At the party (collected and revised)

Monday, April 23, 2007 at 9:00 PM

This is (sort of) a repost, though very heavily revised here - it's cropped up regularly as a favourite in the questionnaires I've received, so I've finally decided to get around to collecting it as one long piece (it's previously been a four-parter, buried in the archives), and I've taken the liberty to rewrite large sections of it, and hopefully make it a little more intense for you - a remix, if you like, to make it a little hotter, and to make it new again. So if you've never read it before, I hope you like it - and if you have read it before, I think you might find it's now somewhat more filthy and intense... ;)
And if you want to let me know which are your favourite posts, why not go fill in the questionnaire here - give it a go, you might have fun with it ;)

You're at a fabulous party being held by an acquaintance - it's a big house, just the right size for a good party, with maybe fifty or sixty people here, none of whom you know very well. Some of them are couples, there's a few single people, and there are plenty others just like you, looking for a fun night out away from partners. It's a chance to have a dance or three to some good music, meet some new people, drink a little too much alcohol, flirt a lot more than you really should, and let your hair down for the night, knowing that there's no-one who knows you to see you misbehave. As usual at such parties, most of the guests are divided between the kitchen, where most of the booze and the food are situated, and the room where the music is playing, currently filled with twenty or thirty people having fun on the dancefloor.

You've been looking at me all night, smiling at me when you catch my eye, being a little bolder than you might normally be - you're on your own tonight, you've had just the right amount to drink, and you know you'd find it very easy to give in to temptation. You don't usually behave badly at parties, but tonight, despite yourself, you're in the mood to have fun - or at least flirt a little - and at the moment you can't seem to take your eyes off me, watching the way I move, fascinated by me as you watch me talking to my friends, your gaze roaming around my body, liking what you see, wanting to get a little closer, suddenly wondering just how I'd taste...

I haven't missed the way you're looking at me, returning the look, loving the way you're dressed: your short skirt showing off your long legs, your tight top curving temptingly around your soft breasts... and before long we're talking in the kitchen, flirting, smiling and drinking beer, dancing to a couple of songs... and when a slow tune comes on, we move in close together and sway dreamily to the music, our bodies pressed close, arms wrapped around each other. When I brush your hair from your face and lean in gently for a kiss, you respond easily, kissing me long and slow, our lips sliding deliciously together, smooching on the dancefloor, letting the rhythm of the music guide our bodies, moving against each other teasingly, each of us feeling the heat, the sensuality, of that first taste of each other's lips. As we move together, you feel my body pressing closer to yours, my hands gently drifting over your body, the rhythm of the music increasing your arousal, already wanting me, each touch, each gentle caress, turning you on more and more...

When the song ends, and the music moves to a faster tempo, I suggest we move to the sitting room, halfway between the music room and the kitchen, to relax and talk for a while, taking you gently by the hand, stopping off at the kitchen first to pick up a bottle of wine.

We don't talk for long, of course - sat together on the large, comfortable sofa, the lighting low, despite the presence of a young couple kissing and talking quietly in the other corner of the room, we kiss each other again, more sensually this time, our lips sliding together, my tongue slipping into your mouth, tasting you, my fingers running through your hair softly, as the kiss becomes more passionate.

Hardly aware of it happening, you find yourself laying back in the sofa, your arm pulling me in closer, my body now half across yours as we kiss more sensually. Your thighs are draped across my lap, and as you run your fingers through my hair, you feel my hand sliding slowly and teasingly up the inside of your thigh, working my way up, stroking your thigh softly as we kiss. Forgetting where you are, your arousal increasing, you can't help opening your thighs a little - my hand slips further up, my fingers brushing slowly and teasingly along the inside of your thigh, my tongue slipping into your mouth again, as my fingers reach your panties...

You hear a whisper from the other corner of the room, and a quiet giggle, suddenly remembering we're not alone, suddenly aware of what you're doing, breaking the kiss for a moment, your fingers sliding around my wrist, stopping me from going further.

"No..." you whisper, "don't... there's other people here...". You can't believe you lost your inhibitions so easily... but already you know you'd fall again, easily, if I leaned in for another kiss...

