London 1:4 - the first orgasm

Tuesday, September 05, 2006 at 12:57 AM

If I felt any embarrassment at performing sexually in front of an audience, those feelings rapidly dissipated - we were stood mere inches from Henri and Kathryn - I felt sure they could almost taste us as Sophie kissed me, her kiss passionate and greedy, signalling her intent. Her hands drifted through my hair, tugging at it gently, her lips sliding sensually across my own, her tongue slipping into my mouth, her body molding itself to mine. As I melted into her, my hands sliding down her back, over her bottom, pulling her against me, I wondered briefly how difficult this was to watch - the natural inclination when seeing a couple kissing this intimately is to look away, to be discreet - were they anticipating such passion between us?

I felt Sophie's hands move down to my shirt - she kissed me again, almost urgently, and as I responded, her fingers took hold of my shirt, and tugged it apart roughly, the buttons scattering onto the floor as she bared my chest, her lips sliding down to my neck, biting me. I groaned, hearing a soft breath from Kathryn - she clearly hadn't expected such urgency. Neither had I, but I liked it, and I responded in kind - as Sophie greedily lapped at my neck, her hands sliding over my bare chest, I tugged at her dress, pulling it up her thighs, all the way up, my hand slipping between her legs from behind. She wasn't wearing any panties - my fingers found soft, naked skin above her stockings, the merest dusting of pubic hair, her sex warm and already wet as my fingertips pressed against it. Sophie's back was facing our voyeurs - they would be able to see my hand firmly exploring beneath her tugged up dress - perhaps even my fingers drifting over her wet sex - I heard a long, exhaled breath from Henri this time - they had clearly never seen anything like this before.

I slipped my hands up Sophie's body - I needed her naked - I wanted our voyeurs to see her naked too, I wanted to excite them - it was time to make this a little more intense. My hands found the straps of her dress - she kissed me again, and I tugged the straps over her shoulders, down her arms, baring her breasts. I heard Henri gasp again, moving in his seat as he watched - I kissed my way down Sophie's neck, my hands sliding over her breasts, brushing over her hardening nipples.

Sophie was breathing harder now, her body moving against mine, our lips greedily sliding together as her hand made its way down my chest, down to my crotch, rubbing me through my trousers. I felt her fingers move up to the buttons, tugging them open, pulling down my trousers and briefs in one motion, freeing my erection. I heard a gasp from Kathryn again, watching Sophie as she wrapped her fingers around my straining cock, stroking me rhythmically, my hard penis throbbing in her hand.

I kissed Sophie again - I was about to push her onto the bed - I needed to fuck her, but Sophie had other ideas. Smiling at me, she slid down my body, kneeling down in front of me, her bare breasts rising and falling as her breathing increased, her hand still around my erect cock, stroking, rubbing - I was so hard now, so intensely aroused - I could feel the temperature in the room rising, the rustling of clothes from the chairs next to us, heavy breathing from Henri, more focussed breathing from Kathryn. I looked over to them - Henri's gaze was on Sophie's bare breasts, watching every move, his cock clearly erect in his trousers - Kathryn was looking directly at my pulsing cock, her eyes following Sophie's hand as she stroked me, up and down, up and down - and as Sophie leaned forward, her breath on my erection, I saw Kathryn unconciously lean forward too, her mouth opening a little way, one of her hands on her breast, squeezing it through her blouse - clearly imagining herself in Sophie's place, wanting to suck my cock - I saw her other hand begin to slide down between her thighs, and then I gasped with pleasure, looking down my body to see Sophie's tongue sliding up the length of my erection, swirling around the swollen head of my penis, taking it into her mouth greedily.

