London 1 - The Voyeurs

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For those of you who like reading it all in one big chunk, here's the full chapter one for your pleasure and enjoyment x
I'll be taking the usual break from the Sophie stories until towards the end of October, and doing a few individual posts in the meantime - as always, I have lots of disgraceful ideas ;)
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The Zeppelin rose majestically from its moorings as I watched from the promenade deck, seeing the ground slowly falling away beneath us, the great grey shadow of the airship following us across the Parisian rooftops. As we made our way towards London, Sophie stood next to me, keeping me company as I gazed at the view drifting slowy below, our progress over Paris watched by the crowds underneath, pointing at us open mouthed as we floated past. An airship of this size over Paris was by no means an everyday occurrence. I almost envied the people below, envied them their view of the huge airship, gleaming in the early evening sunlight.

I knew Sophie liked to travel in style, but this was quite extraordinary - the Hindenburg had been touring European cities for a couple of months, as much a show of German technological superiority than for any commercial reasons, but when the airship's trip from Paris to London had tied in with Sophie's own travel plans, it had been far too tempting an opportunity to turn down. I had to admit to a definite discomfort in travelling under the Nazi swastika, boldly emblazoned on the tailfins of the magnificent craft, but this would be a short trip - just two days of relaxing flight, and I could forget politics for such a short while.

This was a simple business trip for Sophie - to arrange the transfer of some of her funds into a London bank. I was aware that she had money secreted in various European accounts (some in England, some in Switzerland, perhaps others of which I was unaware). At the time I thought it an unusual practice, though of course hindsight proved how astute she really was. These precautions protected her fortune when the war broke out four years later, and allowed her to resume her business when the Nazis ultimately relinquished French occupation. Sophie was more intelligent than I perhaps appreciated at the time, but of course it had never been her money that had seduced me...

The flight was calming and luxurious - to be honest, I was happy just to have been brought along. Sophie normally travelled alone, but she was starting to change, as was I, and the flimsy excuse of an exhibition of pre-Raphaelites at the Royal Academy in London had been sufficient to secure my place alongside her for this week long trip. We would be staying at a townhouse she occasionally rented close to Russell Square - my old stomping grounds in the shadow of the British Museum, and I felt sure that a week in her company was certain to include a number of delightful sexual encounters - reason enough to stay by her side for the duration of her trip.

The spacious decks occupied the interior of the massive airship - most of the cabins were small (barely enough space for a small bunk bed and a tiny wardobe), but the state rooms were larger and more impressive, and I have to admit to a singular thrill at being able to fuck Sophie in opulent comfort whilst floating lazily across the Channel, the cries of our mutual orgasms threatening to ring around the cathedral-like interior of the immense ship.

I awoke next to her in a haze of satisfied warmth - a further fuck before breakfast would have been delightful, but we were due to land at 11am, and we both relished the notion of at least one meal in the sky before we docked.

Washed and dressed, we made our way to the dining room, to the table we were to share with a couple whose brief acquaintance we had made in the lounge the previous evening - Henri and Kathryn , a writer and his young wife, also vacationing in London for the week, before moving on to New York. Little did I realise at the time what delightful pleasures this chance encounter would bring later that week...

The view from the dining room was spectacular - it was a clear morning, barely a cloud in the sky, and the sea beneath us was blue and clear, dappled with sunlight. The shadow of the airship followed our progress as we sailed slowly towards Dover, our landing only a couple of hours away. I'd have been content to merely gaze out of the window, watching the landscape drift by, but politeness and good manners insisted that we converse with Henri and Kathryn. Which didn't turn out to be such a bad thing...

Sophie was in a flirtatious mood - we had spent some time the previous evening, inbetween breathless bouts of delightful lovemaking, discussing ideas for the week. Despite our growing (if unconventional) relationship, neither of us was ready for monogamy just yet, and Sophie saw the vacation as an ideal opportunity to, as she put it, 'find a little fresh blood'. The vampiric overtones of her remark didn't escape me, but she was ever the seducer, and never the seduced. It was something I had grown to love about her.

