London 2 - The Shop Girl

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at 11:50 PM

For those of you who like to read it all in one lovely big chunk, here's the complete chapter two of London - chapter three to follow, in which we'll get to look in on Sophie and the artist when the shop girl joins them at their apartment (and in their bed)...

Hope you enjoy ;)

roger x


London 2 - The Shop Girl

We still had another five days left of our short sojourn in London, and Sophie had pretty much finished the business she had arranged - which suited me, naturally, as it gave us plenty of time for more intimate activities. Our delightful evening with Henri and Kathryn had pretty much worn me out, however, and I took the opportunity to oversleep the following morning, waking to find a note on the pillow from Sophie: "Gone to buy clothes. Will see you later x"

With the morning to myself, I hauled myself out of bed, made myself a little tea and toast whilst reading the morning paper, and then headed out into the summer sunshine, finding my way to the Royal Academy to visit the pre-Raphaelite exhibition that I'd hoped to see. The exhibition was a delight - many of the paintings reminded me of Sophie - that same sensuous, provocative beauty, delicacy and strength - I found myself wanting her again, the erotic appeal of some of the paintings, particularly those of Burne Jones, already reawakening my ongoing lust for her. I was besotted with Sophie, I knew that, and almost certainly in love with her, though I knew that her own lusts and cravings would mean that I would always have to share her attentions - she would always need far more than one partner alone could give her.

Not that I objected to this in any way - our various adventures in group sex had all been intense and delightful, and I found myself craving such groupings as much as I knew she did. I suffered no jealousy whatsoever, even when I knew she strayed elsewhere. I felt secure with her - the very fact that she had chosen to take me with her to London was a clear sign that she was changing, that she wanted a little permanence herself - she was certainly not accustomed to sharing so much with one partner, and we were growing closer each day, so this was very much a learning experience for her too. I knew that ultimately I was going to have to submit to her - that she wasn't prepared for me to be sexually dominant in the relationship - and this alone seemed to excite me intensely, despite being against my usual nature.

She was, without a doubt, the finest woman I have ever known, and completely irreplaceable.

I returned to our townhouse in Russell Square in the mid-afternoon, to find Sophie relaxing and waiting for me, a variety of different shaped boxes scattered around the living room, signalling that she'd used a little of her fortune to treat herself to some of the London fashions. She ordered us some afternoon tea and crumpets from the housekeeper, and we were soon together in bed, both of us naked, watching the afternoon sun beaming through the open windows, a soft breeze blowing through the delicate curtains, cooling us as we lay half-covered under the soft sheets. Sophie's head was draped on my shoulder, my fingers teasing through her hair, as her own fingertips drifted playfully over my chest. I was keen to make love to her, her merest proximity exciting me, my cock already delightfully erect, anticipating what was to come. Sophie, however, first wanted to tell me about her shopping trip, and the tone of her voice when she mentioned it told me that something delicious had happened. I was eager to hear more.

"It was lunchtime," Sophie began, smiling at me, knowing how much I loved a good story, "and I'd pretty much found all the things I was looking for, but on my way back here I passed a small shop in Carnaby Street, with the most exquisite silk evening dress in the window, one which would match the shoes I had just bought, and I knew I just had to try it on. The shop was empty as I walked in, apart from the assistant - a gorgeous young thing, perhaps in her early twenties, her figure firm and trim, her own dress clinging to every curve of her body. You'd have adored her, I know."

I smiled, settling back to listen, my fingers still teasing through Sophie's hair as she continued.

"As I entered the shop, the girl smiled at me and put the door on the latch behind me. 'I was just about to lock up,' she told me, 'Would you mind if I locked the door behind you, so that no-one else comes in?' It suited me, of course - I knew I'd have her full attention, so I merely nodded politely and indicated that I wished to try on the black dress in the window. She smiled at me again - a lingering smile, I thought, but not unwelcome, and she retrieved a dress in my size and led me to the back of the shop, showing me into the changing room, standing patiently outside to wait for me.

