London 1:5 - watching each other

Sunday, September 10, 2006 at 2:41 AM

Sophie greedily lapped at my cum as it poured from my erection, her lips and cheek smeared with spunk, her hand still pumping my cock as I came intensely, groaning with my orgasm, my hips bucking with each spurt of cum from my cock. The sight was too much for Kathryn - she had almost certainly never seen anything like this before, and her and Henri clearly weren't experienced or adventurous lovers - had she ever taken Henri in her mouth like this, felt his cock spurting onto her lips, let him come all over her face, as I had just done with Sophie?

Whatever the realities of her sex life with Henri, the sight of my orgasm, of my cum spurting from my swollen cock right in front of her, was more than Kathryn could take. As my body continued to pulse intensely, I heard a long, tremulous groan come from her lips, and I glanced across to her. Her expression was intense, focussed, almost anguished, her body convulsing, her eyes fixed on my spurting cock, one of her hands squeezing her breast through her blouse, the other firmly between her bared thighs, her hand clutching at her cunt through her knickers, rubbing it hard, bucking against her fingers as she came urgently. I groaned again as I watched her come, feeling Sophies lips slide around my cock, taking me deep into her mouth once more, sucking greedily on me, keeping me erect, knowing I'd need to come again - Sophie was now intensely aroused too, and she needed to be fucked, needed to come.

She pushed me back onto the bed, her dress finally slipping down her body, off her ankles, leaving her naked. She straddled me on the bed, taking hold of my wrists, pinning me down, rubbing her cunt against my still erect penis, sliding against me - I heard Henri groan rather urgently from his position by the bed - I couldn't see him, but I could hear the wet slap of his hand sliding up and down his hard cock, masturbating urgently as he watched Sophie rubbing against me, naked and extremely aroused. I could hear clothes being removed, the creak of the chairs as our voyeurs stroked themselves, no longer caring if we saw them, consumed with pleasure. I looked up at Sophie as she moved against me, her cunt so wet, sliding along my cock, rubbing against me, using me - she looked down at me, kissing me greedily, her lips still wet with my cum, then she turned to look at Henri and Kathryn. "I'm going to fuck him..." she gasped, "I want you to watch me fuck him...". Kathryn groaned again - I couldn't see her from my position on the bed, but she was breathing hard - I could hear wet sounds from her cunt as she continued to masturbate urgently, and the sound of Henri's hand rubbing his cock hard - I could tell from his breathing that he was very close to orgasm, somehow holding it back. Something Sophie saw made her groan - she looked down at me again, still pinning down my wrists tightly, her cunt suddenly skidding along my cock, positioning herself over the head of my erection, and sliding all the way down onto me, taking my cock deep inside her.

She was so wet. She was still looking over at our voyeurs - something either Henri or Kathryn was doing was exciting her intensely - Sophie looked back down at me, breathing hard, her cunt ramming down onto my hard cock, sliding up and then down onto me again, and up, and down again, dripping wet now, squeezing around my throbbing erection with each thrust, leaning over me, still holding me down - her bare breast brushed against my lips, and I took her erect nipple into my mouth, sucking on it greedily - she moved faster on me, grinding against me now, her juices splashing around my hard cock as she fucked me deeper and harder - I couldn't take much more, arching up against her, thrusting my cock deeper into her cunt as she rode me - I felt her suddenly cling onto me, a sudden gush of hot wetness spilling over my erection - she groaned with pleasure, starting to convulse - another stream of wetness splashed over my cock - I heard Henri grunt with intense pleasure - he groaned urgently: "ohhhhhh fuckkkk now" - Sophie screamed, her cunt pulsating around my cock as she began to cum hard - I heard an anguished cry from Kathryn, her second orgasm rippling through her body, Sophie still clinging onto to me, her wetness dripping over my balls as she came hard all over my cock... so wet... and I was so close... I needed to cum again...

Taking advantage of her orgasm, I wrestled Sophie over onto her back on the bed, my hard cock still deep inside her, her thighs wrapping around my body as I began to thrust hard and deep into her, fucking her greedily, my own orgasm so close now, holding it back, sweat dripping down my brow as I drove my cock deeper into her warm, wet cunt.

I was now facing our voyeurs - Henri was still fiercely erect, his cock in his hand, a trail of cum dribbling down his fingers, unable to stop masturbating, watching me fuck Sophie, his hand stroking in time with my own thrusts, imagining his own cock deep inside her. Kathryn was well on her way to a third orgasm, her thighs spread wide, her clothes scattered about the floor, naked and trembling as she fucked herself with her fingers, masturbating furiously. I looked at Henri, my cock still pounding deep into Sophie's cunt, needing her to cum again, wanting her to cum. "Fuck her..." I gasped to Henri, "look at Kathryn... god look at her... she needs it... she needs you to fuck her... I want to see that... I want to watch you..."

Henri needed no further encouragement - getting onto his feet, he pulled Kathryn up from her chair, kissing her passionately, then turning her around to face me, pushing her over the back of the chair, moving behind her. Her eyes met mine for a moment, filled with lust - I could see that she wanted me, wanted my cock deep inside her - I looked back at her, smiling lustfully and ramming my cock hard into Sophie's cunt, just at the precise moment that Henri drove his own cock deep into Kathryn from behind - Kathryn screamed with pleasure, looking up at me again, watching as Sophie wrapped her legs around my back, her fingernails clawing down my back as I pounded my cock again and again into Sophie's dripping wet cunt.