I could see from the way she was flirting with Kathryn that Sophie was interested in her. Kathryn and Henri were clearly equally as enchanted by Sophie, and conversation flowed easily and delightfully. For the most part I sat back and observed - Sophie was far more skilled at seduction than I, and I had a definite desire to see Kathryn naked myself - and Henri, for that matter, was by no means unattractive. Already my mind was wandering, wondering how he'd look naked and erect, fucking Sophie deliciously. I tried to focus back on the conversation...

"Did you hear the noises last night?" Kathryn appeared to be blushing a little as she said this - had Sophie already steered the conversation towards sex? How did she do that so easily?

"Noises...?" Sophie replied, smiling coquettishly.

"Oh you must have heard them, you were only a couple of doors down from us - someone on board was having a lovely time last night."

"What did you hear?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm embarrassed now, I felt sure this would be something you'd have overheard too... did you not hear the couple last night...?"

"No, we didn't," Sophie smiled, "what were they doing?"

"I'm not sure of a polite way to phrase this over breakfast" she blushed, "they were... well, they were engaging in the act of love... rather urgently, it seemed to me..."

"With abandon..." Henri added, clearly reminiscing.

"Would this have been about midnight?" asked Sophie, smiling to me conspiratorially.

"About that time, yes..."

"And I believe your room is a couple of doors away from our own...?" Sophie smiled.

Kathryn blushed again, suddenly realising her faux pas. "Oh, my dear, I'm so sorry - it never occurred to me..."

"There's absolutely no need to apologise," Sophie reassured her, "we realised we might be overheard - if anything, that very much heightened our pleasure."

Henri's eyes lit up for a moment - Sophie was always disarmingly frank. "You... enjoyed the idea of others listening to you?" he ventured.

"Very much," Sophie smiled, "I love being the voyeur, but there's a certain frissance in being the one whom is being watched, don't you think?"

Kathryn blushed again, but she was clearly enjoying the conversation, and Henri's attention was positively gripped. "You indulge in voyeurism...?" he asked. "You watch other couples...? Making love...?"

"Well, given a preference," Sophie smiled, "I'd rather be the participant rather than the voyeur, but yes, I have watched others engage in sexual activity on a number of occasions. And have been watched myself. Sharing is fun, don't you think?" She smiled again.

This time it was Henri's turn to blush, though I believe it was more in arousal than embarrassment. "I don't really know..." he replied, "Kathryn and I have never..."

"Henri!" scolded Kathryn, "I really don't think we need to be quite so frank about our private life."

"Ah, but honesty is a refreshing and invigourating thing, don't you think?" Sophie smiled, gazing seductively into her eyes, shifting in her seat a little. "Honesty brings the possibility of further pleasures, in my experience."

"Then... then Henri is correct," smiled Kathryn, "we have not been... lucky enough to indulge in such vices as voyeurism."

"And would you like to...?" Sophie asked, smiling again.

"Well... I..."

"After all, you have already heard us, so why not watch us too? I'm sure my partner wouldn't disagree...?" She looked towards me.

"Naturally not," I replied. "I'd be delighted for Kathryn and Henri to watch us, if they wished."

"To watch you... make love...?" Henri asked.

"To watch us fuck each other delightfully," Sophie smiled. "That, precisely, is what we'd be happy to offer you... unless of course you don't wish to...?"

But of course they did - who could turn down such an offer? By the time we had completed breakfast, Sophie had made arrangements for the couple to join us that evening at our London townhouse. Although not spelt precisely, the deal was explicit - they would be watching us, watching as we fucked. I'd never done that for an audience before, and the idea was intriguing - would they simply sit and watch? Would they actually even show up? Would they want to join in? Time would tell - as we floated down to dock, I was already anticipating a delightfully intense evening ahead...

