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Thursday, October 26, 2006 at 6:37 PM

Very interesting results, and not at all what I expected - so I'm clearly going to have to consult you more often ;) I've summarised the results on the previous post, but for those who don't read the comments (and even for those who do) it's worth having a look at the results and seeing what impact they'll have over the next week or two... partly because they'll guide my next few posts, and partly because it turns me on knowing what you want... ;)

numbers 6 and 9
These two (fucking you in the ass, long and slow - and rough sex, hard and dirty, taking you any way I please) were the most popular right from the start. I'd guessed that rough sex might be popular, but the ass fucking surprised me - I'm guessing it's a combination of desiring the forbidden, and also possibly because I haven't written very much of it. Apart from the gay sex stories, there's only one in my 'ass fucking' category. It does crop up elsewhere, but only in a minor way (there's some in Paris Chapter 4, for instance). Well, it's very easy to remedy that, and an absolute pleasure for me, so you'll be seeing a delightfully long and explicit ass fucking story before the weekend. Hope you're ready to bend over ;)
I was tempted to combine this with the other top result (rough sex), but in the end I decided to split them, as they're not necessarily mutually compatible. Again this I think reflects how you like to fantasise about the forbidden, perhaps because it's not something you experience as much as you'd like, and I haven't written one for a while (and definitely want to). So that'll be the next post after ass fucking - and given that you want to be taken, hard and dirty, and used any way I please... then I think I'm going to have to tie your wrists... and I may have to make you beg...

numbers 5, 7 and 8
A tie for these as well (you and two guys, entirely focussed on you - something soft, romantic and sensual - and dominating you, punishing you). Three very different ideas there, and I'm going to write a post on each in turn, since they all scored highly...

the rest
Basic, delightful sex scored the highest, so I think a post featuring that will follow the five mentioned above. Surprisingly little enthusiasm for sex with another girl, which is actually the subject of the next Sophie post, so on balance I think I'll save that for when I've written these six posts, by which time you may well be craving it again lol. Gay sex (me and another guy) and watching me masturbate also very low - though both have been covered recently. I did love the suggestion for a fun game of strip scrabble, so I think I'll be using that for a post too, should be fun ;)

Lots of requests for combining ideas - 6, 8 and 9 were frequently requested as a single post : dominating you, punishing you, leading to rough sex, where I do as I please with you, hard and dirty, finishing by fucking you in the ass, perhaps whilst reminding you what a slut you are... sounds fun, doesn't it ;) - so I'm definitely going to do that...
Outdoor sex was also requested, and I get emails about that too, so that's on the list - something where we could easily be discovered...
There was also more than one request for 'all of the above' as one long, intense story - and i rather like the idea of that. So I'm gonna finish this sequence with a multi-part fantasy where we spend the most amazing night together, doing everything on the list - oh my goodness! Better make sure I eat plenty lol ;)

So here's the Dirtyboy site menu for the next two or three weeks, before I jump back into the Sophie stories:

1) Fucking you in the ass, long and slow
2) Rough sex - me taking you any way I please, hard and dirty
3) Me and another guy with you - no gay sex involved
4) Something soft, romantic and sensual
5) Dominating you, punishing you, telling you what a bad girl you are
6) You and me, some lovely, basic, delightful sex
7) Strip scrabble
8) Outdoor sex, with the chance of being seen or discovered
9) Dominating you, punishing you, leading to rough sex and ass fucking
10) Everything, 1-10 in one long night of lustful passion
11) Back to Sophie...

I like the look of that list - hope you do too... ;)

We'll be starting at number 1, before the weekend - don't forget to bring the lube... ;)

roger xx


Oh I cannot wait, I have the Astroglide in my hand now and ummmm I am soooo looking forward to getting started...and then of course getting finished....



aaaaaaaaaa, i missed the timeline for entries, did i? but the results well matched what i love - you now what it is, i guess... (rough, rough, rough, but with a panting sweating romantic cuddle afterwards.)
oh, i must say i missed this place!

scrabble sex? why do I get the feeling that any points accummulated in the game aren't going to matter...

your mind is a bottomless well of ideas. bravo!

I'm certainly looking forward to all of these wonderful ideas coming to life in some naughty posts. It looks like I'm in for some fun ;)

There's only one thing better than reading your posts, Roger, and that's having a nice big cock up my arse. I love reading and writing about anal sex and understand why it's the number one request. Stop by and read about my latest anal adventure if you need some inspiration :)

oooh- I can't wait. I might blog about reading YOUR sexy writing. I've ventured back in to blogging, I'm too drawn to it. I hope I can make you cum the way you do for me....

dirtyboy, you're the best thing since the Internet!

p of lust - and it's now posted - hope you'll like it ;)

sweetie - no more waiting required - go enjoy ;)

mariah - I know, I saw that too lol

lucy - I do know what you love, yes ;) And you have lots of catching up to do, I'd guess... ;)

anne elizabeth - and the first story is there for you now ;)

jen - I can't take credit for the scrabble sex idea, it was in a comment left for me - but now that it's been suggested, I'm gonna have fun with it ;)

DLG - hopefully rather intense fun ;) xx

vahri - great minds ;) Yours is very intense... my god... x

bad bad girl - welcome to the wonderful world of blogging about naughty things - about time you joined in, I think ;) Very much looking forward to seeing what you've written x

shuz - why thankyou xx Glad to have you here with me x

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