London 3 - Sophie takes three lovers

Sunday, April 15, 2007 at 7:32 PM

For those of you who like to read it all in one piece, here's the complete Chapter 3 of the latest Sophie story. Because the foursome is getting very lengthy (and there's at least one more part to come), I've decided to split it into two chapters. So this part deals with what our four lovers got up to in the hotel bar, and the forthcoming Chapter 4 will detail the foursome in their apartment - hope that makes sense! And away we go...


London 3 - Sophie takes three lovers
Following our pleasant dalliances together that afternoon in bed (not to mention Sophie's own adventure with the shop girl earlier that day), I had assumed that the evening would be spent quietly. It appeared, however, that Sophie's hunger had been aroused by her experiences that morning, and when she was in that kind of mood, it was always best to simply allow myself to be led by her. Consequently, it was only with a small amount of surprise that I discovered she had arranged another meeting with Henri and Kathryn that evening, at the Hotel Russell, close to our Russell Square apartments.

I'm aware that it may appear at times that Sophie (and, by association, your narrator) thought of nothing but sex, that we moved from one casual sexual liaison to another with little thought for anything else. It's difficult to offer an explanation for such behaviour unless you were living through the times. The adventures I've related so far took place only seventeen years after the Great War, and only four years before the Second World War, and though my memories from these times may well be influenced by a subsequent realisation that we were simply between the wars, there was... an indefinable something in the air in those days. Hitler had become the Fuhrer, and was building up his troops in direct defiance of the Versailles Treaty. Rumours were already circulating of increasing suppression in Germany, against Jews, homosexuals, intellectuals, and indeed anyone who disagreed with the sweeping reforms.

In the cafes of Paris, amongst our friends - the artists, the writers, the philosophers - many of whom were Jews, or homosexuals, or intellectuals - the remorseless rise of the Nazis was a regular topic of conversation. Some of our friends disappeared. Others told us horror stories in hushed tones. Many of us had also lost family and friends in the Great War. There was a sense that soon, something big was going to happen, and that it wasn't going to be good.

And so in Paris, we played whilst we could. We became hedonists, as we faced the end of the world. Little wonder, then, that Sophie treated our vacation in London as an excuse to taste new pleasures, to experience as much as she could. And I, of course, was more than happy to encourage her.

Our previous liaison with Henri and Kathryn had been purely voyeuristic, each couple watching the other, with no actual contact between us. Henri had proposed exchanging partners, and Sophie had used this suggested breaking of her established rules for the evening as an excuse to bring the night to a close. I knew, however, that this was simply her way. Rules were everything to Sophie, and setting such boundaries were part of the foreplay for her: working within these rules aroused her intensely. I knew from experience that the rules could be broken, but only by Sophie herself. They were her rules, and only she could decide to change them. Henri had been clearly briefed on those rules, and was presumptious to assume he could change her mind, to take advantage of her arousal to turn events his way. That was never going to be allowed, and he would need to understand this in subsequent encounters, or once again the night would end prematurely.

I was soon to learn, however, that on this occassion he was to be allowed precisely what he had desired. It was going to be an interesting and delightfully intense evening ahead...

Sophie and I had dinner in our apartments, and then dressed, Sophie choosing a delightful long silk evening dress which clung gorgeously to every possible curve, plunging almost indecently between her breasts. Underneath, she wore nothing. It was a clear statement of intent, and just seeing her in it aroused me. Following her lead, I decided to do without briefs underneath my trousers for the evening, guessing that easy access might well be a requirement. Sophie, naturally, approved my decision.

Henri and Kathryn were waiting for us in the bar as we arrived, as I'd guessed they would be. They were, of course, very new to the idea of sex with other partners, and were, quite naturally after the previous evening, very keen to explore their own limits further. Sophie and I had more experience in such matters, and arriving a little late gave us the upper hand. This alone, I knew, would stir Sophie's arousal.

Henri and Kathryn had chosen an intimate booth in a quiet corner of the bar - still in clear view of other parts of the room should anyone wish to make a point of observing us, but sufficiently tucked away in a corner to offer us a little privacy to discuss whatever we might. The couple had placed themselves in the middle of the curved leather seat which half-enclosed the table. As we stepped over to join them, Sophie smiling at them both, moving like a cat approaching her prey, Henri began to get up to make room for the two of us to sit together. Sophie merely smiled, motioned for him to take his seat again, and we took our places either side of them - Sophie sitting next to Henri, as I made myself comfortable next to Kathryn. As we took our seats, I smiled at Kathryn warmly, and she blushed delightfully. Sophie smiled secretly across to me for a moment, moving herself almost indecently close to Henri, and we ordered our drinks.

