filling in my own questionnaire ;)

Monday, February 12, 2007 at 5:57 PM

Given that I've been encouraging you to fill in my dirty questionnaire this week (and given that I haven't finished the latest chapter of Sophie yet), I thought I'd have a go at answering a few of the questions myself! I've received some delightful responses to the questionnaire this week, and would still love to receive more - and I'm giving full replies to any emailed to me - so why not give it a go, I've done my best to make it fun for you to fill in ;)

Oh - and I haven't forgotten it's almost Valentine's Day - expect something a little special...

Okay, here's my attempt at answering my own questions...

1. What’s your name? (feel free to just make one up - or if you’re a blogger, whatever you call yourself in your blog – just so I have an idea who said what.)
Roger (that's my real name, as those of you who have listened to the interviews will know).

2. Tell me a bit about yourself, if you want to (I'm curious about my readership). Be as vague or as detailed as you like, or feel free to leave it blank - it's entirely up to you.
I'm English, and I'm a writer of disgracefully explicit erotica for women. I'm also hot ;)

3. Do you have a blog of your own? If so, feel free to tell me what it is if you want to, and I’ll link to you (assuming you want me to).
You're reading it...

4. How did you find my blog? Googling? A link from somewhere? Recommended by a friend? I'd love to know.
I created the blog, of course - though I originally stumbled across sex blogs through the now defunct 'Indecent Blogging', where the first version of this blog lived for a couple of years. I found that site by googling for 'sex blogs', I believe...

5. How often do you read my blog (roughly) – do you read every post? Or do you just dip in now and again?
I don't often read my own blog (though I do read and enjoy others), but I do sometimes go back to old posts that I wrote a while ago. If someone emails me and tells me how much they enjoyed a specific post, or goes into detail about something they really enjoyed, I often check back to look at the post. Knowing how much one of you has enjoyed it gives the post an extra frisson of pleasure for me, so sometimes I'll just re-read them, other times I'll re-read them whilst imagining the reader masturbating to it... this can be very, very powerful for me sexually, and I've often reached delightful orgasm this way. It really does turn me on to know what you like ;)

6. Do you mostly enjoy what I write, or doesn’t it do much for you?
I don't always find it easy to read my own work, as I tend to be over-critical about it, but at those times when I can switch that off, I can very much enjoy my own posts, when in the right mood.

7. What are your current favourites of the things I’ve written? (more than one if you like)
I think the Paris and London stories are the best things I've written, and probably the most sexually intense. Given a choice, I tend to like re-reading posts that feature some kind of group sex - anything from threesomes upwards. I also get a lot of pleasure re-reading the posts where you leave me your own fantasies - frequently still a source of delightful orgasm for me...

8. Why do you particularly like those stories? What excites you about them?
I'm very greedy, and love having more than one girl in my bed. I've been lucky enough to have this pleasure a number of times in recent months, and it's some of the most intense sex I've had, so reading about such things always arouses me. As for the fantasies my readers write for me, it's impossible for me not to be turned on by reading sexual fantasies about me, I love reading them, and I think every one I've received has made me cum at some point - they're such a pleasure for me...

9. Which part really turned you on, specifically?
With threesomes, I like watching, and I love the image of two girls going down on me at the same time. With the fantasies, it's too difficult to pick a specific thing - I just love knowing that the girls who wrote them were masturbating as they wrote them - sometimes all the way to orgasm - that excites me intensely.

10. Do you ever masturbate when you read my blog?
As mentioned above, I don't often read my own posts, but when I do, I masturbate whilst reading, yes, every time.

11. If you answered ‘yes’ to question 11 (and most do), what was the last entry that inspired you to masturbate?
'London 1 - The Voyeurs' - I was re-reading it to prepare for Henrri and Katherine's return in the next chapter.

12. Did you reach orgasm? And if you did, what part of it made you come?
Yes - the part where Sophie says to Henri "Show it to me - show me your cock" whilst she's fucking me - something about the urgency of that, I started cumming at that point, a rather delicious, pulsing orgasm.

13. Is there anything you’d really love me to write about – something that would really work for you, and really turn you on?
I get a lot of requests for outdoor sex and sex in risky public places - I'll be covering the second one in the next Sophie chapter ;)

14. Where would you normally read my blog? In bed? At your desk? On the sofa? In the office? Somewhere else...?
Always in bed (or on the bed). I write on my bed too, often naked, as I tend to like to masturbate as I write...

15. Have you ever read my blog in public - maybe at the office, or on a train, or in a cafe etc? If so, where? Tell me a little about it if you have, this kind of thing always excites me...
No, it's a very private thing for me - all reading and writing takes place in my bedroom.

17. A related question to the above - even if you haven't read my blog in public, has reading my blog ever caused you to masturbate somewhere where you might be discovered (eg at work, in the rest room, at your desk etc)? I'd love to know more, if you have...
I've sometimes become aroused at work, thinking about emails I've received or things I'm going to write about. Far too risky for me to masturbate at work, though! lol

18. Have you ever told anyone else about my blog, so that they could share the fun, or do you prefer to keep me to yourself?
I've often been tempted to tell friends about the blog, but have so far resisted the temptation.

