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Saturday, September 23, 2006 at 3:10 AM

Hello you x

Time for a little fun, I think, over the next two or three weeks, before I leap into the second chapter of London. Are you up for a little audience participation? I hope so, I'd love you to join in ;)

It's been six months since I held the last audio contest, so I thought it'd be fun to have a new one, especially after the last one was such a success (you can see the results here).

The Prize? Your very own, personal reading of a post from the site - you can make your own choice, though something long and intense would be fun - perhaps the first chapter of London? An older Sophie post? Something else? It's your choice - but it'll be for you alone, a lovely long audio file of me reading for you, slowly, softly and seductively - saying your name, naturally (or whatever name you choose to go by - no need to betray any intimacies here, this is just for fun). Hopefully it'll be something you can listen to again and again, something to make you come gorgeously.

How do you win this? All you have to do is to come for me... If you read my site regularly, hopefully this is something you do most times you drop by - you probably pick story or two, maybe the latest one, or something from the archives, you relax, masturbate and come delightfully (or at least I hope so!). To win the contest, that's all you have to do - though this time, I want you to record yourself masturbating for me, all the way to orgasm - I want to hear you come for me...

This is obviously a very intimate request, and is really only for the exhibitionists amongst you, but hopefully the prize is a good one, and you'll also hopefully have a really good time entering ;) Obviously any sound files you send to me will be kept in the strictest confidence, for my ears alone - and there's no need for me to know who you are, feel free to enter under whatever name you use in the comments, it's entirely up to you. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you'll have me all to yourself whilst I listen to you - it'll be you I'm listening to, you I'm fantasising about - and I can pretty much gurantee that when you cum, I'll cum too, reaching delicious orgasm with you, thinking about you, wanting you...

Does this sound like fun? I hope so! If you think you might be interested in taking part, read on...

how to enter: find yourself a few minutes of privacy, slip into bed (or at your desk - or outdoors - anywhere is fine x), turn on your mic, and masturbate to delicious orgasm for me - you could maybe even read a few posts to get yourself in the right mood ;). It's very important that you say my name somewhere in the recording, so that I know you did it specially for me - just something like 'hello Roger' at the beginning will do - though you'll definitely score extra points if you gasp my name at the moment of orgasm ;)

how will I choose the winner?: I really have no idea. Every recording sent to me for the previous contest made me cum gorgeously, so it's not an easy contest to judge. It might in the end come down to something I can't even explain, something that makes it perfect for me - I'm not sure. The previous contest was won by a reader who sent me two very long, intensely erotic sessions - this time, something short and delightful may win, I just don't know. My advice is to just do whatever feels good - if you're having fun, so will I! There can only be one winner, and I'm not going to play favourites - you have an equal chance of winning whether you're a brand new reader or a long time correspondent (the winner of the last contest had never written to me before entering). If you're planning to enter, just do it for the fun of it, for the pleasure of making me cum - and then if you do win, it'll be a lovely bonus!

Some technical stuff:

I'd recommend using Audacity to record - it's free and you can download it here:

It works fine on my Windows XP laptop, and there's a Mac version too.

1) plug in your mic
2) download, install and open Audacity
3) slip into bed (or wherever you like to play)
4) press the big 'record' button, lay back, and masturbate to a delightful orgasm for me, in whatever way you enjoy the most - no need for theatrics, no need to talk unless you want to, no need for porn star moaning and groaning, just something honest, fun and intimate would be gorgeous x (important: don't forget to say my name somewhere in the recording, so that I know it's you)
5) when you're all done, press the 'stop' button
6) select 'File>export as wav' and save it - it'll probably be a very big file
7) if it's smaller than 9MB, just email it to me
8) if it's larger than 9MB (and it probably will be) upload it here for me:
9) content yourself with the idea that you're going to make me cum gorgeously xx

Please feel free to make it as long or as short as you please - there's no need to do anything special for me, no need to write anything or talk dirty to me (though if that arouses you, please go right ahead - whatever works for you), but please record for as long as you wish, and if you need to come more than once, that's fine too, multiple orgasm entries are definitely encouraged! What's most important is that you thoroughly enjoy it, and simply masturbate however you would normally, porn starlet antics not required, just have fun - if I wanted porn stars, I'd look on the web - what I want is how you sound when you masturbate, and when you come deliciously - that's much more intimate for me, and a wonderful thing for me to receive x

Oh! The deadline for entries: Sunday 22nd October 2006 - that gives you three weeks, hopefully plenty of time...

and most importantly - have fun!

r xx

P.S. If you have any technical difficulties or need help with making a recording, or you're not sure how to do it, please feel free to email me and I'll help as best I can xx

Update: I'm starting to get one or two private emails about this, rather than comments - similar to last time, where potential participants don't really feel comfortable announcing their intention to take part to the world, and I can't really blame you! Please, by all means, feel free to email me about this privately if you're interested in joining in, but you're maybe a little nervous or not sure what to do, and you don't want to have to ask out here in the comments - I'm very happy to talk about any details of this, and I always reply to personal emails. Anything you ask me about will, as always, be kept strictly confidential (as is all my email) xx


I'm afraid they'll be strictly for my ears only, Anne Elizabeth - and you should give it a try, you might just enjoy it ;)

All of the sudden I am completely nervous about this...I have butterflies in my stomach!

