rough sex 3: discovered by my lover...

Thursday, November 23, 2006 at 7:20 PM

A rather special surprise for you today, in which I've invited the very wonderful Dirty Little Girl to continue the story - hope you enjoy ;)

In case you need a refresher, here's part one...
and here's part two...


You are whimpering desperately now. The vibrations in your ass are too much. You know you're going to cum. You need release.

Suddenly you hear muffled voices in the hall. There's more than one and you start to panic. And the panic feeds your desire even stronger. One voice is loud and harsh. You hear the words "fucking whore," and you wonder who else is being punished tonight. More voices, and you hear the other voice begging not to be punished, that they promise to be good, and not do it again. You think of yourself, tied to the table, blindfolded, and a shiver runs through you. You want to be punished more, you desire it. You want to be spanked hard.

The door suddenly opens you hear two sets of feet enter the room. One set pads across the floor, the other taps against the wood, and you realize it could only come from a pair of stilettos. Panic rises more. You know whoever it is can see you. You're totally exposed. You hear my voice hiss at Roger.

"Look at her, you dirty fucking whore..." I say. "Did I give you permission to take your own slut?" You hear a sharp crack, and you realize I've spanked him in the same way he spanked you. You hear me spank him again, and he whimpers. You hear him groan then, and wonder what I'm doing. Am I pulling his hair? Am I stroking his cock? You want to see, you need to see what I'm doing.

"I expect my lover to behave," I hiss again. "Clearly you wanted to be punished. And if she's here, she clearly wants to be punished as well. It seems as if I have no choice but to punish you both severely."

You hear a metallic sound, and realize I've just handcuffed him. You hear Roger groan again, and feel his naked body pushed against your side. The sudden closeness makes you jump, and you almost lose the vibe. I gently take it and push it slowly back inside you. I hear you moan, and I reach between your thighs. You're so incredibly wet. I stroke you softly, slowly pushing my fingers deep inside your wet cunt. I feel you clench around me. You're so close again.

"Do you want to cum, little girl?" I whisper in your ear. "Tell me how much you want it. Beg me to let you cum. Beg me to let you cum. Be my slut."

You hear Roger groan next to you. You wonder where my other hand is. Am I holding him down?

"Please..." you whimper, "please let me cum... please, I didn't know he was yours... god please..." You feel my fingers stroke you a little faster, deep in your cunt, increasing the rhythm. I hear you gasp, and I slide them out then, gently brushing my wet fingertips over your clit. I can see your body tense against the restraints. It's getting too much for you. You need to cum.

"Beg me," I hiss again.

You can only utter a whimper, "Please... let me... unnnnh..."

Roger's body is writhing against yours now. He wants it too. He wants you to cum for me. He needs it. You feel me gently remove your blindfold, and your eyes look right into Roger's. You can see the lust in them, but then suddenly he's gone. I've pulled him up by his hair, and you hear him groan as I move him away from you. You watch me as I push him to his knees a few feet away from you.

Leaving him there, I walk back over to you.

"I want you to watch me, Roger. Watch me make your little slut cum for you."

I kneel down between your thighs, and you feel my breath against your cunt. Gasping, you look over to Roger, knelt on the floor. He's watching us. His cock is hard and erect, obviously enjoying it. His hands are behind his back, handcuffed, restrained just like you are. My tongue flicks out and I lick you softly. A touch so soft it barely touches you, but it send a shower of sparks through your body.

"Watch her," you hear me whisper, and Roger's gaze moves to meet yours. You can see the desire in his eyes now. He wants you so very much. I lick your cunt again, a little firmer this time, and you gasp. My tongue gently delves into your wetness. Your taste is divine, and I want to drink you. I push my tongue in further, fucking you with it, as my fingers move up to find your hard little clit.

"Please..." you moan, and I stroke you faster. Your hips rock against me as I lick you. Moving further under you, I let my tongue find your clit. Licking over and around, again and again...

Then you feel it... my hand has moved to the vibe in your ass. Ever so gently I start to move it in and out... slowly at first, to get you used to it. You hear Roger groan again as he sees me do this. I start to move it a little more, and I feel you writhe against me. Your body tenses again. I know you're close. You look over at Roger. His cock is so hard. He is so aroused by the sight of his Master, pleasuring his slut. He wants us both. So greedy.

My tongue moves across your clit again. My fingers push into your wetness. It's all too much. My tongue on your clit... my fingers in your cunt... the vibe moving in and out of your ass... you feel your body giving in to the release. The rush of heat pours over your body, and you cry out, convulsing against me, your juices pouring over me, my tongue greedily lapping at you... wanting you... tasting you. Your body shudders as your orgasm overtakes you, pulse after pulse of pleasure finally moving through you, over and over again.