"They're not watching..." I smile, "just lay back and enjoy this...". I kiss you again, slowly and sensually, my hand sliding back up between your legs, under your skirt, my fingers tracing their way up to the crotch of your panties. You're certain we're being watched, but already you feel yourself melting again, sliding your tongue against mine as we kiss deliciously, your heart beating a little faster as you feel my fingertips brushing across the crotch of your panties. You need to stop this - you're so turned on, but there are people here, another couple that you know are watching... you don't want to be touched in front of strangers, it's not the kind of thing you do... you slide your hand down to my wrist again, making a half-hearted show of discouraging me, but my fingertips are rubbing between your legs now, gently but firmly, round and round, caressing you - it feels so damn good, you're so turned on... you can feel that your skirt has been tugged all the way up - you're sure now that if the couple across the room really are watching, they'll now have a clear view of everything I'm doing to you... you need to stop me... if only I'd take you to a bedroom or something... but god it feels so good...

You kiss me again, hungrily, losing control a little, and I tug your skirt slowly up around your waist, drifting my hand up to the waist of your panties, teasingly sliding my hand down inside, drifting down past your soft pubic hair, my fingers finding your clit, rubbing it gently and rhythmically... you groan softly in response, opening your thighs a little wider. My lips work their way down to your neck, my fingers still caressing your clit, over and around, teasing you, stroking you, feeling you moving against my hand a little, slipping my fingers further down... down to your sex...

You're so wet now - you gasp as you feel me bite along your neck, opening your thighs further, as you feel my fingers sliding slowly down to your cunt. You tremble visibly, gasping again as you feel my fingertips parting your labia, stroking you softly, dipping into your wetness... caressing you, your slick juices pouring along my fingertips... sliding them back up to your clit, stroking you again, harder this time... and you groan in response, wanting more...

You hear a gentle gasp from the other corner of the room - a female gasp - you're certain they're watching now. You're not sure you want this, to be touched in full view like this, to be watched - you wriggle underneath me again, half-heartedly, trying to escape the gentle, insistent pressure of my finger, still not entirely sure that you really want to.

"ohhh god... no... please... god... please don't... not here..." You can hear footsteps walking along the hallway past the room now, passing back and forth from the kitchen - this is too public... you struggle again: "No... please... I don't think I can do this... unnhhh... ohhh fuck.... fuck that's good...". I ignore your gentle protests, my fingers slipping back down, all the way down the inside of your panties, sliding between the lips of your dripping wet sex, pushing two fingers inside you, and you groan again: "uunnhhhh.... ohhhh god...."

You tremble again, nervous and incredibly aroused, all at the same time - I push my fingers deeper, my thumb now caressing your clit, and you shudder deliciously, trying to hold back your arousal, trying to get yourself under control... but you need this so much... a small stream of your wetness slowly dribbles from your cunt, dripping gently down between your thighs...

You're getting so wet now... my fingers are still down inside your panties, slipping deliciously in and out of your cunt, and you can feel your wetness dribbling from your sex, drenching the crotch of your knickers - your skirt still tugged all the way up around your waist. If the couple at the other corner of the room are watching (and you feel sure they must be), they'll be able to see clearly how wet you are, the crotch of your panties virtually dripping wet as I stroke you deliciously... rhythmically... urgently...

Your head is still whirling with conflicting emotions - you're so turned on now, your body alive with sexual arousal, needing to be touched, needing to be stroked, needing to be fucked - and you want me to fuck you so much - god you want to be fucked... but why does it have to be here, like this, where anyone might see you? If only I'd just take you upstairs, find a room, somewhere more private...

...and yet you know you could stop me if you really wanted to... I'm not holding you down... not forcing you... you could stop this right now and make me take you upstairs... and ohhh god it feels so good... and you don't want it to stop... something about this is exciting you even more intensely... the idea of being watched... of being discovered like this... your thighs wide open, your skirt up around your waist, your panties soaked, my fingers fucking you slowly, teasingly... you feel me push my fingers deeper, suddenly, and you feel a sudden gush of your wetness from your cunt... drenching the crotch of your panties... unable to stop yourself groaning with pleasure, your back arching in response, pushing yourself down onto my fingers... you hear another gasp from the other side of the room - the young man this time... and this time you can hear wet sounds... rhythmic and wet... lapping and slurping... is she sucking him...? Is she sucking his cock? god... you should stop this right now... they're watching you, getting off on it... you know they are... and someone else could come in at any moment... someone who maybe knows you... what would they think? But you can't stop it... something in your body won't let you stop it...