The day had been spent dealing with business - Sophie slipped away for the afternoon to wrap up her financial dealings, whilst I spent a little time catching up with friends, telling them a little about my ongoing adventures in Paris, sharing a few ideas for paintings. By late afternoon we had both settled into the rented townhouse - part of a gorgeous Victorian terrace off Russell Square - and after tea together, we readied ourselves for the evening ahead. I dressed casually (we were, after all, the hosts of the evening's entertainment), and Sophie slipped into a stunning and sheer black dress, contemporary and stylish, exquisitely figure-hugging, her breasts barely covered by the deeply plunging halter neck. She looked good enough to eat. I very much looked forward to doing just that, later in the evening.

I knew that Sophie would have rules that she expected would be adhered to during the evening, but we didn't discuss it. I knew by now that her mantra at the beginning of these sessions - the instructions she liked to give when all were present - were actually part of the foreplay for her. It excited her to set these limits, and it needed to be done at the appropriate time. It gave her an element of control over the proceedings, control that excited her sexually - and she was the only one who could allow those limits to be broken (as she had the time that she and I watched the other couple, in similar circumstances to these). Sophie was always in control, and I was finding it increasingly arousing.

Henri and Kathryn arrived as arranged. Both were clearly nervous as I took their coats and led them through to the lounge - I wondered about their conversations together on the way to join us - had they set limits to one another? Would they simply watch? Would they feel compelled to touch each other, or had they agreed to retain their composure? Neither of them had done anything like this before, had never witnessed another couple making love - I felt sure this was by far the most sexually adventurous thing they had ever tried. All the more reason to try to ensure that this was an intense experience for them - I wanted to see them naked. I wanted to see them fuck each other. Such a wish might take extraordinary visual provocation. This was definitely going to be fun...

A glass or two of wine, and Sophie led us all up to our bedroom - a subtly lit extravaganza of silk drapes and velvet curtains, sheets of the softest cotton, a bed big enough for four, should such prove necessary. Just as she had during our previous brush with voyeurism, Sophie had arranged two chairs at the foot of the bed, soft and spacious, large enough to accomodate movement should they become aroused, close enough to enable them to touch each other as they watched us, and close enough to the bed to allow them to see whatever they wished.

Henri and Kathryn each took a seat by the bed. The wine had lowered their inhibitions a little, and despite a certain nervousness that still seemed apparent, an apprehension over what lay ahead, both seemed warm and aroused as they settled into their seats. Offering each other a reassuring glance, they looked to Sophie as she held my hand next to them, poised for our next move.

She spoke to them, then, quite firmly, so that no misconception could be construed. 'You are not to touch us,' she told them, 'We will brook no discussion about this. You do not have permission to touch us, no matter what you may see us do. You may look at us, if you wish, but you may not touch us. You may simply watch, and observe. Should you feel the need to touch yourselves, or each other, please feel free to do so, we wish you to enjoy yourselves.' Sophie smiled at them, turned to me, and kissed me softly. 'And now - please make yourselves comfortable in your seats, and we shall begin...'

If I felt any embarrassment at performing sexually in front of an audience, those feelings rapidly dissipated - we were stood mere inches from Henri and Kathryn - I felt sure they could almost taste us as Sophie kissed me, her kiss passionate and greedy, signalling her intent. Her hands drifted through my hair, tugging at it gently, her lips sliding sensually across my own, her tongue slipping into my mouth, her body molding itself to mine. As I melted into her, my hands sliding down her back, over her bottom, pulling her against me, I wondered briefly how difficult this was to watch - the natural inclination when seeing a couple kissing this intimately is to look away, to be discreet - were they anticipating such passion between us?

I felt Sophie's hands move down to my shirt - she kissed me again, almost urgently, and as I responded, her fingers took hold of my shirt, and tugged it apart roughly, the buttons scattering onto the floor as she bared my chest, her lips sliding down to my neck, biting me. I groaned, hearing a soft breath from Kathryn - she clearly hadn't expected such urgency. Neither had I, but I liked it, and I responded in kind - as Sophie greedily lapped at my neck, her hands sliding over my bare chest, I tugged at her dress, pulling it up her thighs, all the way up, my hand slipping between her legs from behind. She wasn't wearing any panties - my fingers found soft, naked skin above her stockings, the merest dusting of pubic hair, her sex warm and already wet as my fingertips pressed against it. Sophie's back was facing our voyeurs - they would be able to see my hand firmly exploring beneath her tugged up dress - perhaps even my fingers drifting over her wet sex - I heard a long, exhaled breath from Henri this time - they had clearly never seen anything like this before.

