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Monday, November 13, 2006 at 7:42 PM

Hello you x - the orgy is still ongoing - if you're already in there and having fun, keep adding comments, I'm still replying to whatever happens in there - and if you haven't participated yet, feel free to come and join the fun - it's getting pretty hot and heavy in there, and the more, the merrier...

Also today, here we go with the second in the series of posts requested by you - today it's 'rough sex, taking you any way I please, hard and dirty' - so if you don't like this kind of thing, go take a dip into the archives - this one is going to be rough and wild, and it's for my dirty girls... you all know who you are... ;)

roger x


You've been masturbating again without my permission - you think I don't know, but I can always tell. Your scent fills the air as I walk into the bedroom. Such a bad girl.

And you know what a slut you are - you know how much trouble you're in - you know that I've forbidden you to touch yourself when I'm not here, and you know the consequences of your actions. Perhaps you weren't expecting me to come home and discover you like this. Though it looks pretty deliberate to me. You're showing no shame whatsoever. Just look at you - sat there at your computer with your hand down your panties, your cunt clearly dripping wet - I can hear it as you stroke yourself, not stopping even though I've walked into the room. Just looking at me, continuing to masturbate right in front of me, challenging me - such a dirty little slut.

I think you know how bad you've been. I think you know I'm going to have to punish you.

You're looking back at me rebelliously. You know that you should submit, that you should be asking my forgiveness, begging me - but today submission doesn't seem to be something you want to give readily. As I step towards you, watching you, you smile at me wickedly, still stroking your clit in rhythmic circles, occasionally slipping your fingers into your cunt, gasping and trembling a little, then returning to the rhythm. You know I love watching you like this, you know how much I love to watch you masturbate, how much it arouses me - but you also know that this is a direct challenge to my authority. You want things your own way. Greedy little slut. That's not the way it's going to happen today.

I move closer to you, stepping right in front of you, watching you, smiling, but not speaking to you. You continue to stroke yourself, opening your thighs wider, tugging the crotch of your panties aside to display your sex to me, sliding your fingers across it, pushing them inside yourself again. I can see you glancing down to my crotch, seeing the bulge of my erection in my pants. You know you've aroused me, and you like that - perhaps you assume that by arousing me, you'll escape your punishment.

I don't think so.

I'm stood between your thighs now, looking down at you as you masturbate on your chair. You look directly into my eyes, still challenging me - your gaze is greedy and lustful. I slide my fingers gently across your cheek, smiling wickedly at you, brushing my fingers up through your hair - you tremble a little, looking me in the eye again, smiling at me. "Fuck me..." you say. It's not a request, it's a demand. But your demand has sealed your fate.

My fingers slip through your hair, winding a little around my hand, taking a firm grip - before you can protest, I pull your head back sharply, holding it there, baring your neck, looking down at you.

"Dirty little slut", I say.

You gasp, your fingers still stroking your clit, rubbing a little faster now. But my grip is tighter in your hair, and I pull you roughly from the chair and down onto your knees in front of me. You gasp, trembling again, still defiant, still wanting your own way.

"Such a fucking slut," I say, spitting out the words. "Do you want to be punished? Is that what you want?"

"...yes..." you gasp, groaning as I tug your head back harder, looking right down at you.

"You want me to fuck you?" I ask, growling again.

"yes... ohh god yes... please..."

"Tell me again," I reply. "Tell me you want me to fuck you."

"I need it..." you gasp, groaning again as I pull your head back harder, "unnhh god please fuck me... I want you to fuck me... please..."

"I think you want it too much," I reply. "First you need to be punished. Unbuckle my belt."

"god..." you whisper, your nervous fingers moving up to my belt, unhooking it, pulling it apart, sliding it out of the loops on my pants, holding onto it.

"Give it to me," I demand. Nervously, you respond, handing me the belt. You can see the large bulge in my pants now, my cock straining to be free. Unable to resist, you slide a hand over my erection, rubbing it slowly through my pants. It feels delicious, my cock pulsing at your touch, but I resist. "Did I tell you that you could touch me?"

