London 1:6 - the (intense) climax

Monday, September 18, 2006 at 7:16 PM

I've always lived for moments like these, moments when sex becomes almost hallucinatory, where nothing exists but the raw sensations of body against body, the sights, sounds and scents of raw lust and passion, fucking and thrusting and pulsing and groaning and nothing else matters, nothing else even registers on the senses, simply need, and desire, and urgent sensuality.

I was right on the brink of orgasm, holding it back, my erection throbbing insistently, Sophie still clutching at me, pulling my cock hard into her dripping wet cunt, again and again and again - it felt so good, I was so close to orgasm, but I wanted to feel her come first, I needed that again - I needed to feel Sophie's juices spilling down my cock, needed to feel her cunt squeezing and pulsing around my erection as she came hard... god I needed that...

I pulled my hard penis from inside her with a wet splash, turning her over, and pulling her up onto all fours, as I positioned myself behind her - we were both facing Henri and Kathryn now, watching them as they watched us - two couples fucking urgently together, our rhythms matching each other, Henri clinging onto Kathryn's hips as he thrust into her from behind, both their eyes on us as I did the same to Sophie, my cock so hard and dripping wet as I pounded into her from behind, hearing her gasp and groan with each long, deep, rhythmic thrust of my penis, pushing herself back onto me, needing it harder, needing it deeper, greedy now, wanting that orgasm, holding it back herself, making it last. One of her hands was underneath her body as she crouched in front of me on the bed - her fingers had found her clit, and she was stroking it in rhythm with my thrusts, her fingers circling and stroking and rubbing as my cock slipped deeper and harder into her cunt, a delicious wet splash accompanying each thrust, both of us now right on the edge of our orgasms, somehow holding them back.

We were both watching our voyeurs now - even as she gasped with each stroke of my hard cock, Sophie kept her attention on Henri and Kathryn - our movements in time with theirs now, the four of us fucking in rhythm, feeding off each other, not wanting to miss any part of the delicious show in front of us.

Kathryn was clearly about to be the first to succumb to her pleasure - as I fucked Sophie hard, I watched Kathryn's every move, her body bent forward over the back of the chair, her breasts swaying underneath her with each thrust of Henri's huge cock, one of her hands clinging to the chair, the other grasping one of her breasts, squeezing her nipple as he pounded into her. Kathryn's gaze was moving rapidly across my body, then Sophie's, then mine again, back and forth, trying to take it all in, her body trembling, hovering right on the brink of orgasm. Sophie was so wet - for a moment my erection skidded out of her cunt, visible for a few moments to Kathryn, wet, hard and pulsing between Sophie's buttocks, before I manouevered the head back down to her cunt and thrust it deep inside her again. As Kathryn caught sight of my swollen penis, dripping wet, pulsating hard, the sight did it for her - Kathryn let out a scream of intense pleasure, her body starting to convulse as her orgasm surged through her, her body shaking visibly as she came, hard and urgent. It was all Henri could take - as her hips bucked back against him, her body arching, her cunt splashing over his cock, he took one more look at Sophie's delicious breasts swaying back and forth as I fucked her, and he groaned intensely: "ohhhh fuck... ohhh fuck I'm there". Sophie was right on the edge. "Show me it," she gasped, "show me your cock... let me see...". Henri groaned again, pulling his cock from Kathryn's cunt, taking it in his hand, and stroking it hard, frantically masturbating - I felt Sophie begin to shake, a sudden gush of her wetness spilling over my cock as she watched - Henri looked at her, and began to cum immediately, groaning intensely, a long jet of his cum suddenly pouring from the head of his swollen cock, spurting up over Kathryn's lower back, followed by another spurt, and another, warm, wet streams of his spunk - and as he came, so did Sophie, crying out my name, screaming with pleasure, her cunt engulfing my cock as she bucked extravagantly into her orgasm, convulsing hard, her juices streaming over my throbbing penis, pouring over my balls. Her orgasm triggered my own - unable to take any more, I groaned urgently, ramming my throbbing cock deep into her cunt, crying out with pleasure as I felt my cum spurting deep inside her, pulsing, pulsing, again and again and again, our bodies locked together, frantic, urgent, so so wet, filling her with all my spunk...