I groaned, delicious pleasure sweeping through me, Sophie's lips engulfing my cock, sucking and licking around my length, her hand cupping my balls as her mouth slid up and down my throbbing erection. I could hear Henri breathing hard now, the rhythmic sound of his hand moving between his thighs - and a soft groan from Kathryn - I wanted to look at them, but Sophie was increasing her attention on my cock - I could barely hold back - I looked down at her again, my hands in her hair as she licked and sucked more greedily - it was so intense - "You'll make me cum..." I gasped. She slipped her mouth from my cock, looking up at me, smiling. "I want you to cum. Cum in my mouth." She took my erection back into her mouth, and I groaned - I heard another gasp from Kathryn, a tremor in her breath - I was so close - I started to fuck Sophie's mouth, thrusting my cock in and out as her lips and tongue sucked and swirled around my cock - I couldn't take any more - I felt my cock throbbing, pulsing - I groaned again, intensely - Sophie knew I was about to cum, stroking my wet cock with her hand now as she sucked greedily - I heard a groan from Kathryn, glancing over to see one of her hands cutching her breast through her blouse, the other firmly between her thighs, her skirt tugged up as she rubbed herself urgently - I couldn't take any more - I groaned hard, a surge of pleasure flooding my body as I began to come, my cock pulsing... and I came, so fucking hard, crying out Sophie's name, pleasure throbbing from my erection as my cock began to spurt into her mouth, ohh so good, a thick, warm jet of cum pouring over her tongue - I wanted them to see it - somehow I pulled my cock from Sophie's mouth, another long string of cum spurting from the head of my cock, splashing across her lips, over her cheek, followed by another spurt, and another, cumming so fucking hard, my body convulsing, Sophie pumping my cock with her hand, my hot spunk splashing over her fingers... my body pulsing again, and again, and again...

to be continued...


fuck yes !!!


god Roger it's great hun. tytyty

you can feel the intensity in the room. i can't wait to read what happens next !!!


finally ;) thank you thank you!

Oh my, that was incredibly hot :) I'm very naughty for reading this at work, but I'm so glad I did. Can't wait for the next part!

- Maddie xxxooo

AHHHH ... BLISS !! Wow, that was super exciting ! I can't decide whether I want to be watching or taking part ... hmmmm ... Fabulous !

Holy Moley Roger! That was a lot to "swallow"! But oh-so-delicious and worth the wait. Greedy little me...more please!

Oooohhh Roger! Thank you for the little taste of what is to come...

indigo - so glad you like it - and naturally it's going to get a lot hotter...

mariah - my pleasure ;)

maddie - such a naughty girl - don't get caught! More later this week... xx

aragorn - feel free to do both ;)

cranberry - yes, you are a greedy girl but there'll be much more later in the week, fear not ;) x

skye - my pleasure - the temperature is going to keep rising... x

This was wonderful, I guess i don't get to tease you after all... shame really i had some good ideas. Ah well, maybe another time. Can't wait for more, keep the steamy action cumming!

~Miss Minx~

This was wonderful, I guess i don't get to tease you after all... shame really i had some good ideas. Ah well, maybe another time. Can't wait for more, keep the steamy action cumming!

~Miss Minx~

Oh my word...

I am just beside myself! Wish with every wish in my body that I was beside you!!


Do you have an freaking idea what you're doing to me?!?!?!


Mmmm, EVER so tasty ;)

Mmm, yes, that's exactly what I wanted you, cumming for me, taking you greedily... xxx

i passed your site on to a couple co-workers and i've been asked if you plan on releasing a hardback version of this and Paris. with autograph of course.

gotta love what the ladies think.

miss minx - please feel free to tease me whenever you like ;)

p of lust - I have an idea, but feel free to tell me in more detail ;)

leela - just make sure you don't miss a drop ;) x

DLG - and that's precisely what I wanted you to do, too ;) xxx

durty thawtz - yep, there'll be a book eventally!

Lol, me? Miss a drop? I should think not ;)



Forgive me Roger- I am a bit shy in saying what it is that I truly want to do to you...

My goodness...You drive me crazy! I cannot stop coming to your site to read more...I am addicted...then of course I have embarked on a discovery of my body...touching myself...inserting fingers in places they have never been...until you.

I cannot believe I have been holding back this satisfaction for so long....

Your words...ever delicious letter just gets my body ready for's amazing. I never knew that I could feel this way. I never knew that I could make myself feel this way...

Roger- please don't stop writing. I promise to keep cumming for you...just keep writing.

I think eventually I will be able to tease much more dirty details out for you...cull it from the depths of the vault of passion that has resided in me all this time...locked...

It's open now...wide open for you Roger. All for you...

Thank you thank you thank you!

I can't get enough you your...your simply divine!

p of lust - please try not to be too shy - I'm always happy to get comments, and it's your space in here, you can say anything you please, and there's always email too. It's an absolute pleasure for me to know that I've encouraged your sexuality in this way, that I excite you so deliciously - and don't worry, I have absolutely no plans to stop writing, I enjoy it too much! x

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