I couldn't hold back much longer... I needed to cum...

to be continued...


oh yummy yummy yummy... you just made me come again rog ;)

and it's always an absolute pleasure to make you come, nez x

Gasp...just died and went to heaven! le petite mort! You get better every time...

happily my housemates are away today, just as well really - making me come so hard when it's not even morning....x

cranberry - I'm glad it worked for you - and there's still more to come... ;)

the blonde - ahh, no better way to start the day than a delightful orgasm... x

Oh God, I love your blog. You make me so hot.....
Write a story about fucking my ass, please, fuck my naughty little ass. I've been such a bad girl. I need you up me, inside me, filling me, taking me, spanking my naughty bottom while you shove your thick hot cock deep in my tight willing little suirming hole. Can you hear me scream while you do it ? you do it so good. Oh talk to me when you fuck me. Tell me how bad I am. Make me beg for your cock, tell you how much I need it up the ass, love your cock in my ass. Please, God, I love your blog !!!!

Anne Elizabeth - mmm... you really are such a dirty girl... such a little slut... I think you might find just what you want here:

and here:

and of course here:

...and if my little slut still isn't satisfied after those three, I suggest you email me - as you clearly need taking in hand... ;) x

Mmm, that was delicious, Roger. Thankyou very much :) And I have the same request as Anne Elizabeth... fuck my ass, Roger, please!

Yours xx Maddie

Absolutely fabulous !!! So well described, so delicious, so inviting !! (best indicator: an instant erection throughout the whole story ;-). "To be continued" ... wow ! We are so spoiled. And, as for the picture ... gorgeous !!

Maddie - very much my pleasure ;) And it looks like I have my next post sorted out - though in the meantime you might enjoy those links too ;)

aragorn - I had an erection whilst writing it too ;)

oooooohhhh man oh man oh man . ..

mariah ;)

I'm guessing that means you liked it, Mariah...? ;)

Me next please.....

By all means, Skye, just come and slip onto my lap here ;) x

mmm Roger. . .it is so hard to resist touching myself, imagining you with me, between me. . .taking in your scent and taste. . .you never fail me :*

I looked back at her, smiling lustfully and ramming my cock hard into Sophie's cunt, just at the precise moment that Henri drove his own cock deep into Kathryn from behind - Kathryn screamed with pleasure, looking up at me again, watching as Sophie wrapped her legs around my back, her fingernails clawing down my back as I pounded my cock again and again into Sophie's dripping wet cunt.

I LOVE THIS. I've always wanted to be Sophie, but this time I want to be Kathryn. It's almost like having two men penetrating me both at once. Ooh. (Not that it's possible; but then that's why it's a fantasy. ;) )

I have just cum very intensely for you, lover. Your words bring me so much pleasure. I'm very much looking forward to the conclusion of our rendevous... xxx

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That's awesome... I'd love to be watched by another couple like that, have sex like that..... I love how you write !!!!!!!!

Come visit me at

I already added you as one of my links...

Let's see if I can turn you on too...

lina - I'm sure you know that I don't want you to resist touching yourself - quite the reverse, I very much want to make you come...

lucia - yes, I've been trying to make it possible for you to be either participant or voyeur in this story - or indeed both - I'm glad you're having fun with it ;)

DLG - you know, of course, how much I love to make you cum... xx

anne elizabeth - I'm also a huge fan of voyeurism, which is probably why it crops up a lot in my erotica - it's a pleasure to excite you ;) x

Roger I completely agree with Lucia.... I whole heartedly wish and was in Kathryns shoes for this one. And quite frankly the next one as well. I know what the look you and she had meant and I know you are determined to have her pussy in your mouth as soon as Sophie allows.... you're practically drooling with the thought as you watch him fuck her. The problem is ...I think Sophie knows it too!! Very intense too short more please... enough to make me scream the next time. Not that I'm greedy or anything....hehe xx

There's only one benefit of being off the internet for 9 very long days...and that's being able to read two parts here in one go. Fantastic, as always Roger. I loved each and every second of it, and can't wait for more. x

So intense, all thoughts of teasing you have gone out of the window, well, at least until you get the next bit up! right now i'm off for a shower, need to clean up a little ;)

~ Miss Minx ~

Niagra - the final part of this first chapter to arrive tomorrow - hope you enjoy it ;)

miss understood - it's worth saying here that I know posting has slowed down this month - purely pressures of work - I much prefer to post two or three times a week, rather than just one, if you're lucky lol - give me another two or three weeks, and I should be back to a more frequent frequency (if you get my meaning) - though more tomorrow, definitely!

miss minx - you don't have long to wait ;)

even reading the comments drive me crazy with horniness ! Thanks for suggesting those 3 links to your stories to me, dirtyboy... Ohhhhhh.
More, please. I loe you taking charge ! The sex is incredible !
Anne Elizabeth

I've just this moment posted the next part... ;)

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