As we all came down from our orgasms, breathing hard, deliciously satisfied, Henri made some passing remark about exchanging partners. This, of course, was against Sophie's rules for the evening, and she turned down the offer politely, drawing the evening to a gentle close. I'd seen, however, just how much she had enjoyed the sight of Henri's not inconsiderably sized erection, and I felt certain we would see this couple again before our vacation was over...

to be continued in Chapter Two



You never disappoint. My clit is still pulsing. Now, I need you to lick the cum off my thigh. It tickles as it drips down.

tasty girl


You have me so hot, I didn't take a breathe until a moment ago...

Roger- I wish I was Sophie.

Today, I wish I was see and feel you...inside me...

To watch Henri cum...all over Kathryn...while you have your way with my body...

I just know you would feel so amazing taking me from behind...over and over...


my, my, roger. mmmmmmm :)


gonna have to read that again.

thank you dear heart, i do love the london/paris series. so slow and delicious with lovely building intensity.

looking forward to chapter two :)

Roger.. first I must apologize as life has takien away my time to read you.. but I have and I am back and it was so delicious to sit down and read post after post after post. Perhaps it was smart of me to wait ;) Bravo this is fantastic. Just lovely and so erotic.

Ok, so where's the audio version?

I just LOVE's real snuggle under the covers reading. As always, I'm in anticiaption of the next delightful section.
By the way, the photo below? Gorgeous. x

Delicious as always.....

Can hardly wait for more!

A master piece, leaving me no choice than to come, hard and fast and abundant ... images of this scene spinning in front of my eyes ... Too bad Orchid was not around ... Cheers !! - A

tasty girl - I would adore to lick you clean, to lap that cum up slowly and teasingly from the inside of your thigh - such a treat... x

p. oflust - so pleased you enjoyed it - and yes, I think Sophie had the best view here - as would you, if you were her, my hard cock deep inside you...

mariah - hope it was as much fun the second time around ;)

bad influence girl - very much my pleasure x I'll be taking the usual brief break from the Sophie stories and posting a few individual entries for two or three weeks, but chapter two should start up again towards the end of next month (if not before)

pandora - I'm so glad you like it - you might be the first to read the whole thing in one go - though as usual I'll be posting the whole thing as one piece at the end of the week, for those who like it all in one big dose...

anne elizabeth - I'm very happy to be your morning pick-me-up ;)

miss understood - thankyou xx Still no word on the Paris audios, but I believe they're imminent, though I won't be reading any of my erotica myself - unless, of course, you enter my upcoming contest... (bit of a tease there... ;) )

cranberry - mmm good, I like it when my posts are impossible to finish at the first try - it means you get that much more pleasure out of them ;) x

skye - lots more to come, I promise - this London series will be five chapters - though there'll be a few short and filthy posts for a couple of weeks before I jump back into it...

aragorn - it's an absolute pleasure to make you cum - don't forget to tell orchid, she might just enjoy it too ;)

i read paris in a sitting sort of. as in i sat there and read until i couldn't take it anymore and then i would leave (generally mid chapter) and come back later... you know, when i wanted the stimulus again.

so yeah, it took me about a week to read paris and let me tell you, it was a delicious week.

This was without a doubt good writing!! Roger... you have arrived!! You know what I am referring to. Congratulations. And I should probably add mmmmmm and yes yes yes!!

bad influence girl - Hope it worked well like that - I haven't done that myself, might try giving it a go... ;)

niagra - thankyou - and glad you enjoyed it!

*whew*, my god..that was incredible. Glad to be back... ;)

very glad to have you back, raindog ';) x

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