"" you whimper, removing your hand quickly. You can feel your panties are already drenched, wanting to touch yourself there, fearful of the response.

"Dirty fucking slut. You want to suck it, don't you? You want my cock in your mouth."

"...yes..." you gasp, "please..."

"Beg me..." I reply. "Beg me to fuck your mouth. Tell me what a dirty fucking cumslut you are."

"god..." you groan, your panties so wet now, needing it, just needing me to fuck you hard, why won't I just fuck you? "please roger... god please fuck me... fuck my mouth... I'm a slut..."

"you're a dirty fucking cumslut..." I say, correcting you sharply.

"god... I'm... I'm a dirty fucking cumslut..." you gasp, "please roger... please fuck my mouth... put your cock in my mouth... please... I'm begging you..."

I unfasten my pants, tugging them down, my boxers sliding down with them, stepping out of them, still stood right over you as you kneel in front of me. My cock is hugely erect, so close to your lips, visibly throbbing. "Suck me then, slut," I say, "suck my cock... show me what a dirty girl you really are..."

You open your lips greedily, sliding your hand to my hard cock, steering the swollen head into your mouth almost a little too eagerly, sliding your lips over me, taking my hard penis deep into your mouth, your tongue swirling and lapping around my erection. I groan with pleasure, my grip tightening in your hair, pushing your lips further down onto my cock, holding you there as I start to fuck your mouth, a little roughly, taking my own pleasure, looking down at you as you suck and lick greedily. Such a dirty little slut.

I pull my cock from your mouth roughly, dragging you up onto your feet, hearing you whimper, needing more.

"Bend over the desk," I say. My tone is firm, I clearly won't brook any denial. Trembling again, you quickly clear a space on your desk, bending over, presenting your ass to me. I take hold of your panties, and tug them all the way down, my hand sliding between your thighs, my fingers slipping over your hot, wet cunt, stroking you greedily. "You're dripping wet," I state.

"yes..." you gasp, trying to push yourself back against me. I lift up my hand rapidly, and bring it down firmly onto your ass, spanking you hard, and you gasp with pain and pleasure, groaning sensually.

"Greedy little slut..." I say, spitting out the words, stood behind you now, my hand in your hair again, pushing your face down onto the desk roughly, holding you there. You can feel me pressed against you now from behind, my erection hard between your buttocks, rubbing against you, not entering you yet.

"Please fuck me..." you gasp, "god please... I need it..." You reach around behind you, trying to take hold of my cock - I pull away for a moment, spanking you again, hard.

"Give me your wrists," I hiss. "If you can't behave, I'm going to have to restrain you." You lean forward on the desk, letting it support you, passing your wrists back to me nervously - picking up the belt, I tug your wrists tightly behind your back, tying them with the belt, a little too tightly - it hurts a little when you struggle, digging into your wrists.

"god... please fuck me, roger..." you gasp. You need it so much now - you can feel a trail of your wetness dribbling down the inside of your thighs, your cunt aching, needing to be filled. "please..."

I slide my cock against your ass again, still holding you down. You can feel my erection pulsing between the cheeks of your ass, so hot, so hard.

"Then beg me..." I say, "beg me to fuck you... tell me what a dirty fucking slut you are..." and I take a handful of your hair, pulling you back towards me, your back arching deliciously as you push back against me, my hand sliding around your body, cupping a breast in my fingers, pinching one of your nipples, "beg me, you little slut.."

to be continued...


Holy fuck.

How can you leave me there...waiting to be your dirty slut.

you won't have to wait long - and you are indeed a dirty little slut ;)

Fuck yes Rog... your cock in my mouth and your fingers wrapped in my hair are all I'm wanting right now ;) Oh, and maybe a little fucking on the desk! Keep going pretty please ;)

P.S. Hee, the word verification is 'ILSUX'.