"The changing room was a small, intimate area with black painted walls, with a full-length mirror running along the entirety of one wall. As the girl waited outside, I slipped out of my blouse and skirt, leaving them on a small chair at the corner of the room, then unclipped my brazier and took it off, dropping it onto the chair, leaving me wearing only my white laced knickers and a pair of sheer, silky stockings."

"I can picture it very well, thankyou for that," I smiled, appreciating the added detail. Sophie returned the smile and continued.

"Picking up the black silk dress, I slipped it over my head and down my body, sliding my arms through the straps, letting it drape itself across my figure. I was about to button it up at the back when I noticed the girl slipping into the changing room to join me. 'Do you want a hand with that?' she asked me, taking a good look at me as I smoothed the dress down over myself. Frankly, I considered her a little forward, as under normal circumastances I'd expect her to wait until she was called, but there was a look about her, a glint in her eye that made her intrusion seem perfectly acceptable, so I said nothing, and treated it as perfectly normal.

"I have to admit that I couldn't help but watch her in the mirror as she approached me - she was something of a delight, and I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't attracted to her - but on this particular instance I wasn't looking to engage a new partner, I was more concerned with just buying the dress. She made it clear from the outset, however, that she was rather taken by me. As she moved closer to me to help me button up, she rested a hand on my hip, her touch gentle and soft, as her other hand worked its way up the buttons at the back of the dress, slowly and deliberately fastening it all the way up, her fingers almost innocently stroking up my back as she did so. The final button fastened, she flicked my hair over the back of the dress, and her fingers definitely lingered momentarily on my neck, drifting gently against it, until she stepped back to take a look at me. Her touch had been deliberate - I was in no doubt now as to her intentions, and the room was so quiet that her every touch, even when innocent, seemed extraordinarily intimate. It appeared that she wanted me, and I was very tempted to take the initiative, but I had to be certain... a wrong move at this stage could be very embarrassing...

"She complimented me on the dress, as shop assistants always do, no matter how bad we look in them, asking me how it felt, whether the dress was comfortable. I looked at my reflection in the mirror - it was certainly a wonderful dress, the black silk clinging to every curve, draping deliciously down my thighs, the thin straps accentuating my shoulders, my breasts generously displayed by the plunging cleavage..."

"You're saying that just to tease me with details again," I smiled, "Once again, I can picture it very well."

"Patience, then" she said, her fingertips teasing around my nipple playfully, "there's more..." Tracing her fingers across my bare chest, Sophie continued.

"I told her that I wasn't certain of the fit, that it might be a little too big, which indeed it was - and she asked me to turn around, ostensibly so that she could see it from the back. She clearly had other ideas, though. I dutifully turned around for her, glancing at her again in the mirror as I did so. I couldn't help but notice that she was taking a good, long look at my derriere, checking my curves under the silk of the dress. I noticed again just how good she looked - her body deliciously young and firm, her hair tumbling over her shoulders, her face sweet and pretty - I thought again about the touch of her fingers as they traced up my back, suddenly wanting her to touch me again..."

"You're so bad..." I smiled.

"Perhaps," she replied, returning the smile, "but in my defence, just this once I don't believe I started it. I was still definitely behaving. The girl, however, moved closer to me - indecently close - so close that I could feel her breath on the back of my neck. 'Let me just check the fit for you,' she said, almost matter-of-factly, and I felt her sliding her hand around my waist, smoothing the silk against my body, then drifting her fingers gently around my hips and up my back, gliding slowly up, her fingertips tracing up my back to my shoulders, adjusting the straps ever so slightly, watching me in the mirror as she did so, her gaze drifting around my body again, exploring every curve. Her touch, I'll admit, was making my skin tingle, every nerve of my body responding, as her fingers drifted up to the back of my neck. She was arousing me despite myself - I watched her in the mirror, undressing her with my eyes, imagining her naked behind me, her bare breasts pressing against my back..."

"And once again you're arousing me," I replied. "Please continue...". Sophie smiled again at me, kissing my cheek softly, her fingertips tracing down past my chest, her fingers making their way down over my belly teasingly as she continued her story.