My hand slips momentarily out of your panties as I lean over and kiss you again sensually - for a moment you think I'm going to stop, maybe give in and take you somewhere more private - but as my lips slide sensuously across yours, you feel my fingers sliding down to your waist, taking hold of your top, tugging it up, exposing your belly... pulling it up further... you panic for a moment... you're not wearing a bra, he can't do this... but I kiss you again, a deep, sexual kiss, my tongue caressing yours, and you melt again, arching your back, letting me tug the top up further... damn it, you don't care... you sit up on my lap for a moment, kissing me again, and then pull the top off over your head, dropping it to the floor, leaving you naked from the waist up...

It's a final surrender - you no longer care if we're watched - if anything, the idea is intensifying your arousal... and I'm breathing more heavily now - you can feel my cock pressing against your thighs as you sit across my lap, swollen and erect in my pants, needing you - I slide my hands up your body, up to your naked breasts... cupping them, squeezing and caressing... my fingertips brushing over and around your hardening nipples... god you need this so much... you need to be fucked, right here, right now... I lay you back again, still draped across my lap, my hand sliding back down towards your crotch, bending over you, kissing my way down your neck, over your breasts, sliding my tongue over and around an erect nipple, taking it into my mouth, licking, sucking greedily... you gasp with pleasure, arching your back again, as my hand slips back down inside your drenched panties, finding your dripping wet sex, slipping two fingers back inside you, my lips and tongue caressing your nipples.

You can't take much more of this - you need to be fucked, or you're going to come too soon... you hear another gasp from the other side of the room... something that sounds like "ohh fuck yes..." - you need to touch me... you need to touch my cock... as I continue to caress you, you slide your hand down to my crotch - and suddenly you're there - you can feel how hard I am through my jeans... my cock huge and erect, needing to be stroked. Your fingers tremble as you unfasten the button, tugging down the zip, gasping again as the rhythm of my fingers increases in your cunt, fucking you with my fingers as your hand slips down inside my jeans, sliding into my lycra boxers, finding my warm, hard cock. I gasp at your first touch, and you take hold of me, tugging my erection out, unable to see it yet, but you can feel it, long and warm and hard, throbbing now in your hand as you begin to stroke me, sliding your hand up and down in rhythm with my own fingers, pushing deeper inside you...

"god..." you gasp, "fuck me... ohh god I want you to fuck me... please..."

I glance across the room - the other young couple are definitely watching us now, the man sitting back in the sofa, his trousers unzipped and open, the girl knelt between his open thighs, sucking and stroking his erect penis, slipping her mouth up from his cock every few seconds to watch what we're doing, then taking him back into her mouth, caressing his erection deliciously with her lips and tongue, one of her hands holding him erect, the other hand down between her thighs, down inside her panties, rubbing and stroking, masturbating rhythmically. As she continues to suck him, his gaze glides over your half naked body, watching you arch and writhe across my lap, watching the movement of your bare breasts, watching my hand pushed down the front of your drenched panties, looking down between your legs, your thighs spread wide open now, exposed deliciously to his view as I fuck you with my fingers.

You still haven't seen any of this, but you can hear the sounds of her lips and tongue working up and down his erection... you can hear his gasps as she sucks him... the four of us are feeding off each other now, not caring that we're being watched, getting off on it. Your fingers are sliding up and down my warm erection now, masturbating me as I slide my fingers in and out of your cunt, spreading the wetness up to your clit, rubbing deliciously, round and round... taking you further to the edge... getting so close to your orgasm...

You groan again: "ohhh god please fuck me... I can't take any more... put your cock inside me..."

I'm very erect now, my cock throbbing deliciously as you stroke me rhythmically... I slide out from under you, pushing you over to your side on the sofa, so that you're facing the other couple... sliding behind you, my body spooning around yours... tugging my jeans and boxers down my thighs... lifting your skirt up at the back... taking hold of your wet panties and pulling them all the way down your thighs, tugging them past your ankles and pulling them off, dropping them to the carpet. You're practically naked now... I pull your skirt up roughly around your waist, exposing your bottom to me, and I press close behind you... both of us facing the couple across the room now... you can feel my body pressed against yours from behind... my bare thighs nudging between yours... my hands sliding around your body from behind... cupping your naked breasts... moving against you rhythmically now... my erection sliding between your buttocks... slipping up and down between them... rubbing myself against you...

