London 3:2 - Sophie takes three lovers

Sunday, February 25, 2007 at 11:43 PM

Continued from part one here

Conversation flowed easily and charmingly there in our corner of the bar. Sophie had quite deliberately not shared with me any plans she might have for the evening, preferring to leave it as a surprise, though I was familiar enough with her various stages of arousal to know that she fully intended to take our friends to bed again this evening. I could see it in her eyes, in her demeanour, though it was subtle enough that Henri and Kathryn would have little clue.

I could also clearly see that they, too, were hoping this night would end up in the bedroom - there was an edge to their behaviour, a slight nervousness, an unspoken heat in the air. Small details gave away their desires - Henri's gaze drifting over Sophie's contours, so delectably picked out underneath the sheer silk of her dress. Kathryn's fingertips playing with the stem of her wine glass, caressing it, her face slightly flushed. I feel sure that I also exhibited such outward signs of arousal - certainly, I was very aroused, anticipating the pleasures to come. Sophie, as ever, simply smiled and watched and flirted delightfully, knowing precisely what she wanted, patient enough to take her time and enjoy the moment. I envied her that outward composure. I was already regretting my decision not to wear any undergarment - my penis was constantly threatening to betray me.

As ever, Sophie was the first to move things a little further. We had been talking about the couple's recent trip to Geneva, with Kathryn describing the beauty of the Swiss landscape, when out of nowhere, Henri uttered a small, trembling sigh. Sophie was still sat closely next to him, merely smiling and listening intently, and Kathryn continued her story, only pausing for a moment, looking at him quizically, and continuing. Another minute or so, and a further small gasp - Kathryn and I both glanced towards him, and he was clearly flushed, a small bead of sweat on his forehead. Sophie was smiling, cat-like, next to him, her right hand gracefully lifting her wine glass to her lips, taking a sip, waiting for Kathryn to continue, but her left hand... I noticed for the first time that it was no longer in view, her left arm by her side, her hand out of view under the table. I smiled at her, noticing just the faintest hint of movement in her arm, a small, rhythmic motion. Henri, next to her, was clearly aroused, his temperature rising, breathing a little harder, the rhythm of his breath matching the slight motion in her arm.

"Henri...?" Kathryn began.

"I'm fine, Kathryn..." he breathed, "please, continue with your... ohhhh...

Kathryn's gaze now traced down Sophie's arm, noticing the same rhythm that I'd spotted moments earlier, her face flushing with the realisation. She looked at Sophie, her emotions suddenly uncertain.

"Are you... are you touching my husband...?"

"Why yes, I am," Sophie smiled. "Though he does seem to be enjoying it...". Kathryn seemed unsure how to take this, and Sophie noticed, the movement of her arm pausing for a moment. "Forgive me," she smiled, "I can stop if you wish... however if we are to continue this at our apartment later, such intimacy may well escalate. If you're uncomfortable with that..."

Kathryn blushed a little in response, but returned the smile. "Not at all," she replied, "I was simply unprepared for your boldness. Please continue, it was merely a little jealousy".

"Then I suggest you put those feelings behind you," Sophie replied, smiling at Kathryn warmly, "and perhaps give my lover the same attention. I'm sure he'd appreciate it..."

"I most certainly would," I replied, feeling myself already begin to harden at the idea.

Kathryn blushed again, turning to me and smiling sweetly, then glancing around the bar. "But we'll be seen," she said, her voice almost a whisper, "this is a public place..."

"You're sat right across from me," Sophie responded, smiling again mischievously. "I've been touching your husband for over five minutes, and you've only just noticed. Live a little." And she smiled again, the slight motion of her arm recommencing, accompanied by another soft gasp from Henri. Kathryn took another look around - no-one in the bar was paying any attention to us - and as she continued to look around, as subtly as she could, I suddenly felt her hand on my thigh, glancing down to see her fingers nervously unbuttoning my trousers, feeling my heart beating faster as she slipped her hand inside, her warm fingertips finding my already lengthening cock, taking gentle hold, and beginning to stroke me slowly and teasingly.

It felt delicious. I looked over to Sophie, and she smiled at me warmly. My cock throbbed gorgeously in response...

to be continued...


First comment! *Grins*

Lovely, my dear. Lovely.

Lady R

Ever read Anaïs Nin?

Lady R - glad you're enjoying it x

anonymous - I'd guess that most writers of erotica have at least read a little of her work - I'm pretty sure I've read some and enjoyed it, though it would have been years ago - is there a reason why you ask? I don't recall reading a scenario like this one, so if she did write something like this, it's just a coincidence...

I wasn't thinking of plagiarism but that you'd enjoy her work by the way you write.

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Hello there, just a little update about the smart-phone reading...
the whole site is accessable, words, pictures, everything.

I started re-reading the sophie story froom the begining yesterday, whilst in a coffee shop.


Amazing as always! Cant wait for the next part xxx

anonymous - thankyou for the link - I'm not a big reader of slash fiction, but I'd guess some of my readers might well be interested ;)

extraordinary woman - ahh, the benefits of modern technology when you want to be a little naughty ;)

sex kitten - you won't have long to wait - the next part shoud go up tomorrow, all being well... x



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