London 1:3 - the bedroom

Friday, September 01, 2006 at 11:57 PM

The day had been spent dealing with business - Sophie slipped away for the afternoon to wrap up her financial dealings, whilst I spent a little time catching up with friends, telling them a little about my ongoing adventures in Paris, sharing a few ideas for paintings. By late afternoon we had both settled into the rented townhouse - part of a gorgeous Victorian terrace off Russell Square - and after tea together, we readied ourselves for the evening ahead. I dressed casually (we were, after all, the hosts of the evening's entertainment), and Sophie slipped into a stunning and sheer black dress, contemporary and stylish, exquisitely figure-hugging, her breasts barely covered by the deeply plunging halter neck. She looked good enough to eat. I very much looked forward to doing just that, later in the evening.

I knew that Sophie would have rules that she expected would be adhered to during the evening, but we didn't discuss it. I knew by now that her mantra at the beginning of these sessions - the instructions she liked to give when all were present - were actually part of the foreplay for her. It excited her to set these limits, and it needed to be done at the appropriate time. It gave her an element of control over the proceedings, control that excited her sexually - and she was the only one who could allow those limits to be broken (as she had the time that she and I watched the other couple, in similar circumstances to these). Sophie was always in control, and I was finding it increasingly arousing.

Henri and Kathryn arrived as arranged. Both were clearly nervous as I took their coats and led them through to the lounge - I wondered about their conversations together on the way to join us - had they set limits to one another? Would they simply watch? Would they feel compelled to touch each other, or had they agreed to retain their composure? Neither of them had done anything like this before, had never witnessed another couple making love - I felt sure this was by far the most sexually adventurous thing they had ever tried. All the more reason to try to ensure that this was an intense experience for them - I wanted to see them naked. I wanted to see them fuck each other. Such a wish might take extraordinary visual provocation. This was definitely going to be fun...

A glass or two of wine, and Sophie led us all up to our bedroom - a subtly lit extravaganza of silk drapes and velvet curtains, sheets of the softest cotton, a bed big enough for four, should such prove necessary. Just as she had during our previous brush with voyeurism, Sophie had arranged two chairs at the foot of the bed, soft and spacious, large enough to accomodate movement should they become aroused, close enough to enable them to touch each other as they watched us, and close enough to the bed to allow them to see whatever they wished.

Henri and Kathryn each took a seat by the bed. The wine had lowered their inhibitions a little, and despite a certain nervousness that still seemed apparent, an apprehension over what lay ahead, both seemed warm and aroused as they settled into their seats. Offering each other a reassuring glance, they looked to Sophie as she held my hand next to them, poised for our next move.

She spoke to them, then, quite firmly, so that no misconception could be construed. 'You are not to touch us,' she told them, 'We will brook no discussion about this. You do not have permission to touch us, no matter what you may see us do. You may look at us, if you wish, but you may not touch us. You may simply watch, and observe. Should you feel the need to touch yourselves, or each other, please feel free to do so, we wish you to enjoy yourselves.' Sophie smiled at them, turned to me, and kissed me softly. 'And now - please make yourselves comfortable in your seats, and we shall begin...'

to be continued...


mmm keeping me hanging on like this u bad bad man :P xXX can't wait.

"Make yourselves comfortable." Oh, Roger!! I'm distinctly UNCOMFORTABLE!! The stage is set, the players have arrived...let's have some hot action! You are sooo bad.

Amenti - trust me, the next post is going to get very intense ;) xx

cranberry - ahh, but I like it when you're wriggling around like that ;)

god Roger you're killing me !!!!!

...... luckly i know it'll be worth the wait


Holy cow! I am am a DB virgin. I happened across you tonight at work...not a good thing. I am addicted's a girl to get anything done? Keep it coming! Perhaps you can get me cumming.


P. Oflust

grumps - yep, I promise it'll be worth it ;) The fun starts in the next chapter...

P Oflust - welcome to my blog - hope you're enjoying the archives ;) x

Gorgeous set up for what's to come. The perfect combo of tease and tension... you have me licking my lips ;)

God Roger, you are such a tease! My imagination is running rampant. Poor Henri and Kathryn, having to spend a day anticipating what undoubtedly gorgeous fucking is to come. Don't keep us hanging long please....


the way hold back, roger...has me startled and restless, but i have nothing else to do but adhere...xx

Oh how you tease us! You have me squirming in my seat. If the next chapter doesn't statisfy (which i'm sure won't be the case) then i'm going to have to take action... maybe a little teasing of my own until you give us all what we need.

~Miss Minx~

Well done ! Nice and important addition to building the scene ...

I felt certain that this section would include the action! Damn you Roger...I can't wait any longer! x

My Gosh Roger... make sure we are not waiting forever and another day. I am most definetely one of the two seated and I simply cannot wait much longer. This is one this I have never done, but would very very much like to!! Anyone out there mind if I sit and watch you and your lover fuck...right there in front of Niagra? Guaranteed to be a very wet ride...hehe Hurry Roger Hurry! ! xx

I agree with the others...such a tease. I'm there already being stretched out on my own bed...what's a girl to do?

DLG - I can think of something I'd rather have you lick ;) xx

vahri - your patience has been rewarded, and lots more still to come...

paige - my apologies, but the wait is over ;)

miss minx - I rather like the sound of you teasing me...

aragorn - thankyou - hope you like the next part ;)

miss understood - the waiting is over ;) x

niagra - now there's an idea - if anyone would like to volunteer to be watched like this, I'll be right over ;)

the blonde - I think the best thing you can do is go straight to the next part ;)

Oh Roger, I am enjoying the archives far too much.

I have had to take matters into my own hands too many times to count now...

Thanks to you!


Is it too soon to tell you that I love you? *grin*


hopefully it's not possible to enjoy them TOO much - hope you're enjoying them just enough... ;)

I think I am enjoying you too much. Your words are all I think about...

You fit me just right...

OMG You're so good!

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