London 4:2 - Sophie's Orgy

Sunday, March 25, 2007 at 12:41 AM

Sophie pulled Henri between her open thighs, looking up at him lustfully, slipping her hand around his hard cock, stroking him rhythmically. He groaned with pleasure, sliding his hands up over her breasts, his fingertips tracing over her nipples, breathing harder, intensely aroused. As Sophie continued stroking him, Henri slid a hand down her body, following her soft contours, slowly slipping his fingers over her belly and down between her thighs. Sophie gasped as his fingers found her wetness, responding by stroking his cock a little harder, pulling him over her with her other hand, kissing him lustfully, her tongue exploring his mouth.

Kathryn and I sat together on the small couch that we'd placed at the foot of the bed, both of us naked, watching Sophie and Henri, touching ourselves, masturbating gorgeously as we took in the view. I was very aware of Kathryn right next to me, the soft skin of her thighs brushing against mine as her fingers circled her clit, her breath hot and heavy, her gaze wandering over our partners on the bed, watching them touch each other.

I was a natural voyeur; watching Sophie like this was delightful for me, but I wondered what emotions were running through Kathryn's head as she watched her husband on the bed with Sophie, his penis hugely erect, his fingers slipping and sliding around Sophie's dripping wet sex, kissing her greedily. I looked at Kathryn briefly, curious to see how she was coping, and she returned the look, gazing at me for a moment. Her mouth was open, breathing hard, her eyes filled with deep lust, pinching a nipple with her fingers, her other hand firmly buried between her open thighs, rubbing herself, masturbating shamelessly, returning her gaze quickly to the bed, not wanting to miss anything. Clearly she was embracing voyeurism as much as I. Stroking my eager erection, I too returned my attention to the bed.

Sophie was sucking Henri's cock eagerly, her lips sliding back and forth along his large erection, licking it greedily, her tongue lapping over and around the swollen head of his penis, feasting on it. Henri was kneeling on the bed, looking down at her as she sucked him, his hands sliding through her hair, his hips moving in time with her lips, fucking her mouth, groaning as her tongue lapped at him. He already seemed close to orgasm, his rhythm increasing, his cock intensely erect, but I knew Sophie wouldn't allow that yet - she needed to be fucked, it was her turn to be given pleasure. Tugging his throbbing cock from her mouth, she lay on her back, pulling Henri over her again, and I watched, stroking my cock a little harder as I saw his erection slipping and sliding against Sophie's wet cunt, rubbing against her, needing to be inside her.

"Fuck me, Henri..." Sophie gasped, "put your cock inside me... fuck me hard... I need it...". I heard Kathryn gasp next to me, the rhythm of her fingers increasing around her clit as she watched, her gaze fixed on Henri's penis as he slid the swollen head down, slipping it between the lips of Sophie's cunt. He'd needed this since the first moment he'd seen her - with one long, deep thrust, he pushed the full length of his cock deep inside her. Sophie groaned with pleasure, sliding her hands down his back, clutching his firm buttocks, pulling his huge erection deeper into her cunt, gasping with each thrust, their bodies pushing and moving together. Henri's face was already flushed, looking down at Sophie as he fucked her, pounding his cock into her again and again and again, wet sounds splashing from her cunt, fucking her urgently.

Sophie's cunt was dripping wet - I could see Henri's cock glistening with her juices as it slid back and forth into her sex, her back arching as he thrust deeper, filling her with his cock, fucking her, hard and urgent. I kept rhythm with them, my hand sliding up and down my throbbing erection in time with their thrusts, leaning back into the couch, my thighs half open, masturbating deliciously. Kathryns thighs were spread open next to me, her fingers skidding around her clit, sometimes pushing them into her cunt, fucking herself with her fingers, then returning them to her clit, stroking herself in the same rhythm as mine. I could feel the soft skin of her thigh brushing against mine as she masturbated, a rhythmic brush of her leg against my own. Still stroking myself with one hand, I slipped the other over her thigh, running it down the inside - and then slowly back up - she gasped gently, lifting her leg, draping it over mine, encouraging me, gasping again gently as my fingers caressed the inside of her thigh. As she continued to masturbate, I did the same, my erection pulsing now, needing to come soon, holding it back.

Sophie was grunting hard now, her thighs wrapped around Henri's body, clinging onto him, her fingernails in his back, dragging them down as he fucked her, Henri yelping a little with pain and pleasure, fucking her harder in response, his cock thrusting deeper. We were all nearing orgasm now, all of us getting close - it was clear that whoever came first would trigger the others - it would take so little now to make us come.

Henri was growling as he pounded deeper into Sophie's cunt, sweat beginning to drip from his forehead. His muscles flexed and tensed and rippled as he fucked her, Sophie scratching harder down his back, urging him on more, gasping and groaning and crying out with each thrust of his cock, his body slapping against hers as they began to reach their crescendo.

I could barely take any more, and Kathryn was even closer to orgasm - I looked over to her again, watching her masturbating urgently, her face and neck flushed, one hand grasping one of her breasts, squeezing her nipple as her hand rubbed frantically at her sex - she was going to come...