Conversation flowed easily and charmingly there in our corner of the bar. Sophie had quite deliberately not shared with me any plans she might have for the evening, preferring to leave it as a surprise, though I was familiar enough with her various stages of arousal to know that she fully intended to take our friends to bed again this evening. I could see it in her eyes, in her demeanour, though it was subtle enough that Henri and Kathryn would have little clue.

I could also clearly see that they, too, were hoping this night would end up in the bedroom - there was an edge to their behaviour, a slight nervousness, an unspoken heat in the air. Small details gave away their desires - Henri's gaze drifting over Sophie's contours, so delectably picked out underneath the sheer silk of her dress. Kathryn's fingertips playing with the stem of her wine glass, caressing it, her face slightly flushed. I feel sure that I also exhibited such outward signs of arousal - certainly, I was very aroused, anticipating the pleasures to come. Sophie, as ever, simply smiled and watched and flirted delightfully, knowing precisely what she wanted, patient enough to take her time and enjoy the moment. I envied her that outward composure. I was already regretting my decision not to wear any undergarment - my penis was constantly threatening to betray me.

As ever, Sophie was the first to move things a little further. We had been talking about the couple's recent trip to Geneva, with Kathryn describing the beauty of the Swiss landscape, when out of nowhere, Henri uttered a small, trembling sigh. Sophie was still sat closely next to him, merely smiling and listening intently, and Kathryn continued her story, only pausing for a moment, looking at him quizically, and continuing. Another minute or so, and a further small gasp - Kathryn and I both glanced towards him, and he was clearly flushed, a small bead of sweat on his forehead. Sophie was smiling, cat-like, next to him, her right hand gracefully lifting her wine glass to her lips, taking a sip, waiting for Kathryn to continue, but her left hand... I noticed for the first time that it was no longer in view, her left arm by her side, her hand out of view under the table. I smiled at her, noticing just the faintest hint of movement in her arm, a small, rhythmic motion. Henri, next to her, was clearly aroused, his temperature rising, breathing a little harder, the rhythm of his breath matching the slight motion in her arm.

"Henri...?" Kathryn began.

"I'm fine, Kathryn..." he breathed, "please, continue with your... ohhhh...

Kathryn's gaze now traced down Sophie's arm, noticing the same rhythm that I'd spotted moments earlier, her face flushing with the realisation. She looked at Sophie, her emotions suddenly uncertain.

"Are you... are you touching my husband...?"

"Why yes, I am," Sophie smiled. "Though he does seem to be enjoying it...". Kathryn seemed unsure how to take this, and Sophie noticed, the movement of her arm pausing for a moment. "Forgive me," she smiled, "I can stop if you wish... however if we are to continue this at our apartment later, such intimacy may well escalate. If you're uncomfortable with that..."

Kathryn blushed a little in response, but returned the smile. "Not at all," she replied, "I was simply unprepared for your boldness. Please continue, it was merely a little jealousy".

"Then I suggest you put those feelings behind you," Sophie replied, smiling at Kathryn warmly, "and perhaps give my lover the same attention. I'm sure he'd appreciate it..."

"I most certainly would," I replied, feeling myself already begin to harden at the idea.

Kathryn blushed again, turning to me and smiling sweetly, then glancing around the bar. "But we'll be seen," she said, her voice almost a whisper, "this is a public place..."

"You're sat right across from me," Sophie responded, smiling again mischievously. "I've been touching your husband for over five minutes, and you've only just noticed. Live a little." And she smiled again, the slight motion of her arm recommencing, accompanied by another soft gasp from Henri. Kathryn took another look around - no-one in the bar was paying any attention to us - and as she continued to look around, as subtly as she could, I suddenly felt her hand on my thigh, glancing down to see her fingers nervously unbuttoning my trousers, feeling my heart beating faster as she slipped her hand inside, her warm fingertips finding my already lengthening cock, taking gentle hold, and beginning to stroke me slowly and teasingly.

It felt delicious. I looked over to Sophie, and she smiled at me warmly. My cock throbbed gorgeously in response...

