you



Have you officially published anything yet?

If I purchased some audio pleasure and made you a rich man exactly how thankful would you be?

I am officially volunteering to be a member of the "payback team" - oh please!

extraordinary woman - I promise I'll be returning to the threesome, I just have an itch to write more Sophie - the next chapter has been in my head for a while, and I want to get it down. Though your payback idea sounds fun ;) xx

babara j - I have been published, but not erotica. I've often entertained the idea of producing a Dirtyboy book, a collection of the writing in here, but I haven't got around to doing anything about it. The Sophie stories will definitely be collected as a book at some point, if I can find a publisher who's interested.

lush - the audios will never make me rich lol, but the thought is nice - would you buy me a big house too? Could we have a french maid? ;)

nadine - I'm kinda hoping the payback team are all going to turn up at my place tonight, the more, the merrier ;) x

Roger I do believe if the "payback team" converged on your home, with naughty intentions, you might well be shocked. Can you acommodate all of us dear? With such an invitation - I may very well have to head to the airport!


After all the wonderfully hot and sensual enjoyment we get from your blog, you certainly have every right to give your recordings a plug! :-) I've been selfishly amassing quite a pile of wet panties here, so it's only fair that I correct the imbalance...

Sorry to hear of the deadlines breathing down your neck (my work is 100% deadline-based so I know that stress all too well). Don't work too hard - of course, it would be my pleasure to come over and, um, relax you... ;)


Since you asked so nicely...


PS. I didn't know you're published, Roger? May we read it? Or is it secret?

nadine - I can absolutely deal with whoever turns up, I have a very big bed, and you can always take turns ;)

malna - thankyou xx and yes, my job is very much based around deadlines, but I've been doing it a long time, so I'm used to it - though that's often why posting in here can be a bit erratic - the amount I post is usually in direct proportion to how busy I am work-wise. Though I like the sound of your relaxation suggestion ;)

christina - I've had a few things published here and there, but none of it is erotica. Sadly I can't mention or promote it in here, as I'd have to 'go public' with my identity, which I can't because of the nature of this blog. Maybe one day... xx

Hey, whatever happened to the 'you choose' posts? I thought for sure you'd have a rough one up...

Hello Roger, sadly missing you and doing all things to keep myself from going sex-starved.
Hoping work is going well.

anonymous - you'll find the 'you choose' rough sex right here;) :

hope you enjoy ;)

ramblings - there should be more Sophie at the weekend - thankfully other work is almost out of the way! Phew! lol

Too bad, I never understood why writing erotica has to be kept in the cellar like a horrible secret. Sad times.
I'd like to read whatever you come up with because you've got a good style.

I'll be back for the next Sophie instalment.

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