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Thursday, January 18, 2007 at 6:40 PM

Hello you xx
You might be pleased to hear that the first five chapters of my ongoing 'Paris' series are now available as an audiobook, produced by Leatherback Productions inc. So if you'd like to listen to my stories rather than read them - well now's your chance!

You can listen to a sample and/or download the audiobook either from Audible.com or Leatherback's website. You might be slightly disappointed to hear that it's not me narrating them, but don't be downhearted - to be honest it really needed to be left to the professionals! Apple (who are also making the audios available on iTunes) insisted on a female narrator (despite grumbles from both myself and Leatherback), so apologies in advance that you don't get a husky voiced male narrator - it is, however, still my words, and hopefully you'll find it just as much fun! Personally I rather like the idea of a girl reading out loud all those filthy words I wrote... ;)

Leatherback and I have been talking about trying to persuade them to allow us a male narrator for the next one, but we'll see (and to be honest, I'd rather take Leatherback's advice on that, they have much more experience in that area). There will be more, by the way - the current 'London' stories will follow these Paris stories as audios in the very near future - basically once I've finished them! Obviously I'll let you know on here as soon as they're up.

And if you prefer reading and would like to read the novella again or for the first time (or if you want to read along with the audios), follow these links:

Paris 1 - Sex on the Orient Express
Paris 2 - Vanessa and the French Maid
Paris 3 - Sophie the Voyeur
Paris 4 - In Bed with Sophie
Paris 5 - Sophie and the Photographer

Have fun! ;)

roger xx


Oh congratulations Rog, how fantastic for you! I'm oh so proud, and happy for you xxx

Well, haven't we moved up in the world ;)

There are too many female erotica recordings. There ought to be a male narrator!!!

nez - well thankyou xx

psy - I prefer to sorta move both up and down ;) x

paige - ah, you might be right. In this instance, though, they came to me with the offer, and didn't ask for anything from me other than the permission to use my stories. I get a nice commission, and frankly I was very flattered that they asked me. So if they want a female voice, that's okay by me! Fingers crossed that might (might) change on the next one, but no promises I'm afraid. Patience, however, is a virtue ;) In the meantime - at least you still get my stories hands free ;)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm--hands free--yes--but they'll be oh so busy

Congrats Roger

But it would have been so much better to have your voice in my ear whilst touching myself-thinking of you stroking your cock as you read the words to me--oh my

That is really fantastic. Although it is strange hearing a woman's voice, since it's written from a man's perspective. Either way, that is fantastic news!!

yourbelle - to be honest, I don't really think I'm ready to have my voice out there on iTunes - but I can understand why you'd prefer it (such a naughty girl) ;) x

bad bad girl - yes, I agree, it's a curious choice - still, there'll definitely be more, so keep your fingers crossed (as indeed will I!) x

We promise to use a male narrator for your next male role series. Apple were adamant that we stick to female voices, and withdraw overly explicit words (eg cunt!). But, given our success we are able to now keep your loyal fans happy and use whoever we want, and perhaps slip in the occasional 'Pussy'.

Maybe your followers can suggest the accent they would most enjoy hearing? :)



Sorry it's not you. I bought mine already - I plan on giving a copy to a friend... Hmm...

Maybe a soon to be playmate...especially after hearing the stories...



I am sad that it's not your voice...very sad...but know there's your voice in my future...

You know, I love audible...so convenient. So I bought my copy...and a copy for my playmate.

Oh how sinfully disgraceful of me.

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