I slipped my hands up Sophie's body - I needed her naked - I wanted our voyeurs to see her naked too, I wanted to excite them - it was time to make this a little more intense. My hands found the straps of her dress - she kissed me again, and I tugged the straps over her shoulders, down her arms, baring her breasts. I heard Henri gasp again, moving in his seat as he watched - I kissed my way down Sophie's neck, my hands sliding over her breasts, brushing over her hardening nipples.

Sophie was breathing harder now, her body moving against mine, our lips greedily sliding together as her hand made its way down my chest, down to my crotch, rubbing me through my trousers. I felt her fingers move up to the buttons, tugging them open, pulling down my trousers and briefs in one motion, freeing my erection. I heard a gasp from Kathryn again, watching Sophie as she wrapped her fingers around my straining cock, stroking me rhythmically, my hard penis throbbing in her hand.

I kissed Sophie again - I was about to push her onto the bed - I needed to fuck her, but Sophie had other ideas. Smiling at me, she slid down my body, kneeling down in front of me, her bare breasts rising and falling as her breathing increased, her hand still around my erect cock, stroking, rubbing - I was so hard now, so intensely aroused - I could feel the temperature in the room rising, the rustling of clothes from the chairs next to us, heavy breathing from Henri, more focussed breathing from Kathryn. I looked over to them - Henri's gaze was on Sophie's bare breasts, watching every move, his cock clearly erect in his trousers - Kathryn was looking directly at my pulsing cock, her eyes following Sophie's hand as she stroked me, up and down, up and down - and as Sophie leaned forward, her breath on my erection, I saw Kathryn unconciously lean forward too, her mouth opening a little way, one of her hands on her breast, squeezing it through her blouse - clearly imagining herself in Sophie's place, wanting to suck my cock - I saw her other hand begin to slide down between her thighs, and then I gasped with pleasure, looking down my body to see Sophie's tongue sliding up the length of my erection, swirling around the swollen head of my penis, taking it into her mouth greedily.

I groaned, delicious pleasure sweeping through me, Sophie's lips engulfing my cock, sucking and licking around my length, her hand cupping my balls as her mouth slid up and down my throbbing erection. I could hear Henri breathing hard now, the rhythmic sound of his hand moving between his thighs - and a soft groan from Kathryn - I wanted to look at them, but Sophie was increasing her attention on my cock - I could barely hold back - I looked down at her again, my hands in her hair as she licked and sucked more greedily - it was so intense - "You'll make me cum..." I gasped. She slipped her mouth from my cock, looking up at me, smiling. "I want you to cum. Cum in my mouth." She took my erection back into her mouth, and I groaned - I heard another gasp from Kathryn, a tremor in her breath - I was so close - I started to fuck Sophie's mouth, thrusting my cock in and out as her lips and tongue sucked and swirled around my cock - I couldn't take any more - I felt my cock throbbing, pulsing - I groaned again, intensely - Sophie knew I was about to cum, stroking my wet cock with her hand now as she sucked greedily - I heard a groan from Kathryn, glancing over to see one of her hands cutching her breast through her blouse, the other firmly between her thighs, her skirt tugged up as she rubbed herself urgently - I couldn't take any more - I groaned hard, a surge of pleasure flooding my body as I began to come, my cock pulsing... and I came, so fucking hard, crying out Sophie's name, pleasure throbbing from my erection as my cock began to spurt into her mouth, ohh so good, a thick, warm jet of cum pouring over her tongue - I wanted them to see it - somehow I pulled my cock from Sophie's mouth, another long string of cum spurting from the head of my cock, splashing across her lips, over her cheek, followed by another spurt, and another, cumming so fucking hard, my body convulsing, Sophie pumping my cock with her hand, my hot spunk splashing over her fingers... my body pulsing again, and again, and again...