For the first time you can now see the other couple - the girl's hand is working frantically now, stroking the young man's cock... her mouth engulfing him, sliding up and down, sucking him greedily... he looks right at you... he's clearly very close to orgasm, sweat dripping down his forehead, watching you push back against me... he's breathing so hard, right on the edge of orgasm, holding it back a little longer... you know what he wants.. he wants to see me fucking you... he wants to cum watching that... wants to spurt his hot spunk all over his girlfriend's face, watching you, wanting you... and you need to see that too... you need to see him cum for you...

You can't take much more of this - you reach down between your thighs, reaching through to take hold of my cock... stroking it again as I bite your neck from behind... my hands squeezing and caressing your breasts... your nipples... I groan as you stroke me, and you press back, guiding the tip of my cock down to your cunt... wriggling against me to get it into position - and ohh god suddenly it's there... you can feel the head of my cock pushing into you... the dripping wet lips of your cunt begin to part around my erection, sliding over it so easily, and I push inside you... sliding my penis into your cunt, your wetness pouring down the length of my cock as I start to penetrate you... sliding deeper... filling you... and you groan in response, pressing back against me... feeling my erect penis thrusting deeper into your cunt... your body trembling as you start to move against me...

You know you can't take much of this... you're so close to orgasm already. You look across the room again - the couple are both watching us now, the girl sat up on the floor, one hand down between her open thighs, masturbating urgently, the other hand stroking the man's cock - he's clearly very close to orgasm now - god you need to cum... fuck... you need to cum all over my cock... my hard, thrusting, pounding cock... you want to cum as he watches you... you want to see him cum... want to see his spunk spurting from his penis...

I thrust harder into your cunt, and you groan deliciously, pushing back onto my cock... our movements increasing... my erection thrusting deeper and harder... my belly slapping against your bum with each thrust - I push deeper now, fucking you harder... more urgent now... you gasp with pleasure, your body trembling, grinding back onto my throbbing cock... wet sounds splashing from your cunt as it slips and slides along the length of my erection... you're so fucking wet, so close now... the guy watching you can't take much more... you hear him groan: "ohhh fuckkk..." - the girl can see he's about to come, stroking her fingers harder and faster up and down his erection... sliding her tongue around the swollen head of his penis... it's such an intense sight... you gasp, your body trembling now, your cunt gushing along my thrusting penis, groaning intensely... you're gonna cum, you can't stop it... the guy sees you right on the edge of orgasm... it's all he can take... he groans again: "unnhhh grabbing onto the girl's hair... and suddenly he starts to cum, so fucking hard... you see a long string of semen spurting from his cock, splashing up onto the girls face... followed by another spurt... and another... pouring over her lips... her mouth... and god you can't take any more... your body begins to convulse... your cunt squeezing and contracting, pulsing intensely around my cock... and you cry out : "ohhh fuck... ohhhh god yessss..... ohh god i'm cominngggggg.." - your wetness starts to gush along my penis... I groan, sliding deeper... harder... your body bucking against me as wave after wave of orgasm pulsates from your cunt... over and over and over...

I can't take much more - somehow holding back my own climax, still deep and hard inside you, so fucking erect, needing to cum... I roll you onto your belly, pulling you up onto all fours... gripping your hips, pushing your head down onto the sofa... thrusting my cock hard and deep into your cunt from behind... your orgasm still pulsing through your body as I thrust... and thrust... fucking you hard now from behind... you can hear voices now passing the door: "Ohh god... look, someone's having sex in there.... fucking hell... god I need to see this..." - you want to stop, but you can't... you don't care who sees you now... feeling my cock pounding into your dripping wet cunt... harder and harder... knowing you're gonna cum again... knowing you can't stop it...

Another couple is at the doorway now, behind you - you can hear them but you can't see them - you can hear the fumbling and rustling of clothes being tugged and pulled aside... the sound of a zip being quickly pulled down... more sliding and moving against the wall... and then a groan, a female groan, greedy and wanting... followed by more urgent gasps... wet sounds... a rhythmic thumping now against the wall... thump, thump, thump, thump - god they're fucking... ohh god they're fucking each other against the wall... and they're watching you... watching you being fucked by me.... being fucked hard from behind... ohh god it feels so fucking good... my cock thrusting again and again into your dripping wet cunt... ohh god... ohh god you can't take much more...

I'm thrusting deeper inside you now, so erect, so fucking close to cumming - it feels so good... so wet... your cunt squeezing hard around my cock... ohh god... and I'm not sure how much more of this I can take - I know I'm gonna cum... my belly is slapping hard against your ass with each long thrust of my cock... so deep... so hard... your cunt sucking wetly around my cock... god so good... leaning over you, my hands cupping your breasts, squeezing hard as I fuck you, urgently....

