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Sunday, October 22, 2006 at 8:03 PM

Apologies for lack of posting this week - just been having a busy week, but it should clear up over the next couple of days. While you're waiting for me to catch up, here's a chance to let me know what you'd like next (I do love audience participation!)! I'll be going back to the Sophie stories from next week, so before I plunge back in, what would you like me to write for you this week? Just choose one of the following list - the one that attracts the most comments will be the one I'll write for you - so it's entirely up to you...

I'll count up the replies on Wednesday evening - so what would excite you the most... ;)

1) You and me, some lovely, basic, delightful sex
2) You and another girl (maybe with me watching you)
3) You, me and another girl in a gorgeous threesome
4) You, me and another guy, maybe a little gay sex involved
5) Me and another guy with you - no gay sex involved
6) Rough sex - me taking you any way I please, hard and dirty
7) Something soft, romantic and sensual
8) Dominating you, punishing you, telling you what a bad girl you are
9) Fucking you in the ass, long and slow
10) Watching me masturbate for you, all the way to orgasm
11) or suggest your own idea - if that gets more votes than the others, I'm fine with that too

There you go - maybe too many to choose from, but the most popular choice wins, and I'll post the story on Thursday...

Looking forward to the replies!

roger x

and we have a result...

1) 3 votes
2) 1 vote
3) 2 vote
4) 1 vote
5) 4 votes
6) 12 votes
7) 4 votes
8) 4 vote
9) 12 votes
10) 1 vote
strip scrabble - 1 vote

A direct tie for numbers 6 and 9 - so it looks like you're going to get two posts... I'm going to do number 9 first, then number 6 to follow, and I'll be using suggestions in the comments for more posts as we go along...

Expect the first one later today... ;)


I'm going to go for #9 as I know how much you and I would enjoy that ;)

i go for 9

11) a dirty game of cards/chess/scrabble/whatever

DLG - I like the way you're thinking ;)
Two votes so far for #9 (fucking you up the ass), and one for strip scrabble (which I'm filing away to use at a later date even if it doesn't win, as that's a fabulous idea!)

red delish - another lovely suggestion to file away for later use ;)

Definitely 6 and 9. It's making me wet already thinking about it.

combining 4 or 5 with 11) OUTSIDE. a public park, or beach...or in the rain...outside can be so much fun, and you haven't really much of it on your site.


How about 7 leading into 6. . .I would luv that, Mr. Roger

I would say 1) and 5) :D Both coudl be good together as well.

this is my first time ever posting, but i couldn't resist how about something outdoors/in public, like in a badly lit alley, or a near empty subway car? number six can be included in a number of different scenarios like that...

ooo lots of comments - I'll work out the running total at the end of my comment here, but first a few individual replies:

tiff - It is indeed very tempting to do one long, filthy story, starting at the top of the list and working my way down, and I think something like that would be a really good idea - I have been promising the next Sophie story for ages though, so I'll come back to that idea after I've finished chapter two of 'London' - one long night of lust, everything included - I'm definitely going to look forward to writing that one - thanks for the idea Tiff! x

blondie - 6 and 9 do go together nicely - the notion of taking you roughly, of having you struggle a little, and then sliding my cock deep into your ass... seems to work for me too, if that throbbing feeling down there is anything to go by... ;)

kota - a threesome with another guy out in the rain - intensely sexy, I like it - I should consult you all more often! So many good ideas here! And I agree, more outdoor sex definitely needed in here, I'll get to work on that!

lina - starting soft and ending rough? I've done a couple like that before, but they're admittedly fun ;)

cranberry - that number 9 is proving surprisingly popular...

kelly - 1 could easily lead into 5, perhaps if we were discovered and he joined in (which happens in the first chapter of Paris, if you've never read it before...)

sweetie - mmm, another vote for rough sex - yum ;)

pix - welcome to the comments xx - hmm... something rough and urgent where we might be discovered - I like it ;)

okay, let's total these up so far. Where you've voted for more than one, I'm going to give a vote to each one you asked for )seems a fairer way to do it). So the current total:

1) one vote
4) one vote
5) two votes
6) five votes
9) five votes
strip scrabble - one vote

So 6 and 9 ahead so far, but I have hundreds of readers, so it's very easy to change this! If I end up with two or three very popular ones, I think I might combine them...

Am I the only one up in this joint that doesn't like pain? Jezus! LOL.
Now that I've posted a comment . . . I guess I gotta vote . . . I vote for 7; 1 would be good as well, and maybe a bit of 6 as well . . . hell, all of the ones that don't involve pain . . .
(yes, I realize that this is a fantasy, but I don't fantasize about pain :) )

mariah - I think for a lot of people, a little pleasure and pain is an intoxicating mix, as it's something a little forbidden, something they maybe don't often experience, but would like to. Having experienced it, I can tell you that a little pain during sex is a delicious, intense thing, very very powerful - but not for everyone, I know!

running total:

1) two votes
4) one vote
5) two votes
6) six votes
7) one vote
9) five votes
strip scrabble - one vote

#6 and #9, please. That would definitely turn me into a puddle of cum and drool!
Thanks, Roger, for hours of pleasure that keeps me coming, and coming, back for more!

