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Sunday, January 21, 2007 at 7:04 PM

It's turning into a very busy week! I've just been emailed by Meme from to let me know that she's going to be reviewing me on Playboy Radio tomorrow (Monday) morning - so if you have Sirius radio, tune in tomorrow at 7.30am. Don't worry if you miss it - it'll be posted on the website, and I'll add a link to it from here as soon as I know it's up. I'm obviously very flattered - I just hope they like it!

roger xx

update: Okay, the review and the audio clip are up now - you'll find a delightful written review here at, and I'd very much encourage you to listen to the excerpt from the radio show, either here, or you can just click on the little mp3 player symbol at the top of the review. It's a very funny review, which had me giggling appreciatively through most of it, and I especially liked the Keith Richards impersonation when they attempted to do my voice! Brilliant fun, go enjoy it, and Meme - if you're reading this, my name is Roger (not Harold lol). And thankyou! xx


How could they not? You're fabulous! ;) xxx

we love you and so will they.

xxx miss you both xxx

I've just learned what it is to be truly submissive and reading some of the orgy where Roger demands that stephanie beg for permission to cum drove me mad. Remembering those words being said to me...
Roger, you are decadent and amazing. This blog is an wonderful find.

and I'm so very glad you found me, I hope I can give you what you need... and thankyou for saying such lovely things! Hope you can be decadent in here yourself, repeatedly - and please write and say hello any time x

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