You're right on the edge of another orgasm... feeling my cock thrusting and pounding harder and deeper into your cunt... your wetness splashing around my erection... pouring down my cock with each thrust... pushing back onto me... sucking and squeezing around my throbbing penis... needing me to cum... wanting me to cum...

I'm groaning now... you can feel my cock pulsing in your cunt... pulsing and throbbing as I fuck you harder... harder... I'm so close to orgasm, trying to hold it back... you hear the young girl opposite you, groaning intensely: "ohhh jeesus... ohhh fuckk I'm gonna cum..." - you look up towards her as I fuck you... she's masturbating frantically, her face still wet with the guy's cum... a trail of spunk dribbling down onto her bare breasts... her fingers rubbing urgently between her thighs... her gaze fixed on you, watching you being fucked... intense lust in her eyes - and ohhh god... ohh god she's starting to cum - groaning with pleasure - her juices dripping down her fingers - shuddering and convulsing as she cums, hard... screaming with her orgasm... screaming with pleasure... and you can't hold it back any longer... you feel your orgasm begin to surge... you can't stop it now... ohhh god you can't stop... FUCK yes... you cry out: "ohhhh fuckk... oohhhhh GOD yess... ohhhh god I'm cominngg... I'M COMINNNGGGGG... UUNNNNNNNHHHHHHH!" - you convulse intensely, your cunt pulsating around my cock, a splash of your wetness streaming down my thrusting erection... orgasm exploding through your body... again... again... again...

I can't hold it back any longer... your cunt is streaming down my cock... your sex engulfing my penis as you come... I groan with pleasure... my cock pulsating so fucking hard... you can feel it swelling... throbbing... I groan again: "unnnhhhh fuckkk I'm gonna cum..." - it's all you can take... and ohhh god you're cumming again... so fucking hard... pulsing waves of sexual pleasure... you scream with intense orgasm... and I start to cum, intense and hard... crying out your name... my cock pulsing and pulsing and pulsing... my cum spurting from my penis... splashing from my cock... filling you... filling your cunt... again and again... spurting deep inside you... my spunk streaming from your sex as you cum hard and wet around my orgasming cock...

...until we collapse together... spent... dripping with sweat... my cock still pulsing inside you... the sofa drenched from our cum... your sex still squeezing around my cock, trembling deliciously... looking around the room from underneath me... hearing the couple fucking urgently at the doorway, so close to orgasm...

knowing that you neeed more...


Well and wow!

I think this is one of my favourite of your postings.
Reading this, i disolved into a veritable puddle of lust. I just know I'll be returning to this one again.



not found this in the archives and have done some delving! sooo good -big fantasy of mine being watched while being fucked by sexy man so could not help touching myself and imagining myself in her place - still in post orgasmic glow - mmmm! x x thankyou

Oi, I liked it better before :/

On another note, has pubic hair ever been soft? ;)


extraordinary woman - glad you liked it ;) xx - I've lengthened it considerably (oo-er!) from the older version, which dates back three years, and I've never been entirely happy with it - it was definitely fun giving it a nice big rewrite and a polish - I should do this with more of the older ones, spruce them up a bit and get them back into circulation again...

anonymous - you might have passed it over, as it was in four short parts, and differed from this quite a lot. Some sections are still almost the same, but I've doubled the length and made it rather more intense - and I'm really pleased that it worked for you so well - such a pleasure to make you come ;) xx

Rapunzel - tch, some girls can be so difficult ;) And my pubic hair is mighty soft - guess it depends how you trim it ;)

Show-off! ;)


Roger, you are so fucking amazing *sigh*...ever come to Canada? ;)

~Ally~ xoxoxoxo

Rog, actually I meant "cum in Canada"!