20. Have you ever read my blog in the company of someone else (maybe your husband, or a lover, or with friends - or perhaps whilst IM-ing or on skype with someone)? If yes, was this a one-off, or something you do regularly?
Yes - I always read new posts aloud to my lover, to see if they work and have the desired effect. If they make her come, I know I've written a good one ;)

21. Have you ever masturbated with someone else whilst you both enjoyed my blog? If so, was it enjoyable and something you'd do again, or do you prefer me to be a private pleasure of your own? If you have, tell me more...
Very much so, yes, it's something I've always enjoyed doing. I very much enjoy a little mutual masturbation with my lover when sharing my stories with her, and it normally leads to fun ;)

22. Has reading my blog inspired you to do something sexually that you've never tried before? If so, what was it, and did you enjoy it? (I hope so!)
Without the blog, I doubt I'd ever have experienced group sex, I'd always assumed it would remain a delicious fantasy. Yes, I love it...

23. Do you use a toy to masturbate with when you read my blog, or do you prefer to use your fingers?
I have used a vibrator against my cock in the past, and did enjoy it, but found that after a while it desensitised me. Consequently now I just use my fingers, much nicer... though someone else's fingers is even better, of course... ;)

24. Do you ever imagine me masturbating as I write the blog? Does it make it more intense for you thinking about me that way?
No, but I frequently imagine my readers masturbating to my words, and that does indeed make it very intense for me.

25. Does it arouse you to know that I masturbate as I write? And would you want to discover me like that? Would you watch me?
It arouses me to know that my readers masturbate to my words - that's why I write the blog, and it remains a very powerful image for me. I would love to discover you touching yourself as you read my words, would love to watch you reach orgasm - I've always been a terrible voyeur.

26. Have you ever made up your own sexual fantasies about being with me?
Nope, I make up sexual fantasies about being with my readers ;)

27. If you're brave enough, tell me how you like to masturbate when you're reading my words - I'd love to know how you make yourself come...
I tend to start laying on my tummy, sort of rubbing myself against the bed, getting warmed up. Once I need to really get going, I'll slide my hand down to my cock, still on my tummy, stroking it a little, then will often roll onto my back, my head propped up on a pillow, my hand rhythmically stroking my erection. As I get more and more aroused, the rhythm of my fingers increases, sliding up and down my hard cock - often at this stage I'll straddle a pillow and fuck it - something about that works better for me than just my hands. As I'm about to come, and I feel my cock pulsing, my cum starting to surge, I'll slide my hand to my erection and stroke it hard and fast, until I cum delciously, my cum spurting over my fingers, often onto the pillow between my thighs. This makes for a lot of laundry, but it's fun ;)

28. Is filling in this questionnaire turning you on? Are you wet?
Surprisingly, yes it is - I'm rubbing against the bed as I type, and I'm very erect...

29. If the answer to the above is yes, are you touching yourself right now?
Yes... I've just slipped my hand down to my erection... stroking it between sentences... feels really good...

30. If so, then go with it, enjoy it, I want you to be aroused.... I very much want you to touch yourself. Tell me what you're doing right now, so that I can picture you...
I've slipped astride a pillow... means I can type and masturbate at the same time... I'm fucking it slowly... rhythmically... so very erect... I can feel my cock throbbing gorgeously as I masturbate... moving my hand back down again... stroking right now... ahhh god... god that feels good... gonna need to cum soon, I think...

31. Tell me what you'd want me to do to you if I was there right now - if I was naked, and erect, and laid right next to you... tell me what I could do to make you come...
I'd rather have you, my dear reader here with me... right now I'd want you to go down on me... to take my cock into your mouth... greedily licking and sucking and stroking... god... and then I'd need to fuck you... long and slow... I'd want to feel you come all over my cock... fuck I need to cum...

32. Okay, enough questions, I think... I want you to come for me, right now... I'm watching you masturbate... stroking myself as I watch you... needing to fuck you... needing to slide my cock deep inside you... come for me... god please come for me... don't hold it back...
stroking harder... so fucking close now... can feel my cock throbbing... so good... god I need you here... need to fuck you... need to feel your warm wet cunt slipping and sliding around my cock... ahhh fuck... need to see you cum... need to feel you cum hard all over me... ohhhh god... god i need to cum... all over your face.... your breastss... fuckk... fuck thats it......

33. mmmmm... and thankyou xxx Feel a little better for that? I hope so x
my god yes lol... really needed that... wow...

okay... (getting my breath back lol)... I'd love you to have a go - you'll find the questionnaire here, go have fun ;)

roger xx


oh yum-tastic...

okay...okay...I'll fill out the questionnaire...sheesh


Roger, I so love learning more about you as time goes by. Miss ya hun

Grumps xxx

You know darlin' I don't get here often, but every time I do, you make me soooooo very wet.

strumpet - and i received it - thankyou ;) I'll reply shortly... ;) xx

grumps - any time you want to know anything about me, you know you only have to ask xx

sunny delight - which is precisely what I want you to be ;)

Oh Roger,
Thank you for filling this out. I so enjoyed reading this...


I fuck a pillow too! I as a female find the friction intensely arousing, with the varying pressure on my clit, then my labia, and a slight rub of my anus... anyways, I enjoyed reading about you, It enables me to come harder, thinking about the person who wrote the words :)


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