two girls - part four

Friday, August 04, 2006 at 12:04 AM

Her cunt is warm and gorgeously wet, and she bucks a little again on the bed as you slide your tongue across it, tasting her, slipping the tip of your tongue between her pussy lips, feeling it part as you ever so slowly drag your tongue all the way up, feeling her wetness drip slowly into your mouth. Her hands are in your hair, keeping you there, her hips flexing as she moves against your mouth, opening her thighs wider, needing you closer, your lips up against her wet cunt.

You can feel me behind you, can hear me breathing hard - you know how much I need to fuck you. You push back against my erect cock, feeling the swollen head of my penis sliding down between your pussy lips... you need me inside you. You push back again, and groan with pleasure as you feel my cock begin to slide inside you - just the head first, but you're so wet that it's impossible to tease you - holding your hips, I push slowly forwards, sliding the full length of my erection, inch by inch, all the way inside you.

Already I can feel my cock pulsing - I've been watching you so long, masturbating as you touched her - it's left me so aroused, so damned turned on - as I feel your cunt so warm and wet around my erection, squeezing and sliding around me, I know I could so easily come... god I need to cum inside you... I need that so much... somehow I hold it back, feeling myself throbbing inside you, feeling my cum building, trying not to think about it, as I start to fuck you slowly, getting into the rhythm, letting it take me over, sliding so easily in and out of your dripping wet cunt, my hands on your hips, pulling you back onto me with each long, deep stroke, loving how it feels... fucking you... but god I need to cum...

I see your friend looking up at me - she's so close to her orgasm, her hips bucking against your mouth, against your tongue - she's so wet now, her wetness dribbling from her cunt as you lick her, your fingers skidding around her clit, stroking, rubbing... I look down at her, watching her body push and move, wanting to see her come, wanting you to make her come... I thrust deeper and harder into you... you're so fucking wet around my cock now, pushing back onto me with each thrust of my swollen penis... your friend gasps deliciously - I look down at her again... god, she's arching off the bed... her thighs trembling... her hands in your hair, holding you there, gripping onto you... rubbing her wet cunt against your face... she's so fucking close... you feel a sudden splash of hot wetness on your lips, over your tongue... god it's flooding out of her... she cries out with intense pleasure... her body suddenly convulsing... god I can't take this... I can feel my cock throbbing hard as she starts to cum... you're feeling it too, suddenly so wet along my cock... god... pouring down the length of my erection... fuck... fuck you're gonna cum... god I can't take it... can't hold it back... I ram my cock hard and deep inside you... fuck she's still cumming... bucking and writhing... you push back onto me... engulfing my erection.... I hear you scream urgently... a flood of warm wetness down my cock...
god i can't hold back

gonna spurt my spunk deep inside you....

ohhhhh god THERE...


god I'm cumming...

I'm fucking cumminnngg...





That was so sizzlin' hot. I should know better than to read this at work! I'm in serious (but deliciously aroused) trouble here...I'll be back again later, mon ami!

God dam so hot!

Can you hear my sighs and moans of pleasure?

naughti roger...

cranberry - I like to think that I'm really, REALLY not work safe ;)

pandora - as are you, my dear x

skye - I'd certainly love to... ;

lildirtyann - but nice, I hope ;)

Simply delicious! I think I may have to start again from the beginning...

such an intense conclusion. So gorgeously arousing, it made me cum... again... ;) xxx


I need a gorgeous hot fuck.

Roger, where are you?

I need you to fuck me so hard.


As always I was enthralled by every word.


xxx grumps

miss understood - so glad you enoyed it ;)

DLG - you know how much I love to make you come... over and over again ;) xxx

anonymous - very much my pleasure ;)

lucia - I'm right here...

grumps - lovely to see you - and it was my pleasure xx

Just found your blog today and was blown away. I've never been able to reach orgasm by myself; that is until I found you. I plan on letting my fingers do the walking and cumming back for more. Thanks for getting me all hot, bothered, and extremely wet.


anonymous - I'm glad you found me too, and I'm delighted to have helped you to your first solo orgasm - I hope this'll be the first of many! x

I love this series, damn this is hot, I really love the way you capture my attention, how you draw me into her, and make me want to eat her alive, all while I know you are watching and enjoying yourself just as much. incredible!!

and I love knowing you've been in here, georgette, touching yourself delightfully... always an absoulte pleasure to excite you ;) xx

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