I can't wait to go get a mic!


And me without a computer or microphone at home! Aargh!

p of lust - no need to be nervous, just have fun and enjoy yourself! Try reading a few posts before you begin, might get you in just the right mood ;) xx

Skye - could you be the first person to do a risky quiet session at work...? what a disgraceful idea! ;)


i'm excited already

(miss reading your blog...will catch up, love)

Hopefully plenty for you to catch up on, Paige - have fun ;)
And does that mean you're taking part too? I very much hope so x

Well, there is not a microphone here either! And it would be very, very quiet.

damn! ;) Though quiet is fine - a little soft, urgent breathing can be delightfully erotic...

anonymous - ahh, but it's not about the prize, it's about the fun of it - the opportunity to make me cum just this one time, as a little treat for me for looking after your needs for a while ;)

red delish - ohh my goodness - I very much look forward to it's arrival - and thankyou xxx

How about you doing that?

didn't you notice the prize...? You do get to choose the post, after all...
I have four entries in so far, by the way, but still plenty of time before the closing date...

I have made a couple but can't see how my heavy breathing and saying your name can be the least bit appealing to you...

And, I hate to say this...but when I read your posts...and make myself's so fast...I guess if I was a man, that would be a bad thing...but don't laugh...there was one time it took me all of 49 seconds to drop my thong and make myself come.

That's bad huh?

How can this 49 seconds be very interesting for you...??

Although, I guess you can't win if you don't play...

BTW, I think the prize is well worth reading to me...

Does a photo come with it? Like the one I mentioned to you? x

p of lust - it's the intimacy of it - there are orgasms aplenty available on the web ( and are both delightful), so this isn't about being a porn star and grunting and groaning for me - what I like is the intimacy of knowing that the sound file has been done just for me - that you've masturbated for me, thinking about me, wanting me - that's what excites me, that's what I'm looking for. I want to know what it sounds like when you read my words, I want to hear you come just for me, a shared intimacy - there's something special about that, I think, that brings me very close to my readers...

I've submitted mine Roger. Thanks for a lovely evening.mmmmmmmmmm

niagra - mmm thankyou x I shall be listening to you late tonight ;)

Oh my,

Uploading is nearly complete...

Thank you for starting my day off right...

As you always do...

I think I am going to have to invest in a pocket PC so I can read you at work...since you're blocked now...


I guess they realized what a Dirtyboy you really are...

damn- I hate when that happens!

Holy hell! You have quite some daring contests/requests on your site - orgasms as audio file, pictures of boobs. How did I get here? lol

beth - I know, it's just disgraceful in here ;) - hope you're having a good time despite that! x

Oy. I cannot believe I just got here and missed this contest. I'm so mad! I have a couple of sound bites in my bag of tricks right now, recorded in response to some, ah, inspiring online conversations. I love being able to send those out. It feels like giving a little present, a token of appreciation. They've always been received with deep appreciation, too. :)

I'd have loved to participate in this contest, Roger. I'll try not to miss the next one, if there is a next one. But I'd have a different request for a prize... I'd want a recording of you responding to my recording. What do you think? (Oh dear, I hope it hasn't already been suggested and I just haven't read enough yet!)

inconsistent allumeuse - I'd be delighted to hear your sound files, please don't think that you need to wait for the next contest - as something of an audio voyeur, I always welcome such things. For the contest, I'd have wanted you to record something new, especially for me (one of the 'rules' was that you mentioned my name), but given that the contest is over, if you're wanting to indulge your exhibtionistic side, I'd be an eager recipient ;)
And yes, your suggestion has been made before - I have a lover who reads and enjoys my blog, and though she's fine with me indulging my disgraceful voyeuristic tendencies, she does (very reasonably, I think) draw the line at me masturbating to orgasm as a prize for my readers lol. Having said that, the winner of this contest (who I'll be announcing shortly) will be receiving a very long reading of one of my posts, and it's almost certain I'll be masturbating a little whilst reading, though just not all the way to completion ;)

Well how much longer must we wait Roger .... I'm dieing to find out who wins!!

i did it - but i don't think i have the nerve to actually send it out.


well I'd certainly very much love to hear you, mara x
It takes a lot of bravery to send them to me, I know, but I can promise you that audio files sent to me never go any further than me - I get sent all kinds of things, and absolute discretion is something I can always promise to you. Hope you'll decide to treat me! ;) x

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