Sophie greedily lapped at my cum as it poured from my erection, her lips and cheek smeared with spunk, her hand still pumping my cock as I came intensely, groaning with my orgasm, my hips bucking with each spurt of cum from my cock. The sight was too much for Kathryn - she had almost certainly never seen anything like this before, and her and Henri clearly weren't experienced or adventurous lovers - had she ever taken Henri in her mouth like this, felt his cock spurting onto her lips, let him come all over her face, as I had just done with Sophie?

Whatever the realities of her sex life with Henri, the sight of my orgasm, of my cum spurting from my swollen cock right in front of her, was more than Kathryn could take. As my body continued to pulse intensely, I heard a long, tremulous groan come from her lips, and I glanced across to her. Her expression was intense, focussed, almost anguished, her body convulsing, her eyes fixed on my spurting cock, one of her hands squeezing her breast through her blouse, the other firmly between her bared thighs, her hand clutching at her cunt through her knickers, rubbing it hard, bucking against her fingers as she came urgently. I groaned again as I watched her come, feeling Sophies lips slide around my cock, taking me deep into her mouth once more, sucking greedily on me, keeping me erect, knowing I'd need to come again - Sophie was now intensely aroused too, and she needed to be fucked, needed to come.

She pushed me back onto the bed, her dress finally slipping down her body, off her ankles, leaving her naked. She straddled me on the bed, taking hold of my wrists, pinning me down, rubbing her cunt against my still erect penis, sliding against me - I heard Henri groan rather urgently from his position by the bed - I couldn't see him, but I could hear the wet slap of his hand sliding up and down his hard cock, masturbating urgently as he watched Sophie rubbing against me, naked and extremely aroused. I could hear clothes being removed, the creak of the chairs as our voyeurs stroked themselves, no longer caring if we saw them, consumed with pleasure. I looked up at Sophie as she moved against me, her cunt so wet, sliding along my cock, rubbing against me, using me - she looked down at me, kissing me greedily, her lips still wet with my cum, then she turned to look at Henri and Kathryn. "I'm going to fuck him..." she gasped, "I want you to watch me fuck him...". Kathryn groaned again - I couldn't see her from my position on the bed, but she was breathing hard - I could hear wet sounds from her cunt as she continued to masturbate urgently, and the sound of Henri's hand rubbing his cock hard - I could tell from his breathing that he was very close to orgasm, somehow holding it back. Something Sophie saw made her groan - she looked down at me again, still pinning down my wrists tightly, her cunt suddenly skidding along my cock, positioning herself over the head of my erection, and sliding all the way down onto me, taking my cock deep inside her.

She was so wet. She was still looking over at our voyeurs - something either Henri or Kathryn was doing was exciting her intensely - Sophie looked back down at me, breathing hard, her cunt ramming down onto my hard cock, sliding up and then down onto me again, and up, and down again, dripping wet now, squeezing around my throbbing erection with each thrust, leaning over me, still holding me down - her bare breast brushed against my lips, and I took her erect nipple into my mouth, sucking on it greedily - she moved faster on me, grinding against me now, her juices splashing around my hard cock as she fucked me deeper and harder - I couldn't take much more, arching up against her, thrusting my cock deeper into her cunt as she rode me - I felt her suddenly cling onto me, a sudden gush of hot wetness spilling over my erection - she groaned with pleasure, starting to convulse - another stream of wetness splashed over my cock - I heard Henri grunt with intense pleasure - he groaned urgently: "ohhhhhh fuckkkk now" - Sophie screamed, her cunt pulsating around my cock as she began to cum hard - I heard an anguished cry from Kathryn, her second orgasm rippling through her body, Sophie still clinging onto to me, her wetness dripping over my balls as she came hard all over my cock... so wet... and I was so close... I needed to cum again...