Henri was breathing a little harder, attempting to keep himself composed as best he could, still very aware that we were by no means alone in the hotel bar, occassionally glancing over to the other side of the room, making certain no-one could see what was happening. Sophie simply smiled casually, continuing to make polite conversation with Kathryn, as her hand slid deftly up and down his erect cock, now jutting disgracefully from his open trousers, hidden only by the edge of the table at which we were sat. Opposite them, I was in a similar position, Kathryn's hand now firmly wrapped around my straining erection, masturbating me slowly as she watched Sophie caressing her husband's cock.

"You seem to have his attention," Sophie said, smiling at Kathryn playfully, "I've never seen him this quiet."

"He's very hard," Kathryn replied, still blushing a little.

"As is your husband," Sophie replied. "Does he always throb so delightfully?"

"If particularly aroused..." Kathryn replied, the motion of her hand increasing a little around my cock, her own excitement increasing.

"He certainly seems extraordinarily aroused," smiled Sophie, another small gasp coming from Henri as her own rhythm increased, though retaining her own composed demeanour, careful not to attract attention from the people at the bar. "Your husband, if you don't mind me saying so, has a particularly sizeable appendage. I can barely keep it hidden beneath the table."

Kathryn's own breathing was increasing, the rhythm of her hand more rapid along my cock, stroking me harder. The situation was clearly arousing her. I thought about touching her, slipping my hand between her thighs, but I wasn't sure she'd be able to keep her composure, we'd be sure to be seen. As it was, I was already nearing my own orgasm, far quicker than usual, the chance of us being discovered intensifying my own arousal.

"We should stop..." Kathryn whispered, "we'll surely be seen." Her hand, however, showed no signs of stopping. Small wet sounds now accompanied the rhythm of her fingers along my erection - I could feel myself already getting close.

"Your husband is pulsing in my hand," Sophie replied, smiling again, her own hand moving a little faster and harder along Henri's cock, "I think we're far beyond the point of stopping. No-one is looking."

Kathryn glanced down at my erection in her hand, stroking it a little more urgently, breathing a little harder. "But I think he's going to come in my hand..."

"I am..." I gasped, "please don't stop...". My cock was throbbing hard now, pulsing in rhythm with Kathryn's fingers.

Henri glanced at his wife, intensely aroused by her behaviour, so close to his own orgasm. "I don't think I can hold it back..." he breathed, looking quickly around the room. "No-one is looking... god... if I'm to come it must be now..."

"Such a greedy man..." Sophie smiled. She looked around the room quickly. "Oh dear, I seem to have dropped something under the table..."

Kathryn watched, astonished, as Sophie quickly slipped down from her seat, sliding under the table. Moments later, Henri gasped, both of his hands disappearing under the table, gripping her hair as her mouth engulfed his cock. I could see him jerking a little in his seat, trying not to move too much, not wanting to attract attention, but still clearly thrusting his hard cock between Sophie's lips, fucking her mouth eagerly. It was more than he could bear. A couple of long, urgent breaths, and his body went rigid, his face flushing, arching a little from the seat as his spunk began to pour into Sophie's mouth, again and again and again. "I'm cumming..." he breathed, "fuckkk... I'm cumming in her mouth..."

It was all I could take. My cock pulsed hard in Kathryn's hand, Henri's orgasm bringing on my own, feeling my cum start to pulse along the length of my throbbing penis. I gasped, stifling my orgasm as best I could. "I'm there..." I groaned, "fuck I'm there... now..."

Kathryn glanced down again at my cock in her hand, breathing intensely as she watched a thick spurt of cum pouring from the swollen head of my cock, splashing onto her hand, followed by another spurt, and another, dripping from her fingers as it pulsed from my cock.

As our orgasms subsided, Sophie reappeared from under the table, smiling contendedly, a small trail of cum dripping down her chin, Henri nervously buttoning himself up, his face flushed, checking around the room. I did the same, watching as Kathryn withdrew her hand, my cum coating her fingers. "I need a handkerchief..." she whispered.

"I think you'll just have to lick it off your fingers," Sophie smiled, her fingertip scooping up the cum smeared on her chin, lapping it up discreetly with her tongue.Kathryn looked nervously around again, checking that she wasn't being observed, and lifted her wet hand to her mouth, blushing again as she licked the warm cum from her fingers, not missing a drop.

Sophie watched, taking a sip of her wine, checking the front of her dress for any accidental drops. "I think, perhaps," she smiled, "that we should go to our apartments for a nightcap..."

to be continued...


Oh I do love having it all at once. :)


and so do I ;)

yummy, I love sophie! she is such a sexy little kitten, meow meow,

She most certainly is - I'm rather fond of her myself ;) xx

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