"She asked me if the fit now felt any better, still stood only inches away from me, her hands sliding down to my hips, keeping them there. 'I'm not sure...' I replied, 'it still feels a little loose up here... around my breasts...'. It was a bold response, I know, but the intimacy between us was increasing - I needed her to touch me again, just to be sure. 'Let me just check for you,' she replied softly, and I watched again in the mirror, holding my breath as her hands slid up to my waist, then slowly moving further up, her fingers drifting gently over my breasts, slipping briefly up to the straps, readjusting them again, then gliding back over my breasts again, her fingertips tracing briefly around my nipples through the silk fabric of the dress, lingering there for a moment, squeezing them gently for a second or two, then sliding her hands back down to my hips. With that, her intentions were made clear. My body was tingling sensually. I could feel my wetness spreading into my knickers, my nipples now hard and erect from her touch, feeling deliciously sensitive as they brushed against the silk of the dress. She stepped back from me, looking at me in the mirror - I could see her face was a little flushed, her own nipples clearly also erect, visible under the cotton fabric of her dress. I needed her, at that moment, and I fully intended to take her..."

Sophie's fingers were brushing teasingly around my belly as she continued her story. I'm sure she knew that by now I was erect, and I was very tempted to touch myself, but patience seemed the better option, I was enjoying the foreplay. As her fingertips gently circled my tummy, her thigh now draped across mine, she told me more...

"The girl's gaze was wandering down my body, looking at me rather indecently. Not that I was complaining, you understand. 'I can see the line of your knickers under the dress,' she said to me softly, 'the silk really clings to them. Maybe it would look better if you took them off...' Such a disgraceful suggestion! Though I have to admit I was all for it - my heart was beating a little faster now, eager again for her delicate touch. This was such an unusual situation for me, as I'm accustomed to being the seductress, rather than the seduced, but my body was betraying me, responding to her, and I must admit I was almost ready to surrender.

"Taking my time, perhaps fooling myself that I was still in control of the situation, I lifted up the dress, drawing it slowly up my thighs, all the way up until it was gathered about my waist, her gaze watching my fingers as I slid them slowly into the waistband of my knickers, tugging them slowly down over my bottom, slipping them down my thighs, letting them drop down to my ankles, stepping out of them... then pulling the dress back down over my now bare bottom, smoothing it down at the front, feeling even more aroused as I felt the silk moving against my skin. I looked at myself in the mirror again, feeling deliciously decadent, naked before her except for the dress and my shoes - my nipples were now very erect, straining against the silk material of the dress, and between my thighs I could feel myself getting very, very wet.

"She moved up close to me again from behind, smiling at me in the mirror. 'Perhaps I should see how much room you have inside the dress...' she said, rather disgracefully, and without waiting for me to reply, she slipped both of her hands to my thighs, sliding them slowly up inside the dress, lingering for a moment as her fingertips brushed along my thighs... until I could feel her warm hands sliding over my bottom, caressing the cheeks gently and playfully, keeping them there for a little while. I was rooted to the spot, loving the attention, adoring her touch, desperate to turn around and kiss her passionately, but still biding my time, playing the innocent. 'Perhaps the dress is too big,', she breathed in my ear, a slight tremor in her voice now, pressed up so close to me from behind, her voice almost a whisper, 'let me just check the fit around the front here...'

"She moved closer to me, her small, pert breasts now pressed against my back, her breath hot on my neck as she slid her hands slowly around my hips, her fingers drifting over my soft belly, then sliding down between my legs. All pretense was fading now. She was going in for the kill, and I surrendered to her gladly. One of her hands found my clit, rubbing it gently, the other hand moving further down, her fingers slipping deliciously between the wet lips of my sex. I gasped gently at her touch, pushing back against her, watching us both in the mirror, feeling my clit throbbing deliciously, her fingers sliding expertly round and round, rubbing me gently and rhythmically. She had clearly done this before, and I was melting at her touch. I felt her other hand sliding between the lips of my cunt, dipping into my wetness, sliding two fingertips slowly into my cunt, then pushing them further, her fingers moving slowly deep inside me, and I groaned deliciously in response, feeling my wetness pouring down her fingers..."