Very much my pleasure Kismet x
And yes, if two of the selections finish up close together, I'll write a combination of the two, sounds like fun ;)

Current totals:

1) 2 votes
4) 1 vote
5) 2 votes
6) 7 votes
7) 1 vote
9) 6 votes
strip scrabble - 1 vote

mmmm... I'm torn between the ideas of 3, 7 and 10.. and yes, more outdoors/public stories are always good!

Sama xx

sama - that's okay, I'll slip one vote on each for you - and I clearly need to do more outdoor sex posts - I'll put them at the top of my list! The next Sophie story is set somewhere semi-public, so that'll be a start..

current count:

1) 2 votes
3) 1 vote
4) 1 vote
5) 2 votes
6) 7 votes
7) 2 votes
9) 6 votes
10) 1 vote
strip scrabble - 1 vote

7 leading to an elevator.

i like number two... with watching!

but i'm the only one... i bet dlg wouldn't mind a number two though...

mmm, you have that right badinfluence girl. Maybe you should just join me anyway regardless of what roger decides to post ;)

6 or 8 would be heavenly...perhaps both ;)

American Beauty

Well, I will take a #3, with DLG, a #8, and a #9...

Then, a number 12...which would be all of the above.

Roger, I can't choose just one...and if you force me... I would have to go with #3 as my final delight...but only if DLG is the other woman!


i would like a number six. biggie size please. :)

One breathy vote for #9, please...

i must say 5,6, or 8 i just can't choose among them which one i prefer. maybe i'm being a little greedy

-jeanne (previously a lurker)

I've gotta go with 9
Its what I've been craving

I vote One & Seven, Roger... long, slow, touch... the art of undressing... or better... a private beach... skin to skin, by firelight. A little risque, but not hard core. I have to agree with Mariah... no pain... only pleasure ... and sensation and touch.. so much touch and taste and tongue and .... sigh. I've missed you. ;-)

Mmmm, I like where this is going... Maybe we should up the pleasure of # 3 and go for you, me, p. of lust and badinfluence girl ;) How delicious!

ooo, lots more votes to add up here - a couple of replies where necessary first:

paige - in an elevator? We'd have to be very quick ;)

DLG and Badinfluencegirl - so long as I get to watch the two of you - and join in, of course ;)

american beauty & anne elizabeth - thankyou giorls - I'll add your votes to the list!

p of lust - such a greedy girl - looks like there could be a foursome coming up here ;) - I'll put votes on 3, 8 and 9 for you x

shrewness & kitwo - an absolute pleasure to add them to the count, and thankyou x

jeanne -0 it's perfectly okay to be greedy, especially when you've popped up from lurking - I'll put a vote in each one for you x

tartlet I'm rather craving it myself - I'll add it to the score, and thankyou x

bo - I'll put a mark next to both for you x

DLG - I was thinking just the same thing - me and three delightful girls - oh my goodness...

and now the current scores - as before, for those of you who have voted for more than one, that's fine, I'll put a vote next to each one you mention (I see no reason why this should be scientific, we're not electing a president here lol) - so if I've added it up right, here's the current score...

1) 3 votes
2) 1 vote
3) 2 vote
4) 1 vote
5) 3 votes
6) 12 votes
7) 4 votes
8) 3 vote
9) 10 votes
10) 1 vote
strip scrabble - 1 vote
So rough sex currently slightly in the lead, with fucking you in the ass a close second, but still plenty of time for this to change!
I'll take a final vote check at about 6pm UK time on Thursday, as that's when I'll start writing it for you - so if you haven't voted yet, get your votes in quickly - plenty of time for these results to change...

roger and dirty little girl?

who the fuck says no to that?


sounds fun, doesn't it? ;)

8. For sure.

number 9, please!

umm #9. I love when you do it slow and nasty.

ok...*apologies* make that in a broken down no slowing down whatsoever is necessary ;)

ooooh, I choose... well then I say 8. Maybe 9. How about 8 THEN 9?? Oh, I want it all... I'm such a greedy girl...I need a good spanking.

Ok. 8.

sadie - number 9 it is, I'll add your vote x

anonymous - and another number 9 - clearly a popular choice ;)

bad bad girl - you clearly do need a good spanking, yes ;) - I'll add the vote to number 8 for you x

current votes:

1) 3 votes
2) 1 vote
3) 2 vote
4) 1 vote
5) 3 votes
6) 12 votes
7) 4 votes
8) 4 vote
9) 12 votes
10) 1 vote
strip scrabble - 1 vote

so we have a current tie between rough sex and fucking you in the ass - 24 hours to go...

"So rough sex currently slightly in the lead, with fucking you in the ass a close second," . . . lmao . . . it sounds like I'm at the races! My money is on Rough Sex to win, Fucking You in the Ass to place, and I'll pick Strip Scrabble to show (It's the dark horse of the bunch ;) ) . . .

oh my god lol...
"and Tied Up & Spanked has fallen at the first fence - no surprises there, Jim..."

Wow, the race analogy was hilarious. :) Can I vote again? :-P

since a few of them have voted for more than one, and since I also managed a typo and called you 'kitwo' last time, yep, I reckon you can vote again, ki two ;)
It'll have to be for something other than number 9 though, no stuffing the ballot box here ;)

No stuffing the box eh...but what about my box!? It needs ass too while you at it baby!


...and with that final vote, I think we have a result...

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