You grasp the desk and breathe heavily. I slowly stop my movements, gradually pulling myself from you, slipping the vibe from your ass, letting you come down.

Finishing and getting up, I slowly walk over to where Roger is kneeling. His eyes are still burning with desire.

"Lick my fingers, slut," I say to him, "you wanted her here, you wanted her to cum for you. So lick her cum off my fingers."

You see him desperately lapping at my fingers, all the while looking at you.

"Do you like that slut?" I say, "should I call you my cum slut now? A dirty fucking cum slut?"

You hear him groan again, and whisper a throaty: "Yes... I'm your dirty fucking cum slut... I'm a dirty fucking whore..."

Hearing him say this has you more turned on. It's an odd feeling, but you know you like hearing him submit to me. I smile at him, and then at you.

"My two dirty sluts..." I say softly, as I pull Roger to his feet, and wrap my hand around his cock to stroke it. "I think this is about to get very interesting..."


Oh God!! I can't wait for this to further. I am indeed your slut.

There may not be a part four to this particular story, bad bad girl - DLG and I have discussed it, but I can't be too greedy with her time, she has her own delightful blog to deal with. I must admit, I sort of quite like the way this one ends, with us both at her mercy ;)
But we'll see, she may want to finish me off ;)

With my imagination running wild, this could be good or bad to not have a part four. Of course I hope there is... There's too much to look forward to from either of you dirty little bloggers. :)


Thank you...I needed to cum for you both...thank you...

suzanne - I'm glad you liked it - and I hope I can continue to be a treat for your imagination x

p of lust - and i do so love you cumming for me...

mmm Roger. . .I can never get enough of u. I'm not myself a fan of rough sex, but after delightfully readings yours, I can not help imagining you pounding yourself into me (: Ever since I've found your blog, I've been quite a naughty girl. . .thank you

uuhm, sorry, guys, i love your respective blogs, dlg's as well as dirtyboy's. and i LOVED the "rough sex" part one and two.

but.... this entry is a major turn off. having the person that just spanked and tied you and should be about to fuck you deliciously from behind - roger, i mean - tied up and spanked himself by his lover is... well, too much of a u-turn for me.

besides that, the beauty and speciality of this blog is that dirtyboy has this special ability to talk right to the readers. you can read it as if it was your lover talking to you. the change of perspective in such a crucial point of the story breaks that pattern brutally, and it just doesn't feel right at all to be talked to by dlg all of the sudden and have your dominant lover suddenly be tied down by someone i never wanted to be there in the first place (although i love your blog, dlg.)

just wanted to give you the feedback... you can delete it immediately if you want, of course. and of course i'll still love both of your blogs.

lina - I very much like you being a naughty girl ;)

anonymous - I guess it depends what you're used to really - I'm personally something of a switch, so I like it from both perspectives, whereas if you're more experienced with dom / sub play (as I suspect you may well be), then this might well be a turnabout too far.
I think you just have to remember that there are always going to be things in my blog that do zero for you, and you just need to shrug your shoulders and pop along in a few days time, as there's bound to be something you like better later on. Think of my poor readers who don't like rough sex at all and want me to make soft, gentle love to them - they must be going crazy by now lol! ;)

It might be worth mentioning, as a quick P.S. - I know DLG very well and have met her on a few occasions, and I can tell you without exaggeration that she's an extraordinarily sexy and very beautiful girl - trust me, if she walked into that room in real life, then if you have any interest in other girls at all, you'd be very, very happy for her to do whatever she wanted to do with you - though I consider it a compliment that you wanted to be alone with me, and thankyou ;) xx

I was wondering how this post would be taken. It is a bit of a change from what Roger normally puts in his blog. But we thought it could be fun and interesting to see what would happen if I were to dicover him like this as he's normally my slut. I'm sure he'll get back to the regularly schedule program soon. ;)

And thank you lover xxx

Anything from the two of complimentary...I can't help but read both of you...over and over.

Thank you Roger and DLG...I enjoy both of you far too much.

oh my gosh...never come so hard to one of your stories before...that was amazing...


kota - it's always a pleasure to make you cum so intensely - I hope i can do that to you again soon... x

This is one I'll be taking to bed to-night.
F***k me, baby, as hard and as rough as you can...
Invite your best friend over to share me, you know I can't get enough.
Spread me wide open and do with me what you will.Both of you....please.
I'll beg you on all fours, mouth eager to suck cock, pussy wet and open, eager to be fucked in every orifice, take it in turns...

such a greedy little slut... I think we'd need to take our time with you, and teach you a lesson ;) x

This is the most amazing thing I've ever read. I don't remember the last time I was this wet. Please, PLEASE, write more like this, I'll beg as much as you want me to.

mmm... and it's such a delight foor me to make you so deliciously wet... it's been a while since I wrote anything rough, I really should do more, you're right - though begging helps too ;) x

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