Taking advantage of her orgasm, I wrestled Sophie over onto her back on the bed, my hard cock still deep inside her, her thighs wrapping around my body as I began to thrust hard and deep into her, fucking her greedily, my own orgasm so close now, holding it back, sweat dripping down my brow as I drove my cock deeper into her warm, wet cunt.

I was now facing our voyeurs - Henri was still fiercely erect, his cock in his hand, a trail of cum dribbling down his fingers, unable to stop masturbating, watching me fuck Sophie, his hand stroking in time with my own thrusts, imagining his own cock deep inside her. Kathryn was well on her way to a third orgasm, her thighs spread wide, her clothes scattered about the floor, naked and trembling as she fucked herself with her fingers, masturbating furiously. I looked at Henri, my cock still pounding deep into Sophie's cunt, needing her to cum again, wanting her to cum. "Fuck her..." I gasped to Henri, "look at Kathryn... god look at her... she needs it... she needs you to fuck her... I want to see that... I want to watch you..."

Henri needed no further encouragement - getting onto his feet, he pulled Kathryn up from her chair, kissing her passionately, then turning her around to face me, pushing her over the back of the chair, moving behind her. Her eyes met mine for a moment, filled with lust - I could see that she wanted me, wanted my cock deep inside her - I looked back at her, smiling lustfully and ramming my cock hard into Sophie's cunt, just at the precise moment that Henri drove his own cock deep into Kathryn from behind - Kathryn screamed with pleasure, looking up at me again, watching as Sophie wrapped her legs around my back, her fingernails clawing down my back as I pounded my cock again and again into Sophie's dripping wet cunt.

I couldn't hold back much longer... I needed to cum...

I've always lived for moments like these, moments when sex becomes almost hallucinatory, where nothing exists but the raw sensations of body against body, the sights, sounds and scents of raw lust and passion, fucking and thrusting and pulsing and groaning and nothing else matters, nothing else even registers on the senses, simply need, and desire, and urgent sensuality.

I was right on the brink of orgasm, holding it back, my erection throbbing insistently, Sophie still clutching at me, pulling my cock hard into her dripping wet cunt, again and again and again - it felt so good, I was so close to orgasm, but I wanted to feel her come first, I needed that again - I needed to feel Sophie's juices spilling down my cock, needed to feel her cunt squeezing and pulsing around my erection as she came hard... god I needed that...

I pulled my hard penis from inside her with a wet splash, turning her over, and pulling her up onto all fours, as I positioned myself behind her - we were both facing Henri and Kathryn now, watching them as they watched us - two couples fucking urgently together, our rhythms matching each other, Henri clinging onto Kathryn's hips as he thrust into her from behind, both their eyes on us as I did the same to Sophie, my cock so hard and dripping wet as I pounded into her from behind, hearing her gasp and groan with each long, deep, rhythmic thrust of my penis, pushing herself back onto me, needing it harder, needing it deeper, greedy now, wanting that orgasm, holding it back herself, making it last. One of her hands was underneath her body as she crouched in front of me on the bed - her fingers had found her clit, and she was stroking it in rhythm with my thrusts, her fingers circling and stroking and rubbing as my cock slipped deeper and harder into her cunt, a delicious wet splash accompanying each thrust, both of us now right on the edge of our orgasms, somehow holding them back.

We were both watching our voyeurs now - even as she gasped with each stroke of my hard cock, Sophie kept her attention on Henri and Kathryn - our movements in time with theirs now, the four of us fucking in rhythm, feeding off each other, not wanting to miss any part of the delicious show in front of us.

