London 2:2 - the shop girl (continued)

Sunday, December 17, 2006 at 9:58 PM

Sophie's fingers were brushing teasingly around my belly as she continued her story. I'm sure she knew that by now I was erect, and I was very tempted to touch myself, but patience seemed the better option, I was enjoying the foreplay. As her fingertips gently circled my tummy, her thigh now draped across mine, she told me more...

"The girl's gaze was wandering down my body, looking at me rather indecently. Not that I was complaining, you understand. 'I can see the line of your knickers under the dress,' she said to me softly, 'the silk really clings to them. Maybe it would look better if you took them off...' Such a disgraceful suggestion! Though I have to admit I was all for it - my heart was beating a little faster now, eager again for her delicate touch. This was such an unusual situation for me, as I'm accustomed to being the seductress, rather than the seduced, but my body was betraying me, responding to her, and I must admit I was almost ready to surrender.

"Taking my time, perhaps fooling myself that I was still in control of the situation, I lifted up the dress, drawing it slowly up my thighs, all the way up until it was gathered about my waist, her gaze watching my fingers as I slid them slowly into the waistband of my knickers, tugging them slowly down over my bottom, slipping them down my thighs, letting them drop down to my ankles, stepping out of them... then pulling the dress back down over my now bare bottom, smoothing it down at the front, feeling even more aroused as I felt the silk moving against my skin. I looked at myself in the mirror again, feeling deliciously decadent, naked before her except for the dress and my shoes - my nipples were now very erect, straining against the silk material of the dress, and between my thighs I could feel myself getting very, very wet.

"She moved up close to me again from behind, smiling at me in the mirror. 'Perhaps I should see how much room you have inside the dress...' she said, rather disgracefully, and without waiting for me to reply, she slipped both of her hands to my thighs, sliding them slowly up inside the dress, lingering for a moment as her fingertips brushed along my thighs... until I could feel her warm hands sliding over my bottom, caressing the cheeks gently and playfully, keeping them there for a little while. I was rooted to the spot, loving the attention, adoring her touch, desperate to turn around and kiss her passionately, but still biding my time, playing the innocent. 'Perhaps the dress is too big,', she breathed in my ear, a slight tremor in her voice now, pressed up so close to me from behind, her voice almost a whisper, 'let me just check the fit around the front here...'

"She moved closer to me, her small, pert breasts now pressed against my back, her breath hot on my neck as she slid her hands slowly around my hips, her fingers drifting over my soft belly, then sliding down between my legs. All pretense was fading now. She was going in for the kill, and I surrendered to her gladly. One of her hands found my clit, rubbing it gently, the other hand moving further down, her fingers slipping deliciously between the wet lips of my sex. I gasped gently at her touch, pushing back against her, watching us both in the mirror, feeling my clit throbbing deliciously, her fingers sliding expertly round and round, rubbing me gently and rhythmically. She had clearly done this before, and I was melting at her touch. I felt her other hand sliding between the lips of my cunt, dipping into my wetness, sliding two fingertips slowly into my cunt, then pushing them further, her fingers moving slowly deep inside me, and I groaned deliciously in response, feeling my wetness pouring down her fingers..."

Sophie's story was exciting me intensely now - I was very erect, breathing harder, and Sophie for her part was draped right over me, a soft, subtle movement of her hips rhythmically pressing her sex against my bare thigh as she spoke to me. "Sophie... you have me so aroused..." I breathed, "I need you to touch me..."

"You really are such an impatient boy," she smiled, "I haven't finished telling you about my afternoon yet..."

"I know," I said, feeling my cock throbbing deliciously as she moved gently against me, "and I do want to hear every last detail... it's just that if you don't touch me soon, I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands..."

"We can't have that," Sophie smiled, "perhaps I should take a closer look at the problem...". With that, she tugged the blanket slowly down, revealing my naked body underneath, my cock hugely erect, almost visibly pulsing. "Oh my..." she smiled, "you do seem in something of a state... perhaps if I were to calm you a little, I might be able to continue with the story... let me see what I can do...".

Sophie slipped teasingly down my body, conciously brushing herself against me as she moved down between my thighs, her hand wrapping gently around my straining erection, stroking it softly and rhythmically, and I gasped in response, my penis throbbing in her hand, needing release. "You seem so close already," she smiled, "has my story aroused you so much...?"