Sophie's story was exciting me intensely now - I was very erect, breathing harder, and Sophie for her part was draped right over me, a soft, subtle movement of her hips rhythmically pressing her sex against my bare thigh as she spoke to me. "Sophie... you have me so aroused..." I breathed, "I need you to touch me..."

"You really are such an impatient boy," she smiled, "I haven't finished telling you about my afternoon yet..."

"I know," I said, feeling my cock throbbing deliciously as she moved gently against me, "and I do want to hear every last detail... it's just that if you don't touch me soon, I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands..."

"We can't have that," Sophie smiled, "perhaps I should take a closer look at the problem...". With that, she tugged the blanket slowly down, revealing my naked body underneath, my cock hugely erect, almost visibly pulsing. "Oh my..." she smiled, "you do seem in something of a state... perhaps if I were to calm you a little, I might be able to continue with the story... let me see what I can do...".

Sophie slipped teasingly down my body, conciously brushing herself against me as she moved down between my thighs, her hand wrapping gently around my straining erection, stroking it softly and rhythmically, and I gasped in response, my penis throbbing in her hand, needing release. "You seem so close already," she smiled, "has my story aroused you so much...?"

"Yes..." I gasped, feeling her stroke becoming firmer, pleasure rippling through my body, "please... I think I need to cum... god... your touch... ohhhhh... your touch has intensified the problem... "

Sophie's strokes increased in their rhythm, her lips so close to my throbbing erection now, tantalising me. "And how would you wish me to solve this problem...?" she teased, rubbing me a little harder, "were you perhaps imagining that I might take you into my mouth...?"

"yes..." I gasped, "ohhhh god yes... please..."

"Such an impertinent boy..." she replied, her hand now sliding a little faster along my erection, "am I to take it that you want me to take your erect penis into my mouth, like some cheap Bordello slut...?"

"unnhhhh god... god yes..." I groaned, precum now seeping from the head of my cock, lubricating her strokes, wet sounds accompanying each move of her hand along my erection, the head of my cock so swollen, so close to release.

"You want me to slide my lips over your cock..?" she breathed, the rhythm of her fingers increasing, "is that what you want? You want to feel my tongue lapping around your penis...?"

"unnnnhhhhhh fuckk..." I gasped, "ohhh god Sophie please...."

"Please what...?" she breathed, masturbating me harder, faster, "do you want to cum in my mouth...? Is that the degradation you wish to perform on me? Do you want to cum on my face? Tell me... tell me what it is you want..."

"ohhhh god... fuckkk... please Sophie... unnnnhhhh god... I want to... unnnhhhh... I want to cum on your face... ohhh fuckkk..."

"Such a dirty fucking slut..." she gasped, rubbing my cock hard and fast, "you're such a fucking whore... cum then... do it to me now... cum on my face... spurt your hot spunk all over my face...."

I groaned with sudden, intense orgasm, arching off the bed, my cock exploding in her hand, a long jet of cum spurting from the head of my pulsating erection, splashing over her lips, her cheek, followed by another, Sophie suddenly engulfing my cock with her mouth, taking me deep, more spurts of cum pouring into her mouth, again and again, swallowing it greedily as I groaned urgently, pulse after pulse of intense orgasm throbbing through my body, emptying myself into her mouth...

Until slowly I began to subside, Sophie sucking gently, lapping the last few spurts of my cum from the head of my cock, looking up at me and smiling, a trail of spunk still dripping from her lips, sliding up my body and kissing me sensually, the taste of my cum on her mouth.

We held each other for a few moments, and she looked to me and smiled. "May I finish my story now...?" she asked.

"Please do," I smiled, "you know I always want more..."

Sophie smiled at me, gently sliding her fingertips through the small trail of my cum on her chin, lifting her wet fingers to her lips, lapping it into her mouth as I watched. Already I could feel my cock hardening again, wanting her, watching her lustfully as she continued her story.