Kathryn was clearly about to be the first to succumb to her pleasure - as I fucked Sophie hard, I watched Kathryn's every move, her body bent forward over the back of the chair, her breasts swaying underneath her with each thrust of Henri's huge cock, one of her hands clinging to the chair, the other grasping one of her breasts, squeezing her nipple as he pounded into her. Kathryn's gaze was moving rapidly across my body, then Sophie's, then mine again, back and forth, trying to take it all in, her body trembling, hovering right on the brink of orgasm. Sophie was so wet - for a moment my erection skidded out of her cunt, visible for a few moments to Kathryn, wet, hard and pulsing between Sophie's buttocks, before I manouevered the head back down to her cunt and thrust it deep inside her again. As Kathryn caught sight of my swollen penis, dripping wet, pulsating hard, the sight did it for her - Kathryn let out a scream of intense pleasure, her body starting to convulse as her orgasm surged through her, her body shaking visibly as she came, hard and urgent. It was all Henri could take - as her hips bucked back against him, her body arching, her cunt splashing over his cock, he took one more look at Sophie's delicious breasts swaying back and forth as I fucked her, and he groaned intensely: "ohhhh fuck... ohhh fuck I'm there". Sophie was right on the edge. "Show me it," she gasped, "show me your cock... let me see...". Henri groaned again, pulling his cock from Kathryn's cunt, taking it in his hand, and stroking it hard, frantically masturbating - I felt Sophie begin to shake, a sudden gush of her wetness spilling over my cock as she watched - Henri looked at her, and began to cum immediately, groaning intensely, a long jet of his cum suddenly pouring from the head of his swollen cock, spurting up over Kathryn's lower back, followed by another spurt, and another, warm, wet streams of his spunk - and as he came, so did Sophie, crying out my name, screaming with pleasure, her cunt engulfing my cock as she bucked extravagantly into her orgasm, convulsing hard, her juices streaming over my throbbing penis, pouring over my balls. Her orgasm triggered my own - unable to take any more, I groaned urgently, ramming my throbbing cock deep into her cunt, crying out with pleasure as I felt my cum spurting deep inside her, pulsing, pulsing, again and again and again, our bodies locked together, frantic, urgent, so so wet, filling her with all my spunk...

As we all came down from our orgasms, breathing hard, deliciously satisfied, Henri made some passing remark about exchanging partners. This, of course, was against Sophie's rules for the evening, and she turned down the offer politely, drawing the evening to a gentle close. I'd seen, however, just how much she had enjoyed the sight of Henri's not inconsiderably sized erection, and I felt certain we would see this couple again before our vacation was over...

to be continued in Chapter Two


Thank you! I get to enjoy this all over again...Roger I wish I wasn't at work!

I can't wait for the contest! I want to play...with you especially...

I want to hear you say my name...

*emerges from a pile of books shooting off a cloud of cobwebs and dust*
London!!! ^.^

Same story, (hee hee) but wow, saw the link on blogstormz, couldn't beleive you had continued with it (almost half a year break i wonder?)
I thought there were gonna be a Brazilian couple, or did i misread/hear?

Anyways, enjoyed being under Sophie's spell once more, eloquently written as always, keep up the good work! :)

Another amazing story, Roger !!! You make me want to watch... and be watched !!! What a lovely idea to fantasize about !!!

And you darling man, you added me to your links ! Thank you !!!

Please come visit my blog again soon. I think there might be a story you will enjoy reading tomorrow !

Anne Elizabeth

Thanks DB. Look particularly forward to the next episodes of Sophie and the artist. Could you make the full text file available as pdf (downloadable or send by e-mail), including the pictures ... for offline reading ... ;-) ? Cheers ! - A

P. of lust & mystique - thankyou xx Though I don't know where you got the idea about the Brazilian couple, mystique lol x

anne elizabeth - glad you liked it! I'll take a look in ;)

aragorn - shhh! They'll all start asking for that! ;)

Such a gorgeously intense Chapter One. Your words made me cum several times, each more intense than the next. But then, you have a way of doing that to me ;)

DLG - I think you know just how much I love making you come... xxx

That guy does interesting things with a halter neck dress. Not that anybody would notice.

I clearly need to spend less time researching airships and more time researching fashion lol

Oh godddd yes! My goodness dirty boy, this is the first time I've read your stories and god are they good! I came twice on that one :) my cunt is still throbbing

mmmm... I'm delighted that you enjoyed it so much - hope you'll be back for more ;) x

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