London 4:1 - Sophie's Orgy

Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 7:33 PM

I haven't got as far in this part as I wanted to, but I'm aware that it's been well over a week since I posted, so I'm giving you this as a work in progress. We'll be continuing this scene at the weekend, so although this may seem like a tease, I promise that's not my intention, and you only have a couple of days to wait for more... ;)

So let's continue - it's starting to get very dirty...


No time was wasted upon our return to our apartments. The experience in the bar had ignited all our passions. My own delightful climax, cumming deliciously into Kathryn's hand, had merely fuelled my desire for more, much more. I needed to reach orgasm again, and again, and again... tonight I knew I would be insatiable.

There was something intoxicating about drawing Henri and Kathryn into this world of ours, tempting them with glimpses of intense sexuality, wanting them to ache for us, for our bodies. Our first experience together had been gorgeous, but tonight we fully intended to take them, to have our way with them, whatever way we pleased. We both needed to fuck, and the need was becoming urgent.

Sophie sensed my own need, even as we followed Henri and Kathryn into the apartment. She, too, was already inflamed with lust, the taste of Henri's cum still on her lips. As our guests removed their coats, Sophie pushed me back against the wall, holding me there, kissing me greedily, her tongue sliding into my mouth, her crotch moving against my thigh as I slipped it between hers, rubbing herself against me as we kissed passionately. I knew she was going to fuck Henri, knew that was what she wanted, and this greedy, sensual kiss felt like reassurance. Without speaking, her lips and her body told me clearly: "It's you I want, you're mine, you're my slut, my whore. What follows is simply pleasure, and lust."

She looked at me then, her gaze holding mine, speaking to me softly. "At any time, if what you see becomes too much, you must tell me, and I will stop, immediately, and come to you."

I smiled, kissing her softly as she held me there. "I will," I replied, "I promise. Enjoy yourself. I want you to enjoy yourself, it'll give me pleasure, I assure you." She smiled softly, kissing me again. Suddenly grabbing my hair, reasserting her control, she tugged my head back and bit on my neck, hard. I groaned with pleasure, our guests turning to watch us, Kathryn gasping with delight at the view, Sophie still moving against me, very much in heat.

Realising we were being watched, Sophie turned to look at Kathryn, her and Henri both breathing hard, anticipating what was to come. "Kathryn..." Sophie said, still moving against me as she spoke, "I wish to fuck your husband. I wish to fuck Henri. Would you allow me this pleasure...?" As she asked the question, Sophie's hand slipped down to my cock, rubbing my erection through my trousers. I looked over to Henri, his gaze burning with desire.

Kathryn turned to look briefly at her husband, taking his hand, squeezing it with deep affection, smiling at him. "You may take your pleasure with my husband. He hasn't stopped talking about how much he wants you for the past day. For my own part, I would very much love to watch..."

The idea sounded blissful. I very much needed to be touched, but I had never had the opportunity to watch Sophie in the midst of sexual congress. I wanted to see how she moved, how she reacted, wanted to watch her as she fucked, to see her body naked and aroused, wrapped around Henri. I wanted to see her reach orgasm, impaled on his cock.

My own immediate need could wait, I decided to join Kathryn as voyeur. There was no need for shyness, we had all seen each other naked before. Sophie, as ever, took the initiative, stripping off her clothes, and I followed her lead, until we were both naked. My cock was achingly erect - Sophie kissed me again, her hand sliding down to my cock, stroking me for a few moments, Henri and Kathryn watching as they slipped out of their clothing. Henri was just as erect, his penis jutting up from between his thighs, large and firm, a thing of beauty, cut from marble. I rarely feel the need for the sexual company of other men, but I knew this would have to be an exception. I wanted to suck his magnificent cock. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, on my face. I wanted to feel his hot spunk spurting onto my lips as I masturbated him urgently. Needless to say, I was intensely aroused.

Kathryn and I took our seats next to each other, at the end of the bed. Sophie slipped onto the bed, naked and aroused, laying on her back, a vision of sensuality. Her fingers already strayed over her own body, one hand at her breast, the other stroking herself between her open thighs. Henri watched her for a moment, masturbating slowly, savouring the moment, his erection visibly throbbing as his hand moved up and down, and then joined her on the bed...

to be continued...


Oh my

All I can say Roger is it's lovely and please please please and damnation please give me more *grinning*

What can I say--I am insatiable

As always... I will wait (not so) patiently for the next update. :)

I need to cum... I'm off to the archives again!

Lady R

I don't care what you say, roger--you're still a tease--it's a good thing I like you--it's very lovely, and I can't wait for the next one . . .

Oh Roger - you certainly are amazing...this was well worth the wait...but again I'm leaning towards bratty - I want more...

yourbelle - we finally get to the bed scene tomorrow - working on it as we speak ;)

Lady R - hope you had fun in there ;) x

mariah - I'm terrible, I know ;)

nadine - such a greedy girl - but then I like greedy girls ;)


I've been a fan for a while now, but I never quite plucked up the courage to comment. I've enjoyed each and every one of your London stories and am extremely impatient between episodes...just reading your latest have made me so fingers tracing over my pouting pussy, dipping into its wetness...spreading my lips with my drenched fingers, my other hand caressing my breast, tugging at my very erect nipples, my eyes filled with desire for you.

Please don't be too long Roger ;)

Holy Moly....
that was deeee-lish

can't wait for the next bit
such a lovely build-up.

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