"Yes..." I gasped, feeling her stroke becoming firmer, pleasure rippling through my body, "please... I think I need to cum... god... your touch... ohhhhh... your touch has intensified the problem... "

Sophie's strokes increased in their rhythm, her lips so close to my throbbing erection now, tantalising me. "And how would you wish me to solve this problem...?" she teased, rubbing me a little harder, "were you perhaps imagining that I might take you into my mouth...?"

"yes..." I gasped, "ohhhh god yes... please..."

"Such an impertinent boy..." she replied, her hand now sliding a little faster along my erection, "am I to take it that you want me to take your erect penis into my mouth, like some cheap Bordello slut...?"

"unnhhhh god... god yes..." I groaned, precum now seeping from the head of my cock, lubricating her strokes, wet sounds accompanying each move of her hand along my erection, the head of my cock so swollen, so close to release.

"You want me to slide my lips over your cock..?" she breathed, the rhythm of her fingers increasing, "is that what you want? You want to feel my tongue lapping around your penis...?"

"unnnnhhhhhh fuckk..." I gasped, "ohhh god Sophie please...."

"Please what...?" she breathed, masturbating me harder, faster, "do you want to cum in my mouth...? Is that the degradation you wish to perform on me? Do you want to cum on my face? Tell me... tell me what it is you want..."

"ohhhh god... fuckkk... please Sophie... unnnnhhhh god... I want to... unnnhhhh... I want to cum on your face... ohhh fuckkk..."

"Such a dirty fucking slut..." she gasped, rubbing my cock hard and fast, "you're such a fucking whore... cum then... do it to me now... cum on my face... spurt your hot spunk all over my face...."

I groaned with sudden, intense orgasm, arching off the bed, my cock exploding in her hand, a long jet of cum spurting from the head of my pulsating erection, splashing over her lips, her cheek, followed by another, Sophie suddenly engulfing my cock with her mouth, taking me deep, more spurts of cum pouring into her mouth, again and again, swallowing it greedily as I groaned urgently, pulse after pulse of intense orgasm throbbing through my body, emptying myself into her mouth...

Until slowly I began to subside, Sophie sucking gently, lapping the last few spurts of my cum from the head of my cock, looking up at me and smiling, a trail of spunk still dripping from her lips, sliding up my body and kissing me sensually, the taste of my cum on her mouth.

We held each other for a few moments, and she looked to me and smiled. "May I finish my story now...?" she asked.

"Please do," I smiled, "you know I always want more..."

to be continued...


DOH! Don't stop! Keep gooooing. Damn. Have to wait for the next one . . .

Thank you so much for this...

I want to be the solution to that state of yours Roger...


Do I recognize that photo? Is that the image used on your wares at CafePress?

I like it...

delicious.... mmmmmm, nice continuation lover..... although, I'll be hard pressed to be patient for the next installment.... stroke! stroke! xoxo

Roger, so my favorite thing. Can NOT wait to read the rest!

mariah - so impatient ;) More to follow...

cathectic - I'm thoroughly enjoying writing about her too! This is going to be a long chapter, so plenty more still to come...

p of lust - then by all means kneel down in front of me, I'd be more than willing ;)
And the photo is indeed the same one I modified for the CafePress stuff, yes x

schatzie - with Xmas coming and plenty of time off, I suspect you'll be getting plenty more of it over the xmas break... patience! ;)

strumpet - glad you're enjoying it ;)

sensualkitten - I adore making you so wet...

lildirtyann - and another impatient girl - there may need to be some spanking soon ;)

Damn right I'm impatient . . . This shit is all I've got!! LOL. Jesus, that's sad . . .

Mmmmmm. That was wonderful. I LOVE this story.... have loved it from the beginning and will continue to love it to the very end.
Funny...I was looking at the Paris postcard I made you the other day!

Such a gorgeous beginning to the story lover, one that made me cum very easily. I rather like where this is going... xxx

mariah - there's nothing at all sad about enjoying my blog! I like you coming here (in both senses of the word lol) x

miss understood - and such a lovely postcard it was too - I love it when you send me pictures ;) x

DLG - I very much love it when you cum for mer - and I think you will indeed like whee it's going ;) xxx

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