"So..." she began, still smiling at me, licking her lips appreciatively, "where was I, before you insisted on demonstrating what a dirty little slut you are...?"

"If I recall correctly," I replied, "you were telling me how the shop girl was pressed up against you from behind, her fingers in your sex, stroking you..."

"Ahh, how could I forget," she smiled, leaning back into the pillows, watching me as my hand slid back down to my growing cock, stroking myself slowly, her gaze watching my fingers sliding up and down my erection. "And are you intending to continue masturbating so shamefully as I relate the story?"

"I thought I might," I smiled, enjoying being watched by her.

"Then perhaps I should do the same," she replied, smiling back at me, still watching me as she slipped one of her hands up to one of her breasts, cupping it, caressing it softly, her other hand sliding down over her soft belly, slipping between her thighs, drifting over and around her clit, teasing herself. I could feel my cock throbbing in response to the gorgeous view before me, keeping rhythm with her, slowly and deliciously.

"As you mentioned," she continued, her fingers gently sliding round and round her clit, slowly and softly, "the girl was indeed pressed up close to me from behind, masturbating me, my dress by this stage pulled up disgracefully around my waist, my body completely naked underneath. As I glanced down, I could see that her fingers were visibly wet as she stroked me, still sliding her fingers rhythmically in and out of my sex, fucking me greedily with her fingers."

"Show me..." I said, stroking my cock a little harder as I watched her.

"You expect me to demonstrate what she was doing...?" Sophie replied, admonishing me playfully. "Such a greedy boy - I'm not one of those common little whores I've seen you with at the cafe. Was the earlier degradation of taking you into my mouth not enough for you?"

"I confess that I do need more," I replied, masturbating a little more firmly, enjoying the stern, disapproving tone of her voice, as she knew that I would.

"I thought you were a gentleman", she replied, her fingers still drifting around her clit, the rhythm increasing just a little, "however, I suspect you will not be satisfied until I am masturbating vigourously for you, like some common tart from the streets. Are you presuming to treat me like some little slut, a plaything for your degrading sexual fantasies...?"

"I merely wished a little clarification, to be able to picture your situation a little more thoroughly," I replied, smiling again.

"oh very well," she smiled, "since your imagination is so bereft today..."

And with that, she spread her thighs wider for me, displaying herself to me, still stroking herself rhythmically, her sex visibly wet. "The girl used two fingers on me... something like this..." Sophie slipped two of her fingers down between the lips of her sex, small, intimate wet sounds accompanying her movements, as her fingertips found their way into her cunt, gasping gently as she pushed them a little further, beginning to fuck herself slowly with her fingers as I watched, her hips moving back and forth as she kept up the rhythm, her gaze still fixed on my erection, now fully hard and visibly throbbing in my hand, as I stroked myself in time with her movements.

"As she continued to touch me in this way," she breathed, continuing to masturbate for me, "her breath hot in my ear, her lust clearly inflamed beyond all reason, I felt her other hand sliding slowly up my body, up to the straps of the dress, slipping them off my bare shoulders, tugging the garment slowly down. As the dress drifted down to gather at my waist, her hand moved up over my breasts... much as my own is now... cupping one in her hand, just like this... ohhh... squeezing it, her fingers drifting over my erect nipple, pinching it gently between her fingertips, and I found myself groaning in response, pushing myself back against her, her fingers sliding deeper into my cunt... ohhh... ohhh my..."

Sophie trembled a little, her rhythm increasing, her fingers visibly wet now as she masturbated next to me - my need to fuck her was becoming all the more urgent. My own hand was now sliding rather urgently up and down my erect penis, rubbing myself, breathing hard, unsure how much more of this I would be able to take.

"Did she make you come...?" I breathed. "Did she take you to orgasm...?"

"Yes..." Sophie gasped, her fingers thrusting a little harder into her cunt as I watched, "ohhh yes... the girl was... unnhhh... the girl was relentless... her fingers so insistent... fucking me... ohhh... I needed to come... needed it so badly... and I did... unnhhh... I let myself go... all over her hand... my cunt so wet... unnhhhh..."