Sophie dug hard into Henri's back, dragging her fingernails down hard, all but drawing blood - Henri cried out with intense pain and pleasure, ramming his cock deeper into her cunt, and she screamed in response, grabbing his buttocks, arching up to him, clutching on to him with her thighs, fucking him as he fucked her - it was all he could bear - he groaned with pleasure: "uunnhhhh fuckk... Sophie... I can't hold it... I'm going to come...".

I heard a wet splash come from Sophie's sex, her body beginning to tremble. She was moments behind him. "Come for me..." she gasped, "cum in my cunt... unnhhh... cum for me... ohhh god..."

Kathryn groaned intensely, suddenly taking hold of my hard cock - I gasped with pleasure, looking towards her. Her head was back, her body arching from the couch, rubbing her cunt urgently, frantically, masturbating me with her other hand, suddenly letting out a long groan: "uunnhhhhhhhh... I'm cumminggg... now... UNNNHHHH!" She began to convulse, pushing her fingers deep into her sex as she came, so fucking hard, crying out with pleasure - her orgasm triggered Henri's - he groaned again, ramming his huge cock deep into Sophie's cunt, grabbing onto her, holding his cock deep inside her as he started to come, his spunk suddenly spurting hot and hard inside her, crying out as he came: "fucckkk... UUUNNHHHH!... unnhhh! unnhhh! uunnhhhh!... ".

Sophie screamed with pleasure, her body convulsing as Henri came inside her, clinging onto him, her body bucking urgently, crying out: "fuckkk... that's it... UUNNNNHHHH!" I couldn't take any more - I could feel my penis pulsing hard in Kathryn's hand: "ohhh fuckk... I can't hold it... I'm fucking cumminngg...". Kathryn looked at me, one hand still at her cunt, still trembling, breathing hard, looking down at my throbbing erection, suddenly leaning over me, opening her lips and taking my cock into her mouth, lapping at me with her tongue. I cried out with pleasure, grabbing her head, holding her there, groaning with intense pleasure: "unnnhhhh fuckkk... UNNHHHHHH!" as I felt my cum suddenly spurting from my cock, pumping into her mouth, spurt after spurt of hot cum pouring into her mouth, splashing up over her face as I came, hard and urgent, pulsing, pulsing, pulsing...

On the bed, Sophie had rolled Henri over onto his back, straddling him, rubbing against him - she hadn't finished with him yet...

to be continued...


oh roger - so worth the wait!

oh roger - so worth the wait!

OMG! I just found your blog! this is so hot. I'll be bookmarking it and coming back soon!

oh roger - you made the wait worth the torture...oh my dear if you will excuse me I must to join me?

As loverly said, it WAS worth the wait!

Lady R


loverly - glad you enjoyed it - it was fun to write too, and still plenty more to come...

anonymous - hope you enjoy discovering the archives ;) x

nadine - I'd love to join you - come and snuggle up ;)

Lady R - you may be interested to know that I haven't finished yet - gets a little more intense next time ;) x

extraordinarywoman - it's rare I leave you speechless ;) x

Ohh my... I sure have been away along time! all I can say is.... hmmm I am totally speachless!!! x

More intense next time?!!? Roger, OMG!!! This was amazing from the first line to the very last... I couldn't decide which was better... being Sophie, getting fucked so deliciously, or being Kathryn, the sweet torture of sitting there, NEXT TO YOU, watching.. and knowing my time with you was near.

And now... off to the shower for me... It's MY turn to cum!

Mmmm... so naughty yet SO nice. A little time to recover and then I'll definitely be ready for more...


PS - hope you were able to open my email when I re-sent it - would hate to see my (slightly inebriated) ramblings go without an audience ;o)

saphire - hello stranger! Lovely to see you back here xx Glad you liked it ;)

hotmami - yep, there's at least two more installments of this chapter to go, both of which are just sex, sex and more sex - expect it to be very intense and gorgeously explicit in here for a while ;)

cheeky girl - I did indeed manage to open it just fine - an extraordinarily gorgeous email, which'll get an equally explicit reply (probably at the weekend) - sorry it's taken so long (I'm still behind on emails), but I've been enjoying it in the meantime - you'll know which bits, of course ;) xxx

So fucking delicious Roger MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

So worth the wait




*sweet naughty smile*
Thank You Roger

Glad it worked for you - it's always a pleasure to make you come, yourbelle x

so fantastic. So fantastic that I think you deserve something back. Nothing exciting as yet, but all in good time. x

This was so intense and delightful. I do very much enjoy where the story is leading... ;) xxx

Long time "Lurker" and sometime poster, now under new, assumed name. Like Saphire, I have been away too long!!!!!!! That was so dirty and delicious... Roger you never fail... See you at Midnight!

the blonde - such a naughty girl - I look forward to the results ;)

DLG - I'm glad you're enjoying it - I do so very much love to make you come xx

madame midnight - welcome back x Hope you'll stay a while, there's more of this about to come...

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