I love it when appropriate word verifications come up ;) - and you'll get what's coming to you, leela, you dirty, greedy girl ;)

Mmm, I'm thoroughly ejoying the view and anticipating the conclusion because then I can punish you for your disgraceful behavior. ;)


My word verification is:


Oh how I am your cumslut Roger...ever single circular motion of my tongue, every single stroke of my lips on you...

giving your lots of kszdwn there!

You love it...

I am yours..

damn I am soooo wet...

I will be damned for the nasty dirty thoughts and feelings...

red delish - I was torn between typing your wrists with it, or perhaps giving you a couple of firm strokes with it first ;)
On balance, I'm going with the former, as I have my hand for spanking... ;)

DLG - and I will, naturally, accept my punishment eagerly ;) xxx

p of lust - mmm, such a well behaved little cumslut - you'll get what you deserve ;)

I think the 3 days that have past is entirely too long to wait for the second bit of this post...


kota - such a greedy little slut ;) - though you'll be pleased to hear that part two is now up ;)

oh FUCK roger, you have me here DRIPPING wet after just two minutes of reading this... i'm torn between going right over to part two.. or shall i rather take my time, touch myself, and enjoy the anticipation?

i think I can't resist touching myself now, be sure that i'll come to this...


lucy, I like it best when you just can't resist, when you just need to come so badly... so glad you're enjoying this ;) x

mmmmmm ohmigod roger, don't leave me this way. I'm you're dirty fucking cum slut please fuck me, please.
you're making it very hard to leave the house, I've only been lurking for a week now and have cum every day for you ;) delicious writing and that sexy voice and wicked laugh of yours... gives me shivers all over xxx lola

lola rose - yes, you are my dirty fucking cum slut, and you very much deserve your punishment ;)
Hope you found your way to part two, and I've also just posted part three...
Hope you're enjoying the archives - I love it when you cum for me ;) x

Fuck how I so want to be tied up, bent over that desk and fucked til I can take no more...then fucked some more. Now where's the punishment when a girl so desperately needs it ? ;-)


B - such a greedy girl - perhaps you should bend over the desk for me ;) xx

Wow Roger ... I want to be your dirty little slut. I want to be punished for reading your words and touching myself. I can't help it, everything you write is just so delicious. Please fuck me ... I need it so bad and I'm willing to take whatever punishment you have in mind for me. I'll try to be good I promise.

betme - mmmm... I'm pleased to see you're still enjoying the archives ;)
You are indeed my delightfully dirty little slut - such a dirty girl, touching yourself without my permission... you so clearly need to be taught a lesson in how to behave...

I'm whimpering here, legs wide open.Looking into your eyes and begging you to fuck me.

I've recent found this blog, and I'm enjoying going through the archive. It's so exciting scanning the titles on the left and choosing which to read next. So I've read a few, but this one is my favorite so far, last night I had a lot of fun with it. I thought it'd be nice to leave you a comment, I love the way you write, it's so very intense.

hi Natalie - welcome to the blog, it's lovely to hear from you - I'm glad you're having fun in the archives, and especially glad you had such a good time with this one - you clearly like it rough and greedy, and I love that, of course ;) Hope you'll keep having fun, and definitely keep commenting, I'll always see them, even when w-a-y back in the archives x

I cannot wait to get home and bring my vibrator out. God I'm so wet. I want your cock in my mouth so badly, then for you to shove me over with a fist full of my hair.. Making me beg for your big hard cock.
hmm... so fucking sexy.

mmmm... such intense desires... I'd love to have you beg for me like that... such a delightful little slut for me... hope you had fun with your vibrator ;;) xx

Well I'm all wet and I can't do a thing about it - being in a public place.

mmm... I rather like being read in public - naughty girl ;) x

This day has sucked in so many ways, and then I drop in on you, Roger. . .

If an orgasm or two improves your day, I'm always more than happy to provide them, Kiki ;) x

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