London 1935 - the cover

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at 6:46 PM

Enough of these fripperies - you've waited long enough - starting at the end of this week, we return to Sophie and the artist - here's the cover to whet your appetite - and in the meantime, go have fun in the archives, as we're about to take an airship from Paris to London, and I'll want you with me...

roger x

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Oh, mon cher!

I've waited so long for your return. What a gorgeous picture story! You are a naughty tease making us wait just a little bit longer. But that's why I keep coming back over and over...I'm panting in anticipation! Just as you planned.


oooh, I can't wait.
I'm LOVIN' the cover. x

Pero Senor Roger, le necesito ahora. . .

and I've read all your beautiful archives already. I want you, now! (:

absolutly gorgeous and very appropriate. roger you know i've always loved the paris stories, they're really some of your most dirty and erotic writing.

xxx Grumps

Mmmmmm, I had a feeling you were going to tease me like this. Is it because I have been a naughty girl? I promise to be better if you post the story soon...

Sage xox :)

cranberry - I am a terrible tease, but I promise you'll love this ;)

moonlitnymph - thankyou x

miss understood - and thankyou again! x

lina - then you won't have long to wait...

grumps - I promise to make them especially filthy for you ;) x

sage - you have been a naughty girl, but it's okay I'll post the first part at the weekend anyway ;)

you're reply to lina is pure gold...i'm hot and bothered at the moment. and craving for you...

i'm pulling off an all nighter and the moment i need an orgasm, i know where to click


I'm very much looking forward to Sophie and the artist taking London. I do think they'll have a rather spectacular time together... as I know we would ;)

paige - I'll be posting part one this weekend - hope you'll enoy it xx

DLG - I'm absolutely certain we would ;) xxx

Dude. Get it on--I mean get on it.

I was working on it today and hope to post part one tomorrow, greedy girl ;)

Yep, that's me :D

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