"I need to fuck you, Sophie..." I gasped, my hand stroking my swollen penis harder now, watching her as she writhed on the bed next to me, clearly as close to her own orgasm as I was to mine. "I can't wait any longer..."

"Such a fucking slut..." she gasped, looking at me, masturbating more urgently in time with me, deep, primal lust in her eyes. "Tell me what you want... tell me what you want to do to me..."

"I want to make you come", I gasped, rubbing my swollen cock harder now, needing it so much, "I want to fuck you, Sophie... god I need it..."

Her fingers rubbed faster, matching my own rhythm. "I'm not going to allow you to fuck my cunt," she gasped, "you've been too greedy... ohhhh... wanting too much, too impatient. I want you... unnhhh... I want you in my ass... I want you to fuck my ass..."

I groaned audibly - I felt my cock pulsing hard at the very idea - I was so close to orgasm, taking all my strength of will not to come right then and there, hot and wet over my fingers. All I could manage was "...yes... ohh god yes...", trembling with my own desire as she got onto all fours on the bed, her face down on the pillow, her fingers still fucking her own cunt, dripping wet now, her thighs spread wide, her ass presented to me, slipping her wet fingers out of her sex, spreading her wetness up to her asshole, lubricating it for me, still watching me as I masturbated more urgently.

"Fuck me then," she insisted, "fuck my ass... show me what a slut you are... put your cock in my ass..."

I groaned again, kneeling behind her, my hands on her hips, the swollen head of my erect cock skidding against her asshole, hearing the wetness from her sex as she fucked herself urgently with her fingers. I couldn't wait any longer - I was so close to cumming - with a groan I pushed into her, feeling her ass part around my cock so easily, hearing her groan intensely as I began to fill her, pushing herself back onto me, my cock sliding deeper into her ass, feeling her squeezing and contracting around me.

"Fuck me..." she groaned, "fuck me hard... don't hold back... ohhh god... god I'm so close... fuck me... fuck my ass..."

She pushed back hard onto me, groaning again as she felt the full length of my erection filling her, and I groaned intensely, fucking her now, my hands gripping her hips, lust overtaking me, ramming my cock into her ass, hard and deep, my cock throbbing, pulsing, as she cried out with pleasure, her fingers splashing into her cunt, masturbating urgently, so close to orgasm.

"god Sophie..." I groaned, "I can't hold it back... I'm going to come..."

"cum in me... she groaned, "cum in my ass... unnhhhh god... don't hold it back..."

She thrust herself back hard onto me, pushing her fingers harder and deeper into her cunt, her other hand at her clit, rubbing urgently - I could feel her trembling - I rammed my cock harder inside her, and she screamed with pleasure, grabbing onto the pillow, starting to convulse... and that was all I could take... I started to cum, holding onto her hips, crying out with intense pleasure as my cum began to surge into her ass, my penis pulsing, pulsing, pulsing, as my cock spurted deep inside her, filling her ass with my hot spunk. My orgasm triggered hers - I heard a wet splash from her cunt, and she screamed intensely, crying out my name, convulsing hard, bucking frantically under me as she came over her fingers, pushing back hard onto my spurting cock, cumming urgently...

And as we collapsed onto the bed, damp with sweat and cum, both of us still pulsing gorgeously, she turned and kissed me softly, smiling at me.

"You may be pleased to hear," she smiled, "that I invited the girl over to our apartment tomorrow evening..."

to be continued in chapter 3...


Hello, Roger, you may have forgotten me, but I assure you my stay away was not intentional. computer problems, and yet I find myself here as one of the very first sites I visit again, I thoroughly approve of the way you now have my clit throbbing, my cheeks flushed and my hands shaking,, oooh, god I may just have to read that again. Thankyou , very much. Mwah x

Of course I remember you Rhowanna! x - we got rather intimate in this year's orgy, as I recall ;) I'm delighted to have you back, and especially delighted that you're already touching yourself so eagerly - I hope you'll be able to come and see me regularly, as I do enjoy making you come ;) x

Roger, you are quickly becumming my favorite man of the night. God, your writing is HOT.

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