~Ally~ xoxoxoxoxo

Ally - thankyou, I'm glad you enjoyed it ;)
And no, I've never been to Canada, though that's not to say I won't ;) xx

My my Roger - you outdid yourself with this I'm off to the shower to take care of myself...
if you are going to take up world travel - please feel free to come visit me too..

i really wished i hadn't read this at just this moment, it was almost impossible to touch my little clit (oh wait, i'm not allowed that am i), let alone control my breathing. i'm sure a few people saw the flush on my face, but who knows. thank you for re-writing this, it was excellent



I'll be using this one again... :D

Lady R

Roger, I so love you right now. I have to go to bed and finish this--

you always do this to me, roger. always. i think i'll find something lovely to make me smile and i end up making a mess. but that's okay. you know i like it. :) i'll be back for more.


kitten - thankyou, and I'm glad you liked it x

Lady R - I rather like it when you use me ;)

mariah - hope you had fun in bed ;) x

suzanne - and of course I love arousing you that much too - I like it when I make you get so delightfully messy ;)

I liked the old post but this one is so hot it made my laptop shut down :)

This is definitely my new favorite.

blondie - my apologies ;) Though you might want to let your laptop know that if anything, things are just gonna get hotter around here ;) x

Sorry to crash your party...

But if that's erotica written for women- I just have to let you know- This guy definitely enjoyed it as well.

Jay - no apology needed - I do write for women, but there are a few guys who pop in here from time to time, and I'm glad it worked for you!

Now that's a party I'd like to go to.

Will you be there? ;)


You know, you always have exactly what I need, Roger. I loved this story before (you knew that) and absolutely love it now as well!

Mmmmm....yum, you bet your ass she wants more, too!

Eve - I'll definitely be there ;)

Green eyes - she definitely wants more - I think it'd turn into a rather fun group frolic - which reminds me, I must finish the latest chapter of Sophie this week ;)

actually sitting in my 'numeric math's' course
been boring, the prof isn't even close to being as entertaining as you are
though he's very handsome
just pictured him and me as i read your delightful story

i believe i didn't quite understand what he told us today, i might need some extralessons in private

uh, my dirty dirty mind

muse - such a bad girl, reading my blog where you might be seen - don't get caught! I wonder if your professor knows that you're thinking such dirty thoughts about him as you read my words, feeling yourself getting deliciously wet as you imagine yourself with him, the two of you naked on the couch, moving together, feeling him fucking you, his cock hard and deep inside you, bringing you to intense orgasm, spurting all his hot spunk deep inside you as you cum all over his cock... perhaps he's thinking the same things about you too, who knows? ;)

Oh yum..this is one of my favourites. So delicious and the little exhibitionist inside me just loves it. xoxo

Ummm...first time reader here. And damn. I need to call my husband for some good phone sex now. :)


Ok you finally got this lurker to comment. THAT was AMAZINGLY hot! The idea of being fucked intensely while others are watching, enjoying it so much they join in, by someone I barely know... that is certain HIGH up there on my list of fantasies. mmm... i am going to have to read this again and again.

raindog - I'm glad the new version works just as well for you ;) x

TC - welcome to my blog - I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you got the phone sex you were craving ;)

heartlesslittlegirl - ahh, I love it when long time readers delurk - hello! xx
And I'm so glad you enjoyed it - nothing like a little exhibitionist sex with a stranger to spice up an evening, and it's high up in my fantasies too ;)


roger, darling - that was beautiful. I wish I could run into you at a party!

this had me masturbating... ohhh...

shuzhen - I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. So do I get an invitation to your next party? ;)

alex - mmm good - that was precisely my intention ;)

I haven't been around for awhile, but I am so glad I am back (and no longer taking a chance reading at work). It is much better to be in the privacy of my own home where I can tend to matters as I read.

Thanks for the wonderful story and the great orgasm!!

Skye - I'm very glad you're back too x
And it's a wonderful pleasure being thanked for orgasms - something about that arouses me rather gorgeously... very definitely my pleasure ;) x

your blog has become an addiction to me.

and this is definitely one of my favourites. i think it's especially in the last bit... your italic and bolding of the words. i don't get how you do it but as you read it, it just intensifies it all the more.

hi ami xx
I'm delighted that you're enjoying yourself so much - isn't it about time you filled in the filthy questionnaire for me? I'd very much love to read your replies to it, and I think you'd rather enjoy it... ;) xx

I don't usually post comments but, I'm being brave here. This was unbelievably hot. It had me squirming til my roommate left, then I had some "me time" on the couch. I'm not a party type, very shy, but if this is what happens at parties sign me up. ;)

Oh wow Rog. I have read this for the third time now and cannot resist thanking you for an amazing and extrememly pleasing read!

Loved this. The push and pull of her inner conflict is perrrrfect. I love the idea of being so turned on that I drift into another realm where I don't care if I'm being watched. Just that letting go....oh my, yum.

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